Proceedings of the 11th Joint Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS 2008)

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Semantic Dependency Feature Selection

Lin Yao, Zhixin Hao, Tao Qian,Xuan
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Feifei Guo, Chunkai Zhang, Min Wang, Xiaofei Xu
Growing convergence among mobile computing devices and embedded tech-nology promotes the development and the deployment of “context-aware” applications, where location is the most essential context. In this paper we present an improved probabilistic method based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)...
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Study on Word Alignment for Reordering of Web-mined OOV Translation Candidates

Shuang Li, Meng Sun, Yang Yang, Jianmin Yao
Web information retrieval technology has been widespread concerned by research-ers. Web-based search of the OOV Trans-lation Mining has also become hot spots. In this paper, the re-ordering of OOV translation candidates is studied, which is the result of web mining. Automatic word alignment technology...
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Nonlinear Proximal Support Vector Machine Classifiers Aiming At Large Scale Classification Problems

Xiaoming Xu, Ning Ye, Qiaolin Ye
In [1], Fung et al, had constructed by a very fast algorithm: PSVM classifier, which mainly makes use of the Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury (SWM) identity [1, 7, 8]. However, for one thing, when handling nonlinear problems, the matrix in (1) always is of dimension , such that the SWM identity is of no use....
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A adaptive based routing for MANET

Zhongqiu Li, Hongpeng Wang
Self-selective routing (SSR) protocol is a novel self-selective, self-maintained and fault-tolerant routing protocol for MANET. SSR has some fatal faults, such as high packet collision and only providing low available andwidth. In this paper, we present a new routing protocol called Self-selection Based...
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Research and Application of Knowledge Management Model Oriented Software Testing Process

Xuemei Liu, Guochang Gu, Liu Yongpu, Wu Ji
In software testing organizations, an effective knowledge management of testing process is the key to improve the quality of software testing. Knowledge management has different features in software testing. In this paper, a knowledge management model was proposed towards software testing process, which...
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Quasi-Chord: physical topology aware structured P2P network

Mingsong Sun, Zhongqiu Zhang
A new approach is proposed in our paper to solve the topology mismatch problem in P2P network called Quasi-Chord. Quasi-Chord is in the light of the ideology of Chord. Our model utilizes global network position (GNP) system to coordinate the host on the physical layer and uses the Cantor space filling...
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A Service Replic Distribution Scheme Based on Group Structure

Yang Wangli, Wang Huiying
How to effectively distribute service replicas to its n nodes is of much importance in distributed and parallel systems. In many cases, the service replicas are randomly placed, and some service replicas have no relation to any nodes in which they are. So these service replicas are very difficultly accessed,...
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Weakly Supervised SVM for Chinese- English Cross-lingual Subcategorization Lexicon Acquisition

Xiwu Han, Chengguo Lv, Tiejun Zhao
This paper describes experiments and the results of Chinese-English cross-lingual subcategorization lexicon acquisition based on a weakly supervised SVM method. Previous similar researches are mostly focused on statistical filtering, and there is no supervised training for the generation of hypotheses....
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Parallel Image Matching Based on Local Entropy Difference Vector

Kai-Kun Dong, Le-Jun Chi, Li Guo
This paper presents a novel parallel image matching algorithm based on the local entropy difference vector (LEDV). Spatial information is introduced into the definition of image entropy and a thresholding operation is employed to limit the contribution of a mismatching block to the matching result. The...
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Secure Encapsulation of Insecure Middleware

Jian-min Zhao, Wei Zhang, Tian-gei Li
Unceasingly developed and deeply exploited along with the software system, the variety of middlewares becomes more and more, they mutually affect each other in the complex way. These middlewares, because of the complex of the origin, are not extremely credible. So, before using these middlewares, we...
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A New Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Electrical Capacitance Tomography

Yan Li, Peiquan Bao, Peng Cui, Li Feng, Liyong Zhang
In view of low precision of the reconstructed image of Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) at present, a new image reconstruction method based on RBF neural network for Electrical Capacitance Tomography is proposed. Adaptive genetic algorithm is used to optimize the centers and widths of hidden layer...
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Macro-Economic Time-Series Forecasting Using Linear Genetic Programming

Roberto Sanchez, Javier Martinez, Benjamin Baran
Recent studies in financial economics suggest that good technical analysis may have a merit in data series prediction. Linear Genetic Programming (LGP) is a genetic programming variant that evolves sequences of instructions from an imperative programming language. This paper presents a LGP approach to...
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A Type-2 Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert System Model for Portfolio Selection

M.H. Zarandi, E. Hajigol Yazdi
This paper presents a type-2 fuzzy rule based expert system to handle uncertainty in complex problems such as portfolio selection. In a type-2 fuzzy expert system both antecedent and consequent have type-2 membership function. This research uses indirect approach fuzzy modeling, where the rules are extracted...
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Study on Economic Responsibility Audit in China Based on Management Efficiency

Jinzhi Huang, Jianzhong Xu
Economic responsibility audit, as an innovation of the modern audit system in china, is an economic supervision system of Chinese characteristic. This system is founded to supervise and evaluate the performance on the economic responsibility of party-government leaders and enterprise directing staff,...
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Research on User Loyalty of Instant Messaging Tools

Chun-zhi Wang, Kai Wang
instant message tool’s provider. In order to recognize the influence factors of user loyalty and the influence mechanism, an empirical investigation of 379 subjects is conducted. Based on the structural equation model analysis, service quality and satisfaction are confirmed to have positive influence...
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The Innovation Study of Management Theory

Fenghai Zhang, Tieshan Hou, Zhen Wang
Management in our country faces strong challenges at the turn of the century. By analyzing the hotspots disturbed in Chinese management field, a new idea is proposed in this paper. This idea showed that it is necessary to build a management theory to accommodate the requirements of times dynamically....
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UCT Algorithm in Imperfect Information Multi-Player Military Chess Game

Jiajia Zhang, Xuan Wang, Jing Lin, Zhoayang Xu
UCT (Upper Confidence Bound Apply to Tree) is a new algorithm applies to huge branches mini-max game tree search which gains a great success on a Go program called MoGo. This paper proposes an imperfect information multi-player Military Chess system basing on UCT algorithm which also adopts Monte- Carlo...
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Masquerade Detection Based on One Class SVM

Yuxin Ding, Ping Sun, Xiuyue Chen, Changan Liu
Masqueraders invade into users’system and impersonate the real users to do whatever they want. Unfortunately, firewalls or misuse-based intrusion detection systems are generally ineffective in detecting masquerades. In this paper an abnormal detection method based on one class SVM are presented to detect...
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TopSeer: A Novel Scholar Search Engine based on Community Detection in Citation Network

Ming Zhong, Cao Zhong, Jinghua
There has been considerable interest in development of scholar search engines. A disadvantage of current scholar search engines is that they have not explored the relationship among theses fully. A novel scholar search engine is proposed here to fill this gap, which can detect different topics hidden...
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Heuristic and Algorithm for Mixed Multi- Unit Combinatorial Auctions

JianCong Bai, Zhong Ming
Mixed multi-unit combinatorial auctions provide two types of bids as XOR-bids and OR-bids, which make them popular for resource allocation in marketplace. However, the problem of maximizing the revenue of auctioneers is a NP-complete problem. In this paper, we propose an improved partheno-genetic algorithm...
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Intelligent Retrieval System for Patent Analysis - the Combined use of Bibliographic Coupling and Text Mining

Su-Houn Liu, Hsiu-Li Liao, Jing-Wen Hu
When technology developments accelerate in recent year, automatic tools for assisting patent engineers or decision makers in patent analysis are in great demand. By composing both bibliographic coupling and text mining approaches, this study proposes an intelligent patent retrieval system that considers...