Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Judicial, Administrative and Humanitarian Problems of State Structures and Economic Subjects (JAHP 2018)

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Empirical Study on Regulating Effect of Logistic Support on Cultivation of College Students' Entrepreneurial Intention

Ximing Li
In the outline of the 12th Five-Year plan, China clearly put forward the development strategy of "Innovative Country". The spirit of "universal innovation and entrepreneurship" has been put forward as a major national policy. On the one hand, it can effectively stimulate the growth of domestic economy;...
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Board Structure, Entrepreneurial Risk Preference and Exploratory Innovation Based on the Empirical Data of High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Ling Li, Luqi Yang
This paper, with the high-end equipment manufacturing industry listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2009 and 2013 as the object of the research, adopting the negative binomial stochastic effect regression model, examines the relationship between board structure and exploration innovation, and...
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Accountability from Village Democracy Against Corruption: a Case Study

Weihua Liu, Shaosong Wang
Decentralization of decision-making power from the central government to local governments, and from local government to communities and villages are a salient feature of China’s reform. It has invigorated Chinese economy but created rampant corruption at the same time. It has been proved that the increased...
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The Changing Role of Business in Chinese Society

Bin Yu
Recently, the transformation of enterprises in China has been emphasized by the development of Chinese society. Chinese enterprises must be aware of their role change, actively participate in the competition in the world, carry out active innovation under the impetus of pressure, power and ability, and...
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Practicing Socialist Core Values to Improve Citizens' Moral Quality and Civilization Accomplishment

Lihua Huang
Through the exploration and practice of socialist core values, this paper uses the new visual field, new requirements, and new realms of the socialist core value system to guide citizens' moral qualities and civilization accomplishment, and analyze the status quo of citizens' moral qualities and civilized...
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Application of Internal Audit in Risk Management of Private Enterprises in Southwest China Taking Chongqing Binxin Group as an Example

Lin Xiao
With the rapid and steady development of China's economy and information technology, the living environment of the private enterprises has also undergone great changes, along with these changes, the various risks faced by the private enterprises are increasing and becoming more and more diversified....
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Study on the New Dimensions of Cross-domain Governance From Views on Policy Management, Implementation, and Evaluation

Pengnian Hu
In 1990, the financial crisis in industrial advanced countries emerged continuously, and the policy of government intervention failed. Coupled with the ideology of marketization, globalization, the complication of social changes and the drive and spur of new public management governance, the concept...
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Research on Improving Citizens' Moral Quality and Civilization Quality from the Perspective of Socialist Core Values

Lihua Huang
The popular identity for socialist core values is the need for the development of social practice. This paper also studies the socialist core values and the mechanism of improving citizens' moral quality and civilization quality, explores the concrete path of the integration of the socialist core values...
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Analysis of Posture Load of Dining-table Finishing Based on Ergonomics

Jinyuan Nie, Xinsheng Ke
The purpose of this paper is to analyze and study the situation of reclaiming the work posture load of the staff in the dining hall of Dalian Jiaotong University, and put forward the reasonable improvement measures. The research method adopts the basic industrial engineering process analysis. The present...
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Research on Collaborative Data Governance Action Research Under the Integration of Colleges and Universities

Jiankun Ma
According to the theory of collaborative governance, this paper explores how to apply data governance to solve the problem of information resource sharing among organizations. Based on the action research of the Institute of Economics and Management of Beijing Jiaotong University, this paper proposes...
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Efficiency Evaluation of China's Marine Public Services Based on DEA and Malmquist Method

Fang Ye
Based on the 2008-2011 year marine statistics data, the efficiency of marine public service in coastal provinces of China is analyzed by data envelopment analysis (DEA), and the efficiency of marine public service is decomposed through the Malmquist index. From the calculation results: (1) from the time...
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Research on Xi'an B&B Tourism Development Based on the Perspective of Rural Tourism Transformation and Upgrading

Xiaoqing Zhu
With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's income, tourism has become an important part of the tertiary industry, and the B&B tourism has become an important choice for people to enjoy leisure and relaxation. In the fast-paced urban life, it is really attractive...
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Opportunities Provided by Big Data Technology for Government Management

Jian Ping
For government management, the application of big data has brought tremendous changes to public management and public services, and also provided a feasible path for innovation and improvement of capacity of government management. On the basis of summarizing the concept and characteristics of big data,...
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Research on Early Warning Control of University Budget Process Risk Based on Naive Bayes

Lingfang Zhu
With the implementation of budget management in universities, some good results have been achieved. However, there are some problems in the course of operation, such as how to find out the risks in the course of budget project implementation and judge the risk level, and then take action effectively....
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Analysis on the Development Strategies of Public Libraries in Western Regions in the Age of Nationwide Reading

Yuan Chen
The economic foundation of poverty areas in the west is backward, and the development of education and information technology lags behind. In the construction of ecological civilization and the building of the socialist harmonious society in China, the development of public libraries has been highly...
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Research on the Development and Design of Rural Low-carbon Tourism Products Based on Tourist Experience Taking Xiaozhou Village in Guangzhou as an Example

Shuxing Chen, Tieyan Zhang
From the perspective of tourist experience, taking Xiaozhou village in Guangzhou city as an example, the author finds that the development of ecological tourism in Xiaozhou village is not perfect, and the protection of ecological environment is insufficient and there is serious commercialization in the...
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Research on the Innovation of College Student Management in Big Data Era

Wenli Chen
The big data era has brought both rare opportunities and challenges for further enhancement and improvement of college student management. Through the application of big data technology, the innovation of college student management has become an important means to improve the management level of college...
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The Value of CPA in Exploration of the New Pattern of Social Governance and Its Improvement

Qin Wei
Establishment and development of citizen police academies is of great significance for building a harmonious relationship between the police and the public. At present, China has established citizen police academies in some areas. However, problems such as insufficient activity funds, lack of targeted...
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Study on the Paths and Ways of New Village Elites’ Participating in Rural Community Governance in the New Era

Xinping Yuan, Jiatong Li
In recent years, many scholars have carried out new discussions and studies on new village elites' participation in rural governance. However, many of the scholars did not discuss the above issues in the macro perspective in the context of studying new village elites' participation in rural governance....
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The Problems and Countermeasures of High-tech Enterprises' Financing

Huining Zeng
High-tech enterprises are knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive economic entities and the main body of scientific and technological innovation. Its development is mainly driven by innovation. It is the fundamental driving force for improving the capability of independent innovation and building an...
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Local Experience and Reflection on China’s Long-term Care Insurance System Based on Gilbert's Social Welfare Policy Analysis Framework

Shuang Wu
Long-term care insurance (LTCI) is an inevitable choice to deal with the aging of the population and the disability of the elderly. In the exploration practice of China's long-term care insurance system, cities such as Qingdao, Changchun and Nantong took the lead in the test, and each had its own gains...
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Research on the Legal Protection of Personal Information in China in the Environment of Big Data

Xiaoxun Huang
With the rapid development of the Internet, the combination of virtual network and real life is becoming closer and closer, the use of big data technology makes the value of personal information more and more prominent. It also makes personal information at risk of being leaked and misused. The protection...
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Research on the Influence of Psychological Capital on College Students’ Academic Achievements

Dan Chen
Based on the perspective of psychological capital, this study takes the students of Suqian College as the research object, adopts the questionnaire survey method and mathematical statistics method, and uses the “psychological capital questionnaire for college students” and the “academic achievement scale...
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Analysis on the Teaching of Latin Dance for Office Workers

Yong Xu, Yazhen Li, Jingwen Zhou
With the development of modern society, Latin dance has become increasingly close to ordinary people and has gradually become a fitness sport. According to the mode of thinking, imagination and psychological characteristics of contemporary office workers, as well as the characteristics of Latin dance,...
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Research on the Construction of Simulation Training Platform for Warehousing and Distribution

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
This paper studies the construction of the simulation training platform for warehousing and distribution management in order to promote the teaching of the core curriculum of the major from the aspects of the definition, the research review, the theoretical basis, the construction target, the construction...
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Research on the Socialization Trend and Marketing Methods of Sports Dance

Yong Xu, Yazhen Li, Jingwen Zhou
With the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the fitness and entertainment industry has been widely loved as a third sunrise industry. The support of national policies has promoted the development of China's sports and fitness industry. This makes the...
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Construction of Logistics Management Specialty and of Development Evaluation Index System

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the comprehensive analysis of the experience of logistics management major construction in Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and Technical College, this paper puts forward the basic ideas for the construction of evaluation index system of logistics management specialty construction and adjustment,...
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Analysis on the Difficulties in the Development of Rural Tourism Against the Background of Poverty Alleviation and Its Path

Na Han, Tiantian Gu
At present, poverty alleviation work in China has entered a crucial period and rural tourism is a new path and an important measure to help the poor in the new era under the general background. This paper first introduces the development history of rural tourism at home and abroad and related theories....
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Study on the Development Model on the Tourism Resource of Intangible Cultural Heritage Geser Taking the Bahrain Right Banner, the Hometown of Geser Culture in Inner Mongolia, as the Example

Chunxiang Zhang
This paper takes Bahrain Right Banner, the hometown of Geser culture, in Inner Mongolia as research object, and the field investigation and data arrangement as the research methods to analyze the relevance of the intangible cultural heritage and local economy from the perspective of the formation and...
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Analysis on the Construction Background of Hunan HG Logistics Center and Its Necessity and Feasibility

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the analysis of the status quo of radiation regional logistics development and the role and significance of logistics center construction in Hunan HG Logistics Center, the author further analyzed the feasibility from the aspects of macro policy environment, economic environment, enterprise operation...
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Analysis of the Failure of Hierarchy Function of Branch in Loan Management System of China's Commercial Bank and Its Countermeasures

Liguo He
In January 2018, the case of a branch's illegal credit granting broke out, which is expected to cause huge losses of nearly 10 billion yuan. This paper studies the reasons why this case breaks out? This paper starts with the loan management system of the "head office—branch—sub-branch" of China's commercial...
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Study on the Interaction Development Strategy Between Logistics Enterprises and Manufacturing Enterprises

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
A logistics company is a third party logistics enterprise reorganized from manufacturing enterprises through restructuring, in order to fully meet the development needs of manufacturing enterprises, which constantly explores the logistics strategy of its logistics information development. And through...
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Research on Strategies for the Development of National Orchid Culture Industry Based on PEST Analysis

Mo Chen
The 13th Five-Year Plan put forward to expand new space for development. The new space for development can cultivate new impetuses for development, and in turn the new impetuses for development can expand new space for development. It can support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries....
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Analysis of Hierarchical Incentives of Human Error in Ship Collision Based on ISM Model

Qiuxia Yang
According to statistics, the number of accidents caused by human error accounts for 80% of the total number of accidents. Based on the type of collision accident, the passage analyzes the human factors which caused human error, the purpose is to find out the level of the logical relationship between...
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Modelling IoT-enabled Logistics Process Adaptations with Coloured Petri Nets

Xiaoqin Dong, Ying Wang
The Internet of Things not only supports intelligent logistics services, but also transforms the process. It has become more and more widely used. This paper studied the railway transportation process according to the development of the Internet of Things technology in the railway logistics industry....
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Research on the Strategy of Humanistic Cooperation Between Jilin Province and the Russian Far East

Chunyi Liu
At present, the cooperation between Jilin province and the Russian Far East in the field of humanities has achieved remarkable success. The scope of cooperation is gradually widening, and the form of cooperation is also characterized by socialization, hierarchical and diversification. However, the depth...
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Research on Organization and Optimization for Pedestrians Crossing Street Intersection in Cities Based on Vissim

Congcong Fu
in order to improve the traffic capacity of pedestrian and driving at the intersection and the pedestrian safety, after the field investigation and related data analysis, this paper takes the four-phase intersection of Wuning Road and Changshou Road in Shanghai as an example to study the characteristics...
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Research on the Correlation Effect Between Industrial Agglomeration, Technological Innovation and Environment

Rui Gao, Zhijun Yan
This paper considers that there is an inseparable interaction between technological innovation and industrial agglomeration, and it plays a role that cannot ignored in energy conservation and emission reduction, it has added the technical innovation index while studying the mechanism of industrial agglomeration...
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Research on the Overall Logistics Service Strategy of the Publications Trading Center in CS City

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the analysis of the current situation of the logistics management in the publishing industry, this paper investigates the logistics needs of the publications dealers and potential customers, and formulates the overall logistics service strategy of the CS Publications Trading Center.
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R&D Investment Decision, Monetary Policy and Enterprise Productivity

Yan Zhao
R&D investment decisions and enterprise productivity are among the hot topics in the academic community; however the mediating role of monetary policy between R&D investment decision and enterprise productivity is less studied by scholars. This article selects companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen...
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Reflections on Status Quo of TCM Health Care Services and Its Legal Problems From the Perspective of Non-medical Institutions

Yuqing Zhang, Ziwei Li
With the continuous development of economic development and people's living standards, the people's attention to their own health is getting higher and higher, and the demand for health care markets is growing. Accordingly, there is a surge of TCM health care in our country. However, the development...
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Reflection on Law Relief for Immunization Dispute of China

Yuqing Zhang
Since the implementation of the immunization, it has made great contributions to the prevention and control of infectious diseases in China, and has raised the overall health level of our citizens. However, the damage caused by immunization is difficult to completely eradicate. Many recipients suffer...
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A Comparative Study of Statutory Inheritance Between Chinese Mainland and Taiwan

Xiangxiu Wang, Minhao Xia
With the deepening of the exchanges between Chinese mainland and Taiwan, economic and cultural exchanges have brought a series of property problems. At this time, the nuances in the settlement of inheritance disputes between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have slowly emerged. Drawing on the advanced...
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Discussion on the Transformation of Enterprise Production Management Model in the Environment of ERP

Shaoqin Lu
Production management is the process of production manufacturing and plays a crucial role in manufacturing enterprises. With the continuous progress and development of information technology and management methods, more and more companies use ERP systems for production management. After analyzing of...
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Analysis and Improvement of an Enterprise Production Line Based on the Technology of Value Stream Mapping

Rong Zhang, Xindi Wang
With the rapid development of the global economy, the competition among manufacturing enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. Many enterprises begin to worry about the economic status and pay attention to the improvement and management of the production process existing in the production system....
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Analysis on the Current Adult Guardianship System from the Perspective of Codification of the Chinese Civil Code

Xiangyu Chen
In the face of the outstanding situation of the aging of the society, there is a serious disconnection between the theory and practice of the current domestic adult guardianship system, and the existence of the guardian is not completely covered. the system design is preconceived in the first place —...
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The Hierarchy of Remedies Under the WTO Dispute Settlement System and Its Impact

Wei Zhang
The dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has been treated as the most effective mechanism in terms of international rule of law since it was born. The objective of the dispute settlement system is providing the multilateral trading system with security and predictability. There...
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Research on the Attribution of Investigative Power of Duty Crimes Against the Background of Supervision System Reform

Gang Luo
The reform of the national supervision system is a major measure to promote the anti-corruption governance system and the modernization of governance capabilities. It is conducive to integrating anti-corruption capabilities, achieving full coverage of the scope of supervision, and ultimately improving...
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The Relationship Between Enterprise Innovation Performance and Government Subsidies Based on Signaling Model

Anhua Yang, Tongyu Wang
This paper takes a sample of China's GEM listed companies from 2015 to 2017 to study the relationship between government subsidies and enterprise innovation performance. Furthermore, we examine the effect of government subsidies on enterprise innovation performance from the perspectives of regions, ownership,...
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Research on the Judicial Credibility Promotion in the Context of Comprehensively Implementing the Rule of Law

Bo Han
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to further promote the four comprehensive constructions, including comprehensively implementing the rule of law. The rule of law requires the people to believe in the law, and the judicial credibility is an important guarantee...
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The Influence of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on the Death Penalty Legislation in China

Sixue Xiao
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides international guidelines that strictly limit the application of the death penalty and ultimately abolish the death penalty. Generally speaking, China’s death penalty legislation is basically consistent with the provisions of the Covenant,...
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Analysis on Locke's Thought of Rule of Law

Wenliang Zhang, Dong Long
John Locke is an important philosopher who built the modern Western philosophical system and the founder of Western modern liberalism. His theory of political philosophy has not only played a pivotal role in the history of Western political thought, but also has profound impact on the current political...
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Reconstruction of the Theory of Administrative Rule of Law in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Zhiqing Wang
The progress of artificial intelligence technology has brought great changes to human social life, and has entered the age of artificial intelligence since then. From the era of artificial intelligence and the innovation of the theory of administrative rule of law, the traditional theory of administrative...
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The Development Direction of Procuratorial Organs Under the Reform of State Supervision System

Sihan Liu
The thirteen session of the National People's Congress, held in March 11, 2018, adopted a new amendment to the constitution, marking the formal construction of the constitution as the core of the state supervision of the rule of law system. This involves not only the establishment and adjustment of state...
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The Reforms in AI and the Practices of Financial Professionals Training in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Xu, Qiaoqiao Shen
In the context of expanding the "financial science and technology dividend" and weakening the "demographic dividend", two powers named the efficiency and the cost in conjunction with driving the finance to the development of intellectualization. The development of AI is going deep into some cores of...
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The Specifies of Using Technologies of Analyzing Situations for Active Education of Specialists in Customs Service in the Russian Federation and Foreign Countries

Denis Korovyakovsky
The article focuses on the problems of training specialists in the customs service, based on analyzing technologies in situations with active student’s education (listeners). The author considers in detail the principles, forms and methods of interactive education and analyses their application in Russia...
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Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Mathematics Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province

Lei Jiang
Through investigating and visiting the mathematics teaching and development in many higher vocational colleges in Sichuan province, this paper analyzes and studies the present situation and existing problems of mathematics teaching in higher vocational colleges in Sichuan province, and puts forward a...
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Analysis and Research on Science Technology Students’ English Learning Strategies and Motivation

Ling Zhang
The author made a questionnaire survey on 95 students of science and technology. This article studies and analyzes their English learning strategies and motivation. The data shows that learning strategies and motivations are positively correlated with grades. Based on the results of the survey, the author...
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Study on Innovative Mode of Accounting Talents Training Based on “Internet Plus”

Jinming Lai
The “Internet plus” era has provided unprecedented changes for the development of various industries. Under the impact of “Internet”, many deficiencies in the traditional accounting education and teaching have gradually emerged, which brings about both opportunities and challenges for the cultivation...
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Policy on Developing University Lecturers in Some Developed Countries in the World and the Experience Lessons for Vietnam

Guandong Song, Van Huy Thang, Thi Hoang Anh Le
In the context of today’s trend of comprehensive international integration, developing universities in line with their lecturers is an indispensable and objective task. For the appropriate implementation of university lecturers’ great mission, the State has to build and complete policies on developing...
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Integration of Media Literacy Education and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Haoyu Wang, Zifeng Han
With the development of economy, the role of media information in public life is more important. This paper makes a brief introduction to the connotation of media literacy education, the development of media literacy education, as well as the development of employee assistance programs and employee assistance...
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Construction and Research of Process Equipment and Control Engineering Based on Industry-university-research Cooperation

Na Xiao, Luoming Zhang, Hui Li
Industry-university-research cooperation is an important way to improve students' comprehensive quality and employment competitiveness. It is a strategic measure for mutual cooperation and common development of higher education, production departments and scientific research. It is the direction of the...
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Research on Media Literacy of Ideological and Political Educators of Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Lu Li
In the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping, facing the rapid development and popularization of new media, gives specific instructions to ideological and political education in colleges and universities: It is necessary to use new media and new technology to get the work moving, promote the high integration...
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Exploration of Information Mode of College Teaching Management in the Internet Plus Context

Yanxia Hu
With the extensive application of Internet technology in higher education, the college teaching management should keep pace with the times and make use of modern information technology to reinforce the management. Based on the explanation and elaboration of the internet plus and teaching management informatization,...
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Discussion on Students' Awareness of Volunteer Services

Deng Zhang
Voluntary service cause, as a social governance mode in which people participate effectively, plays an important role in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. People's voluntary service awareness determines the behaviors of voluntary services fundamentally, which is...
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A Study on College Students’ Political Engagement Based on the Intervention of Curriculum

Jun Hu, Lifeng Ma
The study on enhancement of college students’ political engagement can contribute to changing the political apathy of contemporary college students. The assessment on curriculum effects is conducted through constructing and implementing the college theme CYL day activity curriculum based on improvement...
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Research on the Background of Talent Development in Local Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Lihua Huang, Wei Zhao
Local applied undergraduate colleges need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th session of national congress of the communist party of China. As an important part of China's higher education, local applied undergraduate colleges must grasp the new ideas and new missions that are focused on in...
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Exploration on the Modes of Ideological and Political Education in Traditional Colleges and Universities from the We-media Perspective

Wenhua Cai
The network communication structure owned by We-media and the attributes and trends of decentration are opposite to the top-down vertical hierarchy of power distribution system in universities, which has resulted in the stripping of traditional analytical paradigms. Just as capital and labor will never...
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Research on Training System of Young Teachers in Education Management of Colleges and Universities

Wei Wang
With the leapfrog development of higher education in China, young teachers have become an important group in college teachers. Young teachers in colleges and universities have the dual identities as teachers and young talents. The participation of young teachers in education management reflects the essential...
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Analysis on the Development Strategy of Reverse Logistics in Xiamen

Li Yang, Dan Liu
Reverse logistics play an important role in the real economic life, mainly by increasing the material repeat utilization rate to reduce production costs. Efficient reverse logistics can ensure the timeliness of goods returned, increase customer purchase experience and the market share. Based on the development...
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Research on the Characteristic Model and Practice of China's Urban Grassroots Social Governance Model

Mingyang Ruan
China's urban grassroots social governance model has undergone a profound transformation since the 1990s. It has evolved from a unit system to a community system, going through three forms of community service, community construction, and community governance, and it has gradually formed a distinctive...
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Research on Curriculum Reform of Career Planning and Employment Guidance Based on PBL Teaching Method

Zhenrong Zhang
In the university, most students do not like the College Career Planning and Employment Guidance course. Through many years of teaching practice research, the proposed PBL teaching method can effectively mobilize students to actively participate in teaching, so that students can effectively transform...
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Research on 6S Management Mode of Students in Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of College-enterprise Cooperation for Talents Training

Weinan Pan, Shuixiu Deng
College-enterprise cooperation for talents training is an inevitable trend and also a beneficial education practice integrating both the supply and demand sides-the education circle and the industrial circle. Strengthening student management is an effective way to improve teaching management level and...
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Buddhist Education Management in Peking University

Poonam Kumari, Wanbing Shi
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to find out about the management of Buddhist education, Teaching and Research, Faculties, and Administration and Finances of Peking University. Design/ methodology/approach: Peking University has been offering courses and conducting research in the field of Buddhist...
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Discussion on the Current Situation and Development of Countermeasures for Badminton Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Jun Tao
Badminton is a systemic sport, which is entertaining, flexible and national. Badminton is popular with sports fans because of less requirements for court equipment, easily adjustable sports load and participation of minor people. It is certainly difficult for badminton to be promoted in university sports...
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Teaching Reform of Foreign Trade Document Business Course Based on POCIB Internet Practice Platform

Lihong Zhao
The foreign trade document is an operating skills curriculum that involves a wide range of fields and is practical, based on theory, and characterized by practice. First introduced the POCIB practice platform, then according to the characteristics of the international trade document curriculum, analyzed...
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The Obstacles of Communication Between Teachers and Students in Chinese Universities and Its Countermeasures

Gaohe Wang
Maintaining full communication between teachers and students is an inherent requirement for strengthening the construction of teachers' morality in colleges and universities. It is directly related to the growth of college students. At present, some college teachers have various problems in communication...
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The Construction of the Guidance Model of College English Writing Teaching Based on the Writing Center

Shunling Wang
Adhering to the teaching philosophy of “process writing” and “student-centered” concept, the writing center is a new kind of teaching model with vital and significant reference and guidance to improve Chinese learners’ writing level. Based on the analysis of foreign writing center model, this paper summarizes...
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Study on the Function of Interpersonal Grammatical Metaphor

Gao Song
Grammatical metaphor is a language device that can be used in expressing ideas and organizing English texts. By using grammatical metaphor flexibly, people may make their expressions vivid and lively, embodying the image function of language. In consequence, interpersonal grammatical metaphor is quite...
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Construction Strategy of Featured Environmental Design Subject Based on Art Design Disciplinary Background

Qionglin Liu
The core task of the current national educational reform and development is to cultivate “high quality professional talents and outstanding innovative talents that have firm belief, good character, rich knowledge and excellent ability”. With the need of excellent cultural and creative talents in the...
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Experience and Enlightenment of the Indian Buddhist Education

Poonam Kumari, Wanbing Shi
Purpose: The aim of this paper is to discuss about the Indian Buddhist education in India and describe how it was developed and also talk about the experiences with reference to an advanced Buddhist education system in India. Design/methodology/approach: Based on the outstanding achievements made in...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration of Comprehensive Design Course for Chemical Equipment

Na Xiao, Hui Li, Chunxia He
Comprehensive Design of Chemical Equipment is a core professional course for process equipment and control engineering majors, which plays a leading role in the entire teaching system. This paper discusses how to adopt project-based teaching in the course teaching of comprehensive design of chemical...