Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Judicial, Administrative and Humanitarian Problems of State Structures and Economic Subjects (JAHP 2018)

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Case Analysis on Psychological Consult of Negative Emotion of College Students

Jian Gao
With the increasing pressure of learning and living, in recent years, the contemporary college students have been obsessed by the psychological problems caused by negative emotions. They often have negative emotions due to many factors, such as being crossed in love, decline in academic performance,...
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Study on the Lantern Culture of the Hakka Ancestral Land Ninghua

Tao Zhang
As an intangible cultural heritage, the Ning-Hua Hakka lanterns represented by high ceiling lamps have unique research value and significance. In this paper, a thorough investigation including lanterns of Hakka culturewas carried out. It traces the origin of the Hundred Brid High Shed Light in Huai plateau...
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Attribution Shields in English Political Interviews From Perspectives of Projection Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis

Xueqing Feng
In political interviews, as a mitigating device used to lessen the impact of an utterance, hedging is employed to mitigate speakers’ responsibility in order to realize their communicative goal or get the better hand in interviews. The present study is intended to investigate whether attribution shields...
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Research on the Source Structure Evolution of Inbound Tourism in Hainan Province Based on the Shift Share Method

Fuyuan Bao
The source structure evolution is an important part of researches on the development of inbound tourism market. The source structure evolution of inbound tourism in Hainan Province during different periods in 2008-2015 is analyzed by using SSM. It is found that the advantage and competitiveness of inbound...
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Research on the Meaning of Labor and Leisure in the Nature of Man

Pengcheng Li, Yanling Mei
Labor creates people and leisure makes people who they are. In the nature of human beings, labor shows its full significance. After the work, leisure builds a foundation, silently contributes itself, and moves forward toward the front with the development of labor, contributing to the dynamic link between...
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Research on Interrogation Methods in Ancient China

Lin Wang, Lizhao Zhang
Interrogation is an ancient means of investigating and solving cases, which occupies an important position in the ancient Chinese judicial system. The methods of interrogation in ancient China have a long history. They mainly include the method of divine judgment, the method of “five observing”, the...
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Research on the Dilemma of “Consumerism” in the Construction of Green Consumption System from a Micro Perspective

Rui Hao
Consumerism as a value concept of excessive consumption first appeared in Western capitalist society. In recent years, China's national production level and the consumption level of urban and rural residents have been continuously improved, but the concept of green consumption has not been popularized....
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Research on Chinese Traditional Culture Teaching for Thai Students

Shufan Wang
Chinese education in Thailand has a long history. Moreover, under the guidance of the "The Belt and Road" strategy in recent years, the number of Thai students studying in China has increased every year. It is an urgent task that how to develop a set of effective cultural teaching programs for Thai students...
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Study on the Characteristics and the Development Vein of Oroqen Dance Culture

Rui Zhang, Weibo Dang
In early days, the development of Oroqen dance is decided by the change of the Oroqen people’s life. It proves that the Oroqen dance is originated from and is an epitome of the Oroqen people’s life. As the development of their production, Oroqen dance develops gradually into a unique folk dance. It appeared...
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Distribution of Dialects and Sources of Population in Lianjiang Area, Guangdong, China

Jianya Zhang, Weiming Peng
The Lianjiang area of Guangdong, China has been a land belonging to NanYue since ancient times, where there are various and different dialects, mainly including Cantonese, Min and Hakka. Cantonese is considered the regional dialect. Dialects in this area are staggered and complicated. The population...
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The Influence of Gender Matching and Result Feedback on University Students Cooperative Behavior

Yichen Pan, Wei Wang
The study focused on gender pairing and results feedback of the cooperative behavior of college students. Randomly selected 84 college students, Males and females equally divided, using 3 (male - male pairing, male - female pairing and female - female pairing) multiply by 2 (feedback, no feedback results)...
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Analysis of the Value of Excellent Traditional Culture on Citizens' National Identity

Dong Long, Wenliang Zhang
As the root and soul of the Chinese nation's 5,000-year history, Chinese excellent traditional culture is closely related to the national identity of citizens. The process of attaching importance to, excavating and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture can greatly enhance the national identity...
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Study on Teaching of “Introduction to Basic Principle of Marxism” in Combination of Classics Reading

Miao Miao
Marx's classics are the source and theoretical basis of Marx's theory education. Through the study of Marx classics and the teaching of “Basic Principle of Marxism”, we should find an effective way to achieve it. It is necessary to take a variety of learning methods to enable students to really participate...
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The Role of Government in a Crypto-currency World

Andrey Semenikhin, Igor Morkovkin, Elena Kolosova, Elena Rudakova, Alexander Galushkin, Lyudmila Rudenko
The subject of the research is an opportunity and advisability of a financial crypto-currency regulation. Wherein the work has an aim to substantiate an opportunity and necessity of introduction of government regulation for crypto-currency. In the research are used instruments of government financial...
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The Perfection of the Evaluation System of the State Programs Efficiency as a Strategic Condition of a Social-economic Development Rising

Irina Yurzinova, Dmitry Morkovkin, Olesya Dontsova, Aleksey Stepanov, Natalia Isaichykova
Improving the mechanism for developing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of state programs will help to reduce socio-economic problems in the Russian Federation. The article examines three areas for improving the quality of implementation development and evaluating the effectiveness of state...
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Trends and Prospects for the Development of "Smart Cities" in Russia

Pavel Stroev, Stanislav Reshetnikov
The article deals with the research of approaches and best practices of application of the concept of "smart city", allowing to increase efficiency of various parts of city infrastructure, which in turn become the engine and the core of innovative technologies introduction. Conceptual and practical approaches...
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Investments into Human Capital as the Factor of Inculcation the Innovations to a Real Economic Sector

Sergei Shmanev, Ludimila Shmaneva, Dmitry Morkovkin
The article reviews the transformation conditions of national industry from raw materials direction to a high-tech production and conditions of crossing to the economy, which will be based on knowledge and new technologies. It is shown that the paramount meaning acquire the investments, at first directed...
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Non-financial Reporting in the System of Increasing Corporate Transparency of Russian Business

Svetlana Grishkina, Vera Sidneva, Galina Dubinina
The article deals with the development of the institute of non-financial reporting. Non-financial reporting is designed to improve the transparency of Russian business, it contains information about economic, environmental and social aspects of a company performance. The need to assess sustainable development...
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The Money Factor from the Perspective of the Adherents of a Subsistence Economy and Mercantilism

Yakov Yadgarov, Sergei Tolkachev, Vladimir Ostroumov
The purpose of this work is to outline general and special aspects in different perceptions of the place and role of money and money circulation in economic life. This is done by means of historical and economic analysis of the views of the adherents of subsistence economic ideology in the Ancient world...
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Foreign Policy Reasons and Economic Effect of the 1947 Monetary Reform in the USSR

Yuri Kropin
The scope of research of this paper covers the monetary reform undertaken by the Soviet Union in December 1947. The target is to show that despite the Marxist statement of withering-away of money at the first stage of communist formation, the Soviet state attached a great importance to the development...
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Economic and Managerial Problems in the Field of Culture

Nataliya Malshina
The article presents the methodology of realization of the public-private partnership mechanism in cultural industry, balanced in terms of the correlation between risks and responsibility. This mechanism will allow to reduce costs, ensure investment and lower the risk level in the industry of culture,...
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Mechanisms of Innovative Projects Financing in the Culture Industry on the Basis of Public-private Partnership

Nataliya Malshina, Anna Firsova
Strengthening the role of the culture industry in modern economy makes it relevant to developing scientific and methodological approaches to the organization of its financial support. Among the mechanisms of culture industry financing there are the mechanisms of public-private partnership. The purpose...
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The Impact of RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuation on the Export of China’s Mechanical and Electrical Industry

Li Wu
Exchange rate fluctuation has an important impact on import and export trade. It can affect the total volume of trade by affecting the price of trade commodity, and also affect the total volume of trade by affecting the change of national income. Electromechanical products are one of the key export commodities...
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Research on Poverty Reduction Effect of Rural Microcredit Based on FGT Index

Shouying Ying, Qiaoxi Fan
As one of the important means of poverty alleviation work in China, how the actual poverty reduction effect of rural microfinance is worth studying. Taking Sichuan Province as an example, based on the time series data from 1994 to 2014, this paper constructed FGT index, used vector autoregressive model,...
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The Influence of Reputation Events on the Market Value of China's Listed Commercial Banks

Ruibo Liu, Min Liu
In the "Report on the Work of the State Council of the State Council in 2018", the three tough battles are proposed for the first time, which will promote significant progress in the prevention and resolution of major risks as the focus of the national economic work in 2018. Reputation risk, as one of...
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Research on Regional Differences of Peer-to-peer Lending in China

Yuhang Chen, Yongjian Zong
This article studies regional differences of peer-to-peer lending in China. We construct a novel index, called peer-to-peer lending development index, to measure the development level of peer-to-peer lending in different provinces. Using quarterly panel data from January 2014 to March 2016 in 28 Chinese...
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Individual Decision-making Model of Institutional Change

Xiaoyan Lv
The mainstream new institutional economists takes transaction costs as the core to analyze the evolution of the economic system from equilibrium to non-equilibrium to a new equilibrium, namely the process of institutional change. This kind of analytical framework relies too much on the concept of transaction...
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Research on the Economic Spatial Connection in Coastal and Hinterland of Shandong Province

Yuanyuan Li
This paper takes 10 inland cities and 7 coastal cities in Shandong Province as the research object, and uses the Gravity Model to explore the spatial-temporal evolution of economic linkage strength and economic connection intensity between coastal and hinterland of Shandong Province from the perspective...
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Research on the Development of Inclusive Finance in China

Xiaoyu Liu
Currently, inclusive finance has become the realistic choice of China's financial development strategy, Through analyzing the problems existing in the development of inclusive finance in China, the paper puts forward some countermeasures and Suggestions to optimize the development of inclusive finance.
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Analysis on the Endogenous Path for the Morality Construction of Market Economy

Jing Wang
The morality construction of market economy has the characteristic of endogeneity when we analyze from the perspective of the integrity of human nature, balance the interests from the perspective of game theory or analyze from the contractual and cooperative characteristics of market economy. The principles...
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Design of the Elements of Real Estate Tax on Possession from Real Estate Tax in the UK

Yan Huang
There exist problems that the fiscal revenue and expenditure authority are not asymmetric in China’s local governments for a long time. It also has aggravated a complicated situation to the imbalance between supply and demand in the real estate market, making it more difficult for the central government...
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Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Customers and Enterprise Accounting Conservatism Based on the Empirical Data of Listed Companies in China

Rui Xiang, Hongyan Yang
Suppliers and customers lie in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and are the providers and exchangers of the essential resource which the enterprise’s survival and development must depend on. Accounting conservatism is an important measure of the quality of corporate financial reporting,...
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The Construction of Investor Sentiment Index in China's Stock Market

Jiayu Gu, Tao Li
Drawing on the method of Baker and Wurgler and combining with the national conditions of China, we select six indexes, such as the discount rate (CEFDR), the closed-end fund discount rate (CEFDR),IPO quantity (IPOV),price-earnings ratio (P/E), turnover rate (TRO) and consumer confidence index (CCI),...
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IPO Pricing Analysis of Discrete Information Structure

Yunzhao Lu
Because of the different size and research strength of each institutional investor, the quantity and quality of market information are different, that is, the existence of heterogeneous institutional investors makes the distribution of new stock pricing information more complex. Issuers need to determine...
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Analysis on the Relationship Between Investors and Stock Market Volatility Based on Behavioral Finance

Jiehui Li, Qiangwen Zeng
Nowadays, securities investment has become one of the important channels for Chinese household asset allocation. However, there are still many shortcomings in China's securities market. Therefore, the traditional "rational person hypothesis" is difficult to be established in the market. At this time,...
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An Overview of Research on Big Data in Economics Based on Bibliometric Software Citespace and CSSCI Database

Limei Guo
Big data itself and big data technology are affecting the development of society, and thus affect the economic research. In order to fully understand the research hotspots and development trends of big data in the field of Chinese economics, this article shows the overview of the big data researches...
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Study on Fiscal Measures to Promote Healthy Development of Shared Bicycle

Xiuling Wu
In recent years, shared bicycle has developed rapidly, and has spread all over the cities in China, especially in the first-tier cities. The support and encouragement policies of the governments at all levels to shared bicycle industry are also increasing, and the shared bicycle market continues to grow...
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Analysis of the Relationship Between Inflation and Economic Growth

Weina Qin, Qinglong Wang
In recent years, with the commodity prices boosting, people are more concerning high price level and it also makes the decision maker a dilemma how to face the inflation trade-off with economic growth in the short run. Meanwhile, hot money flow into many countries and bulk commodity prices of international...
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Analysis on Role Positioning of the Local Government Against the Background of Creative Cities Network A Case Study of Hangzhou, Suzhou and Jingdezhen

Yijun Huang
With the rapid pace of globalization, the development of creative cities shows a trend of networking. More and more researches on “Creative Cities Network” are found in the academic circles, but most focus on “City of Design”, and rare research on other types of creative cities is made, which is not...
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Comprehensive Analysis of PPP Financing Mode

Li Xu
The PPP financing mode is “Public-Private-Partnership” type, and it is defined by broad and narrow meanings. This paper focuses on three different types of outsourcing, franchise and privatization in the narrow classification of PPP mode, as well as their modes, characteristics and contract durations,...
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The Analysis of the Volatility of China's Stock Market Taking Shanghai Composite Index as an Example

Qiqi Sun
This paper chooses the relatively persuasive stock index in China, Shanghai Composite Index (000001), using data from December 31, 1997 to April 4, 2018 as the sample of the paper and then calculate them according to the logarithmic rate of return. By using EVIEWS 7 software to test the effect of these...
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The Path of China's Integration of Culture and Tourism Under the "New Normal" of China's Economy

Changhua Lin
So-called "strategic pillar industry" of tourism and cultural industries which have great potential for development, are increasingly showing a good integration and development. Cultural industries are the core characteristic for tourism, and the development of tourism is also a significant way to develop...
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Research on the Financial Insurance Fund Against the Background of Mixed Operation

Shali Zhou, Yang Xu
The first part of this article briefly describes the related theories of the mixed operation and financial insurance fund. Then, this paper analyzes the development situation of financial insurance fund under the mixed operation; it means that the legislative situation under "finance law" promotes the...
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Study on the Assessment Indicator System for the Innovative Capability of Rural E-business Enterprise

Jian Wang, Jinchun Huang
This assessment indicator system for innovation capacity of rural e-business enterprise is hereby proposed through the review on the theory of enterprise innovation capacity and the current research status of assessment indicator system and aiming at the problems existing in the development of rural...
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Research on IPO Pricing Mechanism Based on Auction

Yunzhao Lu
There are three pricing methods: fixed price, auction and accumulative bid pricing. Although cumulative bidding pricing is the first choice of major capital markets in the world, in recent years, Some financial markets in some countries and regions have started to adopt auction methods again and have...
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Research on the Transformation and Development of Resource-oriented Cities Under the New Normal of Economy

TianTian Gu, Na Han
For a long time, the transformation development of resource-based cities have always been paid much attention. At present, the economic development of our country has entered The New Normal, how to promote the economic transformation and sustainable development of resource-based cities more scientifically...
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Research on the Popularization of Socialist Core Values Under “Cultivating People Through Culture”

Rongce Lin
Socialist core values and “cultivating people through culture” are dominant and correspondent with each other. Socialist core values are the core content and intensive expression of “cultivating people through culture”, which is of great importance to cultivating Socialist Core Values. And they are highly...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Fiscal Revenue Based on Stepwise Regression Method

Tiantian Gu
The financial revenue is a country's cornerstone of the economy. This article analyzes the related influence factor of the financial revenue through the multiple regression model. The research discovers that the total retail sales of social consumer goods, the total agricultural output and the value...
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Management of Innovative Development and Integrated Logistics System in the Russian Federation

Dmitry Morkovkin, Alla Nikonorova, Vitaliy Shumaev
The article studies conceptual directions in innovative development management of logistics system in the Russian Federation. The economic position of the country is in direct dependence on the state of the transportation system. The specialized Federal target program "Integrated logistics system in...
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Environmental Management System in Modern Russia: Problems, Analysis and Ways of Enhancement

Nadezhda Arkhipova, Valeriy Nezamaikin, Vitaliy Umnov
The article analyses existing problems of environmental management that demand international approach to their solving. It is proposed to take into consideration Russia’s specific characteristics in terms of environmental and economic conditions. The authors study international and Russian experience...
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Urban Population Resettlement in the Arctic Zone of Russia

Viktor Fauzer, Tatyana Lytkina, Lyubov Kuratova, Galina Fauzer
The article is devoted to the theoretical problems of population resettlement in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. It shows the changes in the settlement system in the 2000s. A grouping of settlements according to the number of inhabitants is carried out. The main attention is paid to the study...
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Television in Industrial Town: A Phenomenon of Provincial Culture To the Problem of Manager’s Tactics

Alexander Yakoupov
The paper analyses the major encumbrances on the way to creation of an organization in the sphere of culture with state funding. Based on the initial contradiction: the manager is passionately seeking to create, and the state is equally trying to refuse him. The final agreement largely depends on the...
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Underlying Management Formulas in the Sphere of Culture

Alexander Yakoupov
The paper attempts to analyze the basics of financial well-being of any art institution, considered to be based on a founder's good attitude towards its top manager, and towards an institution as a whole. However, the founder, with all his arrangements, allocates funds on the basis of certain standards,...
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Internet of Things in Digital Marketing and Data Security Concerns

Nadezhda Arkhipova, Madina Gurieva
The article analyzes certain aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT), the role it plays in industrial and consumer spheres, and the implications of IoT for marketers. Numerous applications of IoT are changing the everyday life of consumers and also provide huge amounts of data available for marketing...
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The Art of Creative Thinking as a Basis of Modern Labor Philosophy

Irina Lyskova
The article studies the main tasks of quality management and the importance of rational approaches to the human resources management in an organization. The article provides the general characteristics of creative thinking and creative processes. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of intellectual...
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Broad Money Growth, R&D Investment and Corporate Performance

Yan Zhao
Taking 672 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen as research samples, Empirically analyzes of the relationship between growth of broad money supply, R&D investment and corporate performance, and Grouping study from before and after the financial crisis and whether it was manufacturing. Full sample study...
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Determinants of Food Industry Competitiveness in China from the Perspectives of Porter's Diamond Model

Longhua Zhao
Indices and measurements of food industry competitiveness with an international approach are required to potentially measure food industry productivity and raise national competitiveness worldwide. This study developed assessment criteria of food industry competitiveness based on Porter's diamond model,...
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Discussion of Dynamic Trace Evidence Used in Driver Identification in Traffic Accidents

Huawei Xie, Weixian Lin
It is very important to identify the driver accurately in the process of solving traffic accident cases. Driver identification becomes the breach to uncover and properly handle the case, especially when the case is of hit-and-run and reported afterwards or in the condition where the testimony to statements...
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Existing Problems of Internal Control Auditing in Colleges and Universities and Its Countermeasures

Xianglin Sun
Through the analysis of existing problems of internal control auditing in colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the countermeasures in five aspects, namely, establishing clear goal, selecting appropriate mode, perfecting the content, choosing scientific process and method, building perfect...
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Study on the Main Problems of International Road Freight Facilitation

Guang Hua, Xiang Huang, Bo Gao
International road cargo transportation is an important foundation for China's opening-up and national trade. It is also an important component of modern logistics industry. This paper introduces the basic situation of the international road freight transportation development in our country, based on...
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Prevention and Treatment for College Students’ Network Behaviors Developing into Realistic Problems Inspiration and Thinking Based on the Processing of Related Cases

Chunfang Li
As the backbone of the online world, college students are affected by online culture in their learning, life, psychology, moral quality, and values. Because of the complexity of network culture and the limitations of college students themselves, this effect can not only play a favorable role in the process...
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Research on the Theory of Collaborative Service of National Quality Infrastructure

Jingxing Liao, Lei Feng, Shaopeng Wu
The development of collaborative service of national quality infrastructure is one of the main ways and methods to promote the national quality infrastructure efficiency to release fully. Through theoretical analysis, practice and summary, and other research methods, this paper analyzes and studies the...
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Research on the Countermeasures for Supervision of Individual Workshops of Food Processing and Production in China

Jia Zuo
Relying on a large platform of food safety and supervision, based on the study of the status quo and existing problems in the production and processing supervision of individual food workshops in China, this paper proposes some countermeasures and suggestions on how to strengthen supervision on individual...
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Research of Enterprise Cost Control Based on Target Cost Management

Yi Zhang
With the development of China’s economy, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. To gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, enterprises should conduct financial management effectively. Target cost management occupies an important position in the financial management. The effect...
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Study on the Development and Evolution of Digital Content Industry and Strategic Countermeasures Taking Japan as an Example

Jialin Jin, Jiaxin Zhu
As the impact of economic globalization and international cultural trend, the digital content industry has become a national culture one of pillar industries, especially in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries in the world development. In this essay, based on the digital content industry...
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Perception of CSR and Its Consequences A Literature Review

Yanling Wang
Employees’ perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has an important impact on the attitudes and behaviors of the employees, one of the most important stakeholders in the enterprises. According to the model proposed by Gond et al. (2017), this paper systematically reviewed the relationship...
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Analysis of Old Fitness Design and Operation of Medium-sized and Small Stadiums in Cold Regional Cities Taking Harbin as an Example

Changhe Wang
The elderly in cold regional cities are limited by the weather conditions to a large extent in terms of their outdoor physical fitness activities in winter. The promotion of old fitness design and operation of indoor sports facilities can improve the environmental conditions for elderly to do physical...
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Characteristics and Tendency of College Students’ Political Participation in Internet in the “Micro Internet Age”

Xiaohua He, Liang Cheng
There are many realistic features of undergraduates' political participation in the “micro-internet era”. For example, the scale and influence of participation are expanded; the participants are good at and willing to use network technology and new media, and they have a stronger sense of political responsibility...
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The Development Trend of Accounting Service Outsourcing in the Era of Big Data

Lan Cui, Donghui Liu
In recent years, service outsourcing has developed rapidly, and as an important role in service outsourcing, accounting service outsourcing has become a hotspot of domestic and foreign research. This paper made an analysis on the development status of accounting service outsourcing industry in the era...
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An Analysis of the Discourse Institutionalism of News Rent-seeking Governance Policy

Ke Li
In the perspective of discourse institutionalism, the change of news rent-seeking governance policy is a discourse interaction process between different policy subjects. With the development of democratization and new media, the discourse expressions of experts and the public in the change of news rent-seeking...
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Research on the Development Model of Sichuan Minority Sports Towns in the Background of Accurate Poverty Alleviation

Tianchao Yang, Tian Liu, Liang Zhai
More and more attention has been paid to the construction of towns with sports characteristics. The traditional ethnic sports in Sichuan Ethnic Minority Areas contain great cultural value and economic potential. At present, the reasons of people's understanding and input, in the development and utilization...
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The Impact and Solution of the Trade Facilitation Agreement on Risk Management of Genetically Modified Foods

Ting Liu
The Trade Facilitation Agreement's coming into force has far-reaching influence on global trade, but it does mean huge risks and shocks for GM foods of which the existing rules and regulations are not well-established. The reasons for this shock are multifaceted: the rapid and simple requirements for...
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Ownership Concentration and Environmental Information Disclosures

Tangmei Yuan, Guirong Wang
In order to investigate the ownership concentration of influence environmental information disclosure and market reactions, this paper use Chinese all A-share listed companies of main board market in 2012 as samples, and the research conclusion indicate that: (1) The higher tradable shares, and the higher...
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Research on Heterogeneity and Employee Stock Ownership Plan of Listed Companies

Boren Tan
This paper takes the Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies as samples to study the influence of corporate heterogeneity on the implementation of employee stock ownership plan in listed companies from three aspects: incentive motivation, corporate governance and senior executive welfare. The...
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Study on the Service Quality of Express Logistics Based on the Satisfaction of International Students A Sample of Chinese Students Studying in South Korea

Tiantian Zhu, Jiatong Wang
With the continuous deepening of international education exchange and cooperation, the number of Chinese students studying in South Korea is increasing. How to improve the satisfaction of overseas students is the hot spot that South Korean express logistics companies must pay attention to, and the perception...
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Study on the Necessity and Strategy of Establishing a Nursery School Under the Comprehensive Two-child Policy

Xiaojia Pang, Huining Guo
China has fully implemented the two-child policy in 2016, the "family independent care" mode adopted by children aged 0-3 during the one-child period has not been adapted to the new family structure, therefore, it is urgent to establish a nursery school. The first thing to solve in the establishment...
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Research on the Specific Physical Quality Evaluation System of Junior Elite Sprinter

Dengfeng Zhang, Yunxia Li, Xinkai Zhang
The special physical quality is the core factor to determine sprint performance, but in order to control the special physical training process quantitatively and develop the physical quality training to the established goal directionally, the precondition is to establish a specific physical quality evaluation...
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A Summary of Indian State-owned Enterprises Operation Against the Background of Comprehensive Reform

Jing Tu
The development of modern state-owned enterprises in India has gone through 60 years, and the state-owned institutional mechanism has also slowly transitioned from the context of the "socialist economy of the Nehru era" to the context of comprehensive reform in the Rao era. Due to the special environment...
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From American Acts to CPTPP Rules: the Enlightenment to Patent Linkage Reforms in China

Shun Diao
The patent linkage rules in CPTPP belong to the TRIPS-plus clause, which are divided into two types, including soft ones and strong ones. The member states of CPTPP can choose either of the two. Different from the soft ones, strong patent linkage rules pay more attention to the expansion of the patent...
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Study on Rural Tourism Product Development in Xi'an Section of Northern Foot of Qinling Mountains from the Perspective of Experience

Lihui Qiu, Xiaonan Zhang, Kunsheng Zhang, Zeyu He
With the advent of experience economy, tourists are paying more and more attention to the experience and participatory in the process of tourism, thus putting forward higher requirements for rural tourism products. From the perspective of the development of rural tourism in China, experiential tourism...
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Research on the Status Quo of Long-term Rental Apartments in First-tier Cities in China and Its Countermeasures

Liguang Zhao, Mingju Liu, Nengyan Cheng
This paper analyzes the development status and market prospects of long-term rental apartments in first-tier cities in China, and finds out the problems existing in the development of long-term rental apartments, hoping to solve these problems, help long-term rental apartments to develop better and solve...
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Predicaments and Countermeasures of Local Government in China Coping with Public Crisis in the Internet Era

Shanshan Li, Wei Liu, Sijia Yang
In the Internet era, the high-speed development of new media and rapid dissemination of information have expanded the channels and time limits for people to obtain information, and strengthened the bond of friendship between people. It is convenient for people to supervise the government and jointly...
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Discussion on Financial Accounting Problems and Management Strategies of Enterprises from the Perspective of Standardization

Meiling Xiao
Along with the continuous deepening of the socialist reform and rapid development of the economy, financial accounting work plays a very important role in the production and operating activities and the future development of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the financial accounting...
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Study on the Relationship Among Perception of Organizational Change, Job Insecurity and Turnover Intention: from the Perspective of Stress Appraisal and Coping

Linsheng Xiao
Based on the stress appraisal and coping model of Lazarus and Folkman, this study, uses a sample of 414 teachers from different colleges and universities of China to probes into the influence of organizational change perception on teachers' turnover intention, and tests the mediating role of job insecurity...
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Study on Strategies to Improve Tourist Satisfaction in Changbai Mountain Natural Reserve

Mingju Liu, Liguang Zhao, Yue Chen
Taking Changbai mountain scenic area as an example, this paper proposes targeted countermeasures against the current satisfaction survey and existing problems which has provided feasible ideas and suggestions in order to improve the tourist satisfaction of Changbai mountain scenic area, improve the service...
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Analysis on the Construction and Development of Human Capital Service Platform of Cultural and Creative Industry in the Age of Sharing Economy

Lingling Qu, Min Kuang
A significant sign of the era of shared economy is the use of credit guarantees provided by the third-party platforms to turn idle products into services and share them with strangers, and product suppliers turn idle products into profits through sharing. Based on this feature, this paper proposes to...
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Study on College Students’ Sense of Learning Gain in Western China’s Universities Based on the Survey of Yunnan Province

Mingyang Ruan
Through a survey of over 3000 college students in Western China, it is found that there are significant differences in learning identity, achievement evaluation, satisfaction degree and learning freedom for different sexes, grades, type of birth place and the identity of party membership. Learning achievement,...
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Research on Innovation of Logistics Management Personnel Training in Local Application-oriented Universities Against the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Shanfu Yu
“Mass entrepreneurship and innovation” has become the main theme of contemporary society. It is a question for local application-oriented universities about how to follow the trend in the training of logistics management personnel. College students, as the fresh troops of innovation and entrepreneurship,...
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“Active Losers” in the Midst of Pan-self Era Aspects of Motivation Awakening of Contemporary College Students

Lingling Qu, Min Kuang
With the arrival of the information society and the network era, different people are often labeled with different “labels” because of their special nature and characteristics. “Active loser” is one of them. Active losers refers to those who love setting and updating goals but always defers action, give...
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Anticipatory Socialization of Students Based on the Perspective of School Admissions

Guanghan Zhang, Yeyang Hu, Jianfeng Chen, Chih Huang
This study focuses on the anticipation stage of organizational socialization theory, and takes the 2017-freshmen of the School of Business of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai as the research objects, to make an investigation of the school’s admission promotion and of freshmen’s acknowledge of...
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Study on Relationship Between Consumer Behavior and Green Product Demand

Lihua Huang, Wei Zhao
The recent ten years has witnessed the constant deepening of reform and opening up in China. People have continuously improving requirement for material life standard, and consumer behavior also has higher requirement against green product demand. The relationships, such as consumer behavior–green product...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Democratic Politics Based on Ecological Perspective

Mengzhen Sun, Xin Li
As the links among various fields of human society continue to deepen, the ecological characteristics of political development become more and more obvious. And the ecological concept has infiltrated into the course of political development. As an important part of the political system, democratic politics...
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Construction Scale Prediction of CHENCHOU Logistics Center in Hunan Province

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the full analysis of industrial, commercial, agricultural and other logistics demands and logistics supply in the radiation area of Hunan CHENCHOU Logistics Center project, this paper uses forecasting model to predict the construction scale of logistics center, and provides reference for project...
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Study on Tourist Volume Forecasting Based on ABA-SVR Model Within Network Environment

Binru Zhang, Yulian Pu
The search of consumers under internet environment reflects the potential tourism demands of tourists. This paper takes Sanya as an example and attempts to use the traffic flow data related to Sanya tourism from August 2009 to March 2016 and the network search data to construct the input sets of SVR...
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Research on the Role Delineation of Government in Rural Pension Security in China

Sijia Yang, Zhen Zhang, Shanshan Li
The social security system is an important symbol of social civilization. With the accelerated aging of the population in China and the change of rural family structure, the Chinese government has paid more attention to rural pension security and achieved remarkable results. However, it is worth noting...
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The Formation Mechanism of the Bay Area Economy and the Chinese Mode of the Economic Development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Bay Area

Jiayi Zhong, Aihua Zhu
The construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Bay Area, and the establishment of an international first-class Bay Area and world-class urban clusters are the major trends of the country's development towards the world. Further deepen reforms, expand opening up, implement the "one country, two...
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Research on Community Participation in Zhuhai Airshow Based on the Theory of Relative Deprivation

Yifeng Du
This paper takes Zhuhai Air Show as an example to conduct in-depth research on community participation in large-scale festivals such as Zhuhai Air Show. The author makes exploration from the perspective of relative deprivation theory, studies the relative deprivation index formula to do calculation and...
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Study on Development Strategy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area: a “the Belt and Road” Perspective

Chuan Geng, Jin Shen
China's “the Belt and Road Initiative” is a national strategy based on a global perspective. It is also the benchmark for China's economic development for a considerable period in the future. The countries and regions along “the Belt and Road” will also see important opportunities for development. At...
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Research on the Development of Rural Tourism in Jilin Province Under the Coordination of "Industrialization, Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization"

Haoliang Sun, Xiangjun Meng
The realization of the coordination of "industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization" is the strategic task of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Jilin Province. Under the background of the active promotion of the "three-dimensional overall planning", as a traditional agricultural province,...
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Study of the Differences Between Government and Bank in Bank Loans: Evidence from Chinese Listed SMEs

Yuliang Zhou, Haizhu Zhao, Xinyan Xie
389 listed companies from Shenzhen SMEs board in China are taken as samples, and questionnaires and interviews methods are employed in this paper. First, the OLS models are established to analyses the impacts of firm-government relationship (FGR) and firm-bank relationship (FBR) on bank loan rates, loan...