Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (ISMEMS 2017)

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Human Action Recognition Based on Global Silhouette and Local Optical Flow

Ning Zhang, Zeyuan Hu, Sukhwan Lee, Eungjoo Lee
Currently, Human Activity Recognition is a research hotspot in the field of machine vision, it involves knowledge of image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and many other disciplines. Video-based Human Activity Recognition including human area detection, movement and gesture segmentation,...
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Face Recognition Based on Improved LTP

Jiyuan Wang, Ruyang Zhang, Tingting Wu, Sooyol Ok, Eungjoo Lee
Localized binary model (LBP) is an efficient local feature description operator. As a nonparametric description operator, it has received more and more attention and has achieved great success in the field of face recognition. In this paper, we introduce only the first-order non-directional feature of...
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Evaluation of initial fatigue growth behavior for surface-cracks

Youli Ma, Rongjuan Li
In order to predict the remaining life of the surface-cracks in the mechanical component, a method to evaluate the stress intensity factor of the crack tip is proposed. In this paper, finite element simulation is firstly used to evaluate stress intensity factor KFEM of the crack under different load...
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A method evaluating stress intensity factors of mode I surface-cracks

Youli Ma, Rongjuan Li, Xinzhu Pang
For mode I surface-cracks detected from structures, a method to evaluate stress intensity factors Kest was suggested by measuring the opening displacement distributions along the crack and calculating stress distributions around it. The stress intensity factors of surface-cracks with different lengths...
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Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Rolled 6013 Type Aluminum Alloy

Fubao Zhang, Xiaojing Xu, Zhigang Liu, Zhilan Ju, Yuyang Jin
Microstructures and properties of rolled 6013 type aluminum alloy were investigated by optical microscopy (OM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction and hardness testing, tensile testing at ambient temperature, the strengthening and toughening...
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Properties and Reinforcing Mechanism of Cellulose Reinforced Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel Membranes

Huafeng Peng, Shaopeng Wang
The novel cellulose reinforced Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) composite hydrogel membranes were prepared by means of immersion-precipitation phase transformation, taking the ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate ([Amim]+Cl-) as solvent. The prepared hydrogels were characterized by Fourier transform...
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Wide-range low-cost high precision portable piezoelectric weighing sensor system based on improved resistance strain gauges Wheatstone bridge

Ou Lei, Weijie Tian, Fubin Chen
Weighing technology is closely connected with people's life. A wide-range low-cost high precision portable piezoelectric weighing sensor system were designed for the wide weighing scale range applications based on improved resistance strain gauges Wheatstone bridge. Sensing unit, processing circuit,...
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Research on the two-port network based on the NIF

Chenda Zheng, Yanning Lan
The theory of two-port network is an important aspect both of electrical or electronics, in the past, researches of two-port network are mostly about port characteristics, parametric equation or the equivalent circuit derived from the equation parameters. In this paper, an equivalent topology for the...
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Hydrogen permeable membranes based on niobium foils coated with layer of tungsten and molybdenum in niobium solid solution characteristics research

A. V Panichkin, B. K. Kenzhaliyev, A. M. Derbisalin, A. A. Mamayeva, D. M. Dzhumabekov
Paper presents the results of measuring the hydrogen permeability of 40 m niobium foil membranes, on one side coated with a layer of a solid solution of tungsten in niobium or molybdenum in niobium. The measurements were carried out in a hydrogen atmosphere of technical purity with a smooth temperature...
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Effects of grinding parameters on residual stress of 42CrMo steel surface layer in Grind-hardening

J. Zhang, G. C. Wang, H. J. Pei
Grind-hardening is an integrated manufacturing technology of surface-quenching and grinding process. The residual stress is one of the main characteristic parameters of grinding-hardened surface quality. On the basis of the grinding-hardening test, influences of the grinding speed, the grinding depth...
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Influence of elastic modulus of steel rope on longitudinal vibration of high speed elevator hoisting system

Tao Hou, Qing Zhang, Shuai Qiao, Qiuhong Wang
In order to study the influence mechanism of the elastic modulus of steel wire rope on the high-speed elevator hoisting system of comfort, with high speed elevator vertical vibration as the research object, the establishment of high-speed elevator hoisting system of longitudinal vibration of discrete...
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Influence of High-speed Elevator Operation Parameters on Longitudinal Vibration of Time-varying Hoisting System

Shuohua Zhang, Ruijun Zhang, Shunxin Cao, Qing Zhang
Based on the finite deformation theory and Hamliton principle, considering the time-varying characteristics of the steel wire rope, the longitudinal vibration time - varying model of high - speed elevator hoisting system is established, and the longitudinal vibration dynamic equation of hoisting system...
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Study on influence factors of laser welding crack sensitivity of austenite stainless steel

Haiyan Zhu, Ming Qin, Xudong Zhang
Investigation on the influence of chemical composition on the precipitation of -ferrite phase during solidification process with simulation method has been done in this study. Meanwhile, Fan-shaped laser beam welding method was used to verify the reliability of simulation results. The research results...
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Graphite contact phenomena developing in interaction with rare earth elements doped aluminum alloys studying.

A. V. Panichkin, B. K. Kenzhaliyev, B. B. Kshibekova, Zh. Alibekov, A. T. Imbarova
Based on equilibrium in Al-REE and C-REE systems data, possibility of improvement carbon surface wetting with aluminum melt by their alloying with REE assumption is made. Aluminum melts MPG-6 graphite substrate flat surface wetting contact angle over time change data is presented. The experiments were...
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Wind Pressures Distribution on Porous Exterior Walls of Buildings Double Skin fa‡ade System

Jwohua Chen, Yun-Lian Chern, Mingchin Ho
A series of aerodynamics experiments were conducted to identify the effects of lateral leakages to the wind pressures distribution on the porous wall of buildings. The wind pressures distribution on the porous exterior walls of buildings had been studied by aerodynamic experiments in wind tunnel. The...
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Analysis of Logistic Strategy based on SWOT and AHP Methods

Xuefeng Wang, Pengcheng Wu, Tianrong Huang
The SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities and Threats) was very classic qualitative analysis methods in all fields; And the AHP (analytic hierarchy process) was quite practical in quantitative analysis. Through cooperating SWOT analysis and AHP (analytic hierarchy process), a complete qualitative...
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Variational Principle of Si Content in Cast Al-Si Alloy During Melting Process

Xiaohui Ao, Shuming Xing, Shaoqian Li, Jiahong Zhang, Qingyou Han
The influence of temperate and time on variational principle of Si content in A356 recycled scrap during melting process was investigated in this paper. The results indicated that the variations of Si content showed conic laws which decreased firstly then increased with the holding time. The maximum...
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Facile One-Pot Ultrasound-Assisted Reduction Synthesis of Pd/C Nanocatalyst for Green Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling

Jiazhe Li, Xuefeng Bai
Palladium nanoparticles (Pd NPs) supported on active carbon was prepared via ultrasonically treating Pd precursors in ethylene glycol without any protective agents. The Pd/C nanocatalysts were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy...
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Theoretical Calculation and Experimental Verification of Z increment in Laser Metal Direct Manufacturing

Youbin Lai, Yang Bo, Dongyang Wangc
In order to improve the quality of laser metal direct manufacturing parts, the Z increment mathematical model was established, and the optimal Z increment was solved theoretically. The results show that Z increment is the function of single-track single-layer forming height, and has nothing to do with...
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Confinement of Concrete by Rope

Qudeer Hussain, Sharukh Shoaib, Panuwat Joyklad
This study presents results of an experimental investigation conducted to investigate the axial behavior of natural rope confined concrete. Natural ropes such as coir, coconut and hemp ropes are easily available both in developing and developed counties. In this study, small scale concrete columns were...
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Axial Compressive Behavior of Rope Fi Reinforced Polymer Composite Concrete

Suniti Suparp, Qudeer Hussain, Panuwat Joyklad
This study presents results of an experimental investigation conducted to investigate the axial compressive behavior of rope fiber reinforced polymer (RFRP) composite concrete. Natural fiber ropes such as coir, coconut and hemp ropes are easily available both in developing and developed countries. In...
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The research of compression and energy absorption property of Ti6Al4V porous structure based on selective laser melting

Hailiang Wang, David Zhang, Peng Zhang, Zhihao Ren
Ti6Al4V porous structure was fabricated by selective laser melting. Through the compression experiment, compression strength and energy absorption characteristics of Ti6Al4V porous structure with different rod diameters were studied. The results show that stress - strain curve of the porous structure...
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The effect of elastic support location on natural frequency of pipe conveying fluid

Ping Zhou, Yanqing Li, Zijun Zhang
The governing equation of pipe conveying fluid was deduced based on Timoshenko beam model. Wave method was applied to solve the governing equation. In the process, wave reflection matrices were obtained for three typical boundary conditions and the wave scattering model was established for the intermediate...
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Methods of Sensitivity Analyses and theirs Role in Engineering

Novak Drahom¡r, Lehky David, Cao Maosen, Pan Lixia
The paper describes selected efficient methods for sensitivity analysis of engineering problems: The non-parametric rank-order statistical correlation between the basic random variables and the structural response variable, neural network ensemble-based sensitivity analysis and sensitivity analysis in...
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Structure and Saccharification of Sugarcane Bagasse Pretreated with Acid Coupled Alkaline

Lihong Cui, Xiaoyi Wei, Jihua Li, Gang Chang, Xiaobing Huang, Donghui Han
Effect of acid coupled alkaline pretreatment on structure and enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane was investigated. The original and pretreated sugarcane bagasse samples were thoroughly characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron...
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Investigation on optical theoretical models of SiO2 nanofluids

Ziqiang Huang, Jianbo Bai, Peng Luo
Photovoltaic and photovoltaic heat technology can be coupled by nanofluid-based solar direct absorption thermal collector. It is an important means to improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of solar energy. Nanofluids optical theory plays an important role in the development of new photovoltaic-thermal...
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Study on tension variation characteristics of hoisting wire rope of high speed traction elevator

Qing Zhang, Tao Hou, Zhe Yang, Ruijun Zhang
For the study on tension variation characteristics of hoisting wire rope of high speed traction elevator, the hoisting wire rope time-varying model is built in the process of high speed traction elevator ascending and descending, the ideal run curve of elevator ascending and descending is obtained by...