Proceedings of the 2nd International Media Conference 2019 (IMC 2019)

Indonesia, as any other Asian countries within the past decade has been made aware that creative and cultural industries is monumental in strengthening and enhancing economic development. Indonesia specifically, experienced the ‘demographic surplus’ that is the population predominated by the working force from 20-40 years old. Such generation that usually being called ‘the Millenials’ were growing up with internet, digital media and networking sites. This generation produces, promotes and consumes digital media, and not suprisingly, uses digital technologies and all sorts of social media networking to work and leisure.

Furthermore, Indonesian government, as well as other neighbourhood countries prioritises CCI (creative and cultural industries) as part of their economic, social and cultural policy. Singapore and Thailand as well as Malaysia for example, made CCI as part of their national policy. Cultural and creative industry (CCI for short), could be defined as industry based on creativity and intellectual capacity. CCI itself progressed impressively within the last decade with the emerging development of Internet and digital media.

Thus, this international conference organised experts and academias as well as practitioners from multidisciplinary background to discuss the development of CCI in Asian region and how has digital media shapes, changes or transforms the way CCI is conducted, regulated and progressed in different parts of Asia. The objectives of this conference is to to provide a forum of discussion and research dissemination for experts, academias, researchers, as well as practitioners and students in multidisciplinary platforms who interested in CCI and digital media. 
We have successfully organise this conference and receive more than 100 papers, about half of which is published in this series. We would like to thank our keynote speakers, editors, organisers and more importantly academias and scholars who had participated in our conference. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Your sincerely,
IMC 2019 Committee