Proceedings of the 2nd International Media Conference 2019 (IMC 2019)

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Rural Women Entrepreneur in Digital Era

Ade Kusuma, Ririn Puspita Tutiasri, Mia Rizkiya Romadhona, Ucik Uswatun Khasanah
Technological developments affect changes in social conditions. In the digital era, the growth of entrepreneurial activities carried out by urban women is increasing. This provides an opportunity for women to join the public sector without leaving their responsibilities as a housewife. But we know that...
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Relationship Between CSR Quality with Corporate Reputation PT Indonesia Power UP Semarang

Agus Naryoso
PT Indonesia Power UP Semarang has organized various activities as a social responsibility for the community. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the company are already established so that it produces a positive impact on the people who receive it. PT Indonesia Power UP Semarang...
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The Dynamics of Development Communication (A Case Study: Community-Based Participatory Development Program (P3BK) Government of Bekasi City)

Akbar Deni Prasetyo, Choirul Fajri
P3BK is a program created by the Government of Bekasi City in order to improve the welfare of community through the development that is carrying out on community participation. communication and coordination are the important factors of the successful implementation of P3BK, so that the Government can...
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Utilization of UI / UX Design as a Concrete Step in Products Marketing to Break the Middlemen / Wholesaler System at Klampar Batik SMEs (Case Study of CV Bintang Abadi Batik SMEs in Klampar Village)

Aryo Bayu Wibisono, Aphief Tri Artanto, Heru Subiyantoro, Miftakul Priyambodo
Batik SMEs Centre of Klampar is a region that produces written batik in Pamekasan Regency which has been passed down from generation to generation. The Pamekasan Regency Government supports the development of Pamekasan Batik through programs initiated by the Pamekasan Regency Government. However, Batik...
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What to Make of Women-Led Crime Dramas?: An Interrogation of the Female Characters in Contemporary Crime Dramas

Aulia Rahmawati, Syafrida Nurrachmi Febriyanti, Ririn Puspita Tutiasri
While recent research suggests the proportion of lead characters in the mainstream Hollywood films and television shows is overwhelmingly male, white and middle-class, contemporary crime dramas led by women as central characters relatively enjoying a significant increase. This paper interrogates the...
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Bible Learning with Board Game for Children

Budi Susanto, Wahju Satria Wibowo, Centaury Harjani, Koniherawati
Bible literacy, specifically biblical stories, has been widely told and taught to children both at school and at church through Sunday school from an early age. However, there is no guarantee that these children will have an interest in biblical stories, especially when they reach adolescence. There...
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Fashion Creativity in Zero-Waste Pattern Making

Centaury Harjani
The Fashion industry has developed into fast fashion. Various brands and labels produce clothing every year by following mode and trends. There are more than 400 billion square meters of fabric produced into clothing in a year where 15 percent of the fabric ends up as waste. In other words, 60 billion...
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Beginner Voter Experience in Finding Information Through Mass Media and Social Media in the 2019 Presidential Election (Phenomenology Study of High School Students in Serang City, Banten)

Damayanti Masduki, Yuliani Widianingsih, Hermina Simanihuruk
The purpose of this study is to find out and understand the meaning of the 2019 presidential election for Beginner Voters, illustrate how Beginner Voter seek information through mass media and social media, and describe what messages are able to make Beginner Voters determine their choices in the last...
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Reception Analysis of Related Audience by Watching “Sexy Killers” the Documentary Film

Dionni Ditya Perdana
“Sexy Killers” is a documentary film whose occurrence steal public attention and caused much controversy. “Sexy Killers” tells the story of coal mining is still a compelling business in Indonesia despite endangering environmental conditions. The Film also displays the number of state officials involved...
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The Influence of Political Communication Toward Public Opinion About the Victory of the Regent and Vice of the Regent of Tulungagung

Erna Sugiarti, Poppy Ruliana, Irwansyah
The problem in this study is the development of the issue of the elected regent of Tulungagung, Syahri Mulyo, who was declared a corruption suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission for accepting bribes related to road infrastructure development projects, and then came public opinion that was...
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Effectiveness of Using 2D Animation Video with Live Shoot Motion Graphic

Fandy Neta, Rina Yulius, Muchamad Fajri Amirul Nasrullah
Programming is not just about writing programs that are “as long as they are”, “as long as they can run”, “as long as they can deliver the results they expect”. Programming requires good methods, techniques, and methodologies so that the written program is an effective program. It is true that many people...
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Representation of Optimism in the Contemporary Advertising: Gojek “Cerdikiawan”

Fikry Zahria Emeraldien, Candraditya S Natasya, Amalia Farahdiba, Cahya C.W Ramadhoni
Creativity of an advertisement in building public perception is something that ad producers often do to promote their products or services to attract many interested people. However, contemporary advertising production began to experience a shift. In the past, advertisements generally used the hard selling...
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Communication Strategy of Dinas Komunikasi Dan Informatika Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta in Socializing Jogja Smart Province Program Amongst the Jogjakarta Society

Fitrah Fasyanabilla Lotan, Choirul Fajri
This study seeks to analyze communication strategy Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta in socializing Jogja Smart Province Program amongst the Jogjakarta Society. The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview of the strategy of Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika Daerah Istimewa...
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Improve Creative Industry Competitiveness Penta Helix and Human Capital in Digital Era

Gendut Sukarno, Resa Rasyidah, Kholifatus Saadah
As it predicted as one of the creative industry proponents, the culinary industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia. The culinary industry sub-sector grows because of cultural and lifestyle shifts, as well as technology development. It becomes one of the determining factors in the successfulness of the...
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Parental Assistance to Children and Youth in Accessing Digital Media

Hedi Pudjo Santosa
There are many positive things that teenagers and children may benefit from digital media such as medium of education and entertainment, easy access towards information, and as connecting tools. However, digital media does not only bring positive impacts towards children and teenagers. Under the freedom...
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Instagram and Millennial Generation: #Explorebanyuwangi Analysis

Heidy Arviani, Ghassani Shabrina Prasetyo, Vicky Virgiawan Walgunadi
One of the unique things of the millennial generation, they allocate more income for travel rather than buying houses, branded goods (fashion), gadgets. The size of the income does not put the desire of millennials to travel any less. e-Promotion is promotional activities through the internet or especially...
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Rhetorical Questions: What Google Couldn’t Provide for Education

Herlina Suksmawati, Praja Firdaus Nuryananda
We believe that education nowadays has been conducted differently both sides, for the subject and the object. The term “education” has been inherently related to moral obligation in studying and implicitly looking for answers to theoretical and practical problems in life. Meanwhile, current education...
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Participatory Communication of “Kampoeng Mataraman Jogja” Tourism Village

Ida Nuraini Dewi Kodrat Ningsih, Muhammad Rizki
The Village Government of Panggungharjo made a concept of village tourism together with BUMDes Panggung Lestari into the concept of an agrarian cultural education tour named Kampoeng Mataraman. In contrast to tourism village (desa wisata), village tourism (wisata desa) further highlights the unique potential...
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Model of Socialization and Internalization of State Defense Values Among UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta Students to Embody “State Defense Campus”

Isbandi Sutrisno, Sigit Tripambudi
The issue of state defense becomes an important issue as the emerge of the descent of nationalism, the fading spirit of unity, economic domination by foreigners issues and so on. National Development University “Veteran” of Yogyakarta (UPNVY) is the college which has concern for the state defense problem....
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The Effectiveness of Tropicana Slim Advertising on Television (Quantitative Descriptive Study of the Effectiveness of the Advertisement of Dion Wiyoko on Television in the Society of Surabaya)

Tropicana Slim as a low-calorie sweetener, promotion of products through television media, because it is expected to attract the public to want to buy and consume the product. This study aims to determine and identify quantitatively how much advertising effectiveness Tropicana Slim version of Dion Wiyoko...
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Integrated E-Commerce Ecosystem in China and Indonesia’s Giant Market

Karina Rima Melati, S.P Nur Komala Dewi
The growth of Indonesia’s digital economy is expected to be the fastest in the Southeast Asia in 2025 with a number reaching around US$133 billion. The e-commerce figure in particular, is projected to flourish from US$ 21 billion in 2019 to US$ 82 billion in 2025 respectively or increasing by 290,5%....
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Luweng as a Traditional Cultural Heritage

The culinary culture that is constantly developing in various countries and regions cannot be separated from the existence of a cooking culture that is unique. In Indonesian traditional cooking culture, there is a cooking tool called luweng. Luweng made from clay is a specifically of kitchenware that...
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Determinants of Fear of Demographic Changes and the Tendency to Spread Viral News Among Millennials

Muhammad Wahyuddin Abdullah, Alim Syariati
Tendency of spreading viral news had become quite a problem in itself, as the information mostly was not authorized, and could trigger the fear of structural changes in the society. This study aimed to investigate whether political preference, religiosity, and group chat involvements affected the tendency...
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Development of Print and Illustration Laboratories Using Creative Tools

Masnuna, Lily Syahrial, Dyan Agustin
The Faculty of Architecture and Design is one of the faculties at UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur, which consists of the Architecture Study Program and the Visual Communication Design (VCD) Study Program. Various teaching, research and service activities have been carried out by lecturers and students who are...
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Digital Revolution and the Development of Tourism Business

Nikmah Suryandari
This paper tries to describe the impact of the digital revolution in the field of tourism. This paper aims to explain the effects of the digital revolution on the tourism sector. Tourism is one industry that is not affected by world economic conditions. On the contrary, tourism is actually growing rapidly...
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The Use of Digital Channels as a Marketing Tool in Ceramic SMEs

Poppy Ruliana, Irwansyah, Susi Andrini, Kurnia
This study aims to clarify the digital channels used by ceramic SMEs in the Plered Ceramics Industry Center, Purwakarta Regency. The concepts used are digital media, social media, one-way communication channels and two-way communication channels, SMEs. The approach used in this research is quantitative...
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Effect of Use Perception and Easy Perception of the Use of WhatsApp Communication Media on Performance of Expertise of Members of the DPR RI Golkar Faction in 2019

Ricky Megantara Ibnu Sagi, Poppy Ruliana, Irwansyah
The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze the perception of Whatsapp communication media usage on the performance of the Experts. The theory used in this study is the Technology Acceptance Model theory from Davis and the performance of Mangkunegara. The research approach used is quantitative...
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Implementation Legislative Election Campaign Taufiqulhadi

Rika Permata Sri, Poppy Ruliana, Irwansyah
Thank you for the second time running for the legislative candidate for the Republic of Indonesia 2019-2023 period with a different electoral area, namely the Bogor Regency, because it is necessary to improve the political communication strategy. The purpose of this study is to explain the political...
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Implementation of Task-Centered Design in a Web-Based Catalogue

Rina Yulius, Fandy Neta, Muchamad Fajri Amirul Nasrullah, Muhammad Fikri Addin Rambe
E-catalogue is an optional way to facilitate the process of marketing in a company and increase its revenue. Its digital form allows a company to perform regular updates quickly and easily at zero cost, ensuring the accuracy of product data when it is presented to customer. Unlike conventional catalogs,...
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Creative Marketing Strategies of Sembung Batik

Ririn Puspita Tutiasri, Syafrida Nurrachmi Febriyanti, Ahmad Fahri Huzain, Abizard Sakti Nugroho
Batik is one of the cultures that is owned by the Indonesian. Batik describes a story in a piece of cloth, about certain events and symbols that are referred to as patterns. Each region has its batik style as a characteristic and differentiator from the other regions. Basically, batik has the same technique,...
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Factors of Public Self-Disclosure Via Instagram Stories

Shella Eunice Purmiasa, Desi Yoanita, Daniel Budiana
Openness is an important factor in relationship maintenance. However, excessive self-disclosure can jeopardize the privacy or security of one’s own identity. Therefore, we need to manage the boundaries between private or public information. This privacy management explained by Sandra Petronio in the...
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Sidoarjo Film Festival 2019 as an Effort to Generate the Indonesian Film Industry

Siska Armawati Sufa, Rusli Kustaman, Henri Subiakto, Ipit Zulfan, Teguh Dwi Putranto
At present, various national film titles have begun to dominate in all regions of Indonesia. Beginning around 2018, the number of film viewers in the country reached 50 million people, an extraordinary achievement, with only 42 million in the previous year. Increasing the number of film viewers in Indonesia...
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International Business in Tourism: Media Promotion Perspective in Industry 4.0

Sri Hartati, Atwar Bajari, Rukmi Juwita
In this era, technologies are fundamental to doing business. The role of technologies in business communications is expanding, and it offers many opportunities. Not only it creates impacts on the internal matters to business, but it also helps to develop social, political, and economic environments....
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The Effect of Reputation and Academic Service Quality Toward Student Satisfaction

Sudiharto, Rosita Anggraini, Irwansyah
This study aims to determine and explain the effect of reputation and academic service quality on student satisfaction, at the Interstudi Design College (STDI) in Jakarta. This type of research is explanatory research with a quantitative approach. For reputation with Charles J. Fomburn corporate reputation...
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The Strategy of Padang City Politicians Win 2014 Election

General elections as a means of democracy that aims to elect the legislator to be an interesting study. One of the interesting things to study is how a politician makes a strategy to win general elections. Because mistakes in strategies to win general elections can have a negative impact on the results....
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Analysis of the Communication Model of Atta Halilintar on YouTube

Supadiyanto, Pelagia Adinda We e Pande, Vespian Varianta, Tri Budiarti
Atta Halilintar successfully became a YouTuber with the highest subscribes in Indonesia. Total subscribers reached 19.4 million people and 1,743,742,459 viewers. On average there are 1.77 million views per day. Atta Halilintar has uploaded 617 videos. YouTuber is a profession that is loved by millennial...
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Role of the District Government in Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tabanaz-Bali

Supartha Wayan Gede, Saroyeni Piartrini Putu
Many attempts have been made to develop Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). However, this research focuses on the role of district governments in empowering SMEs. This study, uses the SWOT Analysis to examine the variables that influence in empowerment of SMEs in Tabanan. The purpose of this study;...
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CSR Communication Model in Facing Industry Revolution 4.0

Susi Andrini, Poppy Ruliana, Suhendra Atmaja, Irwansyah, Riyanto, Renty Yuniarti
The CSR-Indonesian Awards event held by MePRindo is faced with the problem of how CSR communication models deal with the industrial revolution 4.0. The purpose of this research is to find out and find CSR communication models in facing the 4.0 industrial revolution. The method used is descriptive with...
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‘I Become More Confident’: Mother Use of Online Platform for Parenting Information

Syifa Syarifah Alamiyah
There are an increasing trends that mothers today are turn to Internet to search information about parenting. While in the past, new parents would turn to their own mother or closest family to consult about issues related to how to raise children. Thus the research explores how parents in Indonesia use...
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Communications Strategy PT. Taspen Branch Mataram for Implementation of Public Service

Yulanda Trisula Sidarta Yohanes
PT. Taspen is BUMN company engaged old age savings insurance for the state civil apparatus. Products owned by PT. Taspen not oly old age insurance, Taspen also introduce new product, namely Taspen Scholarship and Taspen Dwiguna Sejahtera. This study aims to assess the communication strategy practiced...
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Mediated Interpersonal Communication: A New Way of Social Interaction in the Digital Age

Yuli Candrasari
Although previously intended to seek information, the Internet becomes a means to communicate and social interaction. Thus, it has since proven that social media mediates interpersonal communication, connecting people that never met in face-to-face situations. Social media continuously shaped and shifted...