Proceedings of the 2015 4th International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials

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The study of Electronic measuring equipment Electromagnetic Protection

Yi Wang, Guohuan Yan, Hua Zhang, Xiaoyan Hou
Electronic equipment is used more and more widely, but it is also to be interfered more and more vulnerable by external electromagnetic radiation interference. In this paper, a new method to enhance the anti-jamming capability of electronic devices is presented, named active electromagnetic protection...
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Designing of a study game of the mathematics probability in middle school based on Unity3D

Li Wang
The emergence of educational games has greatly changed the students' learning style, so that students can combine learning and entertainment, so as to improve the learning interest and efficiency. The article uses 3ds Max as the model design tool to build three-dimensional game scene and props, takes...
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Study of Course Design for Electromechanical System in College Education

Jiangang Yi
Course design for electromechanical system is one of the most important and difficult points in college teaching process. In this paper, the large grinder recirculation cooling system as the sample, the hydraulic cooling system is built to solve the problems of low cooling efficiency, high failure rate...
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Video Coding with View Scalability Based on Video Selection

Tao Yan, Xiaoxiong Zhou, Zeliang Liu
Multi-view video coding (MVC) demands high compression rates, temporal random access, spatial random access, as well as view scalability. Scalable multi-view video coding based on video selection is proposed. It then uses the position of the cameras and the relation of inter-views to divide all views...
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Design of PZT Power Supply for Micro-nano Positioning Platform Based on DSP

Lina Hao, Xinchao Zhang, Ruimin Cao
PZT is the key actuator to high precision micro-nano positioning platform. Based on high large space density precision micro-nano positioning platform, we use DSP and four roads 16-bit DAC, high order low pass filter, the voltage amplifier circuit, power amplifier circuit, high voltage stabilizing circuit...
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SSL Protocol Analysis Based on Freshness Identifiers

Yu Liu, Kang Yanmei, Wenyong Li
SSL protocol is essential in network security. This paper evaluates the security of SSL protocol by a fine-grained analysis method based on freshness identifiers and proposes the causes of two kinds of MITM attacks under the circumstance of admitting the difficulties of building a trusted session key...
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An Ultrasensitive Flexible and Bending Sensor for Detecting Angle and Micro-force

Yang Chen, Shaofei Guo, Yan Xiong, Lina Hao
The dexterous robotic hand is required to investigate the characteristic of nger movements with perception ability of various sensors. A good angle displacement sensor can well describe finger motion in robotic hand manipulation tasks. In this paper, a flexible and bending sensor which was suitable to...
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Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses in Thermal Barrier Coating Due to Thermal Mismatch

Yumei Bai
A plane strain geometrical model of thermal barrier coating (TBC) is established in order to investigate the distributed characters of maximal stresses in ceramic and interfacial ones. The effects of temperature and ceramic thickness on stresses are also studied. The results show that the stress in ceramic...
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Research on Inspection Robot for 35KV Small Substation

Lujia Zhao, Wenjian Zhang, Ailin Zhao, Sijia Tian
For small 35KV unmanned substations’ actual need, this paper proposes a scheme about inspection robot for small substations. The scheme realizes the remote inspection robot motion control and the monitor of the substation equipment’s appearance and temperature through the client monitoring software and...
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An Air-ground Robotic Cooperative System for Explosive Disposal

Hanqing Tian, Jiahe Li, Tianfang Liu, Guangming Xiong
An air-ground cooperative system is proposed for exploder detecting and disposal aiming at unknown and hazardous environments such as explosive disasters. The ground robot as the mobile platform, and the unmanned air vehicle follows the ground robot for real-time environment detecting using its superiority...
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Effects of Incomplete Information on Traffic Guidance in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Yufeng Chen, Zhengtao Xiang
The information feedback strategies for traffic guidance are important to improve the traffic capacity in Intelligent Transportation System. It assumed that all vehicles on the road are floating vehicles in the current information feedback strategies research. In reality, not all vehicles can be equipped...
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The design of virtual maintenance system based on PHM

Hao Wang, Zhixing Tian, Lina Hao, Jinming Wang, Zhiming Yu
This paper introduces the concept of PHM system and designs a virtual maintenance system based on PHM. The system architecture combined the service-oriented architecture and cloud computing. Choose free open-source alternative development environment to develop the system. The virtual maintenance system...
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Brain electrical signal pre-amplification system design

Qiu Hui Zhuang, San Qiang Wang, Liang Xing
EEG contains a wealth of physiological, psychological and pathological information, EEG signal analysis and processing are either in clinical of some brain disease diagnosis and treatment, or in the cognitive science research fields are very important. According to the basic characteristics of EEG signal,...
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Honing Process of Hydraulic Cylinder Bore for Remanufacturing

Pin-Pin Qin, Chun-Lan Yang, Wei Huang, Gui-Wei Xu, Chun-Jian Liu
Hydraulic cylinder is the core of construction machinery remanufacturing. Remanufacturing enterprises in China are eager for finding out feasible remanufacturing process for the used hydraulic cylinder, which main failure mode is scratch on the surface of hydraulic cylinder bore. Causes of failure mode...
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Data Acquisition and Display System Based on FPGA and ARM

Wang-Chun Zhu, Jian Mei, Yuan Tang
Based on FPGA and ARM, this embedded system of data collection, measurement and display is designed to tackle problems like bad real-time capability, limited data storage and low transmission rate of signal collection in electronic measurement. FPGA is used to control A/D and DDR2 storage chip to fulfill...
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A Staff Access Control System Based on RFID Technology

Danmei Li, Huanle Yang, Kayijire Fred, Yuxing Chen
A staff access control system based on RFID technology is designed in this paper. This staff access control system is comprised of UHF RFID readers, industrial personal computers, a database server, big screen monitors, and RFID handsets. It is mostly applied to the main entrances of an organization...
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Dynamic Analysis of the Driving System of the Shearer’s Cutting Unit Based on the Transfer Matrix Method

Hong-Bin Gao, Gai-Lin Lu
For further research on roller transmission system dynamics characteristics of the coal winning machine cutting part, structures of the drive system are analyzed in detail ,which is divided into the fixed axis gear train and planetary gear train two parts to analysis and research .Taking a certain type...
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Research Residuals Weaken Multibeam Bathymetric Data Based on Curve Fitting and Wavelet Transform

Shengping Wang, Jian Xu, Ping Zhou, Fangchen Xu, Yongda Lin
the residual error of the left and right ping data in the multi beam sounding is obvious, and it is not easy to be extracted. In this paper, we use the least square curve fitting and wavelet transform to analyze the residual error, verify it's feasibility by the method of doing experiments.
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Numerical solving for optimal control of stochastic nonlinear system based on PF-PSO

Xiong Yong, Xiaohao Qu
Getting general solution for optimal control of stochastic nonlinear system is a hard task, the main difficulty is state variable and the control variable influencing each other,so system does not satisfy the separation theorem. To solve this problem, this paper use horizon optimal control strategy,...
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Interpolation Algorithm for NURBS Curve with Scheduled Feedrate on Curvature Extreme

Guo-Shun Ji, Wu-Jia Yu, Zhi-Ping Chen
In CNC machining, it is desired to obtain high machining accuracy with high processing velocity as far as possible, however it is difficult to realize, and especially machining NURBS curve with large curvature. Based on scheduled feedrate on curvature of NURBS, a new NURBS curve interpolation algorithm...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Dynamic Contact Stress of Cycloid Gear of RV Reducer

Can Jiang Yao, Ling Hui Wei
Regarding the RV speed reducer with the transmission of the cycloid gear as the research object,using the powerful parametric design function of Pro/Engineer5.0 is to accurately create the parametric model of the internal gear and the pin gear of the RV reducer. Then making using of ANSYS Workbench15.0...
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Building of information system frame for metrology testers

Jin-Wei Qiao, Xiao-Hu Yin, Qing-Guo Liang
For the measurement work today, a wide range of equipment is running, the task itself is heavy, management mode is limited. In order to solve above problems this paper intends to build an information system for measurement testers. It has four modules, data input and maintenance, data statistics and...
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Research on equipment maintenance data recording method based on E-R diagram model

Jin-Wei Qiao, Xiao-Hu Yin, Gongmin Tang
For existing equipment maintenance records, normative is not so strong. Worse more, the text-based description always makes post data mining impossible or difficult. In order to realize the equipment maintenance information, this paper imports the basic idea of E-R (Entity-Relation) graph model into...
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Research about rolling element bearing fault diagnosis based on mathematical morphology and sample entropy

Lingli Cui, Xiangyang Gong, Yu Zhang
In view of the non-linear and non-stationary of the rolling element bearing fault signal, the method of mathematical morphology analysis is introduced into the rolling element bearing fault diagnosis. Multi-scale morphological transform is applied to the analysis of the bearing signals. To describe the...
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Traffic Scenes Classification for Self-driving Car

Hongbo Lv, Xiaolin Zhuang, Huifang Cao
In this paper, machine learning model is applied to label the attributes of traffic scenes automatically in the RNDF (Road Network Definition File), which is used in the self-driving car. The “gist” features extracted from one image of the video stream are used as the model’s input. In the experiments,...
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Development and Application of Metal Surface Analysis Methods

Zhenzhen Wan, Yongqing Wang, Yingchang Zhou
In recent years, metal surface analysis is becoming a hot topic, especially for the new composite materials used in high speed trains and aircraft. Metal surface analysis techniques are used to reveal the material surface morphology, structure, composition or state. This paper presents typical instruments...
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A 3D Process Design Method based on MBD Machining Element

Feng Lin, Dongping Zhao, Lei Liu
In order to solve the problem of information inconsistencies in 3D machining process planning, a 3D process design method was proposed based on MBD machining element. The 3D machining process planning frame based on MBD machining element were established after concept of MBD machining element was given....
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Preparation of GeS2/graphene nanocomposite with high lithium storage capacity

Shi-Zhao Kang, Qifan Wang, Xiangqing Li, Lixia Qin, Haitao Wang, Juanjuan Huo, Jin Mu
In the present work, the nanocomposite containing GeS2 and reduced graphene oxide was prepared and characterized with XRD, HRTEM and Raman spectroscopy. Meanwhile, the electrochemical performance of the GeS2/graphene nanocomposite, as an anode material, was evaluated by galvanostatic discharge-charge...
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Effect of Laser Rapid Sintering on the Electrical Properties of Sr- and Mg-doped LaGaO3

Jie Zhang, Hairong Gao, Chenggang Li, Ya’Nan Tang, Chao Yuan
Materials La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 and La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.83Mg0.17-xCoxO3 with x=0, 0.05, 0.085, 0.10 and 0.15 are synthesized by laser rapid sintering (LRS). It is found that the total conductivities of La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.83Mg0.17-xCoxO3 by LRS are obviously improved by Co doping, showing a general increase with...
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Research on MPPT Control Algorithm of Flexible Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Power Generation System Based on BP Neural Network

Linqiang Xu, Yongze Wang, Ning Han
Output efficiency decreasing phenomena also occur when environmental factors of flexible amorphous silicon photovoltaic power generation system (PV system) change. On the basis of building the system simulation model via MATLAB tool, researches are conducted on the issues of tracking time (0.04s), overshoot...
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The research about the preparation of biodegradable fiber membrane used by cotton stalk bast

Xingyue Yan, Guangyin Xie, Ge Xiao
In order to improve the cotton bast utilization,the chemical degumming technology was adopted to process cotton bast to remove the hemicellulose, lignin , pectin and other substances in this topic.The method of nitric acid or sodium hydroxide was used to extract the cellulose,which was dissolved into...
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Kenaf three-dimensional fabric application in environmental protection

Ge Xiao, Guang-Yin Xie, Xing-Yue Yan
This article selects the kenaf as a raw material, through the small sample loom weaving kenaf three-dimensional fabric, and do the performance test for soil and water conservation effect and degradation. Soil and water conservation performance test uses artificial simulated rainfall experiments, which...
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Research of Component Integration Knowledge Acquirement Method Based on Rough Set

Junfang Xue, Yuntao Wan, Lei Zheng
The concept of component integration (CI) has been employed in several product design methods to reduce the total number of components and improve manufacturing quality and efficiency. However, none of existing methods provide the effective information needed to identify the appropriate components for...
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The enhanced remediation of DDT contaminated soil by Surfactant-stabilized foam flushing

Xingwei Wang, Jiajun Chen, Yunsong Liu, Meng Wei, Lanxiang Shi
In this study, two flushing modes including surfactant solution flushing and surfactant-stabilized foam flushing were conducted for in-situ soil remediation to remove DDT contaminants. The results showed that surfactant-stabilized foam flushing could significantly enhance the overall sweep efficiency,...
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Inductance Calculation of 3D PCB Rectangular Coil For Wireless Power Transmission

Yanping Cong, Haokun Chi, Zhiqiang Wei
Energy is the material basis of human activities, whether traditional coal, oil, natural gas or wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy and other new energy sources have greatly promoted the development of mankind, but in any case, human beings are inseparable from power. Traditional power can only be...
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Preparation and Characterization of Zn/Mg Co-doped aluminate phosphor for white LEDs

Rubiao Chen, Dong Luo, Huayan Pan, Tuo Wu, Le Wang
The Eu2+ activated Zn/Mg co-doped aluminate phosphors for white LEDs was prepared by the solution combustion method at 600 successfully. The crystal structure model of the phosphor was built, and the band structure and density of states of phosphor were calculated using CASTEP program based on density...
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Exergy Analysis of Air-source Heat Pump Water Heater

Bingjie Mi, Qinghai Luo, Guojie Chen
Based on the exergy analysis model and the data of an ASHPWH system,exergy analysis of the system was carried out,and the way was discussed to reduce exergy loss.The exergy efficiency of the system was 43.7%,and the exergy loss coefficient of the compressor was the largest in the system,accounting for...
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Dewatering Research of Sludge with High Moisture Content

Yifan Zhang, Shuguang Zhu, Hongbin Yuan
Recent years, municipal sludge received more and more attention as a kind of negative by-product of the urbanization. The technology of dewatering plays a critical role in the sludge handling process. However, domestic academic research in the field of dewatering is not sufficient at present .The dewatering...
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Correlations between the Oxygen Ionic Conductivity of Sr- and Mg-doped LaGaO3 and Its Crystal Structure

Jie Zhang, Ya’Nan Tang, Hairong Gao, Chenggang Li, Lijun Pan
Oxygen vacancy formation and migration in La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 (LSGM) with various crystal symmetries (cubic, orthorhombic and monoclinic) are studied by employing first-principles calculations based on density functional theory (DFT). The calculated vacancy formation energy of the cubic LSGM is 3.96...
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Modeling on Health Status of Cable lines

Kewen Li, Shan Li, Shifeng Ou
This paper introduces the state of cable lines assessment model, analyzes and describes the establishment of evaluation index system, state variable weight calculation and determination of the final comprehensive evaluation results. Due to that maintenance system reasonable directly influences reliability...
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Estimation of Water Production Function of Tobacco K326 by Jensen Model

Xu Yang, Xiaohou Shao, Tingchao Zhao, Gang Wang, Qian Wang, Jianfang Guang
Improper irrigation period or excessive irrigation will reduce the yield and quality of tobacco crop. This paper adopted the Jensen multiplication model method to stimulate the water production function of tobacco under different irrigation conditions. According to the data, a water production functions...
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Influence study of a new 220kV Substation access on regional power grid

Yongchun Su, Xiaoming Wang, Zhan Shu
With the application of the original Central Soviet area revitalization planning, the load in Ganzhou area of Jiangxi province will have much increase. In this paper, two schemes on how the 220kV Wanluo substation connects into the main grid are introduced. The influence of each scheme is analyzed on...
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Pore microstructure variation in gradient consolidation of Pearl River Delta saturated clay

Peng Zhang, Zhiqing Liu, Jing Song
The microstructure porosities and pore size distribution of the clayey soil in the Pearl River Delta were studied by techniques of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and pressure gradient method. It was found that small pores were increased with increasing of the loading of clay samples. On the other...
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Numerical Analysis of Inducing Airflow Characteristics on the Airfoil Model Based Coanda Effect

Yaling Ye, Xiaoyong Peng, Jingjing Liang, Zhiqiu Fu
The flow fields of single airfoil model and symmetry airfoil model were simulated by CFD software in this paper. the different inducing velocity and the airfoil intervals were considered to study the flow field and the induction rate change of the models. The results show that the induction rates of...
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Design and Implementation of a Novel Anti-theft Security Monitoring System for Advertising Lighting Lamps

Yiwang Wang, Shukai Fan, Peng Wang, Sikui Wu, Mengdi Ni, Lijuan Geng, Chenhou Shi, Weiyuan Chen
The advertising as a form of business promotion has more and more widely in different applications, and the lighting lamps is one of the key equipments in the entire outdoor advertising facilities. In order to improve advertising effectiveness and facilities security, especially for the outdoor advertising...
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Synthesis of Tin Oxide Anchored on Graphene Sheets and its Performance Lithium Storage

Lilai Liu, Peixia Yang, Haijiao Zhang, Shuang Li, Chao Yang
The SnO2/graphene composite has been prepared by a one-step hydrothermal method. The monodisperse SnO2 nanoparticles of ~3 nm in diameter are not only attached onto the surface of graphene sheets by anchoring with surface functional groups, but they also are encapsulated in pore channels and formed 3D...
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Dynamic corrosion of refractories by Na2CO3

Yu Xiang, Ying Zhao, Lu Liu, Zongming Zheng, Changqing Dong
The corrosion of refractories by Na2CO3 at high temperature has become a severe issue. For a better understanding of corrosion mechanisms, this paper works out the kinetics mechanism of corrosion reaction including characteristic parameters and dynamics equation. The results provide the theoretical basis...
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Research of Solvent crystallization of refined anthracene prepared

Wenshuang Dai
In this paper, the optimal crystallization conditions for DMF extraction of refined anthracene is studied that the crude anthracene as a raw material, DMF as solvent dissolved temperature is 90 , crystal-keeping time is 90min, the solvent ratio is 1.8g/ml, the cooling crystallization time is 50min,the...
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Technology Research and Performance Analysis of Bonded Piston Seal

Xiao-Yang Xu, Xiang-Yang Xu
BPS(Bonded Piston Seal) is currently widely used in automatic transmission. In terms of the BPS in an in-development two-speeds automatic transmission of an electric vehicle, this article makes a detailed introduction to BPS technology and carries out a comprehensive analysis. The first part is an introduction...
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Absorption of Cd II with Bamboo Charcoal Modified by Succinic Acid

Xi Wu, Shaohua He, Xinjia Huang, Jimin Tian
After the pretreatment, Bamboo Charcoal (BC) were chemically modified with succinic acid. Then explore the characters of Modified Bamboo Charcoal (EBC) and the adsorption of BC for Cd II . Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy(FTIR) and Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) were applied to analyze the...
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The Influence of LED Headlamp Dissipation System Based on Thermoelectric refrigeration

Rui Sun, Xiang-Yang Xu
The heat produced in working process of LED headlamp will decrease the LED chips' luminous efficiency and other problems if it is not dispersed in time. This article take thermoelectric refrigeration system as the research object, focus on the relationship between the influencing factors such as LED...
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A Case Study of Asphalt Pavement Overlay for Beinjing West Chang’an Avenue Using Modified Bitumen of High Viscosity and Elasticity

Jianmin Li, Linlin Chai
Beijing West Chang’an Avenue was re-overlaid in 2014 to improve its service condition due to serious reflection cracks . The existed structure of pavement is a combination of 8~10 cm bituminous surface based on cement concrete layer. In this case study, the cracked bituminous layers were removed and...
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Research on Test Method of Domestic Embedded Multi-core Operating System

Ying Zhang, Jiasi Wang, Songyang Du, Liang Xiang
Based on domestic embedded multi-core operating system testing, this paper describes the characteristics of the multi-core operating system and existing test contents and gives an effective software function and performance function test method for application focus of the domestic embedded multi-core...
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Research on FPGA-based SCU Software Output Signal Testing Technology

Liang Xiang, Jiasi Wang, Ying Zhang, Songyang Du
SCU and its software are widely used in both electrical and electronic devices. It is important and difficult to conduct quantitative analysis, accurate measurement and quality evaluation in SCU circuit design and manufacturing. In order to solve the problem of SCU-based circuit signal testing, this...
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Research on PLD Software Design of Communication Devices

Jiasi Wang, Ying Zhang, Liang Xiang, Songyang Du
The PLD software design of communication device is taken as application background, under which this paper analyzes four typical issues of software design such as clock design, synchronous design, burr elimination and metastable state, gives solutions based on actual conditions and finally describes...
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Configuration Optimization Method of Reconfigurable Manipulator based on Dijkstra Algorithm

Xinyu Liu, Bo Dong, Keping Liu, Yuanchun Li
In this paper, a novel configuration optimization method is proposed for reconfigurable manipulator. The optimize configuration of reconfigurable manipulator is proposed by using the genetic algorithm and the Dijkstra algorithm. Considering both minimum task execution time and minimum energy consumption,...
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Comparative Analysis on Survivability Issues of Wireless Sensor Networks

Haitao Wang, Lihua Song, Hui Chen, Shicai Zhu, Qiang Hu
Survivability of wireless sensor network (WSN) is not limited to traditional network security and reliability issues, but from a new perspective of wireless sensor network in a variety of network services and security capabilities. In this article wireless sensor networks and their applications are introduced...
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Nonlinear Element for Concrete Beam Reinforced with Prestressed Hybrid C/G Sheet

Jian Zhang, Taiyun Fang, Wanghua Yin, Chuwei Zhou
The consolidation technology of prestressed hybrid C/G sheet takes full advantages of the initiative of the prestressed reinforcement and high strength of the novel composite material, which belongs to relatively advanced reinforcement strategies in reinforcement area. This paper derives nonlinear composite...
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Querying by sketch geographical databases

Yu Han
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College Financial Management System Research and Design

Xinxin Song
With the rapid development of computers, information management systems have also become popular in various fields. Financial management of colleges and universities is a very complex task, in order to improve the financial management efficiency of universities; the paper information management system...
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Study on solar tracking trajectory calculation method with Lagrange interpolation

Zhenguo Zhang, Hongwei Shi, Yan Li, Bo Dong, Yuanchun Li
This paper presents a novel solar tracking trajectory calculation method, and addresses the problems of low efficiency, computing complex issues of solar tracking control system. Based on the Lagrange interpolation method, the solar trajectory is calculated by using the location information in certain...
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Fuzzy adaptive sliding mode control of servo system based on the essential oil filling

Wen You, Xulong Zhang, Hongbo Wei
To solve the problem that the tracking control precision is low when the essential oil filling linear servo system driven by Permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is under high frequency input signal, the fuzzy adaptive sliding mode control algorithm is designed. The sliding mode control is adopted...
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Instruments and equipment monitoring system based on the internet of things technology

Meng Su, Lianghe Su, Hongjiang Hu
In this paper, to the equipment monitoring as the research target, we analyzed the usage demand of automatic monitoring instruments and established equipment of automatic monitoring system based on the Internet of things technology. System adopts open and modular design of frame structure and flexible...
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Combination Synchronization Protocol with Center Nodes in Device-to-Device Communication System

Jiangsheng Fan, Yafeng Wang, Youxiong Lu
In this paper, we propose a hybrid synchronous algorithm based on the combination of distributed and centralized algorithm. First of all, we put forward the concept of local cluster and generalized local cluster. The cluster is a collection of synchronous UE meeting certain conditions and has a center...
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Adaptive Dual-Rank Transmission Algorithm of SU-MIMO System Based on CSI Report Enhancement Mechanism

Xinhong Pan, Yafeng Wang
In this paper, we proposed an adaptive dual-rank transmission algorithm underlying single-user MIMO (SU-MIMO) system. In SU-MIMO system, the rank indication (RI) is the main constraint to optimize the performance of the overall system. We employ the channel state information (CSI) report enhancement...
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Development of Structure Displacement Monitoring System Based on Virtual Instrument Technology

Ying Zhang
With the traditional health monitoring technology as the theoretical basis, a real-time online displacement monitoring system platform was developed based on the NI CompactRIO embedded platform, and modules NI 9219. And the graphical programming software LabVIEW was used to building the background processes...
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Ocean Fishing Fleet Scheduling Path Optimization Model Research Based On Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Jia-Lin Li, Li-Juan Yu, Cheng-Ming Chen
Ocean fishing fleet scheduling is a new problem. It produces with the development of pelagic fishery and fleet size enlargement in recent years. At present, ocean fishing fleet scheduling is relying on operator's experience for artificial scheduling. Just rely on the operator's experience scheduling...
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The research of mobile sensor nodes scheduling optimization based on GA-AFSA

Xiao-Feng Zhang, Li-Juan Yu, Wen-Wu Mao, Cheng-Ming Chen, Jun Xia
in order to make up for sensor nodes’ death effectively, this paper studies a kind of artificial fish algorithm (AFSA) improved by genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize the project of mobile sensor nodes Scheduling and the coverage of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and energy consumption will be as the...
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A Load Balancing Aware Virtual Machine Live Migration Algorithm

Chengjiang Liu
Green computing has become a research hotspot in service-oriented cloud center. Resources in a data center are always virtualized into a resource pool for uniform management and scheduling. Thus load balance in the cloud data center is of great importance to reach some kind of service levels and has...
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Design of solar supply system for water quality improvement equipment used in the pond

Chuang-Chuang Pang, Yong-Ding Wang
in view of the design of the power supply system of the pond water quality improvement, the system scheme of the power supply of the equipment is put forward.The basic principle of solar power supply system is analyzed;The configuration principle, main components and technical performance of the power...
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Study on a compression algorithm of surveillance video based on Fourier-Mellin transformation

Yawen Li
The compression algorithm of surveillance video files was proposed based on fourier-mellin transformation.In the paper, the coefficient of Fourier-Mellin were achieved to vectorization with the new algorithm,the surveillance video contains contiguous image frames,three groups of movement parameters were...
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Fault classification on transmission line of 10kV rural power grid

Chunyu Lv, Shuguang Zhang
This paper proposes a technique using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Back-Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) to identify the fault types on transmission line of 10kv rural power grid. The PSCAD is used to simulate fault signals. The mother wavelet daubechies4 (db4) is employed to decompose high...
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A Design of Microstrip Array Antenna for ETC Applications

Rui Li, Ming Bai, Chun-Xiang Li, Hu Xu, Yi-Dan Su
A design of microstrip array antenna for ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) applications is presented. The antenna is designed and realized at the center frequency of 5.835 GHz, and consists of 32 microstrip patches (4×8). Furthermore, the proposed antenna is series-fed, so it is easy to manufacture and...
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Large Scale Hierarchical Classification Framework for Network Big Data

Weihong Han, Zizhong Huang, Yan Jia
With the development of Internet technology, Internet data growth rapidly and become big data. According to the different properties of the network big data, network big data classification is the foundation of many network applications, including network data management, green Internet, network bandwidth...
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Research on an Object Oriented Change Detection Algorithm

Dehui Zhang, Yong Yang, Kai Song, Deyu Zhang
An object oriented change detection algorithm for multi-temporal remote sensing image is proposed in this study. Bi-temporal remote sensing images are firstly processed by multi-scale segmentation. Then similarity between the target object and its neighboring object is calculated by using a formula of...
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Multi-resolution Modeling In Application Of Power Supply System Compatibility On More Electric Aircraft

Lirong Sun, Zheng Cao, Liang Liu, Yuanjun Zhou
In order of saving energy and improving the performance of the airborne systems, modern aircraft increasingly uses electrical energy to replace the current hydraulic, pneumatic energy on the plane. The goal of more electric aircraft is that electric drive equipments replace mechanical, hydraulic and...
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Research in Reform of Information Technology Application in Preschool

Zhenfang Liu, Dan Suen
Preschool education is an important part of basic education, the problem of preschool education informationization should be taken into account by educators. This article aims to investigate and research whether learning or growth should be the orientation of preschool education, thus to explore the...
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A variable step-size adaptive system identification algorithm based on modified decorrelation principle

Huamin Ge, Qing Wan, Weiwei Zhao
To overcome the defects of traditional adaptive Least-mean-square(LMS) algorithm, figure out the problem that the existing algorithms’ system identification abilities would decline while their input signals are correlated with each other, a novel variable step-size and variable parameters adaptive system...
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Fingerprint Image Denoising Via the Improved Total Variation (TV) Algorithm

Rong Zhu, Yong Wang, Jingxing Liu
This paper proposes several improvements for a fingerprint image denoising method that is based on nonlocal total variation (TV) models using split Bregman iteration. The main improvement involves the addition of relaxation factors to the two-step iterative process of split Bregman iterative algorithms...
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Aspect-Oriented Programming for Guided Testing

Siyuan Liu, Yang Yang
Distributed and multithreaded systems are usually much more complex to analyze or test due to the nondeterminism involved. A possible approach to testing nondeterministic systems is to direct the execution of the program under test to take a certain path for each test, so that a unique output (or output...
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The design of breeding district soil information wireless acquisition system

Haoran Bai, Yang Sun, Yumeng Bai, Fengmei Li
In order to solve backwardness information acquisition technology and cable transmission way, a breeding district soil information acquisition wireless system based on GSM/GPRS and ZIGBEE network was proposed on request of intelligent sense modern precision agriculture. The system composed of two parts...
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Coping Strategies Research on Accounting Information Risks Based on Cloud Computing Environments

Shihong Zhang
In the cloud computing environment, in order to solving the problem of accounting information security. Through the introduction of cloud services model and cloud computing, systematically analyses the enterprise's risks of choosing cloud services. Studies have shown that with cloud computing technology...
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Differential Power Analysis Attacks Based on the Multiple Correlation Coefficient

Xiaoke Tang, Jie Gan, Jiachao Chen, Junrong Liu
In this paper we research a new power analysis attack method: the differential power analysis attacks based on the multiple correlation coefficient (MCPA). This attack method is based on statistical theory that multiple linear regression. Conditions of the MCPA method of attack are weaker than ones of...
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Research on the prediction model of grain yield based on the ARIMA method

Chao Fan, Pei-Ge Cao, Tie-Jun Yang, Hong-Liang Fu
In order to predict the grain yield of the country accurately, considering the periodical fluctuation of the data, the method of time series is used. Firstly, the stability and the relativity of the yield series from year 1980 to 2009 are analyzed, and the first-order difference of which is calculated...
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Research on State Collisions of Authenticated Cipher ACORN

Pei Zhang, Jie Guan, Junzhi Li, Tairong Shi
This paper analyzes the authentication security of lightweight authenticated cipher ACORN, a second-round candidate of the CAESAR competition. We first put forward the necessary and sufficient conditions for state collisions of ACORN. Then we point out the errors of the designer’s analysis and utilize...
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U Nong Jia Qin Tong System —The Agricultural Knowledge System Based on U Disk

Xiaojing Qin, Huiaguo Zhen
The rural areas in China have a relatively low Internet coverage, as a result of which the peasants are ill-informed and short of information products that assist the popularization of agricultural technology. The commercialization of scientific achievements is not effective in the rural areas. To solve...
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Security Studies and Implementation on Power Mobile Application in the Internet plus Environment

Zaojian Dai, Zhipeng Shao, Mu Chen
Analyze the security risks of traditional power mobile operating system, design and implement a more secure access system and analyze the overall structure and function of the secure access system in detail in the Internet plus environment. The system can process two-way certificate authentication, secure...
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Historical track of the development of media technologies and the evolution of advertising forms

Na Su, Lingling- Luo
Human beings’ media technologies has experienced a development course from junior level to senior one. Advertising, as a service industry in the tertiary industry, is the directest and most sensitive to the development ang changes of media technologies in the courses of production and communication....
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Interaction of Fluid Simulation Based on PhysX Physics Engine

Huibai Wang, Jianfei Wan, Fengquan Zhang
To enhance the real-time and interactivity of fluid simulation, a method was proposed based on smooth particle hydrodynamics(SPH) technique in PhysX physics engine. According to SPH method, the fluid was treated as a particle system, analyzing composite force of each particle, and simulating real motion...
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Geological Mining Industry Information Platform Construction

Zhe Wang, Li Sun, Jian Sun
Along with the computer technology fast development, the office automation technology progresses by leaps and bounds. At present our country geology and the mining industry domain entered the fast development stage, the geological prospecting, the mining industry development and the correlation industry...
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Two-Phase Traceback of DDoS Attacks with Overlay Network

Zaihong Zhou, Jiang Wang, Xi Chen
An overlay network based traceback scheme against DDoS attacks is proposed in this paper. A CAT server is set in each ISP domain, and receives the alert packets from routers in the domain. According to the alert packets, the intra-domain attack tree is constructed. An alert will be sent to the victim...
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An Effective Local Search for Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problems

Zhixiong Su, Junmin Yi
To solve the hybrid flow shop scheduling problems with minimum makespan objective, a local search based on the active scheduling technique was proposed. First, a good initial solution was generated by the NEH-based heuristic. Next, a problem-specific local search was developed to improve the initial...
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Design of Monitoring Platform of Hydraulic Support Operation Pressure Based on ARM and CAN Bus

Wei Li, Cheng Ding
According to the shortages existed in current methods of monitoring on hydraulic support operation pressure, this paper developed a new monitoring system in which monitoring platform with multi-layer designed based on embedded system and CAN bus technology was introduced. The platform has integrated...
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Sweater online customization system based on mobile terminal

Yanmei Liu
The usage of sweater online customization system indicates that the system has broad application prospects. This paper takes Android system as a typical example and the online implementation system is developed. Besides, the key technologies of online sweater-designing system are introduced which includes...
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Electric Vehicle Charging Load Calculation Considering the Limitation of Charging length

Xiaoli Guo, Xin Xiao, Xinsong Zhang
Electric vehicle is becoming popular and will become an important load on electric systems as the oil resources exhaust. Studying the charging loads of electric vehicle is of great importance when analyzing the influence of grid-connected electric vehicles on the operation of electric system. The Monte...
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Context Awareness Technology Based on Ontology Mechanism for Sensor Networks

Biao Dong, Jinhui Chen
This paper presents a semantic-oriented approach for architecting sensor networks applications using ontology mechanism. Considering the validity and the timeliness which are necessary for sensor networks knowledge sharing and reusing, a common and extensible context ontology model is defined to describe...
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Oxidation Behavior of Continues SiC Fibers in Static Air

Liang Li, Ke Jian, Yifei Wang
This paper studied the oxidation behavior of the Nicalon and Hi-Nicalon type of continuous SiC fibers. The fibers were exposed in air at 1000-1400°C for 1h. Experimental results indicate that both Nicalon and Hi-Nicalon SiC fibers’ tensile strength decrease, whereas oxygen content increase with rising...
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Shape memory effect and superelasticity of Ni-free Ti-Nb-based alloys

Zhengcun Zhou, Dewen Guo, Jie Du, Suyi Gu
Ni-Free Ti-Nb-based alloys have potential application as non-toxic shape memory and superelastic alloys. The shape memory behavior and superelasticity of free-Ni Ti-Nb-based alloys were described and discussed in this paper. It was shown that the excellent shape memory behavior and superelasticity can...
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Stability analysis of the super tall tower in the arch rib hoisting construction process

Xiaoyan Zeng, Lin Wang
This paper expounds the importance of the stability analysis of the super high tower frame in the lifting stage of the arch rib.Then the arch rib turning stage is divided into 0 degrees,30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 102.8 degrees five conditions,respectively carried out the force analysis of sling...
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Design of multifunction cleaning vehicle based on WIFI signal control monitoring

Guangjun Hei, Huanyu Guo, Liming Deng, Xu Zhou, Xing Ma
Taking the problems of existing cleaning vehicles into consideration, a multi-functional cleaning vehicle is designed, which includes the transmission module, the transmission module, the removal of ice and snow module, the cleaning module, the watering module, the energy module, and the WiFi control...