Proceedings of the 3rd 2017 International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD 2017)

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Detecting Ocean Eddies Automatically from MODIS L1B Data

Jian Ding, Shuang-Shang Zhang
This study aims at the automatic detection of the ocean eddies from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) L1B data in the China Seas. First, the sea surface temperature (SST) is estimated from MODIS Aqua/Terra L1B data using the nonlinear IMAPP algorithm. Based on the distribution of SST,...
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Multiple Time Scale Analysis of Precipitation in the Hengyang Basin

Qin Jiang, Yi-Min Huang, Wei-Yue Li, Jia-Hong Wen
This paper based on the monthly precipitation data of 9 surface meteorological stations in the Hengyang basin for 53 years (1960 to 2012), by using the methods of Morlet wavelet transform and Mexican hat wavelet analysis, the multi-time scales of precipitation of the Hengyang basin has analyzed. The...
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Influence of Preparation Conditions of MIL-88A on Catalytic Degradation of Orange G and Dibutyl Phthalate

Jiu-Mei Wang, Jin-Quan Wan, Yong-Wen Ma, Yan Wang, Ze-Yu Guan
In this paper, the effect of preparation conditions of the catalyst MIL-88A were investigated. The results shows that MIL-88A with the raw materials proportion of n (Fumaric acid/ Fecl3?6H2O)=1:1, the synthesis temperature of 85? and crystallization time of 2h, activation temperature of 100? and drying...
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Influence of Strong Electronegativity Groups -Cl as the Adsorption Center of PTA@MIL-101-NH₂-Cl for the Selective Hydrolysis of Cellulose into Glucose

Jin-Ye Han, Gui-Hua Zhang, Yan Wang, Jin-Quan Wan, Ze-Yu Guan, Yong-Wen Ma, Zi-Min Liu
In this paper, the catalyst PTA@MIL-101-NH₂-Cl with various 2,5-dichloroterephthalic acid was synthesized. Based on this, the effect of the strong negative groups -Cl on the crystal structure, molecular structure and thermal stability of the catalyst was studied. It was found that the immobilization...
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Risk Analysis Method for Flood Control Operation of Cascade Reservoirs Considering Prediction Error

Yan-Ke Zhang, Jin-Jun You, Chang-Ming Ji, Ya-Wei Zhao
Due to the existence of runoff randomness, flood control operation of cascade reservoirs faces certain risk. In this paper, risk evaluation's index system for the objectives of cascade reservoirs is established. And based on the normal quantization of accidental error in flood prediction, a flood stochastic...
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The Factors of Threshold Pressure Gradient for CO₂Miscible Flooding in Low Permeability Reservoir

Xing Zhang, Hong-Ling Du, Chao Ding, Hong-Xian Liu, Zong-Jie Mu
The threshold pressure gradient of CO₂ miscible flooding is very complex in the low permeability reservoir. And the short low permeability core experiments are adopted to study it in this paper. Studies show that the curve of pressure gradient and flow rate presents a concave distribution and the threshold...
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Preparation of Sustained-release and Salt Containing Anticoagulation

Su Zhao, Guang-Yi Ma, Xiao-Ying Yang, Ying Ji, Jie Ren, Miao Yu, Zi-Ou Liu
Sustained-release and salt containing anticoagulation is a kind of admixture which can take the initiative to melt snow on the road. However, currently most of products on the market are foreign products, and few domestic products do not have a long-term effect. To enhance sustained-release and long-term...
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Preliminary Analysis on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) of Surface Sediment within Eastern Route of China's South-to-North Water Diversion Project_Case of NanSi Lake

Ji-Qing Li, Yu-Shan Zhang, Kai-Jie Xie
With the implementation of the South-to-North water diversion project in china, water quality problems have become increasingly prominent along the Eastern Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project, China. As an important water-transfer channel and storage lake for the Eastern Route, the water...
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The Characteristic of Macromolecule Heavy Metal Flocculant and Trapping CSAX of Hg²+ from Aqueous Solutions

Xiao-Hong Li, Xue-Kui Hao, Qing Chang
In this paper, the flocculant and trapping performance of the crosslinked starch-graft-polyacrylamide-co-sodium xanthate (CSAX) was evaluated using wastewater that contains Hg²+ as the target. Some factors affect the removal rate of Hg²+ were investigated. The experimental results show that the CSAX...
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Effect of Crankcase Blow-by on Particle Emission of Internal Combustion Engine

Xiao-Jun Xu, Jun Li, Lu-Yan Fan
Blow-by of crankcase should be led into intake system and burn it again to protect environment. This study examines effect of crankcase blow-by on formation of particle. By controlling the flow of crankcase blow-by to atmosphere or intake system, number concentration of particle distribution was measured...
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Research into Surface Soil Resource Utilization Effect in the Expressway Construction

Zi-Long Cao, Shu-Xue Chen
In order to test the effect of surface soil resources in highway construction,surface soil resource is used as the external-earth base material to conduct the external-soil spray-seeding greening test on the expressway slope. Research results show that using surface soil as main external-soil base material...
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Research on Consistency of Power Li-ion Batteries Storage

Hong-Wei Wang, Zi-Qiang Tao, Jun Liu, Yan-Ling Fu, Nian-Peng Si, Hai-Qing Xiao
The consistency of power Li-ion batteries storage was researched at 20?and 40? environment temperatures. The results showed that the self-discharge rate of monomers of similar initial performance in storage will lead to inconsistency of monomer battery voltage after storage. That is to say, the battery...
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Resource-Based Method for Realizing Zero Emission of Sulfur Dioxide from Flue Gas

Xiang-Lian Han, Xue-Xi Chen
A resource-based method for completely removal of SO₂ from flue gas by utilizing recycling manganese hydroxide (Mn(OH)₂) as an absorbant was proposed, which utilized catalytic oxidation of the manganese in the air on the oxidation of sulfur dioxide to soluble sulfate while removing impurities by filtration...
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Balance Calculation and Optimization of Denitrification Process Simulation of Oxy-fuel Combustion Flue Gas

Qiang Huang
Oxy-fuel combustion is an important development direction of combustion technology, and the key technology to reduce the cost of flue gas purification is the reduction of denitration cost. Based on the experiments and simulation process with Aspen Plus of pressure denitrification process, the reaction...
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Shortwave Emission from Triboplasma Discharge and Its Potential Application for Light Trapping Agricultural Pest by Wind-Driven Friction

Xiang-Yang Wang, Jian-Chao Wang, Qiang Zhou
High intensive shortwave light can be obtained through triboelectrification induced triboplasma discharge in sliding friction. Therefore, It will present a new method for emitting shortwave light which can be used as light source to control agricultural pests by wind-driven sliding friction without extra...
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Effect of Wetland Reclamation on Soil Aggregates Content and Soil Organic Carbon Distribution of Aggregates in Peat Mire Soil around Xingkai Lake in Northeast China

Li-Li Huo, Han-Yu Huang, Yi An
Soil aggregates content, soil organic carbon (SOC) concentration and density in soil aggregates in 0~5, 5~10, 10~20, 20~30 cm soil layers in peat mire soil in wetland, soybean and paddy field reclaimed from the wetland around Xingkai Lake were determined to investigate how reclamation of wetland for...
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Summarization of Airport Runway Lights Cleaning Methods

Wei-Wei Hu, Xiao-Hong Ge, Wei-Rong Ye
The dirt on the lens surface of runway lights makes the projective light darker, affecting the aircraft's taking and landing, so it needs to clean runway lights regularly. It analyzed the cleaning efficiency, cleaning effects, environmental performance and operational safety performance of several cleaning...
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The ZIF-8 Based on Poly Microspheres as A Novel Adsorbent for Removing Organic Contaminants from Wastewater

Juan Dai, Yan-Xue Liu, Shang-Zhen Xiao, Jing Liu, Jing He, Jian-Du Lei, Lu-Ying Wang
ZIF-8@Polyacrylate carboxyl super-macroporous microspheres was synthesized by insitu growth method with the ZIF-8 nanoparticles loaded on the surface of PC-SMM for adsorptive removal of Malachite Green (MG) from water. The as-synthesized ZIF-8@PC-SMM was characterized by SEM and XRD experiments, and...
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Flocculation Efficiency of Sludge Bioflocculant for Treating Two Kinds of Simulated Wastewater

Xiu-Hong Zhang, Lian Zhang, Jun-Kang Zou, Jing Wang
Sludge bioflocculant was prepared from excess biological sludge by extraction method with dilute hydrochloric acid. A series of experiments were performed to investigate the flocculation efficiency of sludge bioflocculant towards starch and oily wastewater. The results indicated that the sludge bioflocculant...
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Application Status of Dry Desulfurization in Industrial Waste Gas Treatment

Hong-Mei Liu, Huan-Huan Li, Yao Yao, Jian-Jun Wang, Le Mi
In recent years, with the deepening of the green development concept and the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, how to deal with the problem of industrial waste gas has become a major challenge for industrial enterprises. This paper mainly expounds the harm of industrial waste gas, as...
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Analysis of Emission Reduction Effect for Rape Straw-poplar Biomass Pellet Fuel

Le-Ying Zhang, Yan Liu, Yue Zhang, Dian-Xiang Zhu
Rape plant is widely distributed in China, especially in southern China such as Xinghua in Jiangsu province with abundant rape straw resource. According to the characteristics of the biomass resources in those areas, it is very suitable to replace the traditional direct incineration method by using the...
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Combustion Characteristic Numerical Simulation and Analysis on New Type Pulverized Coal-Fired Hot Water Boiler

Guo-Li Qi, Wei-Feng Chen, Zhong-Wei Wang, Song-Song Zhang, Yong-Qiang Chang, Xue-Min Liu, Jian Guan
To take 1 single capacity 58MW pulverized coal fired hot water boiler manufactured by Shanxi Lantian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd as research object, by using FLUENT fluid calculation software to carry out numerical simulation calculation on the velocity field, temperature field, the concentration...
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Numerical Simulation of Turboexpander for Geothermal Energy ORC Power System

Bing-Cheng Liu, Xi-Bao Dong, Lu-Hang Wu, Kui Cao, Quan-Min Wang
In this study, a turboexpander for geothermal energy ORC power system was desgned. R245fa was selected as the working fuild. The factors which influence the performance of the trubine were analyzed and discussed. The software Ansys-CFX is used to perform preliminary steady-state CFD simulations. The...
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Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Scavenging System Structural Optimization Based on GA-SVM

Yu-Hang Liu, Fu-Jun Zhang, Zhen-Feng Zhao, Shuan-Lu Zhang
Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke (OP2S) diesel engines have been successfully used in many applications because of its high power efficiency. Uniform scavenging is used on OP2S diesel engines. Different from conventional diesel engine exchanging systems, intake ports and exhaust ports are located at each sides...
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Effects of W⁶+ Doping on Structure and Electrical Property of VO₂ (A) Thin Film

Kang-Kang Zhang, Guang-You Pan, Yuan-Yuan Dang, Wei-Yan Qi, Qiang Liu, Yuan-Bao Li, Jun-Cheng Liu
Thin films composed of high pure VO₂ (A) doped W⁶+ ions were successfully prepared by an inorganic sol-gel method. The effects of W⁶+ ions doping on the structure, surface morphology and electrical property the films were investigated. The results show that the solution of W⁶+ ions distorted the lattice...
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Performance Analysis of Two PV plants in Different Geographical Environment

Xin-Jing Zou, Fei-Fei Jiang, Hai-Tao Liu
This paper describes the design of an on-line monitoring system for grid-connected photovoltaic plants. The proposed system consists of a meteorological data collection system for measuring meteorological parameters (e.g. irradiance, ambient air temperature, etc.), a set of data collection boxes for...
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Performance Test of a Rooftop PV System in China

Fei-Fei Jiang, Xin-Jing Zou
With the development of Photovoltaic (PV) power system, the operating quality and generating efficiency have become the major questions that people pay close attention to. PV systems are being installed in various ways and sites with different geographical and climatic condition, such as rooftop, agricultural...
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Design of Supercritical CO₂ Jointing Solar Thermal Refrigeration System with Utilization of Ship Waste Heat

Qun Li
In view of the current shipping industry is facing energy waste, environmental pollution and other issues, energy-saving and emission reduction are imminent. As combined the characteristics of high temperature waste heat produced by marine engine and other equipment on ship with solar thermal system,...
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Study on Coal Moisture Control Technology Using Superheated Steam

Zhong-Hua Wu, Bing Liu, Jian-Shu Yin, Ning Kang, Li-Juan Zhao
To avoid the fire and explosion danger in the current coking coal moisture control technology, a new coal moisture control technology was proposed in this paper where the superheated steam was used as the drying medium. A self-developed lab scale superheated steam drying experimental setup was constructed...
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Study on Key Factors of Dynamic Reactive Power Support of Mega Kilowatt Wind Power Base Consist of Doubly-fed Induction Generator

Hai-Tao Zhang, Ming Dai, Zheng-Guang Fu, Shi-Liang Zhang
According to GB/T 19963-2011, taking a mega kilowatt wind power base as an example, study the factors that impacts dynamic reactive power support of wind farms consist of DFIG (Doubly-Fed Induction Generator), such as different types of reactive power compensation devices, performance behavior of wind...
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The Design and Implementation of Solar System's Network

Qiang Tong, Zhao-Wei Shao, Bin Wang, Li Ma, Yong-Qing Wang
In order to monitor the running status of the PV system at any time, to view the data or the gain, to track the historical data, It's meaningful to develop a data service system from the terminal to the client. The paper analyzes the feasibility of the whole system, and studies the technical problems...
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Three-phase Alternating Parallel Perturbation Variable Step Length Apply to MPPT Solar Controller

Qiang Tong, Bin Wang, Zhao-Wei Shao, Xiang Li, Yong-Qing Wang
In order to improve the charging efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, Photovoltaic controller adopts STM32F103 as the main chip, Hardware IGBT power (IKW40N120H3), Three-phase alternating BUCK/BOOST circuit in parallel, The variable step disturbance observation Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT),...
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Topology Optimal Design of Wind Turbine Blades Considering Aerodynamic Load

Quan Wang, Xing Hong, Zheng-Zheng Qin, Jun Wang, Jin-Feng Sun, Jun Ren
For the conceptual design problem of the complex blade aerodynamic structure, the parametric finite element model of the wind turbine blade was established using 3D blade integrated expressed functions. The blade section topology structure technology which can solve the whole hexahedral grid problem...
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Empirical Study on Consumer Purchase Intention for Remanufacture Product

Hua Han, Qiao-Lun Gu
Based on Howard-Sheth model, this paper has constructed a mode to analysis the influence of attitude and involvement to purchase intention and the influence of stimulus factors to attitude and involvement. The author collected data by questionnaire survey. The authors examine the reliability and validity...
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Amine Regeneration Tests on MEA, DEA and MMEA with Respect to Energy Efficiency Study

Yun-Long Zhou, Lin-Na Zheng, Yi-Fan Cao, Lu Huang, Huan-Cong Shi, Li-feng Cui
The CO₂ desorption analyses of amines were performed to reveal the behaviour of amine regeneration process. A typical primary amine (MEA) and two other secondary amines (MMEA and DEA) were selected in preparation for amine solutions under different concentrations, from 1-7 mol/L. The regeneration curves...
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Suzhou's Building of a Paradigm in Global Energy Transtion-Driven Urban Development: The Contents and Pathways

Lin-Yu Wang, Qiang Sun, Rui-Xin Chen, Wei-Yang Li
Suzhou's building of a paradigm in global energy transition-driven urban development is a pioneering and hard work. This paper introduces the main contents and the pathways on what and how the Suzhou will build the paragidm city in energy transition, the contents give the details on the "five models"...
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Suzhou's Building of a Paradigm in Global Energy Transtion-Driven Urban Development: The Idea and its Background

Lin-Yu Wang, Qiang Sun, Rui-Xin Chen, Wei-Yang Li
Over the past centuries, the massive consumption of coal, oil and other traditional fossil energy has posed threats and challenges to sustainable development due to the emission of plenty of green-house gas, especially cities in the world contribute 80% of it. To solve this problem, Suzhou, a modern...
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Income, Consumption Tendency and Per Capital Electricity Consumption in the Age of China' Urbanization

Ya-Yu Wen, Chong-Huai Niu, Xi-Long Yao, Xiao Yan
The rapid development of urbanization in China is coupled with the increase in per capital electricity consumption. This study focuses on the impacts of residents' income change and consumption tendency change on per capital electricity consumption in the process of urbanization in China. In this paper,...
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Prospect Analysis for the Complementary Development of Gas-Fueled and Electric Vehicles in China

Xue-Hang Bian, Jie Guo, Bin Ouyang, Yi Zhang, Zhen-Hua Feng
In order to analyze in detail the prospective development of gas-fueled vehicles and electric vehicles. Based on a wealth of data and extensive research, the development scale, growth rate and policy support for gas-fueled and electric vehicles are elaborated, and the development status and characteristics...
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Construction of Ecological Civilization: the Strategic Choice of Sustainable Development in Wumeng Mountainous Area

Mei-Ying Sun, Xiu-Hong Li, Rong-Jin Yang, Qiang Liu, Jia-Lin Zhang, Sa Xiao
Wumeng mountainous area is one of the 14 centralized and contiguous poverty areas in China. It covers two Chinese key ecological functional areas, including the forest and biodiversity ecological function area in Sichuan and Yunnan and the karst rocky desertification controlling ecological function area...
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Study on Application of Ventilation Heat Transfer in Building Energy Conversation

Xiang Mao, Jun-Ling Yang, Zhen-Tao Zhang, Lu-Wei Yang
Ventilation is a basic requirement for building comfort and the power consumption is higher for mechanical ventilation, in this paper, the heat exchanger with natural ventilation is designed and experiment studied. The results show that the temperature exchange effectiveness, moisture exchange efficiency...
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Energy Conversion of Circulating Water--A Novel Idea on Water Loop Heat Pump System

Qi-Dong Yu
To improve the research on water loop heat pump (WLHP) system, a technology chain composed of building, circulating water and units was used to build an idea of energy conversion and it states that circulating water can replace building load to solve the reverse energy of units to water loop. Based on...
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The Climate Characteristics and Forecast of Fog in Shanxi Province

Jun-Hui Lei, Jin-Hong Zhou, Xiao-Ting Tian
Using the observed fog data in Shanxi Province during 1961 to 2010, the distribution and longtime variability trends have been analyzed. Results show that the fog mainly occurs in the southeastern areas and decreases towards northwest. 40 percent fogs have occurred in fall, 26 percent in summer. The...
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Construction Sequence Based Influence of High-rise Urban Development on Pedestrian Wind Comfort in Lujiazui, Shanghai

Jia-Wei Yao, Feng Yang, Zhi Zhuang, Feng Yuan
Pedestrian wind comfort is becoming an important factor of evaluating the urban quality, because it influences the urban micro-climate, heat island effect, building energy consumption and the vitality of the city, especially in high-density and high-rise areas. This paper has selected one typical district...
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainable Development-Evidence from Listed Tourism and Commerce Companies

Guo-Bao Xiong, Ming Zhou, Ye Le, Yu Zhao, Ru-Hui Ma
The starting point of this paper is the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility of listed tourism and commerce companies in China. This paper goes on to build a corporate sustainable development index system in terms of operating capacity, solvency capacity and development capacity; and uses empirical...
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Ecosystem Service: Linking the Ecosystem and the Socioeconomic System

Hua-Xia Sheng, Luo-Ping Zhang
The topic of this paper, ecosystem services, is an issue which is on the frontier of interdisciplinary research involving economics and ecology, and also ranks very high on the applied decision-making. This paper reviews the relationship between ecosystem services and ecosystem, ecosystem services and...
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Analysis on the Practice and Experience of the FIVE AND THREE SYSTEM Construction of State Grid

Fu-You Jiang, Jian Zhu
In face of the fundamental problem about how to change from traditional state-owned enterprises to modern enterprises, the State Grid Corporation continues to deepen understanding in innovative practice, constantly breaks the shackles of the traditional management thinking of the power grid enterprises,...
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An Alternative Foreign Indebtment Model for the State Economic Enterprises Which Construct the Nuclear Power Stations

Özcan Erdoğan
Foreign indebtment for the state economic enterprises is the project credit. To provide this loan is given the additional guaranties for the creditor. Constructing the nuclear power station is an long-term investment and financing of this investment will be done by the long-term foreign indebtment. In...
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Micro-grid Stability Analysis under the Grid Fault Condition

Tian-Yi Ma, Ming-Ming Zhang, Jin-Yao Li
Micro-grid have two kinds of working mode, which are the grid-connecting mode and islanding mode. In order to ensure the important load work safety, when the grid occur a big fault, the micro-grid should get out of the grid-connecting mode and work alone. Under this condition, it's important to decide...
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Beijing's Declining Industrial Energy Intensity Trend: A Decomposition Analysis

Yong-Ke Yuan, Qin Yang, Qiang Gao
The cause of the significant decline in China's energy intensity has been investigated by a number of decomposition studies, but most of them ignore the contribution of China's market-oriented economic reforms and the complicated difference among the provinces in China. This paper chose one city which...
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Simulation Researches on Thermal Characteristics of Vehicular In-wheel Motors

Fu-Xing Yao, Zhe-Ke Zhang, You-Tong Zhang
The thermal characteristics of In-wheel Motor is one of the key technologies for the motors used in the New Energy Vehicles. In this paper, the thermal simulation model of in-wheel motor used for solar car was established, the thermal characteristics of In-wheel motor were analyzed by building the mass...
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Testing Technique and Materials Component of Green High Performance Concrete

Feng-De Zhang, Qing-Hui Lai, Zheng-Jun Wang
Ordinary concrete is four components, and the six components of green high performance concrete, more than the ordinary concrete admixture and high efficiency water reducing agent. The strength of green high performance concrete fast nondestructive testing is an important aspect of development of its...