Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Physical Education (ICPE 2019)

We are honored to present the proceeding of the International Conference of Physical Education to the authors and delegates of the event. We hope that it will be useful and inspiring for your future research.

The 1st ICPE is organized to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of educators, researchers, practitioners to react to issues and problems spread in the community, especially in the field of physical education. Teenagers’ mischievousness, students-fighting, a decrease in education quality, a decrease in health, and students’ physical fitness quality are some indicators of issues that spread in both national and local media. If we can relate the theme of ICPE: Empowering the Role of Physical Education in Industrial Revolution 4.0, this conference is aimed to be an applicative discovery in order to achieve any constructive solutions that can be followed-up by the policymakers and education practitioners.

As an educational sub-system, the Physical Education course should get serious attention from the government through the Education Ministry of Indonesia. PE is the only course taught in schools that give attention to the physical aspect of students. Many theories say that the dimensions of physical and spiritual owned by the students have to be well-considered, educated, built, and developed. Our inequality consideration about physical education in schools might be a factor causing the low level of health and physical fitness of students.

Another vital factor surely is related to the existence of the PE Curriculum. Time allocation for PE course in elementary schools is 4 hours/week, in junior high school is 3 hours/week, in senior high school is 4 hours/week. In other words, it is narrowed to the top. These conditions have to be considered by education practitioners when we want to have fundamental changes. In our national education system, especially when it is related to the challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, this revolution surely affects humans’ life. It might affect the quality of students’ health negatively, and physical fitness when we do not react to it smartly and wisely. This forum is expected to be a media to create ideas in order to design the suitable course of PE to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Conference Chair,
Prof. Dr. Syafruddin, M. Pd
Universitas Negeri Padang