Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Vocational Education And Training (ICOVET 2017)

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The Influence of Employability Skills and Skill Competency toward Work Readiness

Endah Setyo Wardani, Isnandar Isnandar, Siti Sendari
The research aims to study influences of employability skills and skill competency toward work readiness. Data collections use questionnaires and score documentation, colected from 176 students at the XII grade of vocational school (SMK) of Electrical Power Instalation Technique in Malang Raya. The technical...
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Development of the Referral Vocational High Schools based on the Students Quantity and Networking Road Maps in Malang Raya

Ewit Irniyah, Amat Mukhadis, Tri Atmadji.S
This study aims to reveal and describe the development of referral SMK based on the road map of the student's quantity and networking in Malang Raya. The population in this study was 11 schools then using Proportional random sampling technique with Slovin formula obtained 5 schools, each school representing...
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The Linkage between Vocational High School Cooperation with Industries in field of Information Technology in Malang

Kirya Mateeke Moses, Muladi Muladi, Aji Prasetya Wibawa
Developing potential human resources is every nation's dream through quality education for empowering them for global competition. Skills and knowledge are recognized engines of economic growth and social development in any nation. TVET holds the master key for achieving this growth because it is driven...
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Flow Hydrograph Analysis in Watershed of Krueng Seunagan Nagan Raya District

Muhammad Ikhsan, Inseun Yuri Salena, Ayu Aidar
Seunagan, Nagan Raya District is a lowland area that often-experiencing flooding that comes from the overflow of the Krueng Seunagan River. This condition affects the activity of peoples living in the river environment. Based on the problems occurred, this research is conducted to determine the characteristics...
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Trend Learning Model Through Hybrid Learning

Umi Kulsum, Djoko Kustono, Purnomo Purnomo
The purpose of this research is to know the difference of Hybrid Learning result with learning result. The design of this study was Non-Equivalent Control Group Design, consisting of four treatment groups with varying proportions of hybrid learning, 50%, 60%, and 70%, respectively, and the other group...
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The Role Of Vocational Education In Fulfilling Labor In Industry

Yoto Yoto
Development of vocational education is an effort that aims to realize the Indonesian community who are qualified, advanced, independent, and modern. The development of vocational education is an important part of a thorough and serious effort to improve the dignity of the nation. The success in building...
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Innovative Furniture Design for Lease House Occupant in Merauke

Muchlis Alahudin, Anton Topan, Martha Loupatty
Lease house is one of the most residential which was built with gain less attention by comfort, as thermal comfort (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, etc) and activity comfort. All lease house's room was planned and designed without calculating the maximum quantity of room. It's just only impression...
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Feasibility Study on Establishment Noodle Rice Bran Stall

Ali Hasbi Ramadani, Adhika Mayasari
The purpose of this study is to analyze the feasibility of the producing Chicken Noodle based on Rice brand which is have many advantages for human body. In conducting this feasibility analysis will be reviewed through 6 aspects, including market, technical and management, legal permit, environmental...
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Effectiveness of Use of Technical Skill Assessment Instruments to Increase Web Programming Competency

Rafiqa Durotul Maknuna, Amat Mukhadis, Syaad Pathmantara
This study aims to: (1) the development of a prototype model of student skills assessment instruments on the web programming practicum; (2) a prototype feasibility assessment assessment instrument in the skills skill of SMK students on a web programming practice; and (3). techniques on web programming...
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Evaluation of Learning Implementation using CIPP Model in SMK

Amidatus Sholihat Jamil, Amat Mukhadis
This study aims to evaluate the implementation of productive learning of multimedia competence in SMK, in terms of context, input, process, and product. This research was conducted at SMKN 1 Grati, Pasuruan. The research design used is qualitative research with the subject of research done by purposive...
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Learning Media based on ICT for Learning Strategy of Accounting Program in Vocational School

Betanika Nila Nirbita, Soetarno Joyoatmojo, Sudiyanto Sudiyanto
Learning media based on ICT is one of learning media which is very interesting and able to improve motivaton student for learning. This paper is written for the purpose of exploring in details about the needs of learning media based on ICT in vocational school. Nowadays almost every people know about...
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Standart Assesment of LSP-P1 For Students Dress Making in SMK Negeri 5 Malang

Sri Sulistyorini, Purnomo Purnomo, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti
SMK graduates are ready-to-use workers at the intermediate level, a person's ability must be proven in completing work or task according to established performance standards. Package Expertise Dressing SMK Negeri 5 Malang, conducting competency tests through LSP-P1 SMK 5, to answer the needs of workers...
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Work Readiness of Software Engineering Student in Batu City

Agung Panji Sasmito
The objective of the research is to describe the work readiness of the vocational school students of Software Engineering in Batu City. The research design is a survey study conducted on 56 students of 12 grade Software Engineering in Batu City. Data collection of work readiness variable using questionnaire....
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How to Understand Industrial Internship Program for Preparing Employability Skills of Vocational Students in Indonesia

Didik Nurhadi, Siti Zahro, Nyan Myau Lyau
Industrial internship program (IIP) has been widely recognized in many developed countries. This program has shown a contribution to the improvement of labor market outcomes for their country's economic development. This is demonstrated by the quality of job performance of vocational education graduates...
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Interactive Multimedia Based ICT to Enchance Accounting Learning Strategy in Vocational School

Vivi Pratiwi, Siswandari Siswandari, Djoko Santosa
This study aims to explain the needs of the use of ICT-based learning media in vocational school used interactive multimedia. The population in this study are all eleventh grades students of accounting at SMKN 1 Surabaya who has obtained bank reconciliation material. The sample was taken by purposive...
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Logic Model Evaluation For SMK / SMA Teachers in Dual Expertise Educational Certification Program

Ali Basyah, Eddy Sutadji
Aims to develop a framework for evaluation and monitoring of Dual Expertise Education Certification Program for SMK / SMA Teachers conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture through PPPPTK BOE Malang. Helping observers assess the content and advantages of the program. With a primary...
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Implementation of Premarital Counseling To Improve Youth Understanding Against Marriage Maturity Age

Diana Ariswanti Triningtyas, Siti Muhayati
Information about sex, is not a taboo in a modern life like today. It is very important given to adolescents, considering entering adolescence sexual maturity has begun to develop. Hormonal function increases and causes arousal. It can not be denied that, almost in all the big cities and also in the...
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The Relationship Between the Use of School Learning Facility and A Job Training Experience Toward Vocational School Student Readiness Level

Fatkhur Rochman, Waras Kamdi, Amat Mukhadis
The main mission of Vocational High School (SMK) is to prepare learners as prospective workers who have readiness in entering the world of work. One indicator of the level of readiness of work can be obtained by the students in the form of the use of optimal learning tools in schools and industrial job...
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Implementation of Career Guidance Computer and Network Engineering Student in Malang City

Arief Rahman Yusuf
Research aims to obtain field data on the implementation of career guidance in vocational high school computer and network engineering. The method used in the study is a survey method, the population is taken as many as four schools with student number 511. Sampling using method proportional random sampling...
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A Conceptual Framework For Electrical Engineering Education Curriculum Using CIPP Evaluation Model

Nurulita Imansari
This evaluation is a conceptual framework that has been studied in hopes of helping research related to the evaluation of the curriculum. The model of evaluation used is the model CIPP. CIPP model is composed of four dimensions of context, input, process, and product. In the context dimension within...
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SMK Teacher Quality Improvement Through Training Development And Packaging Device Based Learning Curriculum 2013

Gede Widayana
Enforcement of the curriculum in 2013 for elementary, junior high, high school / vocational school from 2013 (pilot project) and is planned to be used nationally by 2015 is a challenge faced by the vocational school teachers in the district of Kintamani. To improve the quality and teachers' academic...
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Effect Of Tune Up And Body Painting Motorcycle Training to Increase Trouble Solving Competency in Trenggalek

Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Sumarli Sumarli, Amat Mukhadis, Poppy Puspitasari
This research aims to perform the analysis: 1) percentage level of competence after training; 2) material that is considered difficult in training; and 3) factors causing the difficulty of increasing the competence of training tune ups and body painting motorcycles. This research uses qualitative method....
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The Characteristic Competency-Based Training Program UPT-PK Singosari Supply And Demand Vocational Workers

Muhammad Ihwanudin, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra
Technical Training Technical Implementation Unit (UPT-PK) is a Technical Implementation Unit under the Department of Manpower, Transmigration and Population of the Republic of Indonesia. UPT-PK is a place of Job Training, Certification and Job Placement that always provide services to the community in...
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Conceptual Framework Of Double System Education (Psg) Evaluation Using Cipp Model

Rahmania Sri Untari
Dual System Education is an education system in Vocational High School which is adopted from Germany. This Education System integrates learning activities in schools and PSG activities in the Business and Industrial World (DUDI). The evaluation used is the CIPP model (Context, Input, Process, Product)...
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Student Career Orientation Mechanical Engineering Diploma (D-III) Polytecnic of Kediri

Dani Irawan
This study aims to determine: (1) the appropriateness of graduate learning achievement toward career fields that are in great demand of Diploma III students; (2) the appropriateness of graduate learning achievement toward career field which is less desirable by Diploma III students of mechanical study...
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Design of Interactive Whiteboard to Support E-Learning

Didik Dwi Prasetya, Muhammad Ashar
Electronic learning offers an effective solution that enables the creation of virtual classes. Unfortunately, the limitations of learning media features cause visual communication to be difficult, so that the explanation of the material is less easy to understand, especially in relation to illustrations,...
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The Achievement Level of Vocational High School Students' Competency For The Competence Assessment in Bangkalan Regency

Mojibur Rohman
Competence can be defined as one's ability to finish a certain task at work, and the person will receive an official certificate for this ability. Competence sets the specification of knowledge, skill, attitude and the implementation of the standard of work which is needed for a job. One of the ways...
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Evaluation Framework With CIPOO Model For Industrial Internship In Light Vehicle Engineering (TKR) Major

Yustin Setiya Widoretno
The review of the literature shows that conceptual evaluation program is numerous and evolves over the time, which can be used as the guideline for the researcher. Although it is not a new model, CIPOO evaluation model which is introduced in this article can be useful for guiding the plan, implementation...
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Growing Motivation Learning of Matrix Through Peer Tutoring Learning

Dila Umnia Soraya
The research aims to describe the level of student motivation in learning matrix through peer tutoring learning. The concept of a matrix is very important in the field of informatics engineering because it is necessary to create computer programs, so the student must be serious and careful in understanding...
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Critical Fiber Length of Mendong Fiber in Epoxy Matrix Composite

Heru Suryanto
the disposal of synthetic fiber is very difficult to be degraded and cause problems in the environment. The renewable materials have potency as an alternative material for replacing the synthetic material in the composite product. This study was to determine the critical fiber length of mendong fiber...
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Developing A Digital Learning Medium Using JQuery Mobile For Vocational High School Students

Hary Suswanto, Achmad Mursyidun Nidhom, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra
This research aimed to develop a digital instructional medium for the subject of Computer Assembly in vocational high schools. This learning medium is intended for the tenth-grade students of Informatics and Communication Engineering. The development process was conducted based on the ADDIE model, including...
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The Production of Bioethanol from Corncob as Fuel for Generator Set of Gasoline Motor

Christian Asri Wicaksana, Muhammad Alfian Mizar, Widiyanti Widiyanti
Along with the development of the era and the technology, which are rapidly growing every time, the global communities receive both positive and negative impacts from these advancements. One of the negative effects is the issue of waste. Physically, there are three types of waste: solid, liquid, and...
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Open Source Wireless Sensor Network Classroom Monitoring System

Muladi Muladi, Marji Marji, Heru Wayhu, Samsul Hidayat
One of the factors that affect student achievement is the condition of the study. The intensity of lighting, air composition, humidity, and temperature in the room is the main factors that determine the health and comfort of the students. Changes in weather and climate, interior design, and the use of...
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The Competency Requirement of Education Profession Skill Engineers Refers to The Regional Model Competency Standards (RMCS) in The Construction Industry

Tri Kuncoro, Edi Santoso Santoso, Sudomo Sudomo, Ahmad Dardiri
Competency requirements of the Indonesian engineers expertise in the field of Civil Engineering Construction services industry, is conducted through research and development by exploring the needs of expertise competence which exists in construction services development agencies, the corporate world...
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The Use of Basins for Reducing Downstream Flooding (A Case Study of Flood Control at Ganggang Sub-Watershed of Bojonegoro Regency)

Windarti Eko Rahayu, Mujiyono Mujiyono, Anie Yulistyorini, Nugroho Nugroho Suryoputro, Gilang Idfi
This study was aimed to investigate (1) the use of basins at Ganggang sub-watershed as retarding basins, (2) the storage volume required by the inundation at the downstream of Ganggang sub-watershed, and (3) the capacity volume of the area at Ganggang sub-watershed. The method used in this study were...
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Contribution of Teaching Factory Learning Strategy Implementation, Mastery of Basic Knowledge, and Self Efficacy to the Vocational Competence and Its Impact to Student Work Readiness in Malang Vocational Education of Motorcycle Engineering

Komarudin Komarudin, Eddy Sutadji, Syarif Suhartadi
Teaching factory is a learning strategy that classifies a class like the world of work. Implementation of teaching factory is expected to bridge the competencies in school and in the world of work. Teaching factory provides improvements in the mastery of basic knowledge, self efficacy, mastery of vocational...
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Mind Mapping Learning Model to Increase Student Competency and Pattern Thoughts With Mixed Methods Research Approach

Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Sumarli Sumarli, Eko Edi Poerwanto, Agus Sholah
The main problem of higher education in Indonesia currently lies in the professional effort towards developing the competence of a quality mindset. Cooperative learning method has many models; one model is quite sophisticated is the learning model mind mapping (mind mapping). This research method is...
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The Influence of Sand Addition on Clay Soil From Deket Kulon, Deket Subdistrict, Lamongan Viewed From The Physical and Shear Strength Characteristics Changes

I. Wayan Jirna, Eko Setyawan, Eko Suwarno
One of the problems often found in constructing road is the deposit of expansive soil. According to data from Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA) in 1982, the lost caused by expansive soil in 1970 reached 798.1 million USD. In Java, the expansive soil problem can be found on the road to Surabaya. In five...
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Proposed Concept of Modeling and Empowerment of Street Vendors in Jombang Regency

Meriana Wahyu Nugroho, Abdiyah Amudi
The existence of street vendors (PKL) is unavoidable and almost every country in the world faces this problem, including countries as advanced as America and Europe countries. In Indonesia, the street vendors have also been met on the roadsides of the city. Viewing the growing progress, the presence...
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Design Priority Service Using Intelligent Communication Technology on Railways Payment

Muhammad Ashar
The development of digital automatization system by synergizing intelligent communication technology (ICT) with various Indonesian railway user applications needed to be addressed digitally and integrated through Mobile Touch innovation to provide intelligent solutions reliably, safely, efficiently and...
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Web-Based Learning Media for Practical Learning Strategy of Office Administration Program in Vocational School

Anis Susanti, Wiedy Murtini, Harini Harini
This paper is written for the purpose of exploring in details about the needs of web-based learning media in vocational school. Nowadays almost every office works are done by utilization of technology called office automation. Students are not capable of understanding the learning material easily without...
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Teacher Preparedness and Education Personnel Facing the Revitalization of Vocational Secondary Schools

Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti, Sri Sulistyorini, Annisau Nafiah
The purpose of the study describes the readiness of teachers and educational personnel in vocational schools and see the difference in the readiness of teachers and education personnel in State vocational schools and private. Type of quantitative research with Independent Sample T Test. and hypothesis...
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Influence of Classroom Learning Modus, Locus of Control Type, Learning Ethos, Characteristic of Profession Practice Place, Capability And Mindset Entrepreneurship Graduate of Polytechnic of Road Transport Safety

Suyitno Suyitno, Amat Mukhadis, Syarif Suhartadi, Eddy Sutadji
The objectives of the study were to find, construct new theories: (1) direct influence of classroom learning modes on graduates' capabilities, (2) direct influence of control locus types on graduate capability, (3) direct influence of learning ethos on graduate capability, (4) direct influence (5) direct...
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Development of Direct Instruction Learning Model on Entrepreneurship Subject at State Vocational High School (VHS) of Farming Development Padang

Leni Zahara, Azwar Ananda, Ganefri Ganefri, Ridwan Ridwan
The purpose of this research was to investigate: 1) how did students of Vocational High School (VHS) utilize compulsory entrepreneurship education program as a media in entrepreneurship activity. 2) How development design learning model improve students' ability in entrepreneurial spirit at Vocational...
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Influence of a Mixture of Biosolar and Pertamax on Diesel Engine Power and Fuel Consumption

Poppy Puspitasari, Paryono Paryono, Agustian Yohan Effendi, Marji Marji, Johan Wayan Dika
The subject of fuel consumption and vehicle power is intrinsically interesting and worthy of study particularly in relation to the use of fuel mixtures. This study examined a mixture of 40 litres of Biosolar and 1 litre of Pertamax used to fuel a diesel engine. In this experimental study, the object...
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Learning Service Satisfaction of Master Degree Graduates of Vocational Education in State University of Malang

Muhammad Rahmatullah, Amat Mukhadis, Apif Miptahul Hajji
This study aims to reveal and describe the relationship between the learning process conducted at graduate program of vocational education (PKJ) at State University of Malang (UM) and what is faced by the graduates in work field. This is a tracer study with qualitative descriptive approach. The research...