Proceedings of the International Conference on Banking, Accounting, Management, and Economics (ICOBAME 2018)

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim
Assalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

The 2nd International Conference on Banking, Accounting, Management and Economics (ICOBAME 2018) has as theme “Our Development: Social, Ethics, and Environment for Responsible Business.” This event is a discussion forum about ethical, social, and environmental issues that will be divided into plenary paper section and concurrent paper section. We will discuss about the climate change and natural resources exploitation, what the effect of religiosity, green product and green business strategy, culture, business integrity on the firm value, and more over we also discuss the involvement of researchers (lecturer from universities) on SMEs’ sustainability. Therefore, I personally give my highest appreciate to my colleagues because their knowledge is not dedicates to enrich the theory. They serve to the local communities around Indonesia through implementation the theory to get best solution for the local communities’ problem. In general, I wish that the 2nd ICOBAME contributes to implementation of business ethically.

My great honor is especially to welcome the distinguished Speakers: Prof. Dr. Magdy Behman, Dr. Aly Abdel Moniem, Dr. Jean Claude Mutiganda, Dr. Henry Thomas Simarmata, and Dr. Cungki Kusdardjito and speakers that be here to serve this conference although they have traveled long distances. My warm welcome is to presenters, they are my colleagues from Universities at Semarang, Jakarta, Purworejo, Jember, Kebumen, Magelang, Bengkulu, Padang, Mataram, Borneo Tarakan, Lampung, Solo, Malang, Salatiga, of course Yogyakarta, and also Australia, Finland, Malaysia, Nigeria. There are more than 103 papers submitted to the conference and more than 300 presenters involved in this discussion.

ICOBAME is the bi-annual conference and the 1st ICOBAME in 2016 has as title “The consequences of Asian Economic Community (AEC) Implementation on Banking, Business, and Economy”. As the first conference, this conference is held by six institutions: Universitas Janabadra and co-Host: Universitas Stikubank Semarang, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi BPD Semarang, Sekolah Tinggi Putra Bangsa Kebumen, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo, and Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang.

By this time, I represent to all of committees, thankfull for Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants Yogyakarta Region because the certificate of this conference got 16 score that shows the conference is recognized by the Indonesia Chartered Accountants as part of the effort to enrich the knowledge of certified accountant. I also would like to thank to all committees, especially Rector Universitas Janabadra and Dean of Faculty of Economics Universitas Janabadra who have fully supported the conference. Last but not the least, I would like to ask apologize for any inconvenience which all participants may feel during the conference. Enjoy Yogyakarta, we have friendly people, amazing heritage, and also adorable tourism destination. Sanes dinten monggo rawuh wonten Ngayogyakarto, dalem tenggo rawuh panjenengan, matur nuwun.

Wa billahi taufiq wal hidayah, Wassalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

The Editors
Dr. Yavida Nurim, M.Si., Ak., CA – Editor in Chief
Dr. Isma Widiaty, M.Pd
Cep Ubad Abdullah, M. Pd
Ari Arifin Danuwijaya, M. Ed