Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Education for Sustainability (ICLLES 2019)

Welcome to the First ICLLES 2019. It is our honour to welcome you to International Conference on Lifelong Learning and Education for Sustainability (ICLLES) 2019 which was held on August, 8th-9th 2019, at Main Hall of Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Padang, Prof. Dr. Hamka Street, Air Tawar, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia (25171). The conference was organized by The Department of Non Formal Education, Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Padang.

The development of innovative digital devices today should facilitate our lives, especially in the process of educating and caring for children. A variety of digital devices really attract children's attention and become a fun learning medium. Our children are easy to access important information and have broader learning opportunities. However, digital technology also has a worrying influence on the future of children. Some features offered without assistance can interfere physical and mental growth.

The objectives of the conference are to share and discuss new ideas, experiences, and new policies that are useful in achieving family educational goals in digital era. The discussion material consists of explanatory and praxis aspects. First, the explanatory aspect that comes from the study of researchers. Second, the praxis aspect that comes from the professional experience of practitioners.

Selected paper of ICLLES 2019 are published in the proceeding includes peer-reviewed research papers. ICLLES 2019 received 95 manuscripts and 43 submissions had been accepted by our reviewers. By submitting a paper to ICLLES 2019, the authors agreed to the review process and understood that papers undergo a peer-review process. Manuscripts were reviewed by appropriately qualified experts in the field selected by the Conference Committee, who gave detailed comments and-if the submission was accepted the authors would submit a revised version that considered this feedback.

We would like to express our best gratitude to Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D. and Dean of Faculty of Education UNP, Prof. Dr. Rusdinal, M.Pd., for their tremendous supports. Furthermore, we would like to thank Bambang Sumintono, Ph.D. (University of Malaya, Malaysia), Prof. Dr. Supriyono, M.Pd. (IKAPENFI, BAN PAUD-Diknas/Universitas Negeri Malang), Dr. Ismaniar, M.Pd. (Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia), Hatib Abdul Kadir, Ph.D. (University of California, USA), Daniel Brodkin, M.A. (University of California, USA) as the invited speakers for their contribution and idea shared in the conference.

Hopefully, all participants and other interested readers will benefit scientifically from the proceedings and also find it stimulating in the process.

The Editors
Bambang Sumintono, Ph.D.
Alim Harun Pamungkas, M.Pd.
Dr. Havid Ardi
Wendi Ahmad Wahyudi, S.Pd.