Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Literature, Art and Human Development (ICLAHD 2021)

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A Research on American Social Issues Reflected by the Movie “Joker

Xuhao Zhang
Joker (2019 Film) is a psychological thriller directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix. The film is distinctively different from the rest of the Batman franchise which focuses on heroism and crime-fighting, this film is more focused on social justice issues and the downfall of a comedian...
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Characterising and Comparing Friendship Qualities of Shy and Unsociable Children

Chengyi Li, Yue Qi
The purpose of this study was to examine whether being socially withdrawn would have an impact on friendship qualities and whether the negative impact of being socially aloof would extend to dyadic relationships. Furthermore, the differences between shy and unsociable children in terms of friendship...
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A Preliminary Study on Liang Huang Repentance Picture of Xixia Buddhist Scripture Print

Fang Haonan
This paper takes the image of “Liang Huang Repentance Picture “ as the main research object, discusses the source, remains, structure and content of this image. It reveals the relationship between the generation of the image in Xixia area and the atlas of the Central Plains. The engraving of “Liang Huang...
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The Application of Traditional Beijing Opera Artistic Elements in the Narrative of Modern Dining Space

Taking Havoc in Heaven as an Example

Wenrui Li
Beijing Opera, a significant representation of traditional Chinese culture, its artistic elements have been employed as a symbol of the classic culture all along. As of today, as Beijing Opera is somewhat detached both from the times and the entire young generation however, the quintessence of this national...
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Research on the Application of Marxist Literary Theory in the Design of Cultural and Creative Products

A Case Study of the Elements of New Year Wood-block Prints in Zhuxian Town

Liuhan, Chang Jingjing, Wang Qinxuan
With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic level, the pursuit of products with cultural connotation has become a hot trend. If designers want to design cultural and creative products recognized by the public, they need to take Marxist literary and artistic theory as the theoretical guidance...
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Analysis of Power Relations in Performance:

Taking Rhythm 0 as an Example

Xiangliang Bai, Jiafeng Li
Abramovic’s Rhythm 0 reveals many of Foucault’s ideas about power, including how power is exercised and some of the characteristics of power. Through the analysis of the performance itself and the application and understanding of Foucault’s point of view, the author will give more in-depth consideration...
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A Study on the Natural Geographical Laws of Epidemic Disasters in Western Fujian in Ming Dynasty

Lu Xinyi
This paper studies the epidemic situation in Western Fujian area in Ming Dynasty, studies, analyzes and summarizes the causes and consequences of epidemic in Western Fujian area, and focuses on the close relationship between flood, drought and epidemic caused by climate, so as to fill the gap in the...
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Verbal Negative Transfer in Native Chinese Speakers’ IELTS Writing

Qiu Ziyin, Su Shu, Zeng Yuxuan
An increasing number of native Chinese speakers are taking IELTS, one of the most official and influential English proficiency tests, for further overseas study. Based on previous researches, observation and data analysis, five types of common verbal negative transfer in native Chinese speakers’ IELTS...
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The Study on the Internal Factors of the Lexical Fossilization among College Students Major in English

Yu Han, Yanran Wei, Huanyu Xu, Liyan Zhi
Vocabulary, as the basis of language, plays a vital role in improving the level of the second language. In recent years, the phenomenon of lexical fossilization has attracted more and more attention from domestic scholars. According to the definition of fossilization, lexical fossilization can be understood...
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The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Child Development: A Critical Analysis of the Feminist Movie Dangal

Simeng Wang
Gender inequality, as a diverse issue in early childhood education, has been long debated worldwide, especially in some Asian countries with conventional sociocultural backgrounds, which could have an irreversible impact on children’s future development. Based on critical analysis, this study will thus...
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Reform and Reflection of Dance Art Under New Media Technology

Qirong Yang
The continuous innovation of new media technology has a profound impact on the development and reform of dance art, which solves the problem of dance art recording and optimizes the problem of dance art communication. In addition, it plays an important role in dance performance, creation, teaching, aesthetics...
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Dimensional Analysis of Chinese Traditional Honeysuckle Design Based on Semiotics

Yu-wei Zhang
The objective of this paper is to analyze the application level of traditional honeysuckle patterns and interpret the traditional culture contained in honeysuckle patterns, so that they can be better applied to modern design. This paper interprets the semiotic meaning of traditional honeysuckle pattern,...
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The China Images in Manila: Research of China Images’ Illustrations on the Late Sixteenth Century Boxer Codex

Wang Hanyi
The Boxer Codex is an illustrational manuscript that was compiled by the Spaniards in Manila during the late sixteenth century to the early seventeenth century. It is an encyclopedic manuscript that consists of the geography, history, religion and ethnography of Southeast Asia and East Asia. The Boxer...
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China’s Contribution to Global Translation Norm Studies: An Introduction and Review of TRANSLATION AND NORMS

Zha Jianshe, Lan Guitao, Yin Ming
Translation norm studies, as one of the components of translation studies, has been one of the heated topics among academicians. Researching into translation norm studies helps shedding light on the theoretical exploration, discipline construction, pedagogy, practice, and professional facets in translation...
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The Role of Motivation in Second Language Acquisition: A review

Jingyi Ai, Yujie Pan, Wenjia Zhong
This article reviews the role of motivation in second language acquisition. It’s well established that motivation is one of the factors affecting learners in learning a second language. By explaining motivation and varying aspects of motivation including attitudes, goals, environment, and other variables,...
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To What Extent is Cindy Sherman’s Blackface as Problematic as Bell Hooks’ Claims?

Cindy Sherman’s Real Implication in Blackface

Xiaoyang Gong, Leyao Qian, Zihan Qin, Xin Weng
Cindy Sherman, an influential artist in the late 20th century, aims to reconstruct women’s identity by playing their roles. Some of her photos named Blackface, belonging to a series titled Bus Riders, is well-known. In this series of pictures, Sherman imitates herself as a black woman by making herself...
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The Fate of Real Women Reflected by the Film New Women

Weiru Zhao
The New Woman is a left-wing film in 1930s that calls for women’s independence. This paper analyzes three typical women with different ideal pursuits in the film and then reflects on a social phenomenon revealed by the film. It concludes that under the influence of left-wing thought, there appeared some...
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A Carefully Woven Rough Garland: On the Ring Structure of the Novel “Loading Taiwan”

Yan Mengjing
The main plot, setting of scenes, layout of articles and relationship of characters in the novel “Loading Taiwan” all show a form of repetition, echo and symmetry, forming an open ring structure. The life track of the main characters in the novel is almost a ring, and they return to the origin of life...
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Visual Characteristics and Paradoxical Aesthetics of Cyberpunk films

A Case study of The Ghost in the Shell

Xinyun Gu, Yuting Li, Yuan Wei
This essay analyzes the visual characteristics and paradoxical aesthetics of Cyberpunk films to explore the connection between visual design, reality, and technologies. Cyberpunk has played a vital role in recent years because of the rapid development of CG and visual design in the film industry. Therefore,...
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Discussion on the Construction of Zhuang Cultural Tourism Circle in Southwest Guangxi

Wei-shan LI, Mei LI
The paper proposed to integrate and develop tourism resources in southwest Guangxi revolving around Zhuang culture to build a Cultural Tourism Circle with Zhuang Nationality Characteristics in Southwest Guangxi, deepen regional tourism cooperation, promote the in-depth exploration of tourism in the region,...
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Regulatory Approach to the Gig Economy: A Comparative Study of the United States and China

Xiao Ziang
The Gig economy is a new thriving industry in which mobile digital apps are prevalently adopted to connect freelancers with customers. Regulatory approaches to this new industry have been widely discussed and practicable attempts have been implemented. This paper focuses on discussing the trade-offs...
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The Relationship Between the Murals in Khitan Tomb of Liao Dynasty and Those in Tang and Song Dynasty

Zhang mingxing
In recent years, with the in-depth excavation of archaeology, a large number of murals in Qidan Tomb of Liao Dynasty have been found, which has attracted a very wide range of attention in Archaeology and art circles. Khitan is a nomadic people in the north. Its social system is slave society and the...
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Art or Art Integration: The Current Art Education in Chinese Secondary School

Zihui Zhu
Arts integration is a teaching approach used to help students learn and consolidate their knowledge through the arts. It allows students to learn in creative ways and gain a deeper understanding of other subjects. Although there have already been some research on arts integration in western art education,...
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The Cultural Connotation of “Water” in tao Te Ching

Xu Xinyi
“Water” is located at the head of the five elements of Yin and Yang, and exists as one of the origins of the world. For Confucianism, it is “Virtue”, for Buddhism, and for Taoism, it is “the origin of the road”. According to the contents contained in Tao Te Ching, this paper analyzes the interpretation...
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Sexuality, Power, Identity

Voyages of Identification in Sula

Chengyi Shi, Xinyao Sun
This article investigates the link between one’s sexuality and one’s identity formation with a case study of Sula written by Toni Morrison. Michel Foucault’s theories in The History of Sexuality will be applied to provide an answer. As the two female protagonists – Nel and Sula – portrayed by Morrison...
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Cross-Cultural Differences in Collaborative Learning and Relevant Factors

Yaxi Cheng
Collaborative learning is a widely used practical teaching method because its teaching potential in daily teaching has not been fully developed. Now more and more researchers began to pay attention to collaborative learning. Culture has a great influence on teaching and learning, among which the cultural...
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“We Neither of Us Perform to Strangers”

The Revealed and Resolved Misunderstanding

Lingran Liu
In her renowned novel, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen employs different kinds of arts to reveal the personality of certain characters and to advance the plot. Specifically, Jane Austen first uses piano-playing to introduce Elizabeth and Darcy’s misunderstanding, and then she uses decorative arts to...
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The Inevitable Victory of the Proletariat -- Comment on the Documentary National Memory, New China, 1949

Zhu Tong
In the form of five episodes, the documentary National Memory · New China 1949 shows a series of historical events that took place with Peiping as the core on the eve of the founding of new China, highlighting the preparations made by our Party for welcoming the new regime before the founding of New...
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Study on the Application of Zen Cultural Symbol in Contemporary Craft Carving - taking Fujian Craft Carving as an Example

Lin Zibo, Hu Jiawei
With the development of the times and the exchange of world culture, in addition to the continuous improvement of traditional craft carving technology, we should focus on the trend of the current era’s artistic style Zen culture; at present, with the surge of work and life pressure, people increase the...
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Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bio-inspired Design in Manchu Graphic Symbols

Intangible cultural heritage carries the civilization of human society and reflects the world’s cultural diversity. With the introduction of the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2003, the transmission and development of intangible cultural heritage have become an increasingly...
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Analysis on the Influence of Water Army on Public Opinion on the Internet

Xu Jiaze
Water army is a kind of employed netizens which appear most in some hot-trend topics to oriented other netizens’ opinion to these specific topics. Therefore, it has also gradually led to the uncertainty of people’s orientation to public opinion. Weibo, as one of the most commonly used new media among...
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Research on the Design of Shadow Play Cultural and Creative Products in Southern Fujian Based on Intangible Cultural Heritage Innovation

Liling Chen, Wentao Li
With the continuous development of China’s economy, cultural and creative industries have ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. The development, design and innovation of non heritage cultural and creative products is an important way to inherit and protect non heritage culture. Taking the...
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Aesthetic Differences in Eastern and Western of Female Figures in Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers vs. Las Meninas

Helen Lam
East and West are two extremes in the cultural development of the world over thousands of years. As for the aesthetics in female figures, Eastern and Western worlds always show the viewers the beauty and characteristics in two aspects. This paper would explore the differences of beautiful female figures...
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A Brief Analysis of the Performance Skills and Treatment of Guzheng’s 《Cang Ge Yite》

Zixuan Fu
Cang Ge Yite, as a new modern guzheng repertoire emerging in recent years, presents its unique charm and breakthrough no matter in technique, content or form of expression. On the basis of traditional Chinese culture, Chinese and western elements are integrated, and a series of innovative techniques...
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Feminist Critical Theory: An Analysis of the Changing Image of Women in Female Leader Online Novel

Zepei Zhou
It has been more than 20 years since Chinese online fiction first developed (1990). As a new branch of online fiction, Female Leader (i.e. fictions take women as protagonists) online novel have emerged in recent years (around 2010) and become a cultural phenomenon that cannot be ignored. It is possible...
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An Analysis of Second Language Learners’ Errors in English Writing

Jimei Li
This paper is to explore second language learners’ errors on the basis of three important schools, namely, Contrastive Analysis, Error Analysis, and Inter-language. It takes errors in English writing, committed by Chinese college students as researching samples. It classifies the errors and further probes...
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The Genre Construction of Chinese Scholar’s Research Articles Published in Local and International Journals during the Pandemic Period

Ping He
Critical genre analysis have been recognized as an insightful and instrumental framework in demystifying the internal generic structure and external impacting factors of academic writing. However, scant research has been done to analyze the genre integrity and innovation of research articles. Based on...
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Reflections on the Role of Gender: How Classroom Gender Composition Influences Students’ Self-esteem

Boyang Gao, Jiayi Huang, Yuting Wang, Xinyi Wei
Self-esteem development is widely considered to be an important outcome of both single-sex and coeducational school education. However, research supporting single-sex or coeducational schools revealed inconclusive findings towards the effects on students’ self-esteem. By using the meta-analysis method,...
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Review of Sound in Horror Movie

Zixiao Gong, Junchang Zhang
Since 1896, George Méliès has produced the world’s first horror short film, “The House of the Devil” [1]. Today, horror movies have gone through a century of history. With the advancement of technology, horror movies have gradually developed into a mature type of movie. The horror film is an art and...
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Intercultural Communication of “The Untamed” Overseas

Yantong Meng
In the information age, the wide application of Internet promotes the further development of intercultural communication. Among many successful case studies and practices of intercultural products and communication, the largest difference of T.U. is its extensive IP industry chain. Based on statistical...