Proceedings of International Conference on Governance, Management & Social Innovation (ICGMSI 2023)

Conference: Proceedings of International Conference on Governance, Management & Social Innovation (ICGMSI 2023)
Date: 20-21 September 2023
Location: Manila, Philippines (Hybrid)

It is my great pleasure to introduce the Proceedings of the International Conference on Governance, Management and Social Innovation (ICGMSI 2023). The event was held at UST Angelicum College, Manila, Philippines on September 20th–21st, 2023.

The conference convenes researchers, scientists, academics, and practitioners from various nations to facilitate conversations and debates on pertinent problems, opportunities, challenges, and research discoveries. It is one of its significant and valuable features. Building worldwide relationships and offering participants a fantastic venue to share and exchange outstanding original research findings and creative ideas are the main goals of ICGMSI 2023. In the fields of governance, management, social sciences, education, and innovation, we live up to our pledge of contributing to the development of a positive outlook.

A total of 13 submissions including authors from Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and other countries were approved as full papers for publication and presentation in ICGMSI 2023. These papers offer excellent illustrations of recent research on pertinent subjects, such as governance, management, social sciences, innovation, and education, among others.

I express my gratitude to the authors for presenting at the conference and contributing their knowledge and research findings to this occasion. We will be able to develop and clear the path for the future of governance, management, social sciences, education, innovation, and related fields with their vision, contributions, and involvement. They arethe best players and assets available now and in the future. The authors and delegates had a great time during their visit to Manila in the Philippines and that ICGMSI 2023 was fascinating, thrilling, and motivating.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the reviewers who assisted us in maintaining the high caliber of the manuscripts published in the ICMGSI Proceedings. We also sincerely thank the organizing staff and conference committee members for their tireless efforts.

Marziana Madah Marzuki
Conference Chair of IJC2023