Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology and Economic Management

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Research on Athletics Training Methods with the Modern Information Technology

Xiaobing Yang
Athletics is a sport with a long history, and it’s also the major originated projects of a lot of classical theories and methods of modern athletic training. The use of modern information technology in the athletics training can help students develop positive action appearance and improve motor skills....
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Research on the Impact of 3D Pattern Image to the Young People

Liya Wang
With the rapid development of China's garment industry segments and children's consumer market, the adult trend of children's clothing is getting worse. This paper aims to depart from the children's clothing patterns and other trends, investigate the causes of the adult trend of children's clothing and...
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Research on Literary Translation Capability and the Construction of Training Mode

Hongte Chen
Literary translation is a complex code-switching and aesthetic reproduction process. It is not just the conversion at the level of language and more importantly, it is the experience and reproduction of the beauty and the communication of culture information. Therefore, the ability of literary translation...
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Research on Application Status and Countermeasures of Modern Educational Technology in College Physical Education

Yang Zhang
The 21st century is a new century when human beings have the fully access to the information society. With the development and wide application of the modern educational technology, education is going to take on the modernization features and the trends of development. In this paper, there is discusses...
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Nurturing and development of rural areas in Sichuan minority sports performance industry to explore the next experience economy concept

Suqiong Feng, Ye Yang
In this study, based on the "Experience Economy" research perspective, the use of literature, questionnaire, field interviews and other research methods, dig Experience Features "experience economy" concept under exploratory put forward the "experience economy" experience under the concept of product...
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The Application Status Quo of Sports Biomechanics in China's Gymnastics Training

Shuangjun Li, Ailan Dan
By using the methods of literature and conference discussion, this essay has comprehensive summarized the application status quo of sports biomechanics in China's gymnastics training. The results show that: the application of sports Biomechanics in gymnastics training has been made some achievements,...
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Research on the Sports Tourism Resources and Integrated Development in Minority National Region in Western of Sichuan

Suqiong Feng
In this paper, we focused on the sports tourism resources and integrated development in minority national region in western of Sichuan. We studied the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of sports tourism resources and integrated development in minority national region in western of Sichuan...
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Construction of New Urbanization Sports Leisure Industry Circles

Tongchao Guo
Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, and the promotion of economic development and social change, sports and leisure has become Chinese important contemporary movement style, social and cultural phenomenon. In this paper, new pattern urbanization within China will continually do its own contributions...
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Connection between Type Selection and Material Application in Fashion Design — Application of Two Degree Modeling in Fashion Design

Ping Hu
In fashion design, recreation of fabrics has become an important method for representing the innovation ability. Along with the development of the apparel industry, the demand for clothing are higher and higher. The pure physiological demand is no longer the direction of pursuing. And the pure style...
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The Effect of Clothing Material Art Recreation on Children’s Wear Design

ShuLi Wen
This paper sees available garment materials as a kind of fabric semi-finished product. It combines with the characters of clothing style and utilizes new design thought and craft to further change available fabric appearance style. It can apply fabric’s plane and stereoscopic effect to the children’s...
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Analysis of Sports Industry Development of Countryside

Renjian Liu, Ping Liu
In this paper, from the perspective of a new socialist countryside, the effects of external environment factors on the development of regional sports industry are explored by documentary analysis, comparative research, and the combination of regional economic theory. This article contains the following...