Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2022)

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Correction to “Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2022)”

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Peer-Review Statements

Bing Liu, Ziqiang Zeng, Edward Ng Hon Khay
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Research on Financial Risk Management in Coffee Industry under COVID-19

Evidence from Starbucks Inc.

Ou Xinyue, Lanfeng Qiao, Chenxin Yang
Based on the huge impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the world economy, this paper examines the financial analysis of the new coffee industry under the current pandemic. Here we take Starbucks, the representative of the coffee industry, as an example, adopts data collection method, comparison method,...
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Research on Quantitative Analysis Model of Financial Risk Value

Zhaowei Chen
With the continuous improvement of theoretical and practical research on financial development, especially under the condition of further innovation of China’s multi-level capital market system, there are more and more uncertain factors causing financial risk. It is very necessary to strengthen the research...
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Analysis on Application of CAPM Model in Chinese Securities Market and Its Deficiencies

Chengyu Qiu
The capital asset pricing model (CAPM), which accurately predicts the relationship between asset risk and expected return, is the cornerstone of modern financial economics. Starting from the most common unitary capital asset pricing model, this paper studies the application of the CAPM model in the Chinese...
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Empirical Research of Corporate Governance and Firm Performance of Chinese New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises

Hanlu Ling
As an important part of China’s carbon neutrality plan, the new energy vehicles industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, and several excellent new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises have emerged, such as BYD. The corporate governance of such enterprises is a topic worthy of study....
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The impact of Digital Transformation on the Innovation Performance of Manufacturing Enterprises from the Perspective of Cloud Manufacturing

Ying Zhang
Cloud manufacturing describes a model in which enterprises use the Internet of Things to connect equipment and share manufacturing resources, which greatly promotes technological innovation in enterprises and industries. This paper conducts a textual and quantitative analysis of the digital transformation...
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Chinese Traditional Clothing Brands’ Transformation in the Face of Generation Z — Taking Bosideng as an Example

Sixuan Chen
In recent years, with the rapid popularization of the Internet and the emergence of a large number of Generation Z people, traditional clothing brands have gradually lost their competitiveness in the market and have been surpassed or even replaced by emerging clothing brands. This paper aims to put forward...
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Inferring the Future of the Electric Vehicle Industry from Tesla’s New Business Model

Chengchen Bao
Since 2020, the automotive industry has faced a new transition from mechanical machines to electronic products, and its development model has undergone fundamental changes. The automotive industry has turned to software and application ecology to seize user needs and explore new profit models. Tesla...
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Analysis of the Determinants of International Trade

An Australian Perspective

Xinyue Zhou
Taking Australia from 2010 to 2019 as an example, this paper investigates various determinants of international trade by analyzing their impacts on exports and imports. This study uses the annual trade data of 11 principal trading partners in Australia (accounting for approximately 70% of Australia’s...
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The Research into the Protection of Plaintiff’s Right of Action in Environmental Litigation Against Multinational Enterprises

Jiamin Huangfu, Qianyue Sun, Gaoyu Zhou
Environmental rights are an integral part of the human rights of every human. Environmental litigation is necessary to ensure that regardless of the social class of individuals, they have access to safe, healthy, sustainable, and clean surroundings. There has been a great dormancy in environmental ligation...
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Financial Analysis of CGI Inc.

Yilin Wang
CGI Inc. is deemed as an outstanding investment decision. For the time being, investors may contemplate raising leverage to improve the value of the company and lower the cost of financing. CGI Inc. has a remarkably higher cost of equity among companies in the same industry. It suggests that projects...
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Application of Digital Transformation in Pet Accessories Market

Yibing Yang, Ye Yuan, Chujun Zuo
Pets as family members appear around more and more people, and pet accessories become more and more important. This article explains why the digital transformation of pet accessories will be accepted by more people. Firstly, several pet accessories in use or in concept and their combinations are introduced....
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A Study on the Performance of Digital Economy Companies based on DEA-malmquist Model

Xirui Gong
With the third technological revolution, the invention and use of electronic computers has completely pushed human development to a new stage. the arrival of the post-2020 epidemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, and the digital economy has become the third largest industry after...
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Construction of Hakka Chef Engineering Innovation Mechanism Based on Coordination Theory

Tong Yu
Heyuan City and Meizhou City, where Hakka people live in compact communities, responded to the call of the Guangdong provincial Party committee’s “Guangdong cuisine master” project, put forward the implementation of the “Hakka cuisine master project”, formulated the implementation plan of the Hakka cuisine...
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The Effect of Takeovers on the Performance of Acquirers in Australia Based on The Economic Value Added Method

Bowen Sun
In theory, the acquisition is a fast way to expand a business or enter a new market, so the bidder company should perform better after the takeover. Research has been conducted on whether the performance of the bidder company can be improved after the acquisition, but the empirical results do not fully...
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Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Yield of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sector

Yucheng Zhou, Xinrui Ma, Yuxuan Zhao, Weiren Xu
In order to investigate whether the release of relevant news has a significant effect on the daily return of the Chinese medicine sector so as to discuss consumer behavior. Based on the epidemic era and the efficient market hypothesis, this article uses the CSI Traditional Chinese medicine index and...
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Research on Shandong Foreign Direct under the “the belt and road” Initiative Investment Location Choice and Countermeasures

Jin Qian
Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and improving the distribution of investment in countries along the belt and Road are the practical needs of Shandong to build a new platform for opening-up and a new development pattern, and provide dynamic support for the transformation of old drivers of growth...
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The Unified Cycle Study of Global Financial Markets and Macro Indicators

BaoYu Yin
Complex systems generally refer to intelligent and adaptive systems, whose internal relations are complex and undetectable, and can only be analyzed through signals of certain dimensions. The economic system is such a complex system, and the global economy is a complex system containing many sub-systems...
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Research on the Consumers’ Purchasing Motivation and Strategies Based on the Fan Economy in Live Streaming

Yucheng Li, Rongxin Zhang
With the popularization of the Internet in social development, the new media industry is gradually growing. Internet celebrity companies have been set up on various platforms, making online celebrities or influencers famous generation after generation. With the increasing pressure from different aspects...
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Research on Logistics Efficiency of Chinese Ports above Designated Size Based on DEA-Malmquist Index

Linxin Huang
The port is no longer a docking point for ships, but a multi-functional platform for sorting, warehousing, transportation and distribution due to the wide application of e-commerce logistics platforms. The continuous functioning and the efficiency have to be paid large attention to, which can promote...
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A Study on the Impact of Emotional Dysregulation on In-role Behavior among Service Company Employees

Jinxiu Yang
The development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards have placed higher demands on services. Emotional dysregulation has a certain impact on employees’ physical and mental well-being, and also affects the quality of service. This study examines the impact of emotion dysregulation...
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Launching New Products using Storytelling as a Powerful Entrepreneurial Tool

Zixin Wang
Most brands will introduce new products to the market. The brands need to keep up with the competition, keep up with evolving customer expectations, and preserve their attractiveness by updating and renewing their product lines. In light of the increasing usage of storytelling in the introduction of...
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Comparative Analysis Of Corporate Finance

Yifang Bian, Haixu Liu, Chuyan Wang, Yirong Zou
As the world struggles with the pandemic, all industries are vulnerable. The retail industry is closely related to people’s lives. In order to explore the impact of the epidemic on the retail industry, we studied the business models and financial data of three companies in the retail industry, and finally...
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The Game Between China and the United States Based on Trade in the Epidemic Era

Chenyu Liang, Na Liu, Yang Liu
Since 2020, the epidemic has had a great impact on China-Us trade. On the one hand, China has been actively fighting the epidemic and is making progress in its trade with the United States. On the other hand, the United States intends to take advantage of China’s vulnerability to the epidemic by introducing...
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Research on the Development Path of Inclusive Wealth Management of Commercial Banks

Haixi Zeng
With the promotion of common prosperity in China, wealth management is gradually developing towards the market of middle and low income groups. Commercial banks are facing new opportunities and challenges. Thus, it is worth thinking seriously how to promote commercial banks to discover market potential,...
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Analysis of SAIC Motor’s High Cash Dividend Distribution Policy

Jiayun Jin
Firstly, this paper summarizes the theoretical basis of dividend distribution and selects SAIC Motor, a listed company in China’s automobile industry, to introduce and analyse its dividend distribution policy. Specifically, this paper summarizes the characteristics of SAIC’s dividend distribution policy...
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Quantification of the Brand Effect of Service Sector on Internal Employee Retention

Kuo-Yan Wang, Jing Yu, Chia-Yang Ning
The brand plays a significant role and influence on the internal operating environment of service-oriented enterprises. Employees’ awareness of brand information can form a self-dissemination phenomenon, which is very important for companies to promote internal marketing smoothly and enhance retention...
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The Study on the Practice and Evaluation of Japan’s Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy

Liping Zhu
Japan is the first country to practice quantitative easing monetary policy, and implemented two rounds of quantitative easing monetary policy around 2008. This paper expounds the theoretical basis of quantitative easing monetary policy, analyzes the practical operation and effect of Japan’s two rounds...
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Innovation and Economic Inequality―An Observation from the Global Innovation Index

Ruiyang He
Innovation is widely acknowledged as an important propeller of economic development. However, innovation may not be the elixir for extreme contrast in wealth among different countries, and it might even exacerbate inequality. Using economic data of 128 countries from the World Bank and the Global Innovation...
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A Literature Review on Upper Echelons Theory

Ye Tian
In this paper, it reviews research on the upper echelons theory. To be specific, I concentrate on the factors that might influence managers’ corporate decisions, which are the formal education degree, major degree, socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, individual experiences, age and tenures. Previous literatures...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Problems of the Carbon Finance Market in the Context of the “Double Carbon” Target

Changpei Lyu
At present, climate change is an important issue that all of humanity needs to face together. With China’s ambitious target of achieving carbon peaking by the year of 2030 and carbon neutrality by the year of 2060, the development of carbon finance is crucial. The development of a carbon finance system...
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Risk and Scenario Analysis of Cosmetics Business Recovery and Development in the Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Period- The Case of Estee Lauder

Yutong Wang
The beauty industry has been severely affected by the covid-19 epidemic, and many studies have been conducted on the epidemic’s impact on changes in consumer buying behavior for cosmetics. From the perspective of flexible risk management, this paper aims to discuss potential risks and scenarios for the...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Situation of Financing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises---Taking Xiaogan as an Example

Qianzi Guo
There have been many problems in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), but in recent years, due to the epidemic, the financing of SMEs has become more and more difficult. Therefore, based on this situation, by searching the literature and using literature analysis methodologies,...
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The Operation of Disney Affected by COVID-19

Fanyu Lin
From 2019 to 2020, the world is experiencing severe period of novel coronavirus pneumonia, which will have a huge impact on the global financial industry. Disney, the world’s largest entertainment media empire, has also been hit hard. This paper mainly adopts the method of data analysis and comparison,...
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Firm Value and ESG Performance During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Shashuo Zhang
Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, ESG investment has received unprecedented attention among investors and scholars. A growing number of academics show interest in the link between ESG performance and corporate value, while mostly focusing on developed markets. This article aims to explore...
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The Impact of Strategic Alliance on Corporate Performance: Evidence from Tesla

Yihua Chen
Nowadays, issues like sustainable development and clean energy have drawn the attention from all walks of life. As a result, the electric vehicle industry is developing ever rapidly, and one of the most successful manufacturers of electric vehicles, Tesla, has caught people’s sight. Behind the success...
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The Calculation of Market Capitalization of Enterprises Based on Discounted Cash Flow Method

An Application on Razer Inc.

Kerong Wang
The gaming hardware industry is believed to be positively influenced by the pandemic, the demand for valuation of those enterprises has also increased. This paper aims to give an assessment and valuation of Razer Inc. while also studying how the company and the whole gaming hardware industry have performed...
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A Comparative Analysis of Multiple Linear Regression Models and Neural Networks for Stock Price Prediction - Take BYD as an Example

Yixuan Zhao
In the context of global efforts to combat the climate warming, energy saving and emission reduction, China has also put forward the goal of achieving carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, and the new energy industry has received key support and development, and is also favored by capital,...
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The Study of the Reason for Continuously Growth GDP in China under COVID-19 through a Company’s Perspective

Yuyan Wang
Under COVID-19, the GDP of different countries is affected in different states. For China, GDP continued to grow during this period. This paper provides a summary and analysis of different literature and statistics on the impact of COVID on different aspects, including the impact of low income and the...
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Innovative Analysis of Internet Enterprise Management Mode Under the Background of Big Data —Taking Xiaohongshu as an Example

Jiaqi Wang, Menghan Gao
The arrival of the era of big data has injected new vitality into Internet companies. The generation and application of computer technologies such as the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and mobile data platforms provide opportunities and possibilities for the innovation of business models of Internet...
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Research on Partner System—Taking Goldman Such as an Example

Shuqi Liu
Goldman Sachs is a company that has grown very large in recent years. The most important factor contributed to its success is partnership. In this paper, it will focus on Goldman Sachs’ partnership system by the method of literature review, and relevant data used in this paper are derived from major...
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Research on Estée Lauder’s Competition and Marketing Model

Cunlong Geng, Hanxi Wang
Cosmetics are an indispensable part of people’s lives and everyone can be a consumer. Estée Lauder is expanding their scale. In the past period, Estée Lauder’s adopted correct strategy to respond the COVID-19 Pandemic and global market has been growing with a good trend. In this article, Estée Lauder...
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Déjà vu: A Case Study in Marketing Mix Problems

Haoyu Chen
As technology has been highly enhanced, online product is progressively taking over offline product in most countries. Bookstores are one of typical products that meet the trends. Increasingly, more bookstores are transferring their focus from offline to online. However, it doesn’t mean to give up all...
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Investigation on the Mechanism of American Put Option Pricing under Binomial Consideration

YiCheng Mou, MingYu Li, HanKe Li, Bingrong Shi
American options are style of options which allows the holder to exercise their rights at any time before and including the expiration date. Different from European options, that only allows the holder to exercise their right at the expiration date, American options seems to bring the holders with more...
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Financial Crisis Analysis of Evergrande Group from the Perspective of Game Theory

Zexuan Wang, Kesu Ye, Dianying Zhu
With the gradual implementation of the national deleveraging policy and changes in the internal business environment of enterprises, debt default events occur frequently, and many enterprises are facing a serious financial crisis. This paper takes Evergrande, a leading real estate enterprise, as the...
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A Study of the Luxury Brand Marketing Strategy and Its Influence on Consumers

Yuyang Wei
The concept of luxury consumer goods has been extended from ancient times until modern times, when industrialization and the progress of social system have made the trade of goods more liberal. Luxury goods have gradually changed from being the exclusive goods of the privileged class to a kind of consumer...
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Localized Advertising Strategy of Multinational Corporations in Chinese Market

A Study on Chinese-oriented Advertising Strategy of Procter & Gamble

Yuxin Song
With the development of economic globalization and the Chinese economy, it has become an inevitable trend for multinational companies to explore the Chinese market. During this process, multinational enterprises will unavoidably encounter the challenge of cross-cultural communication. In such circumstances,...
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Transformation of Traditional Energy Company under the Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutrality Targets

Evidence from China Shenhua

Jiayu Chen, Yuanchuang Hu, Yushi Yu, Yuzi Zhang
Environmental issues and energy crisis are one of the major challenges facing humanity in this century. This paper first analyses the environmental change crisis and points out the carbon neutral agreement reached by global countries. Then it focuses on China and explains China’s carbon peaking and carbon...
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An Analysis of Strategic Alliance

Evidence from Renault Nissan Group and Diamler AG

Yiru Wang
Renault Nissan Group and Daimler formed a strategic alliance in April 2010, which had become the third largest automobile group in the world. They announced joint effort in research and development and production of small cars, engines and trucks. But then the CEO of Daimler Zetsche retired in 2019....
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The Digital Transformation of Cars

Yushu Cao, Yutong Qiu, Yiwei Yuan, Keyi Zhang
With the development of science and technology, digital technology is gradually applied in all walks of life to improve efficiency and function. The automobile industry is also involved in this digital transformation, and the networked automobile is the product of automobile digitalization. Vehicle to...
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An Analysis and Prospect of Video Streaming Industry: Evidence from Netflix Inc

Ziqian Zhao
The purpose of this paper is to explore the business model of the video and streaming industry and give practical suggestions combining the current situation and future forecast. This paper starts by reviewing the context of the industry as a whole. The author then demonstrates Netflix, a successful...
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Core Competitive Strategies in Sport Product Market

Evidence from Lulu lemon

Xinyi Zhu
With the market share of various large sports brands almost stable, Lulu lemon squeezed into the market with its unique business strategy and grew rapidly. From a small shop next to the yoga studio to more than five hundred branches today, Lulu lemon has come a long way. This paper explains the background...
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Analysis of Enterprise Development from the Perspective of the Cost

Yuchen Yang
The continuous expansion of output value of production enterprises makes the competition between industries more and more fierce. In order to further improve economic benefits and achieve stable and healthy development of enterprises, cost management becomes the focus of enterprise management. Although...
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Evolution of Tripartite Dynamic Game and Simulation Analysis among Regulators, Fund Managers and Investors

Hang Lu, Jiale Shen, Ruolin Yang
In recent years, securities investment fund plays an increasingly important role in China’s securities market, which is a collective securities investment mode of interest co-existence and risk-sharing. However, principal-agent problems arise due to information asymmetry and utility imbalance among three...
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Analysis of Fisher Effects between Nominal Interests and Inflation

Ying Zhong
The interest rate is the borrowing price in the capital market, while the real interest rate is the interest rate level after deducting the price factor from the nominal interest rate. The real interest rate not only affects the savings, consumption and investment decisions of micro subjects, but also...
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The Development and Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency

Xujia Huang, Ziyu Yang, Chenkai Zhou
Digital currency, which is a kind of digital token that exists on a distributed and decentralized ledger, is under the spotlight of the public’s discussion. Chinese government desires to promote the establishment of a currency service system that is oriented to the digital economy era, which is beneficial...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Undergraduate Students’ Major Choice

Based on a Survey from an International High School in Shenzhen

Zihao Feng
Due to the economy’s improvement, young people’s plan is different from those in the past as the Major choice is an essential part of the plan; this paper can analyze the changes in the future planning of young people by studying the major choices undergraduate students. This paper conducts a questionnaire...
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Better Ways to Make Investment Decisions

Ke Hua
With the development of the economy, the focus of the company’s development shifts to investment decision-making. The indicators used in evaluating investment options are divided into discounted and non-discounted indicators. Discounted indicators take the time value factor into account, including net...
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Disputes between Multinational Enterprises and Workers in International Settings

Zhou Li, Yijiang Liu, Xiaoya Wang, Hao Zhang
Under the development of globalization, more and more companies are expanding their business scope to all regions of the world. However, this has also exacerbated a series of labour rights problems including forced labour and fraud. This thesis analyses the reasons for the failure of some relevant laws...
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The Impact of Digital Economy on Innovation Behavior: A Study on Chinese Market

Zehao Jing
In the new era of information, innovation has been a vital factor for technology and social development. As a product of innovation between economics and IT, digital economy expands its width and depth and is becoming an important pillar of the economy. If the effect of digital economy on innovation...
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Correlation Analysis of Stock Returns and Financial Indicators of Starbucks Corporation

Yiwen Yan
As the economy continues to develop, the factors affecting investors and stock prices in the stock market continue to become complex, and the financial indicators in the financial reports of listed companies are also the focus of investors. People are paying more and more attention to the research on...
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Value Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Industry Investment

Based on China’s A-share Market

Xinyi Rao
In order to deeply understand the long-term value investment of the biomedical sector, this paper analyzes the fundamentals by using financial indicators. From the economic perspective, the financial data of biomedicine in a-share market in recent ten years are used to analyze the market performance,...
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The Impact of Internet Finance on Interest Income and Non-interest Income of Commercial Banks: Empirical Evidence from China

Wenzhen Li
With the development of the technology, internet finance has become one of the fastest-growing industries in China in recent years. Its business involves lending, savings, payment and investment, which coincided with the main business of banks. In order to study the impact of internet finance on the...
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On the Construction of International Investment Dispute Arbitration Appeal Mechanism

Zhuohao Jia
Today’s international investment dispute (ISDS) arbitration is facing the uncertainty and inconsistency of arbitral awards. At the same time, the ISDS arbitration also lacks an effective error correction mechanism. These problems seriously undermine the international credibility of ISDS arbitration....
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Research and Development of Precision Ecological Agriculture Management Platform Based on Internet of Things Technology (CPCI)

Hongbin Pan
This paper mainly introduces the significance, key technologies and application of the Internet of Things in the agricultural field of the application of the Internet of Things technology to the precision ecological agriculture management platform, so as to realize the intelligence and precision of agricultural...
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Study on the Legal Regulation of Multinational Corporations on Environmental Human Rights

Yakun An
As international exchanges become more frequent and the global economy develops rapidly, more and more multinational companies are setting up factories in China to expand their scale or scope. The establishment of factories in China to expand their scale or scope comes with the consequent damage to the...
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China’s Anti-Unfair Competition Law on Data Crawling

Xinpeng Liu
Data economy is an important development feature of the 21st century. Data has become an important competitive resource among enterprises. However, China’s legal system does not properly manage data, and emerging competitive resources. Data capture competition law regulation is one of them. In judicial...
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“Smart Village” Method in Rural Development Research

Three States in U.S. as an Example

Yaoxun Tang
Innovation has gradually become a focus of attention in modern times, and plays an important role in the development of the world economy. At the same time, rural development needs attention while urbanization is developing rapidly. Under the theory of sustainable development and innovation, the assessment...
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The Application of Big Data in the Insurance Industry-with Potential Risks and Possible Solutions

Yude Li
Big data is coming into use across industries. In recent years, the position of insurance in the financial industry is gradually rising. Life insurance and property insurance are two major types of commercial insurance, with the addition of big data technology, diversified applications are also emerging....
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Research on Long-lasting Momentum Factor in Weekly Returns of the Chinese Stock Market

Haoze Li
The momentum effect has always been a hot topic in the research of the stock market by domestic and foreign scholars. In 2008, Roberto found that in the American stock market, an inverse and long-lasting continuation in returns ensues from the well-documented brief reversal. Besides, evidence demonstrates...
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Research of the B2B Consumers Behavior of the Lighting Industry in the U.S. E-commerce Market

Ziyang Diao
The past decade has been a booming decade for the North American e-commerce market. E-commerce is gradually becoming more and more accepted as an alternative to store retail, especially in the lighting industry. Using the case study and comparative analysis method, this paper mainly explores the current...
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Structure and Transformation of Enterprise Supply Chain Management in the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Era

Linyu Wang
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, and now it is an era of COVID-19 prevention and control. This paper lists the concept of supply chain management (SCM) and its impact on enterprises, and then analyzes the existing problems and opportunities by literature review. Four solutions are concluded...
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Personality, Cognitive Bias and Entrepreneur Decision-making

Yang Han
When people talk about the necessary features of being a successful entrepreneur, one of the most important characteristics is the ability to make decisions with limited information. However, the decision-making process is easily influenced by many cognitive biases, especially for entrepreneurs, a group...
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Analysis of Business Model and Financial Operation: Evidence from Apple

Xiwen Zhang
Technology is becoming more and more important to the world, even affecting various industries. The great material and spiritual wealth are derived from science and technology’s progress. A small step in technological progress is a big step for human civilization. This article takes the world’s largest...
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Current Situation and Development of Trend of Chinese Mobile Game Development

Weilong Bao
The primary aim of the current study aims to assess the current situation of the mobile game industry, determine how the Chinese gaming industry developed in the past few decades, and examine the marketing model game developers use to succeed in China. Mobile game industry has significantly expanded...
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An Assessment about the Business and Profitability Analysis for Netflix

Haoyu Meng, Jiayi Zhang, Yifang Zhang, Wanbing Zhou
This project is to make a detailed analysis of Netflix Inc to assess the business strategy and profitability condition of Netflix Inc. Netflix Inc is a good case in the media streaming industry because it has a rapid development in the last 10 years and takes a large share of its national market together...
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Chinese Blind Box Market Needs Regulating

Lige Fu, Zheyu Zhao
China’s rapidly developing economy and the sound Internet era have had an integral influence on the prosperity and rise of the blind box industry. This paper focuses on the lack of market regulation and the corresponding adjustments that need to be made in the context of the era of blind box emergence....
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China’s Huawei in the Us-China Trade War in the Communications Sector Game

Liying Wang
In recent years, Huawei has provided communications operators and professional network owners all over the world with hardware, software, services, and solutions as the world’s largest telecommunications equipment supplier, the world’s second-largest telecommunications base station equipment supplier,...
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Research on the Impact of Tax Burden of Listed Companies on Investment and Employment under the Policy of “Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction”

Based on the Panel Data of A-share Listed Companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen

Pengjiao Guo
Faced with the complex economic situation, especially the impact of COVID-19, China has implemented a large-scale tax and fee reduction policy to achieve the goal of “stabilizing investment and employment”. This paper uses the data of China’s A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2012...
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Research on the Marketing Strategy of Joybo

Haiyan Yang
With the rapid development of China, more and more young people’s consumption power has become much stronger. They were eager to find a much more tasty and fashionable liquor band. And Joybo was designed for them and it has become very popular among young people in a short term due to its customer-centered...
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The Effect of Equity Incentive on Corporate Performance

BangXuan Li
In 2006, Chinese listed companies began to implement the standard stock option incentive plan, but there are still many problems in the implementation process. In this paper, 30,867 samples of listed companies that have implemented stock option incentive from 2011 to 2019 are used as research samples,...
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A Critical Exploration of How China’s Regional Markets Differences Influence MNCs’ Strategy

Caidan Duojie
Not all MNCs can make a profit in China despite the massive market opportunities. MNCs which believe China is a homogenous market have failed to benefit from China. The evidence gathered in this research paper shows that China has many submarkets. These submarkets show differences in region, culture,...
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Comparative Research on Credit Risk of Hang Seng Bank Before and After COVID-19 Based on KMV Model

Di Tang
The COVID-19 outbreak can be described as a giant ‘black swan’ which has shattered the stabilization of the Hong Kong economy since 2019. To study how exactly the COVID-19 pandemic has really affected Hong Kong’s macro economy, this article selects Hang Seng Bank, the most representative index issuing...
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Evaluation of Operating Efficiency of Small and Medium Sized Technology Enterprises based on DEA Model: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province

Ruoheng Hu
In recent years, Jiangsu Province has introduced a series of support policies to help small and medium-sized technology enterprises flourish, and also provide impetus for the economic development of Jiangsu Province. Using DEA model, this paper provides a scientific evaluation of the operational efficiency...
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Analysis on the Market Design of Teacher Assignment

Ruonan Gao
Evidently, teachers are essential, but the unequal distribution of teachers’ quality between our and affluent neighborhoods commonly exists across the world. This paper will discuss how to eliminate this inequality using market design. Previous evidence suggests a potential opportunity to improve teachers’...
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How Fast-Fashion Brands Went Viral—Taking Zara as an Example

Ziyi Yin
As more consumers are pursuing the newness and uniqueness of fashion products, fashion apparel industry has been forced to launch new collections far more frequently, preventing from being kicked out from the over-saturated market. After seeing great profit in the fast-fashion industry, many retailers...
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An Empirical Study on the Effect of M&A Payment Methods of US Companies

Ting Liu
In M&A activities, the effects of different payment methods vary. This paper analyses the abnormal income of the target company in the M&A window and concludes that the M&A event would indeed bring evident income via the event research method. Because of tax differences and information asymmetry,...
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Variations in Segment Operating Results of Diversified Entertainment Media Companies Under Covid-19

Based on a Case Study of Disney

Ziyi Jia
This paper aims to research the impact of COVID-19 on Disney’s revenues and operating income in the fiscal year 2020-2021 and analyze the earnings of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products two segments, as well as the change rate of subdivided businesses,...
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The Impact of Foreign Ownership on Chinese Stock Liquidity

Jingyong Wang, Chujun Zheng, Qingrong Chen
This paper investigates the relationship between foreign ownership and stock liquidity in China during 2010-2018. We find that foreign ownership has a negative effect on stock liquidity in the main board and SMEs board, while no impact on the GEM board. Foreign investors as informed traders can reduce...
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Literature Review of Internet Finance Supervision in China

Hangfan Tian
The marriage of internet and finance gave birth to online lending, whose purpose is to solve the capital needs of small and micro businesses and individuals and open up growth opportunities for them. However, the lack of clear regulatory mechanisms has caused online lending to stray away from its intentions....
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Analysis on Psychological Behavior of Chinese Luxury Consumers and Development Strategy of Luxury Goods

Yanzhe Zhang
Since the reform and opening up, luxury jewelry consumption has gradually entered certain social strata with the continuous development of China’s social economy, the continuous improvement of the income level of the Chinese people, and the change of consumption patterns. The middle class is willing...
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Carrefour’s Current Development Situation and Its Valuation

Qixuan Hua
Brick-and-mortar retail has been hit hard by the rise of the digital age, and Amazon’s unique business model fits the digital model so well that it has eclipsed other offline retailers. As a result, today’s offline retailers have received little focus. As a result, many offline grocers have begun to...
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A Research of Development Ability of Liquor Industry: Evidence from Kweichow Moutai

Yichen Li
Focusing on the development quality of enterprises in the liquor industry, this paper selects 16 representative listed enterprises, and uses the cross-sectional data in 2021 to score and classify enterprises through factor analysis and cluster analysis. From the perspectives of the industry-level and...
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The Core Logic of Fan Economy and the Trend of Business Model

Enterprises Choose Partners to Use Fan Economy for Marketing

Yingnan Duan
Supported by Internet technology, the Fan Economy has become commonplace on major platforms and is more organized, expressive, and deeply engaging. As information spreads in a disconnected state, it advances the localization of the Fan Economy as well as the individualization of consumption. Under the...
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Python-based Research on the Impact of the New Crown Epidemic on Financial Markets

Zhuoqun Li
With the continuous spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the real economy has suffered the worst impact since the 20th century, and the financial market has also suffered a significant impact. This paper studies data acquisition, data cleaning, and data visualization in the process of data mining...
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Innovation of Campus Express Terminal Delivery Mode during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Runqi Wang, Zhihong Tian
The overlapping effects of epidemic prevention and control measures and the development of online shopping have exposed various problems that already exist in the campus express terminal delivery. There are two requirements, one is optimizing the operation processes of the on-campus post station, and...
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Capabilities Analysis of Dianping Based on Teece Model

Shibin Zhang
The Internet created a volatile and unpredictable business environment. With Teece model, the economic phenomena can be viewed in a dynamic way to master the basic rules of running a firm in a complex business environment, which requires a combination of theory and practical business cases. The author...
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Statistics and Big Data in Business Marketing

Yuwei Chen
In a society where information speed and development are extremely fast, it needs to make good use of all the available information to reduce uncertainty. As a result, the author intends to discuss statistics and big data in business marketing using existing literature and case studies. Specifically,...
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Competition Between New Energy Vehicles and Traditional Automobile

Runze Wu
The main objective of this research is to analyze the difference between traditional motor vehicles and new energy vehicles. Chapter 2-4 introduces some basic knowledge of new energy vehicles and analyzes traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles through sales comparison, related technology development,...