Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Challenges: Strategic Adaptation in The World of Uncertainties (ICECH 2022)

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Tra Lam Pham, Quang Huy Pham
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Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees’ Job Performance: A Case Study of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company

Thi Hoai Nhung Duong, Thuy Trang Nguyen
The study investigated the relationships of the five dimensions of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills of employees to their job performance in the information technology industry through a case study of FPT Telecom Joint Stock company. The...
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A Multi-group Analysis of the Impact of Lean Manufacturing Practices on Operational Performance: Does the National Culture Matter?

Le Nguyen Hoang
Although there are abundant studies addressing the technical aspects of lean manufacturing, few have been done to examine the influence of national culture on its effectiveness. Moreover, the “true” relationship between national culture and operational performance from practising lean manufacturing is...
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Strategic Planning Method for Vietnamese Business Associations

Minh Nguyen Dang, Dung Pham Tien
The purpose of this research is to develop the method of organizational development strategy planning which most fits with the specific conditions of Vietnamese business associations. The results of this research may help to solve the problem of the shortage of effective organization development strategy...
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Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Value: Empirical Evidence from Vietnam

Giang Tra Thi Dang, Anh Nguyen Huu, Thao Phuong Nguyen
This research investigates the impact of corporate governance on firm value by using the panel data collected from non-financial listed firms on both Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) and Ha Noi Stock Exchange in Vietnam. The research sample is included 200 non-financial listed companies over the period...
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Study on the Intention and Behavior Complying with Accounting Information System Security Policy: The Case of Vietnam

Trung Nguyen Quoc, Binh Nguyen Huu
The digital-driven economy leads to many opportunities and many challenges for businesses concerning information system security. This is the reason why more managers concentrate on promulgating and enforcing accounting information system security policies. Research on AISSP compliance behavior, therefore,...
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Building the Economic Efficiency Assessment Model of the Grid-Tied Rooftop Solar Power with Storage Project

Dat Do Van, Lam Nguyen Hoang, Banh Thi Hong Lan
According to Decision No. 13/2020/QD-TTg dated April 6, 2020 by the Prime Minister on the mechanism to encourage the development of rooftop solar power in Vietnam will expire after December 31, 2020. To harmonize the interests of households and the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), a grid-connected rooftop...
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The Role of Resources and Capabilities in Airline Competitiveness and Competitive Position: The Case of Vietjet Air

Thoa Hoang Thi Kim
The purpose of this study is to develop a model that depicts the effect of resources and capabilities on airline competitiveness and competitive position. The scale and research hypotheses are tested using data from a survey of 570 Vietjet Air employees. The study’s findings confirmed the significance...
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The Queueing Model on the Parking Area: A Case Study at Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Cuong Duong Manh, Mai Nguyen Thi
This research aims to determine the queue model in a motorcycle parking area during rush hours at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) and its performance measures. Queuing for parking at the D3 – D5 parking lot is considered a case study. The observation approach is used to collect data...
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The Effects of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Intellectual Capital to Process Innovation – Research from Generating Electricity Enterprises in Vietnam

Tuan Vu Hong, Trang Doan Thi Thu
Innovation is regarded as being essential to a company's long-term competitiveness. Based on the theory of upper echelons, concretized into Business Leadership Style and A Knowledge-based Theory of the Firm (A theory based on corporate knowledge), specifically transformed into intellectual capital...
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How Does Technology Innovation Influences Education: A Case of Applying Gamification to Teaching in Business School

Ninh Do Thi Hai, Quyen Phan Thi Bao
This study is to analyze the use of gamification technologies in teaching economics and business courses in an effort to better understand how gamification can be applied to education. Gamification is an innovative and enjoyable way to inspire students and enhance their learning. As a result of its potential...
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Identifying the CFO Skills to Achieve Business Recovery in the Covid-19 Postcrisis Period: A Delphi Study

Hiep Thien Trinh
The pandemic of COVID-19 is posing a threat to businesses around the world, prompting them to reconsider their business strategies in order to survive. Businesses have had to confront a variety of concerns, such as supply chain interruptions, shifting customer behaviours, employee safety, and new work...
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The Impact of App Experience, Livestream and Personal Coach on Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study from an English Centre

Dung Nguyen Tien, Anh Do Ha
This paper aims to study the impact of the study app, livestream class and personal coach on customer satisfaction in learning basic English language at an English centre. A sample of 138 customers who bought English learning books from an English education company was surveyed to study the...
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Imports of Intermediate Inputs and Product Innovation in Asian Countries

Dung Nguyen Van, Oanh Dinh Thi Thu , Thao Nguyen Kim, Xuan Ngo Thi Hai, Ly Truong Thi Minh
This study examines the role of imports of intermediate inputs in product innovation in the context of ASEAN countries. While there have been many studies examining the role of exporting activities on innovation, the role played by importing activities is less explored. In fact, intermediate input imports...
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Applying Genetic Algorithm for Line Balancing Problem in Garment Manufacture

Hoa Nguyen Thi Xuan, Anh Vu Hai, Anh Nguyen Quang
The garment industry is one of the most intensely competitive in the world, and productivity is essential to sustaining that competitiveness. As one of the sectors that utilizes a large number of people and various activities at workstations, the garment industry is one that places a high priority on...
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The Audit Committee’s Forecasted Impact on the Timeliness of Financial Statements in the Current Unpredictable Business Environment – Evidence in Vietnamese Listed Joint Stock Companies

Loi Huynh, Duc Le Doan Minh, Anh Tran Thi Hue, Viet Phung Quoc
This article aims to analyze the influence of the Audit Committee (AC) in the organizational structure of the joint stock company on the timeliness of the Financial Statements (FS). AC is a new part of the organizational structure of the joint-stock company in Vietnam, which had just been legislated...
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Host Residents’ Support and Perceptions Toward Major Sport Events’ Impacts on Sustainable Development Post-COVID19: Case Study of SEAGAMES 31

Hoa Nguyen Quynh, Chris (Ning) Chen, Chi Pham Chi
The COVID19 pandemic has damaged the global well-being, resulted in increasing poverty and unemployment due to lockdowns and other mobility restrictions and is considered as the deepest global recession since the Second World War (World Bank, 2020). Due to the uncertain circumstance, many sport events...
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Theoretical Framework for the Influence of Crucial Factors on Green Banking Strategy Implementation

Anh Nguyen
Over the past decade, most research in sustainable development has emphasised the implementation of green banking as an essential component of the transition to Sustainable Financial 2.0. By maximising the integrated value, which integrates financial, social, and environmental value, it provides stakeholder...
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A Study on Demand - Side Factors Affecting Internal Audit Effectiveness in Private Companies in Vietnam

Thu Phạm Thị Bich
This research aims to investigate effects of demand-side factors influencing internal audit effectiveness in private companies in Vietnam. Conducting a survey, 228 questionnaires were sent to managers, audit committee members, head of internal control department and external auditors of private companies...
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Information Technology Continuance in the External Audit Profession: Evidence from Vietnam

Hung Nguyen Xuan, Yen Nguyen Thi Hoang
This study presents a research model that combines rational action, represented by perceived usefulness, subjective norm, continuance intention and empirical response to shape external auditor’s continuance behavior using a particular technology. By collecting primary data through surveys on continuance...
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Business Leaders’ Mindset and Firms’ Capabilities Change Towards the Adoption of Technology and Innovation Through Government Sponsored Entrepreneurial Training Programs: The Case of Hertfordshire, UK

Christopher Brown, Thuy Nguyen Thi Thu, Giang Nguyen Thuc Huong
The UK Government and many of the key sectors are increasingly focusing on growth, sustainability, and diversity. The paper explores the impact of a national programme to help the small business community (including micro and SMEs) to grow their businesses, with particular focus on the entrepreneurial...
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Circular Economy: Drivers and Barriers to Development – Experience from Other Countries to Vietnam

Thuy Trinh Thu
As resource use is increasing globally, natural resources are nowadays more constraint and expensive, the extraction and usage of resources have a remarkable impact on the environment. The efficient use of resources is at the heart of current policies across countries. All policies recognize the need...
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Motivating Accounting Information Systems Security Policy Compliance: Insight from the Protection Motivation Theory and the Theory of Reasoned Action

Trung Nguyen Quoc, Quyen Phan Thi Bao, Binh Nguyen Huu, An Nguyen Phuoc Bao
This study aims to explore the factors that motivate individuals to comply with accounting information systems security policies (AISSP) in Vietnam based on the Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) and the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA). The survey method was acquired for doing the study. Our findings...
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Does R&D Always Support Sustainable Growth? Evidence from an Emerging Economy

Thuy Van Vu Thi, Thuy Do Thi Thu, Le Dao Thi Nhat
This paper aims to investigate the relationship between sustainable growth rate (SGR) and research and development activities (RD) in an emerging economy. Along with the development of information technology and the explosion of creativity, we want to evaluate the impact of RD on the development of the...
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Financial Reporting Quality and Sustainable Development Information: Evidence from Vietnamese Listed Firms

Nguyet Nguyen Thi Thu
Sustainable development information is a form of reporting on the implementation of social and environmental responsibilities that must be included in the company’s annual report or sustainable report. However, how extensive or how much this information must release is still voluntary. This motivated...
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Impact of IFRS Application on Firm Performance Through Disclosure Quality

Nha Nguyen Minh, Duong Nguyen Van, Hai Tran Thi Thanh
The paper examines the change of firm performance of listed companies by considering the influence of IFRS application. Furthermore, the mediating effect of disclosure quality is also considered in this study with Southeast Asian countries context. The application of IFRS has had a huge impact on the...
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A Framework for Managing Organizational Change in the Context of Digital Transformation

Hoang Pham Minh, Hong Pham Thi Thanh
Today organizations have confronted a dynamic environment and open-end changes from the VUCA world; they must always competitively struggle to change themselves to increase operational efficiency, financial effectiveness, and strategic capabilities development for survival. Along with changes, they must...
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The Contingency Factors, Integrated Performance Measures and Organizational Performance – Evidences from Vietnamese Manufacturing Enterprises

Hoang Oanh Le, Anh Hoa Tran, Dinh Truc Le
Literature reviews on performance measurement systems propose that firms should focus more on non-financial performance measures in addition to financial measures. This research will empirically investigate whether some contingency factors motivate the firms to use the integrated performance measures...
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Corporate Governance and the Accuracy of Analysts’ Earnings Forecast in Vietnam

Hanh Minh Thai, Trang Ha Thi Thu, Son Pham Ngoc, Anh Mai Thi
The paper aims to examine the influence of corporate governance on the accuracy of analyst’s earnings forecasts in Vietnamese stock markets. Although previous studies have examined the influence of corporate governance on the accuracy of analysts’ earnings forecasts, there has been no study in Vietnam...
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Human Rights and Business: A Lesson from Vietnam

Hang Nguyen Thi Thuy, Huong Nguyen Thanh, Dan Nguyen Thi Thanh
The purpose of the study is to propose lessons on integrating responsible business and human rights in Vietnamese enterprises through systematizing the theoretical basis and analysing experiences in responsible business implementation and human rights of some businesses in the world. The study shows...
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The Effect of Word – of – Mouth on the Adoption Behavior of Mobile Banking in Vietnam

Thuy Phan Chung, Loan Nguyen Thi Ngoc, Linh Nguyen Thi My, An Vu Xuan
The effect of Word-of-Mouth on customer behavior has been studied in many countries. However, this effect hasn't been found, especially in the Vietnamese banking industry . This study, therefore, aims to examine whether Word-of-Mouth is the main driver of the adoption behavior of mobile banking...
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Investors’ Perception About Information Disclosure of Company Performance: Case of Vietnam Stock Exchange

Giang Ngo Thu, Giang Dao Nguyen Thuy
The financial market in Vietnam has also been evolving quickly in recent years Today, thousands of companies have been listed on Vietnam stock exchangeInvestorsors need information for making investment decisions This paper aims to examine the importance of information disclosure about company performance...