Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Management, Accounting and Sustainable Economy (ICBMASE 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Ahmad Farabi, Sharifah Nabilah Syed Salleh, Qurroh Ayuniyyah, Nawalin Nazah
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICBMASE 2023 during 23 October 2023 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description...
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The Effects of Price Perception, Promotion, and Service Quality on Stay Decision at Warga Villa Umalas, Bali, through Brand Image

Werry Oksyania, Andini Nurwulandari
Bali as a tourist destination has a great demand by both domestic and foreign tourists, has not been spared from the exposure of Covid-19 which has caused people to lose their sources of income and many businesses closed down due to inability to survive the pandemic. Since 2021 the government has reopened...
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The Influence of Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, Customer Capital, and Liquidity on The Firm’s Value, Study of Companies Listed in the Bumn20 Index with Company Growth as Intervening Variable

Nurkhalis Bestari, Andini Nurwulandari
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effect of Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, Customer Capital and Liquidity on Firm Value through Firm Growth in BUMN20 companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research used Time Series data. The data collected is quantitative data of 20 samples of...
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The Influence of brand image, service quality, and perceived security on stakeholder loyalty: The moderating effect of stakeholder satisfaction

Rachmad Erwanto, Kumba Digdowiseso
This study aims to analyze the effect of Brand Image, Service Quality, and Perceived Security on stakeholder loyalty in Electronic-Based Government Systems (SPBE), with a focus on Information Technology Security Assessment (ITSA) services by the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN). Data were obtained...
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Maximizing Customer Satisfaction in B2B and Its Impact on Cooperating Decision

Nabila Indira Indrianti, Rahayu Lestari
This study seeks to evaluate the impact of service quality, transport quality, and price on customer satisfaction and their subsequent influence on partnership decisions within PT Elnusa Petrofin. Employing a survey methodology through questionnaires, the research involves a sample of 162 respondents....
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Employee Idea Generation: Does Religiosity Matter? Three-Way Interaction Between Religiosity, Servant Leadership, And Talent Management

Santi Retno Sari
Generating ideas is part of creativity to innovate. Innovation is very crucial in today’s business world. Therefore, this research contributes by including religiosity, which interacts with two other factors, namely servant leadership (SL) and talent management, which influence the generation of employee...
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Factors Influencing Career Interest in the Tourism Industry (Case Study on Students of the National University Tourism Study Program)

Putri Aulia Ardani, Gagih Pradini
This study aims to analyze the influence of socioeconomic, environmental, and life outlook factors on the career interests of National University Tourism Study Program students in the tourism industry. This study used quantitative methods using Likert measuring devices with primary data obtained from...
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Strategies Management of The Production Loss Risk Control In The Food Crop Cultivation System

Farida Farida
This research aims to identify factors that cause the risk of production loss, analyze the main risk, and analyze alternative strategies for controlling the risk of production loss in the edamame food commodity cultivation system. The sampling method was Simple Random Sampling, and the sample size was...
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Designing a CRM Application: Enhancing Promotional Strategies Efficiency to Increase the Number of New Students at the University of National

Dhieka Avrilia Lantana, Marsudi Marsudi, Ariana Azimah, Tri Waluyo, Fauziah Fauziah
This research aims to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for the university to enhance the efficiency of promotional strategies to increase the number of new students and eliminate manual tasks in the process. In this research, the software development method used was Rapid...
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The Moderating Role of Audit Quality on Financial Statement Integrity

Novia Iklima, Molina Molina
This research was conducted to analyze the influence of the audit committee and company size on the integrity of financial reports and determine the influence of audit quality in moderating the influence of the audit committee and company size on the integrity of financial reports. This research uses...
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IPO Performance: Does It Improve Post-COVID-19?

Melati Melati
This research aims to analyze how COVID-19 affects Initial Public Offering (IPO) performance by comparing the data consisting of 37 cases during COVID-19 and 25 cases post-COVID-19 using the independent sample t-test. The results show that the share offering rate and trading volume experienced a significant...
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A Systematic Literature Review on Trends in Financial Behavior Research among the Indonesian Millennial Generation

Adam Nurkholik
Increasing effective financial behavior is the main goal that must be achieved for the millennial generation in Indonesia. This study aims to investigate important information from various studies discussing the financial behavior of the millennial generation in Indonesia. This study uses a systematic...
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Governance and Financial Constraints as Moderating the Relationship Between Cash Holdings and Firm Value

Adilah Permananingrum
The relationship between the ideal amount of cash a company holds and the firm value produces varying results. This research, therefore, contributes to this relationship by looking at the role of corporate governance and financial constraints. The sample was taken using a purposive sampling technique,...
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Just click away: Building the feature of the “Umice” travel app for more excellent Indonesian tourist promotion

Nurwulandari Mutiara Adzani Putri, Anisa Putri Kusumaningrum
Tourism is one of the world’s sectors of attention to recover from its post-pandemic slump and the hospitality industry which is an essential part of tourism activities. In the digital era, digital travel preparation is more popular, so travel booking support applications are the focus in planning and...
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MSME Performance in FinTech Era: Financial Literacy, Peer to Peer Lending, and Financial Attitudes

Istiqomah Istiqomah, Andini Nurwulandari
This research aims to analyze the effect of financial literacy, peer-to-peer lending (P2P), and financial attitudes on the financial performance of MSME actors in Kuningan Barat Village, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta. Methodology The data were gathered by the distribution of questionnaires. The sample...
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Customer Satisfaction at an Upscale Restaurant in Indonesia Post-Covid-19: Personal Hygiene and Service Quality

Muhammad Fakihuddin, Liliana Dewi
After the pandemic, customers are increasingly aware of cleanliness, and their demands for restaurant satisfaction are also increasingly aware of the importance of cleanliness. This research was conducted at Incanto Restaurant Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta to know personal hygiene and service quality...
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The Role of Sustainability Reporting, Green Accounting, and Growth In Increasing the Company’s Share Price

Ibnu Rizky Hermawan, Zumratul Meini
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become a reference for various companies in United Nations (UN) member states to contribute to reducing social inequality and environmental maintenance in achieving sustainable development. Companies that contribute positively to environmental protection or maintenance...
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Analysis of the Effect of Diversification and Transfer Pricing Strategies on Tax Burden

Novika Amalia Setia Putri, Erwin Indriyanto
This study aims to analyze the effect of diversification and transfer pricing strategies on tax expense (empirical study of food and beverage sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2019–2022 period). Purposive sampling was employed as the sampling approach for this investigation,...
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Analysis of Implementing the Sakti Application Successfully Based on The User’s Net Benefit View

Muhammad As’ad, Arni Karina, Safira Khairunnisa
This research was conducted to measure the success rate of implementing the application system supporting state financial management in the government work unit, SAKTI, on net benefits associated with application user satisfaction. Analysis of the success of this system was carried out using the DeLone...
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Netflix Subscription Interest in Generation Z: Mobile Advertising, Service Quality, and Price Perception

Yulinasari Gabriela Maranatha, Subur Karyatun
Generation Z is a generation that has been in contact with the digital world since birth. It is interesting to know how the generation always close to technology responds to their interest in subscribing to entertainment applications. Therefore, this research aims to analyze the influence of mobile advertising,...
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The Influence of Online Trust, Sales Promotion and Electronic Word of Mouth on Repurchase Intention

Putri Adwi Ramadani, Resti Hardini
The level of competition for e-commerce trade is getting tougher. Studies to support the sustainability of e-commerce are still in demand. This sustainability is demonstrated by interest in repurchasing. Therefore, this research examines the determining factors in increasing repurchase interest among...
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The Role of Dividend Policy in Mediating the Influence of Marketing Activities, Asset Growth, and Business Risk on Firm Value

Tri Yulianto, Hasanudin Hasanudin
This research aims to explore the influence or impact of marketing activities, asset growth, and business risk on company value by including dividend policy as an intervening variable. The data comes from the website and includes financial reports of manufacturing companies in the food...
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NCT Dreams Fanbase Purchase decision on Somethinc: Korean Wave, Brand Image, and Brand Ambassador

Aufa Ashri Dhamayanti Suanta, Elwisam Elwisam
Purpose The Korean wave is still a hot and interesting topic this decade. From the group, Exo switched to BTS and recently to NCT Dream. There is concern in Indonesia regarding consumer behavior regarding products from Korea or those carrying Korean ambassadors such as Somehinc. Therefore, this research...
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The Effect of E-Filing, Tax Socialization, and Taxpayer Awareness on MSME Taxpayer Compliance with Tax Sanctions as Variable Moderation

M. Agung Dwiadityo, Bambang Subiyanto
This research purpose is to investigate the effect of E-Filing Implementation, Taxation Socialization, and Taxpayer Awareness on the Compliance of SMEs Taxpayers, with Tax Sanctions acting as a Moderating Variable. The primary data for this study were obtained from respondents’ answers to the questionnaire...
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The Effects of Work Environment and Work Motivation on Performance with Job Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable at PT. XYZ

Aan Fauzan Masruri, S. S. Fetty Poerwita Sary
PT. XYZ is a multinational automotive company headquartered in United States of America. The company has more than 200 manufacturing facilities and more than 70 thousand employees spread across 31 countries around the world. The main products produced are car seats with high end technology focusing for...
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The Influence of Digital Leadership on the Performance of Millennial Employee through Coaching at Digital Technology-Based Companies of Samsung Research and Development Indonesia (SRIN)

Fauziah Zulfitri, Fetty Poerwaty Sari
In alignment with Industry 4.0’s evolution, digital technology-based companies are rapidly expanding. Digital Leadership has emerged as a concept, characterized by styles reliant on digital technology to enhance organizational performance. This paradigm encompasses technology and people-centric communication....
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Future of Work: Lesson from COVID-19 and Future Implication

Shimaditya Nuraeni, Utomo Sarjono Putro, Henndy Ginting
The pandemic situation has created a challenge for working lives and career of millions of working people both from formal and informal sector. The encouragement to practice social distancing required most employers to do remote working. Even though the term of remote working is not new, but not all...