Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Accounting, Management, and Economics (ICAME 2023)

Conference: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Accounting, Management, and Economics (ICAME 2023)
Date: 22-23 November 2023
Location: Makassar, Indonesia (Hybrid)

Welcome to the 8th International Conference on Accounting, Management, and Economics. In this year’s conference, the main theme of the event is “Establishing Inclusive Economy and Business,” and the conference is attended by more than 100 participants coming from various institutions. This event is also co-hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Udayana.

We are now counting toward 100 years after the independence of this republic. We would like to celebrate an age of independence by having a strong generation to continue the development of the nation. This is what we know as a so-called Golden Indonesia 2045. National Population Census in 2020 showed that from the total of 270,2 million people, the majority of Indonesian population were dominated by Generation Z or those who are currently 8 to 25 years old, constituting up to 28% of the total population, and followed by Millennials, or those who are currently 24–39 years old, that account for 26% of the citizens. The figure indicates that our nation would have a demographic advantage for the next 20–25 years ahead, where the economy would be boosted by around 180 million people living in productive ages. However, this promising sign of opportunity can only be achieved if the needs of future generation can be sufficiently satisfied, and if they are well-provisioned with knowledge, skills, and competencies. All it takes to do is to ensure that the benefit of our economy can be enjoyed inclusively, not allowing for the evil of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition to steal away the fruitful generation of our country.

According to the survey conducted by theMinistry ofHealth, the stunting prevalence rate in Indonesia has declined from 24,4% in 2021 to 21,6% in 2022. In 2024, the government has targeted to achieve the reduction of stunting prevalence to 14%. Stunting could be a threatening factor that hinders the development of human capital, as it signals the indication of growth failure in children due to the lack of sufficient supply of nutrition. It potentially causes some serious problems ranging from cognitive,motoric, and mental disorders. The nation would bear vulnerable days in the future if it is to be shouldered by the youth who were born in malnutrition. Stunting could pose a significant drop in productivity in the labor market and slow down the pace of economic growth. It was predicted by the Ministry of Health that the impact of stunting on the economy would be equivalent with the loss of 2–3% of GDP each year.

One of the main causes of stunting is poverty. Indonesia Statistic Bureau reported that the poverty rate has already declined from 9,57% in September 2022 to 9,36% in March 2023. Moreover, the extreme poverty rate was at 1,12% per March 2023, showing a quite significant decline from 3,6% in 2018. It must be ensured that the number of households living under poverty line could always be reduced, since it limits the ability to access the basic needs, including access to adequate sanitary, clean water, housing, basic health facilities, and basic education. The government has decided to attempt for the extreme poverty rate being very close to 0% in 2024, although it is realized that it will take an enormous work to achieve.

As a leading university in Indonesia, Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) will involve and play an important role in the national agenda to promote the inclusive economy. Through collaborations in research and scientific development from various academic disciplines in the university, Unhas will continue to strive and assist in the formulation of policy intervention programs that will be delivered to the society in promoting inclusive economy, as it is mentioned in our hymne, that Unhas is a university that is meant to be a gift for the mankind. By this year’s event of ICAME, we expect to learn more insightful concepts and knowledges that might help in achieving that objective.

Abdul Rahman Kadir