Proceedings of the International Conference on Arts, Humanity and Economics, Management (ICAHEM 2019)

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An Analysis of the Translation of Cultural Connotation in the English Film Subtitles

Jianhua Sun
A language always contains cultural connotation, and serves for it during the process of communication. English and Chinese are different in their cultural backgrounds and developments. Therefore, in translating English subtitles into Chinese, the translation may be different from the original in their...
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A Study on Punch Lines in TV Comedies of High and Low Context Culture

Chunyan Zhang
In the last two decades, there have been quite a many of successful cases of American TV comedies which have made great hits in China. Apart from the development of internet technology and its popularity as well as convenience among common people, verbal language in TV comedies contributes significantly...
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On the Translation of the Image in the Classical Chinese Poetry Based on the Reception Theory

Sai Ma
This article tries to discuss the translation methods of the imagery in the Classical Chinese Poetry based on the Reception Theory, including three parts, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Based on the theory, the meaning of a translated text must be concretized in the process of the...
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Exploration and Practice of the Systematic Educational Model of “Three Microelements in One” in Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities

Fei Sun
The practice teaching system of “three micro-one” and “three all-round education” should be constructed, emphasizing the organic combination of micro-classroom education, Micro-Platform practice education and micro-environment education. With the coming of the new era, it is necessary to rely on the...
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Consumer Protection and China’s Sharing Economy

Peng Xu
The sharing economy is providing consumers with more affordable, more convenient access to shared goods and services. However, the business model of sharing economy has posed challenges for both consumers and regulators. The Chinese central government has drafted policies to promote the sharing economy...
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The Determiners Choices in Public Speech

Tianyu Fu
This study involved the choices of determiners in public speech via the collection of data from the Internet and the analysis of the data with A Part-Of-Speech tagging, and the AntConc. The result is that people prefer a high degree of focus determiners versus a medium degree of focus. This result may...
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Reliability Analysis of Students’ Evaluation System-A Practical Study Based on the Evaluation Results of College Students

Li Lin, Wenping Deng, Rencai Zhou
Objective is to study the consistency, stability and effectiveness of the evaluation index system of college students, and to analyze the reliability of the teaching quality evaluation system, and to provide a theoretical basis for improving the mechanism of “evaluating education by evaluation”. The...
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Developing Stratified Teaching to Improve Teaching Quality

Xiaofeng Zhu, Yongming Zhang, Lizhen Yang, Zhiyue Liu
At present, China’s higher education has entered the stage of popularization, and students’ mathematical foundations vary greatly, which brings many objective problems to the teaching work. To carry out the stratified teaching in mathematics education, students can be teached in accordance with their...
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A Multidimensional Analysis of the Higher Music Education Quality’ Dilemma

Lei Wang
According to the development stage of music education proposed by Martin turow, music education in colleges and universities in China has already entered the popular stage, and in the popular process, it is also faced with the problem of quality improvement. How to solve these problems has become a must...
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Study on Safe Navigation of Ships in Cecum Channel

Yijin Chen, Mingyu Yin, Lufeng Zhong, Bing Li, Wanzheng Ai
In recent years, China’s marine technology has made new breakthroughs and marine economy has developed rapidly. At the same time, the world’s marine economy has become a new development point of the world economy. Port transportation is one of the important components of marine economy. According to...
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Improvement of Training Methods in Ultrasonic Imaging

Yamei Zhu, Xufeng Yao, Jianqin Zhang
The ultrasonic imaging has become one of the popular imaging modality in clinical applications. The training method has played a great role in the cultivation of ultrasonic practitioners. In this paper, we introduce the improvement of training methods in ultrasonic imaging in our teaching practices....
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Analysis on the Rare Chinese Women Landscape Artist

Sunanda Rani, Dhaneshwar Shah, Meiyan Wang, Jining Dong
This research puts light on the art practices of the rare Chinese women landscape artist in three-generation. Chinese landscape ink painting is known as the soul of the Nation’s heritage of China. But the question is why there are few women landscape artists has often been discussed in Chinese landscape...
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Problems and Suggestions on Management of Overseas Students and Quality of Student Sources in Colleges and Universities

Xueyi Mo
In order to improve the internationalization of higher education, introduce high-quality talents, realize the road of developing China through education and rejuvenating China through science and education, and further build China’s universities into world-class universities. A large number of international...
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Employment Status and Capability Analysis of College Students Majoring in Design

Liru Shu
As universities and colleges have expanded the enrollment of design, the numbers of graduates majoring in design are on the rise year by year. In this study, the employment status of graduates of design from universities and the influence factors on their employment were analyzed. Then the solutions...
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Research on Communication Technology for Ocean Fishing Vessels in Distress

Tiankai Li, Gengpei Dong, Wanzheng Ai
Nowadays, fishing boats are the most vulnerable to danger in the sea. The success rate of rescue after the accident is also lower than the average success rate of national maritime search and rescue. According to incomplete statistics, the direct economic loss of 290,000 marine motor fishing vessels...
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Optimization of Rural Tourism Industry Chain in China from the Perspective of Stakeholders

Xiaohe Li
With the continuous development of rural tourism, the conflict of interests in the tourism industry chain has become increasingly prominent, which is a difficult problem affecting the sustainable development of rural tourism. Through the analysis of the main forms of interest conflicts of the stakeholders...
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The Influence of R&D Investment on Enterprise Performance — Based on the Regulatory Role of Equity Structure

Shenhan Liu
Increase r&d strength is an important goal of science and technology policy in China, this study in Shanghai and Shenzhen a-share listed companies from 2015 to 2017 as the research object, and further investigates the company ownership structure factors as regulating variable impact on the relationship...
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Research on the Influence of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on the Degree and Speed of Underlying Stock Information Response

Yanliang Zhang, Qingchao Bai, Leya Zhang
In order to study the impact of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on the degree and speed of underlying stock information response, the information content index and the price adjustment delay of the price calculation based on the stock price synchronization are used as the measure of the degree and speed...
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How to Optimize China’s International Assets Allocation Based on the Data of BRICS

Yirong Ying, Ke Shen
With the gradual emergence of China’s RMB in the international market, China’s capital assets management in the global market has become a worthy topic to study. Considering the hysteresis effect of China’s abundant financial assets, we establish an auto-regressive model and analyze the optimization...
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Option Pricing Approach and Its Application Based on Abel Equation

Yirong Ying, Jiaqi Guo
Financial derivative is one kind of financial instrument with high leverage ratio, high risk and high returns. Therefore, in it important to help investors to adopt appropriate risk control measures to judge the trend of the price change of financial derivatives. The trend of financial derivatives prices...
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Research on the Compatibility Between Kabalevsky’s Music Education Concept and Children’s Piano Education

Na Jiang
Kabalevsky was a great pianist and educator of the Soviet union. He created many excellent piano works for teenagers and put forward many piano education ideas. In this paper, based on the review of the concept of the basic education, the three big whale music concept, composing for children to body...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Chinese Multicultural Music Education

Yinuo Li
China’s current multicultural music education mostly regard music as a voice, use all kinds of course design and music teaching method to let the students to study the western culture his voice music elements, only look at others music culture in the form of an outsider, but should be rendered is one...
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Research on the Policy of Music Education in China

Lei Wang
Music education has a wide range of significance and influence. How to formulate good music education policies and improve the status of music education is a topic worth thinking deeply. Based on the analysis of education policy, this paper analyzes the main content of music education, the implementation...
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Refugee Narratives in Ru

Tianwei Liu
Ru is an autobiography written by Canadian Vietnamese writer Kim Thuy. In this novel, Kim depicts her family’s experiences as Vietnamese refugees, as well as how they settle down in Canada. This paper focuses on refugee narratives in the novel from three aspects: war narrative, the experience of refugees...
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On the Relationship Between Art Curator and Audience

Zeyang Zhou
In the current art market system, curators are no longer just an accessory to an exhibition, they have become an indispensable part of the contemporary art market. As the soul of the exhibition, whether from the choice of the artist, the positioning of the work, the way of presentation and the audience...
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Comprehensive Experimental Design for Evaluation of Surfactants Used in Oilfield

Gang Chen, Minlan Gao, Xinyue Wang, Jie Zhang
The performance evaluation experiment of common surfactants in oil field is designed, and the evaluation principle used in the evaluation process is discussed. The Krafft point, surface tension, interfacial tension, foaming property and emulsification ability of surfactants were evaluated. The experimental...
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Quantitative Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Lignosulfonate as a Comprehensive Experimental for Environmental Education

Xiongxiong Liu, Yan Sun, Huan Sun, Shanjian Li, Jie Zhang, Gang Chen
The effective content of lignin in industrial lignin determines the properties of lignin products, which is of great significance to understand the performance of lignin products. In this experiment, industrial lignin was used as raw material to prepare green drilling fluid treatment agent lignin by...
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Evaluation of Crude Oil Rheology as a Comprehensive Experimental for the Applied Chemistry Education

Gang Chen, Zhichao Zhou, Yunkun Chen, Xiaoying Zhao, Qingqing Han, Xueting Yin, Yunlei Zang
In order to further improve the comprehensive experimental skills of applied chemistry undergraduates, a comprehensive experiment of crude oil viscosity, yield value, viscosity temperature curve and viscosity reducer evaluation was designed. Through the determination of different physical parameters...
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Comprehensive Experiment of Using Natural Products as Eco-Friendly Water-Based Drilling Fluid Lubricant

Jie Zhang, Jiayi Wei, Yuehong Li, Wenjing Yu, Xue Wu, Yan Gao, Xiongxiong Liu, Gang Chen
In order to solve the problem of high pollution of drilling fluid lubricant in Polymer system and CMC system, based on green chemistry, a comprehensive experiment of plant material as drilling fluid lubricant in Polymer system and CMC system was designed, and it were evaluated that the effect of adding...
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Research on Financial Shared Service Mode of Enterprise Group

Ruoxin Li
Nowadays, with the rapid development of economic globalization, our country enterprise scale is in constant expansion, the traditional decentralized financial management mode has not adapted to our country enterprise group’s strategic development trend, and the resulting flow of enterprise group financial...
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The Study of Discourse Markers on Passage Reading of College English Test

Jing Li
This paper, based on the scholar, Fraser’s theory on classifications of discourse markers, targets CET-4 passage reading from 2014.6 to 2019.6 and analyzes the characteristics of discourse marker application. The results present that topic markers, contrastive markers, elaborative markers and inferential...
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The Study of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Rain Classroom

Shujuan Li, Peng Zhao, Peng Song
Blended teaching mode is an online and offline teaching mode which combines the advantages of online teaching and traditional teaching. This research takes “rain classroom” intelligent teaching platform as the carrier, and uses MOOC and other online resources to carry out blended teaching reform and...
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An Analysis of the Linguistic Features of Conflict Talks in Polylogues of English Majors

Yan Cui
The present study seeks to explore the linguistic features within conflict talks in English majors’ polylogues, namely group discussions, under the theoretical framework proposed by Scott Suzanne, and outline the multiple linguistic features which work together to index conflict talks. It has been found...
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The Asia-Pacific Region Strategy in Russian Diplomacy

Natalia Gusevskaya
When the Western sanctions caused Russian relations with the Western countries to come to early a Cold War frostiness, Russia started it’s a Pivot to East strategy to uplift its diplomacy with the Asia-Pacific region. After the collapse of the Soviet Union for the newborn Russia the idea of a return...
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The Empirical Investigation and Study of College Students’ Autonomous English Learning and Learning Method Under the Environment of Multimedia and Network

Kexin Liu
In recent years, most investigation studies on the autonomous-learning mode based on multimedia and network are practiced in many universities of China. Based on the analysis on account of the differences of the college students’ autonomous learning attitude and learning environment and apply different...
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Some Expected Effects of an Industrial System Reorganization

Joaquim Lloveras
The history of industrial products is one of a products evolution towards high perfection and utility. In this sense, a question arises: how to have new industrial products of world class quality, socially necessary and ecologically sustainable? This article presents a proposal to reorganize the industrial...
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Drive the Boat of Optics and Ride the Sail of Thought and Politics

Guijuan Yang, Xiulu Hao, Yaxiang Bai, Jie Zhang, Yan Mei
Under the premise of enriching the teaching content, the effective integration of the ideological and political education teaching concept in the course teaching of colleges and universities plays an important role in promoting the socialist core values, guiding students to establish the correct value...
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Financing Innovative Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Payment Systems

Alhassan Tijani Forgor, Kouadio Ahou Julie
Electronic payments like mobile money services have been associated with unprecedented access to financial services in economies, where a large section of the population was underbanked or unbanked due to either lack of bank branches or their proximity. However, the continuous development of electronic...
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A Literature Analysis of the Competence of Chinese International Teachers

Yuting Wang, Jianmin Li
This paper makes an analysis and summary of the domestic research results on the competence of Chinese international teachers. Through literature review, it is found that there are few researches on the competence of Chinese international teachers in China, and the research subjects and methods are also...
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Literature Review of Apprenticeship

Kaikang Tang, Jing Liu, Ping Wang
Modern apprenticeship is a talent training mode that focuses on skills training for students through in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, joint training of teachers and mentors. On the basis of sorting out the relevant research results of apprenticeship system, this paper analyzes and...
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The Relationship Between Abusive Supervision and Employee Silence: A Meta-analysis

Yuting Lai, Jing Zhu, Hao Jian
The relationship between abusive supervision and employee silence is becoming an increasingly hot topic in human resource management. Scholars’ researches indicate that the correlation intensity between them is inconsistent and fluctuates. Based on the available literature, this paper examines the relationship...
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A Study on the Popularization of Preschool Education for Ethnic Minorities in the Treatment Counties of Western Ethnic Areas—Taking Pingshan County of Yibin City as an Example

Xianli Zhang, Ping Xiao, Yiping Wang
The preschool education of ethnic minorities in the treatment counties in the western ethnic areas of China has been in a long-term state of lagging behind and slow development. Based on the investigation and Research on the popularization of preschool education in two Yi nationality townships in Pingshan...
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Science Fiction Movie: An Extension of Technology Fantasy—Discrimination Research on the Development of Modern Science and Technology by Science Fiction Movies

Shuang Wu, Shangxian Piao
2019 years, a series of sci-fi movies such as “ The Wandering Earth “ received rave reviews. Science fiction movies not only have strong entertainment, but also science, so it can promote the spread and development of science. At the same time, science and technology provide conceptual space and technical...
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The Influence Mechanism of Network Investment Environment on Investment Cognition Deviation

Hongzhe Zhu, Yinyin Ruan, Yiwei Zheng, Huqi Zhuang, Yaxin Deng
In recent years, online lending has been developing vigorously in our country, but at the same time, it has caused many problems. Violent debt collection, high interest rates, high fees and other negative information continue to emerge, but people continue to borrow money. This project will take the...
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Dynamic Mechanism of Real Estate Business Ecosystem Evolution Under the New Normal

Li Zhang, Guofeng Gai
The new normal of economy brings the challenge to the original rapid development mode of real estate. From the perspective of business ecosystem, this paper examines the symbiosis and the evolution of the symbiosis among the stakeholders in real estate industry, and uses the social network theory to...
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An Analysis of the Aesthetic Characteristics of Bamboo and Rattan Weaving Craftsmanship and the Innovative Path of Inheritance

Weifang Feng
The bamboo and rattan craftsmanship has a long history and presents different aesthetics in different historical stages. Although the craftsmanship and aesthetic taste of bamboo and rattan at home and abroad are similar in form due to cultural differences, the essence of beauty always presents common...
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Doctor–Patient Relationship Discourse for Health Communication Based on Documentary Two Hundred Years of Surgery

Yingli Xue
Doctor-patient Relationship Discourse for Health Communication involve the orientation of expected audience, the subject of communication, the generation of discourse and the efficacy of communication. Documentary Two Hundred Years of Surgery is characterized by the combination of science and humanistic...
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Ann Hui’s Adaptation of Zhang Ailing’s Works: A Case Study of Love in a Fallen City

Yuyan Wang, Zhihai Ye
As a representative female director in Hong Kong, Ann hui’s works are always close to the real life, shaping many classic female images in the era with simple and realistic style, and are deeply loved by the audience.Zhang ailing’s writing style has always been sharp and profound, with the tragic magnificence...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Quality Assurance System Under the Secondary Objective Management System

Wei Li, Yiyang Liu, Xin Wang
Combining with strengthening the teaching quality, taking the connotative development road under the background of the development of higher education, the problems of the construction of teaching quality guarantee system in colleges and universities, established a teaching quality guarantee mode and...
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Research on the Construction Path of Wuhan International City During the 14th Five Year Plan

Yong Jin, Ke Wang
The fourteenth Five Year Plan period (2021-2025) is the key period for China’s economy to move from the middle-income stage to the high-income stage. To promote the construction of international cities is a strategic measure to actively respond to urban competition in the era of economic globalization....
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The Dilemma and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Mass Entrepreneurship

Yang Yang
At present, there are some difficulties in the entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, such as insufficient integration with professional education, lack of purpose of entrepreneurship education, and imperfect evaluation mechanism of entrepreneurship education. In view of the problems...
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The Study on Effect of Community Service for Practice Education—Practice on Model of “Secretary Promoting the Development of Volunteer Services”

Juan Wang, Wei Liu, Chi Zhang
Practical education is the inherent requirement of personnel training in Colleges and universities. This paper is to explore the scientific connotation and practical ways of Marxism practical education. Community Service combining the theory and the practice, which will enhance students’ comprehensive...
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Feasibility Analysis of the Application of “Equivalent Circuit” Principle in Table Tennis

Jin Zhan, Chi Chiu Hung
This paper introduces the idea of “equivalent circuit” principle in physics, and uses the methods of theoretical analysis, empirical analysis and literature reference to discuss the feasibility of its application in table tennis theoretically, and makes further empirical analysis on the operability of...
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Research on Capacity Planning of Cold Rolled Steel Production Line Based on the Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm

Zhengqi Sui, Ziyang Yu
The problem of steel cold rolling production capacity is an important issue in steel production. In this paper, mathematical modeling is carried out to meet the actual constraints of production process, inventory, flow balance, etc. And to determine the type and corresponding output of a certain product...
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Analysis on the Coordinated Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce and International Logistics in Henan Province Under the Background of “Silver Road Integration”

Zikang Xiong, Shuying Wang, Kaili Yan
In order to promote the construction of a new pattern of comprehensive opening up in Henan Province, support the construction of the “Belt and Road”. In this paper, the coordination model of the composite system is used to construct the coordination model of the “Land Net Air” Silk Road in Henan Province,...