Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Materials and Environmental Engineering

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Study on Quality of Hot Mix Plant Recycling Mixture under Influence of RAP Performance

Ping Wu
To explore the variation of hot mix plant recycling mixture design parameters and quality under the influence of RAP performance, represent index and factor level of RAP performance were determined, the variation of mix proportion design parameters was comprehensively analysised under different indexes...
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Application Study on Soft Decoration Materials in Modern Living Space

Jie Li
Modern housing is not only a concept to satisfy the demands of “residence”. Human beings have started to expand and extend toward the essence of living. As a way of emotional sustenance and expression for modern people, soft decoration has been gaining its popularity in the industry of soft decoration...
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Poly(ester-co-ether) as a Potential “Green” Plasticizer for Poly(Lactic Acid)

Yanyan Lin, Yapeng Tu, Tong Wan
Poly(ester-co-ether) as a potential ‘‘green’’ plasticizer for poly(lactic acid) (PLA) was synthesized from diethylene glycol adipate (DEAP) with neopentylglycol adipate (NPAP). The chemical structure of poly (diethylene glycol adipate -co- neopentylglycol adipate) (PDNA) was characterized by FTIR . PLA...
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Graphite Pencil Drawn Lines: A Nanomaterial or Few Layer Graphene/Graphite Layered Structure

G.Sh. Shmavonyan, A.R. Mailian
A non-conventional method of obtaining few-layer graphene (FLG) is suggested, which comprisesrepeatedly rubbing bulkgraphite against semiconductingand insulating substrates. The obtained graphene/graphite structures consisting of rubbed-off layers behave like a semiconducting material with through-thickness...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Super-hydrophobic Coating Materials

Zhiping Yu, Meimei Wang, Xiaolong Qiu, Jijun Xiao
The hydrophobic properties of lotus have won support among the people. It can not only resistant to the condensation of water, but also has the function of self-cleaning and anti-pollution. Super-hydrophobic coating has a great practical value in real life.The super-hydrophobic coating materials were...
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Application of Organic Carbon Sources in Preparing a Core-shell Structure

M. Zhou, H. Lin, L.Z. Qin, H. Hong, Q. Li
To synthesize a core-shell structure for preparing nano-sized WC powder, four kinds of organics were adopted as carbon sources and their carbonization characteristics were investigated. The results showed that organic type severely affected the structure and quality of the product. Using starch as carbon...
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Application of Steel Pipe Pile Composite Soil Nailing Supporting Combined Foundation Underpinning Technology

Guangbiao Shao
Power tower is danger when it is located on the top of slope of foundation pit. Composite soil nail technique had been used broadly in pit supporting in different situation except for building and structures nearby. Using foundation underpinning technology, the additional loads of structures can be transferred...
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Effect of Optimized Tempering Process on Delayed Fracture of Wear Resistant Steel

Qichun Peng, Zhili He, Danping Fan
In order to solve the delayed fracture phenomenon of the wear resistant steel plate,the chamber electric furnace was used to carry out the tempering test;and the influence of tempering temperature and tempering time on the hardness, tensile strength and -20 impact energy of the wear resistant steel is...
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Treatment of Internal Cylindrical Surfaces by Smoothing and Rolling with the Heat

Vladimir Kotelnikov, Alla Koshurina, Gennady Gavrilov, Dmitriy Chernyshov
Treatment of vnutrennih cylindrical surface plastic deformation is widely used in industry for the production of a large range of engineering products. In the processing method of burnishing of internal cylindrical surfaces of the steel bushings on the lathe-cutting machine with heating revealed that...
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Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue by Fenton-like Reaction using nZVI/GAC Composite as Catalyst

Sihai Hu, Yaoguo Wu, Hairui Yao, Jianguo Wei, Shuai Zhang
A composite of nano-zero valent iron (nZVI) supported on granular activated carbon (GAC) was synthesized through adsorption-reduction method, and its performances used as catalyst of Fenton-like were investigated to degrade methylene blue (MB) in model wastewater. The results show that homogeneous dispersion...
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Research on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Ni Austenite Ductile Iron Prepared by Arc Deposition

Shuangfeng Hu, Xiujuan Fu
Based on the particles dispersive distribution method, arc deposition was developed to produce high Ni austenite ductile iron. The chemical composition of high Ni austenite ductile iron was designed, Modified welding machine (WSE-500 MIG, Home-made) was employed to carry out the arc deposition process...
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Synthesis and Fluorescence Properties of Some Aromatic Schiff Base Compounds

Heng Wang, Xin Qian, Jie Li
In this study, a series of aromatic aldehyde schiff base compounds were synthesized respectively by 4,4’-diaminobiphenyl and three different aromatic aldehydes. The structures of these compounds were confirmed by FT-IR, and 1H NMR. The optical properties, which were characterized by UV-Vis and photoluminescence...
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Study on the Synthetic Ammonia with Methanol Purge Gas of Huangling

Zongyi Yang, Meili Du, Chen Chen, Xin Yi, Doudou Wang
Methanol purge gas produced in the side reaction in the methanol productionwere the inert gas including H2, CO, H2O, CH4 and others, which was used to produce synthetic ammonia as an important part in circular economy industrial chain of Huangling coal chemical industry. In this paper, the process and...
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Preparation and Performance of Polyimide with Noncoplanar Structure

Jing Zhang, Xiaoqi Chen, Haijun Zhou, Xiaolei Zhang, Yantao Li
A series of polyimide was prepared based on 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetra carboxylic dianhydride (BPDA) with noncoplanar, 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylicanhydride (PMDA) and 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether (ODA). The effect of the polymer structure and imidization temperature on the thermal stability and mechanical...
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Study on Low-Carbon Transport City Evaluation: Case Study of Xi’an City

Zhenhua Feng, Bin Ouyang, Jie Guo, Shuang Wang, Haiying Zhang
The paper combines with actual characteristics of Chinese city, discusses about and builds a Low-carbon transportation city evaluation index system, and puts forward a set of simple and practical evaluation methods and standards evaluation system; with case study of Xi’an City, this paper also conducts...
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Water Holding Characteristics of Litters from Different Ecological Public Welfare Forest Types

Rui Shi, Biao Li, Shaoxiong Liu, Shu Wang
Water holding characteristics, including, water holding capacity, water holding rate and absorption rate, together with the litter stock from five public welfare forests with different tree composition and identity were measured. The purpose was to understand water-conserving functions of the three plantations....
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Radon Gas-Hazardous Element for Human Life Really Found in the Environment

Carlos Rizo Maestre, Servando Chinchón Yepes
Radon is a gas that is considered as an extremely harmful element to people’s health by the World Health Organization (WHO). Radon is a type of radioactive gaseous element that is present in almost all materials with which buildings are constructed, as well as in the areas in which they are raised. For...
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The Formation Environment of K-feldspar Porphyritic Granite from E-Mount, Yunnan

Jin Hu, Shitao Zhang, Ying Zhang
E-mount granite Pluton is located at the southwest part of Yangtze plate . To understand the formation environment of K-feldspar porphyritic granite from E-Mount approaches such as major and trace element analysis and zircon LA- ICP-MS U-Pb dating are used. According to the tests and analysis results,...
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Community Structure and Quantification of Nitrifying Bacteria in Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge System Treating Industrial Wastewater

Chao Li, Weili Xi, Tao Bi
To reveal the community structure and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing bacterial (AOB) and nitrite-oxidizing bacterial (NOB) in integrated fixed film activated sludge process (IFAS) treating industrial wastewater, the molecular biological techniques of polymerase chain reaction denaturing gradient gel...
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Research on the Removal of Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus by Improved Constructed Rapid Infiltration System

Aibin Kang, Lixuan Wang, Bin Zhang
Pollutant removal was researched in this paper, by using the improved constructed rapid infiltration system which was added sponge iron and special media of corn cob, and by taking wastewater of student life in campus as an object of study. Test results show that: after adding additional carbon corncob,...
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Evaluation of the Public Identity and Recreational Value of the Cultural Low Carbon Tourism-Case Studies on the Three Taiwan Cultural Industry Sites

Kuei-yang Wu, Shih-chung Lu
With the need of environmental conservation and the global climate change, the issue of low carbon tourism becomes one of the main environmental solutions. Based on the pre-studies for cultural low carbon tourism development by using the expert questionnaires, the public perception was one of the most...
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Evaluation of the Balance of Water Resources in Multiple Spatial Scale Based on Lorenz Curves and Gini Coefficients

Haizhen Liu, Xuefeng Sang, Ziqi Yan, Zuhao Zhou, Jianguang Su, Gang Chen
Influenced by special topography and three-dimensional climate, the distribution of water resources in Yunnan Province is obviously different form other regions. According to the official reports of water resources, related evaluations and planning in Yunnan Province in 2012, the interaction cutting...
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Effects Evaluation of Eco-driving Behaviors on Urban Intersection Based on Microscopic Simulation Model

Yuyan Zhou, Enjian Yao
Compared to usual driving styles, eco-driving is an ecological driving way aiming to reduce emissions and fuel consumption which has received lots of concerns since its emergence. Many studies have shown that eco-driving does bring environmental benefits for individual vehicles in varying degrees. However,...
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The Eutrophication Status Evaluation of Campus Landscape Water Body

Lin Li, Chuang Zhan, Nan Li, Haishan Shi
The eutrophication status evaluation of campus landscape water body had been studied. The results showed that the content of nitrogen and phosphorus were higher than the standard, and the pH was floated in the 7-9, although the transparency had not exceeded the standard, but the content of suspended...
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Determination of Manganese in Environmental Samples by UV-Vis after Cloud Point Extraction

Xiupei Yang, Gu Li, Xiaocui Yang, Zhihui Jia, Na Luo
Cloud point extraction was used with 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol (PAN) as a pre-concentration step prior to UV-vis spectrophotometer determination of trace amounts of manganese in water samples. The process is based upon the formation of Mn( )/PAN complexes soluble in a micellar phase composed by the...
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Analysis on Spatiotemporal Distribution Features of Heavy Metals in Soil-Rice Agricultural System in Zhangjiagang City, China

Weihong Zhou, Xiaoxiao Hu, Jianlong Li, Zhengguo Sun
To assess the impact of heavy metal contamination on the soil-rice agricultural ecosystem, the distribution of heavy metals in Zhangjiagang City was analyzed by taking samples from the paddy fields. The result show that contents of Cu, Pb in soil were increased and here are analogous pollution sources...
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Case study of Ground Penetrating Radar for geological prediction in Qiyueshan Tunnel

Chenglong Zhao, Shucai Li, Jing Wu, Zhenhao Xu, Yanhuan Zhang, Lun Zhou
Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) is a high-frequency electromagnetic pulse technology, which is widely used in geological exploration. Within a short distance, the changes of formation in front of the tunnel face can be detected with high accuracy. It has a higher ability to identify broken fault zone,...
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Preparation of Carbon Monoxide in Synthetic Air at Ambient Level by Gravimetric Method and High Accuracy Determination by Gas Chromatography

Shuguo Hu
The atmospheric lifetime of CO varies from weeks to months depending on OH radical concentrations. CO itself does not directly contribute to the greenhouse effect, but the reaction of OH radical with CO controls the concentration distribution and variation in space and time of the other greenhouse gases...
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Study on Space Environmental Design of Urban Rail Transit

Yan Chen, Yang Wang
In the wake of scientific progress and development of human society, urban rail transit system, as a high-efficient and energy-saving urban transit mode, has been increasingly favored and respected, due to its comprehensive advantages as convenience, security, comfort and environmental protection. This...
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Experimental Analysis of the Basic Mechanical Properties of Recycled Concrete

Shimin Zhang, Sheliang Wang, Wei Liu, Mingming Zhang
the cube compressive strength splitting tensile strength and flexural strength of C30-level recycled concrete were tested, which was based on the testes of natural concrete. The kinds of recycled aggregates’ service lives were 0 year, 10 years and 40 years, and the substitution rates were 30%, 50%, 70%...
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Nano Silica and Silica Fume for Durability Improvement and It’s Impact on High Performance Concrete

A.M. Pattinaja, Jonbi, A.R. Indra Tjahjani
The latest trend of concrete technology declared that concrete is not only needs strength but also durability. It is concurrently with the environmental issues that material durability is something that needs to be prioritized in its use. Various attempts have been made to produce concrete that has high...
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Research on Transverse Cracks in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars

Chunhua Hu, Liang Chen
In order to further understand those transverse cracks in continuously reinforced concrete pavements(CRCP) using fiber reinforced polymer bars, the CRCP transverse crack spacing and width is investigated, to explore the influence of the transverse crack spacing and the width of the transverse crack on...
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Effect of the Addition of Dried Opuntia Cactus Fibers-Setting Times and Mechanical Resistance in Portland Cement Mortar Base

M. Arreola Sanchez, W. Martinez Molina, E. M. Alonso Guzman, H. L. Chavez Garcia, A. A. Torres Acosta, C. Bernabe Reyes, S. C. Arguello Hernandez, C. Lara Gomez, F. M. Gonzalez Valdez, J. A. Velazquez Perez, R. Ruiz Ruiz
For this investigation cement–sand mortar and cement–water pastes were made with partial substitutions, relative to the weight of cement, of organic fibres for the purpose of restoring hydraulic concrete structures, damaged by diseases derived strength design. Five different proportions of dewatered...
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Using Bagasse Ash as a Substitute for the Preparation of Cement Mortar

C. Bernabe Reyes, W. Martinez Molina, E. M. Alonso Guzman, H. L. Chavez García, A. A. Torres Acosta, J. T. Perez Quiroz, C. Lara Gómez, F. M. Gonzalez Valdez, M. Arreola Sanchez, J. A. Bedolla Arroyo
A ton of Portland cement (CP) generates about one tonne of CO2, accounting for 5% of all CO2 emissions in the world, which affects negatively the greenhouse effect. Developments relating to the use of bagasse ash (CBC) as a substitute for CP in making mortars are shown in this study.
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Prediction of Compressive Strength and Modulus of Rupture of Mortar Containing Added Ash Bagasse

H. L. Chavez García, W. Martinez Molina, E. M. Alonso Guzman, A. A. Torres Acosta, J. T. Perez Quiroz, J. A. Bedolla Arroyo, C. Lara Gómez, F. M. Gonzalez Valdez
This paper focuses on the mechanical and physical evaluation of Portland cement mortars, CPC, with the addition of ash sugarcane bagasse (CBC) and a high-range water-reducing and super-plasticizingadmixture (SikaViscoCrete PC ® 2500), and its effect is discussed mainly in terms of the mechanical strength...
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The Innovative Design of Modern Residential Building

Zhuqiang Xiao, Xingyu Wang
The contemporary urban design innovative residential buildings were fully explored, from the relevant factors specific innovation, innovative thinking and innovative methods, several aspects of the innovative design of residential buildings for a detailed elaboration, residential building design innovation...
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Static Load Test of Foundation Plate and Measuring their Deformation and Internal Tensions

Vojtech Buchta
Foundation structures of reinforced concrete, testing their properties and modeling their behavior after loading is a wide area to research. Analysis of interaction between the subsoil and the foundation structures has been developed for many years. For the determination of stress in foundation structure...
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Experimental Static Load Test of Concrete Industrial Floor Model

Petr Mynarcik, Martina Janulikova
This article is focused on problematic of interaction between foundation structure and subsoil. This phenomenon is observed through the experimental measurements on the large scale models and these experiments are realized on testing device located at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-Technical University...
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Parametric Analysis for Multiple Anchor in Steel-to-Concrete Connection Subjected to Moment and Shear Loading

Pingping Guan, Qun Xie, Sichao Yang
ABAQUS software had been employed to analyze the performance of steel-to-concrete connections with post-installed adhesive anchor, which subjected to combined bending moment and shear loads. The study focused on the effect of spacing and edge distance of anchors on anchorage behavior. Analysis results...
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Thermal Performance and Energy-Saving Construction for Rural Architecture in Qinba Mountain Areas

Yiyun Zhu, Jingzhu Zhao, Guochen Sang, Qin Zhao, Qun Zhang
The areas of Qinba Mountain locate between Qinling and Daba mountains, it’s not hot in summer, but very clammy in winter. Focusing on the typical rural architecture, the paper analyzed the consumption of architecture heating affected by the parameters of heat transmission coefficient of envelope, also...
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Characterization by SIMS of silicon Layer deposited by VPE on SiP in the Solar cells with thin layers

Malika Madani, Amaria Bensaoula, Fethi Benkhenafou, Wen Shi, Weiwei DU, Lyes Douadji
Classically, in the field of photovoltaic, porous silicon (PS) is used as an antireflecting layer, but these last years, we are interested in a new application of this material, which allows, by technologies very different from proceed usual to detach from the singlecrystal thin layers from a substrate....
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Architecture Energy-saving Design Guided by Low Carbon Concept

Wei Chen
Low carbon and energy saving are the key factors influencing on the sustainable development of architectural industry. In the modern society featuring increasingly energy shortage and advocacy on low-carbon lifestyle, architectural designers shall take effective methods in architectural energy-saving...
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Examining the Relationship between Clean/Fossil Energy Consumption and Sustainable Development

Sen Qiao, Weijun Tong, Liang Zhan, Hsing Hung Chen
Clean Energy including natural gas, hydropower, and nuclear energy, as well as fossil energy including petroleum and coal are the most important energy consumption in China. Although important, the research on the relationship between clean/fossil energy consumption and sustainable development has only...
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The Hybrid Micro-energy Harvesting, and Energy Saving Using a New Wireless Control Technique for Adjusting Household Cold/Heat in a Smart Room

Bor Jang Tsai, Cheng Yang Li
The laboratory heating thermoelectric generator (TEG) combinesthe phase change material (PCM) via solar panels, to achieve the integration of the electricity generation and adjusting indoor air temperature of buildings,to create “perpetually” powered sensor nodes that enable to harvest ofrequired energy...
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Development of a Residential Space-Heating Demand Prediction Method under Uncertainly

Dianzheng Fu, Zeyu Zheng, Yiming Tong, Yang Fu
in this paper, a prediction method was advanced for residential space heating demand under the fuzz environment. This developed method improved the traditional heat load duration curve method via the quantification expression technique for the fuzzy heating durations. The results indicate that the higher...
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Experimental Study on Impact of Heating Temperature and Heating Rate during Carbonization of Woody Biomass

Haizhen Huang, Zhenwei Jiao, Zhenyang Shu, Yaoguo Zeng
Carbonization is the thermal treatment technique performed in an inert atmosphere, which aims to improve the fuel properties. In this study, the selected woody biomass of koraiensis bark (KB) was carbonized under three heating levels (5 /min,10 /min, 20 /min) at heating temperature from 200 to 600 .The...
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Multi-Agent-Based Simulation of Decentralized Energy Systems

Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, Stefan Kühne, Axel Hummel
Future energy systems require decentralized regulatory approaches. Aggregates, equipped with appropriate sensors, can behave independently for the purposes of system stability. To explore and evaluate appropriate control mechanisms a multi-agent-based simulation will be developed. It enables realistic...
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Variable universe fuzzy controlled incremental conductance MPPT for Z-source PV inverter

Jingwei Zhang, Honghua Wang, Chengliang Wang, Rong Sun
Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is always a hot research area for photovoltaic (PV) system. In this paper, based on high efficiency Z-source PV inverter, a variable universe fuzzy controlled incremental conductance (Inc-Cond) is proposed for MPPT. After designed fuzzy sets and rules, parameters of...
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Research of Low Explosion Pressure and Low Fuel Consumption for Double-Wall-Jet Combustion System of DI Engine

Pengjiang Guo, Xiyan Gao
According to the spray characteristics and formation mechanism of NOx and soot of DI engine, a double-wall-jet combustion system of low compression ratio is designed and related experimental research is carried out. The results show that: The instantaneous heat release rate of double-wall-jet combustion...
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Comparing Method Analysis for Lower Steam Temperature of 660MW Supercritical Lignitic Boiler

Zhenning Zhao, Yuanyuan Li, Qingfeng Zhang, Jinjing Li
The problem of lower main steam temperature(MST) of a supercritical boiler designed for burning high moisture lignite is analyzed. By comparing to another structure-similar subcritical boiler, the effects of coal, furnace size, combustion mode and heating surface distribution are studied. The results...
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In-Process Prediction of Straightness in CNC Turning by Using Wavelet Transform

Mumin Sassantiwong, Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen
The aim of this research is to monitor the dynamic cutting forces in CNC turning process in order to investigate the relation between the straightness and the dynamic cutting forces. The dynamic cutting forces occurred during the CNC turning process include the straightness and noise signals. The Daubechies...
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Effects of 2.0MPa Heliox Exposure on Working Memory of Divers

Jiali Wang, Lvqing Miao
Objective: To study the effects of 2.0Mpa heliox exposure on Working Memory of professional divers. Methods: Four divers participated in this study. Performances on kinesthetic memory, Visual Spatial Working Memory and Object Working Memory were examined before heliox saturation, 2.0MPa heliox saturation...
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The Application of Autonomous Robots Group for Monitoring of Oil Platform Condition

Ivan Vasilyev, Ekaterina Smirnova, Alla Koshurina, Eugene Kadilenko, Maxim Krasheninnikov
the main purpose of this article is the review of abilities of autonomous robots group application for monitoring of oil platform condition. The article contains functions performed by the robots group; the composition of the robots group; robots’ system firmware and possible robots’ location on an oil...
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A Mapping Algorithm for Real-Time Applications on Network-on-Chips

Wenjia Wang
Networks-on-chips connect multiple cores together and have been widely used in electronic devices. This paper focuses on the mapping problem of networks-on-chips We propose an algorithm MART to improve the real-time performance of applications and minimize the communication cost. Experimental results...
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The Frequency Stability of Airflow-induced Acoustic Vibration Piezoelectric Generator

Jian Zhang, Jiacun Sun, Jianyu Cai, Hejuan Chen, Chi Yao
The Wind Turbines is excited by natural wind in working environment. The piezoelectric generator gets concern in self-driven, self-powered, micro-electromechanical systems for its environmentally friendly feature, and easiness to get miniaturization. Power Quality is one of the necessary conditions for...
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Thinking on the Design of Planning and Preparation Steps during Site Design

Rong Han, Yujie Xin, Lu Ding, Yang Hu
This article is to discuss and summarize the design steps of site design at the early stage, aiming at improving task content and implementation methods of site design, increasing information storage for practice survey. And this article discusses the innovation models of site design combination and...
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Optimization Model of Searching Stratage in Sea

Chiyuan Ren, Xin Tian, Gang Zhu, Song Zou
Searching a lost plane on seas usually is a task hard to implement in most situation, due to scarce data and widely sea. To overcome it, an optimization model is proposed. The proposed approach is based on the details and can govern the key information in the searching. Meanwhile it is easy to be understood...