Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2017)

Gamification in project management

Ricardo Pateiro Marcão, Gabrie Pestana, Maria José Sousa
Corresponding Author
Ricardo Pateiro Marcão
Available Online October 2017.
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gamification; management; methodologies; monitoring; motivation; performance; project management
The area of monitoring and project management presents a collection of methodologies, some more sequential and others more iterative, each one with benefits in different aspects. In this way, it is intended to gather a set of good practices of project management, identifying the most beneficial characteristics of different methodologies. Since one of the dimensions of project management is the management of human resources, it is urgent to value the motivation of employees. Since in many of the developed studies, the performance of the employee appears as a variable dependent on motivation, it becomes urgent to identify concepts that allow addressing it, such as the concept of gamification. By monitoring the evolution of the performance of each employee, we were able to evaluate the success of the model. Although there are several methodologies in the market, none of them results from a symbiosis between traditional and iterative methodologies, and there is no reference to any model that can dynamically address the employee's motivation. This document focuses on the literature review of the theme of monitoring and project management, whereas the focus is on the concept of gamification as the engine of motivation and the monitoring of the performance of employees, as members of a project team.
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