Proceedings of the 1ST Bengkulu International Conference on Economics, Management, Business and Accounting (BICEMBA 2023)

Conference: Proceedings of the 1ST Bengkulu International Conference on Economics, Management, Business and Accounting (BICEMBA 2023)
Date: 4 October 2023
Location: Bengkulu, Indonesia (Hybrid)

Welcome to the Bengkulu International Conference on Economics, Management, Business and Accounting 2023. I am Prof. Dr. Roosemarina A. Rambe, SE,MM as the chair of the committee, I would not be able to stand here in front of you, without the wonderful committee members in the organizing committee who have been with me from the very beginning.

We envisage three key values as the foundation in which we put our effort and hard work to make this conference happen: rigorous, impactful, and prestigious. These essential ideals are achieved through various components of the conference. This year, BICEMBA will be held virtually via Zoom on October 4, 2023.

We have ensured the accuracy of the acceptance abstracts through double-blind peer reviewers and clear criteria. These have filtered 33 papers that have been subsequently selected by the outstanding reviewers. The selection process makes the conference the best forum to discuss various topics in economics, management, business, and accounting.

The theme of this conference is a post-COVID-19 recovery and resilience: toward a sustainable business and economic growth. We realize that people's economic activities have been greatly affected by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The rest of the world is making adjustments to minimize those impacts. On this occasion, we will share information about studies highlighting various reviews on how the economy survived and recovered from the shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This conference is hoped to provide constructive input for the regional and state economies.

Participants in this seminar come from five countries with various scientific fields consisting of:

• 11 papers from management.
• 16 papers from economy.
• 6 papers from accounting.

All accepted papers at BICEMBA 2023 will be submitted in the proceeding series.

Moreover, we deliver our best through the committee who take the participants’ best interests at heart; take care of the participants throughout the conference; as well as appreciate and recognize outstanding papers by awarding the best paper.

This conference is the result of the hard work, support, and dedication of a few parties. We thank all the committee members who have made the conference possible. They have worked throughout the year to propose sessions, review several submissions, answer queries, arrange schedules, and respond to last-minute requests. We also thank the University of Ibn Khaldun Bogor,UPN Veteran Jakarta, and the University of Bangka Belitung for their contribution in BICEMBA 2023.

Finally, we thank and acknowledge all delegates and committee members who have worked hard to make this conference and proceeding to publish successful.

Thank you for being herewith us. We value your presence. Hopefully, this proceeding is useful for readers and parties in need.

Roosemarina Anggraini Rambe