Proceedings of the 20th AsiaTEFL-68th TEFLIN-5th iNELTAL Conference (ASIATEFL 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 20th AsiaTEFL-68th TEFLIN-5th iNELTAL Conference (ASIATEFL 2022)
Date: 5-7 August 2022
Location: Malang, Indonesia (Hybrid)

The 20th AsiaTEFL–68th TEFLIN–5th iNELTA is a joint international conference organized and hosted by Universitas Negeri Malang. The conference is held on August 5–7, 2022, on hybrid mode. This year’s theme is “Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight in ELT in Multilingual Asia” and with its 22 sub-themes. The conference aims to

o provide an academic sharing and discussion forum for ELT and English language researchers, policy makers, and practitioners across Asia,
o provide various pre-conference workshops for professional development,
o disseminate and publish current research and conceptual ideas,
o provide a networking forum for ELT researchers and practitioners across Asia,
o promote cultural understanding among Asian countries, and
o rekindle the spirit and energy of conferences by holding a hybrid conference.

The keynote and plenary speakers invited to share their insights on the topics and a variety of perspectives in ELT and beyond include Professor Nizam, Director-General of Higher Education Indonesia, and Professor Ismunandar, Ambassador/Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia to UNESCO, and the six plenary speakers from Singapore (Prof. Christine Goh), from China (Prof. QuifangWen), from Australia (Dr. Emilia Djonov), from Indonesia (Prof. Utami Widiati), from the USA (Prof. Greg Kessler), and from the UK (Prof. Ken Hyland).