Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ANCOSH 2020)

239 authors
Suprapto, Sugeng
Factors Affecting Corporate Tax Avoidance Practices on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
Application of Google Classroom
Suri, Dewi Atikah
E-Comics as an Interactive Learning Media on Static Fluid Concepts
The Power of the King of Java in the Indonesian Novel
Pasar by Kuntowijoyo Novel without Frontal Physical Conflict
Susanti, Erna
The Digital Promotion Strategy of Tourism Sector Towards Sustainable Tourism Development
Susanti, Nelya Eka
Improving Understanding Abilities Through Contextual Teaching and Learning in Lesson Study Activities
Susanti, Nelya Eka
Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Ability Through Lesson Study Activities
Susanti, Romia Hari
The Application of Self-Management Technique and the Improvement Student’s Learning Responsibilities
Susanto, Waluyo Edi
Analysis of the Factors That Influence the Decision to Buy Chicken Eggs During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Susetyo, Budi
The Competence of Early Childhood Education Service Teachers in Providing Education Services to Children with Special Needs
Susilo, Dwi Ermayanti
Factors Affecting Corporate Tax Avoidance Practices on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
Susilo, Dwi Ermayanti
The Effect of CSR on Company Reputation Using Intellectual Capital as a Mediating Variable
Sutrisni, Sahara Indah
The Role of Leadership Styles and Motivation on Teacher Performance
Suwarni, Emi
Human Resources Competency at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Palembang Songket Industry
Implementation of Lesson Study to Improve Basic Teaching Ability of Geography Education Students, University of Kanjuruhan Malang
Enhancement of Students’ Mastery of Concept and Psychomotoric After Lesson Study Practice
Comparative Study of Learning Outcomes Using Main and Supporting Textbooks in Pancasila Education Courses
Application of Google Classroom
Triwahyuningtyas, Dyah
Cooperative Learning in Basic Mathematics Lesson Study Activity
Utomo, Langgeng Prayitno
Information Systems Behavior on System Security in the Perspective of “Theory of Reasoned Action”
Social Criticism Intertextuality in Rendra’s Poem and Book of Isaiah
Wadu, Ludovikus Bomans
Child Character Building Through the Takaplager Village Children Forum
The Influence of Entrepreneurial Learning Design Meaningfulness on Student Entrepreneurial Competence
Wasito, Haryono
Leadership Style, Organization Culture, Motivation, and Principal Supervision of Teachers
Weganofa, Riza
The Effectiveness of Video Blog (VLOG) on Students’ Speaking Skill
Widiawati, Dita
Contribution of Environment in the Riverbanks and Peer Group to Drug Abuse
Wijayanti, Rina
The Importance of STEAM Loose Part Learning Effectiveness in Early Childhood Cognitive Learning
Wijayanto, Heri
Helping Early Childhood Education Teacher Teach English with an E-Book Guide
Wulandari, Rika
Problem Posing
Yasa, Arnelia Dwi
Digital Literacy Analysis of Elementary-School Students in Malang
Yonita, Riza
The Implementation of Health Protocols in New Normal Era of Covid-19 in Tourism
Yudiono, Udik
Business-Map Learning Media
Yuliansyah, Dandy
Financing Analysis of Loan-Based Crowd Funding on Medium Small Micro Enterprises
Character Building’s Analysis on Civic Education Course Through Lesson Study Activities
Yulianti, Andi Indah
Inflectional Markers of Mandarese Language in Generative Morphological Perspective
Yulianti, Santy
Spatial Representation of Baduy Tribe
Yuniarsih, Nury
Character Building’s Analysis on Civic Education Course Through Lesson Study Activities
Zainuri, Iva Ma’rifatuz
Lift the Flap Module Character Value Based on Contextual