Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Automation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (AMEE 2017)

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Study on Control System of Continuous Wave Mud Pulser

Xianfeng Gong, Kai Chen
In order to transmit the parameters of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) to the ground rapidly and effectively , a high speed continuous wave mud pulser has been developed.In this paper,the author introduces the overall scheme of the control system,including the position servo control of the Permanent...
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Research on the Composite Braking Control of Electric Vehicle

Jinglei Dou, Gaojian Cui, Shaosong Li, Shunhang Zheng, Xiaoquan Zhu, Zhixin Yu
A new composite braking control strategy is proposed for a rear-wheel-drive electric vehicle (EV) with both a regenerative braking system and a hydraulic braking system to achieve improved braking performance and optimal energy regeneration. Based on the model predictive control (MPC), the proposed braking...
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A Method of Path Planning and Control Strategy for Carrier-Based UAV in Return Section

Chaoying Pei, Jingjuan Zhang, Xueyun Wang, Qian Zhang
Compared with conventional path planning method, the path planning for carrier based UAVs has its own characteristics, especially in its return section. Firstly, the fuel carried with the UAV is limited, so that the UAV is expected to return to the carrier as soon as possible after the task is finished....
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Teaching Robot and Its Trajectory Planning Generation

Xiulan Wen, Bingfeng Bai, Junyu Cui, Guifang Qiao
This paper focuses on designing a kind of six degree of freedom teaching robot (STROB) and developing its trajectory planning method. STROB structure is introduced and kinematics parameters model is established. In order to make STROB generate smooth and continuous trajectory, non-uniform B-splines interpolation...
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Development of an Automatic Master batch Dispensing System with Iterative Learning Control

Peigang Li, Xianying Feng, Fuxin Du, Wenping Liu, Jian Zheng
Based on IPC and PLC, a distributed master-slave precision dispensing control system in master-batch production is developed. IPC is used to manage the information related to material, formula, process, and production, and to monitor the whole process of proportioning. PLC is used to control specific...
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Design of the CNC System for Vertical Electrochemical Machining Tool Based on Siemens 802Dsl

Siguo Yang
The common MCU (Microcontroller Unit) or PLC control method can not meet the linkage processing. 802Dsl numerical control system is adopted in this paper so that four axis and above linkage machining control can be realized in vertical ECM tool which has the advantages of complete functions, high reliability...
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Design and Implementation of a 6-DOF Intelligent Single-arm Robot

Feng Chen, Chao Lu, Yunhong Ma, Xuesi Li, Xiaojin Chai, Shixiong Wang
The design and implementation of single-arm robots are crucial offshoots of modern industry. It is of great significance that the device mentioned above could replace people to complete a great deal of complicated and dangerous industrial operations. Instead of the analysis and the introduction of the...
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Analysis of Multi-axes Adjustment Platform for Tunnel Intelligent Detection System

Xiao Liu, Jie Zhang, Erjuan Luo, Menghua Liu, Yingjie Duan, Pengbo Li, Chunming Xue
Based on the key technology problems of the tunnel intelligent detection system, this paper proposes a method of using multi-axes adjustment platform to solve the problem of image acquisition. The design method of multi-axes adjustment platform is proposed and a new type of 3-DOF parallel mechanism is...
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Optimization and Simulation of Boiler Water Level Control Based on the Fuzzy Neural Network

Zhimin Yu, Long Cheng, Zhenyong Hao, Wang Renzhong
To adjust the parameter PID of boiler water level control.Analysis of the problems existing in the Marine boiler water level control.[Method] Using fuzzy neural network, Fuzzy neural network is the combination of neural network and fuzzy logic. the traditional PID control and fuzzy neural network control...
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Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of a New Capacity-expanding and Energy-saving Conductor and Traditional Conductors

Yuchen He, Bin Song, Min Gao
The mechanical properties of a traditional steel-cored aluminum strand conductor and a new capacity-expanding and energy-saving conductor for a typical 500 kV transmission line are compared to provide a reference for the conductor lectotype of transmission lines. The study objects are a traditional steel-cored...
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Analysis on Moving Capability Characteristics of Mechanism Based on Equivalent Transformation of Virtual Compound Joint

Jianguo Luo, Zehao Bu, Jianyou Han
By introducing the theory of virtual compound joint and its characteristic parameters analysis method, the moving capability of the output terminal of the kinematic chain can be obtained by calculating and analyzing the instantaneous or global equivalent rotation angle domain and instantaneous or global...
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Ultrasonic Radial Simulation Research of Solid Particle Distribution of Segregation Flow in Gas-solid Two Phase Flow

Yueming Wang, Guodong Yao, Yaoyao Zhang, Meng Liu, Pengcheng Ge
for its application and universality, the research of gas-solid two-phase flow becomes popular, and an ultrasonic sensor is used to test gas- solid two -phase flow. By COMSOL software, a radial simulation model is set up to study particle distribution in radial section and their sensitivity. And also,...
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Cascade H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based on Microcontroller

Maoye Wang, Da Xie, Yanchi Zhang
One of an H bridge Cascaded multilevel inverters was studied and designed. In this paper, the basic topology of microcontroller based H-bridge cascade multilevel inverter and the realization principle of control system are introduced. The principle and control strategy of the inverter are studied and...
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Design of 4GHz CMOS Charge-pump Phased-locked Loop based on the Simulink Behavioral Simulation

Lixin Li, Xiushan Wu, Jianqiang Han
According to the basic working principle and the structure analysis of the phase-locked loop, the simulation and analysis of the loop stability with the change of the main loop parameters have been finished according to the established third order dynamic model on the Simulink of the MATLAB, a fast transient...
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The Research of Safety Assessment Technology of Quayside Container Crane Based on AHP Theory

Hui Yang, Weiping Ouyang, Qi Zhou
Introducing the present situation and the deficiency of current regulatory system of the quayside crane, propose a new method for safety assessment. Based on the AHP theory, the safety assessment method for quayside crane was studied, a sound method was proposed. Through the definition of the equipment...
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A Review of Fatigue Life Prediction Method for Quayside Container Crane

Zhenjie Xia, Weiping Ouyang, Yannan Du
Fatigue damage is the main damage cause of crane. The prediction method of fatigue life determines the design and service life of the crane. Therefore, it is extremely important to study the fatigue life prediction method of crane. In this paper, the existing fatigue life prediction methods are summarized...
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An optimal Approach on Sensor Placement for Structural Vibration Survey

Chunhui Yuan, Weicai Peng, Junjie Zhang
Vibration test on hull structures with large size needs numerous amounts of sensors, which means too much work. However, notable error would come from reducing the number of sensors. An approach is proposed to reconstruct the complete structural vibration, which chooses the locations and the number of...
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Study on a Multilevel Fuzzy Evaluation Method for Reliability Allocation

Xuehong He, Yuxiang Du, Liyang Xie
Reliability allocation is a significant part of reliability design. There are a number of factors that affect the reliability. A new method of reliability allocation is proposed based on the fuzzy theory and AHP method. The core of this method is to introduce the improved AHP method to determine the...
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Topological Design of Compliant Mechanisms with Multiple Materials

Jinqing Zhan, Liangming Long, Chunhui Lin, Xiangjie Yang
In order to obtain better mechanical properties by exploiting the advantages of different materials, a topological design method of compliant mechanisms multiple materials was proposed. The multiple materials interpolation model for topological design of compliant mechanisms was established using the...
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Super-resolution Microscopy with Structured Excitation and Structured Stimulated Emission Depletion

Qingru Li, Jiang Zhang, Hua Huang, Ming Tang, Xiyue Wang, Han Zhang
Fluorescence microscopy plays an important role in biomedical imaging because of its high sensitivity and specificity. However, the resolution of traditional fluorescence microscopy is limited due to the optical diffraction. Various techniques have been developed to surpass the diffraction limit in recent...
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Optimal Distributed Generator Allocation Method Considering Voltage Control Cost

Tie Chen, Nan Wang
High penetration of intermittent distributed generation access to the grid is a new challenge of the grid planning and operation. In order to achieve the best balance between economic cost and distributed generation capacity, a new method of active distribution network integration considering voltage...
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Research and Application of Multi-functional Backup Automatic Switch Based on Decoupling Theory for Substation

Zhiqiang Gu, Dahai Tang, Jing Li, Yong-ming Chen, Bin Cao, Tian Wu
There are three kinds of main connection modes, including single bus connection, inner bridge connection and enlarged inner bridge connection, in the different stages of the construction of the internal bridge connection circuit for substation, which were equipped with one of the three backup automatic...
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A New Method for Detecting Input Phase Lack of Power Unit in Cascade High Voltage Inverter

Shibao Qian, Chunsong Liu, Xuan Hu
This paper presents a detection method of input phase lack of power unit in cascaded high voltage inverter. The method determine the input phase lack of power unit in cascaded high voltage inverter through the detection of primary negative sequence current of phase shifting transformer. The start-up...
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The Hadoop Technology Applies in Power Big Data Platform

Jianyong Hu, Jilin Chen, Mei Xie, Bo Gao, Zhihong Yu, Jianfeng Yan, Ying Lv
The utility industry has entered into Big Data era as the construction and development of smart grid. It becomes more critical to store and process the Big Data efficiently, and to make effective utilization when the power Big Data are massive complicate. This paper analyses the status of power Big Data....
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Modelling and Simulation of HVDC Systems Considering the Harmonics of Converter Based on Dynamic Phasors Theory

Gang Luo, Chongru Liu, Wei Xu, Yinguo Yang, Feng Qian, Yuanyuan Lou
This paper proposes a dynamic phasors model of HVDC systems including the converter, DC line and control when the AC systems are symmetrical and analyses the simulation process of the proposed dynamic phasors model. The proposed dynamic phasors model can rapidly reflect the dynamic characteristics of...
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Spectral Analysis of Rotor Currents in Frequency-controlled Electric Drives

V.L. Kodkin, A.S. Anikin, A.A. Baldenkov
The results of researches of asynchronous electric drives with the frequency control which are carried out for the purpose of establishment of causes and effect relationships between a control method, the implementable standard frequency converter of the Schneider Electric company (ATV-71, ATV-32) and...
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Design of Assistance Characteristics Curve for Electric Power Steering System

Shaosong Li, Ren Sheng, Gaojian Cui, Shunhang Zheng, Zhixin Yu, Xiaohui Lu
Electric power steering (EPS) system can not only provide steering power and lighten the burden of the driver's manipulation, but also improve vehicle steering performance and driving comfort, thus improving vehicle active safety. However, in the process of EPS system development, the determination of...
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An EMT-DP Hybrid Simulation Method of AC-DC Power System

Gang Luo, Chongru Liu, Wei Xu, Yinguo Yang, Feng Qian, Qingang Duan
In order to take the advantage of electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation method and dynamic phasors simulation method, a new hybrid simulation of AC-DC system, electromagnetic transient - dynamic phasors hybrid simulation of AC-DC system, where dynamic phasors model and traditional EMT models are...
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Devices Selection and Topology Comparison of Mediun Voltage DC Solid State Circuit Breakers

Yihui Zhang
DC grid has been treated as a viable solution to solve green-house effect and reduce the cost of fossil fuels. Compared with AC grid, DC grid shows many inherent advantages, such as high efficiency power delivery, less expensive to deploy and no need for phase and frequency synchronization. However,...
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Research on Evaluation System of Investment Benefit of Power Equipment Overhaul Based on Reliability Theory

Yuanhui Huang, Dunnan Liu, Xiaokui Su, Luqing Liu
In view of the lack of reliability theory in the evaluation of investment efficiency of power equipment overhaul, this paper presents a reliability evaluation system based on reliability theory for investment in power equipment overhaul. Based on the reliability optimization theory, this paper studies...
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Analysis on the Reform of Transmission and Distribution Price and Its Impact on Power Grid Investment

Yuanhui Huang, Dunnan Liu, Xiaokui Su, Luqing Liu
In the reform of the power system for more than a decade, China's power market to participate in the main body has been in the power generation side to form a multi-subject competition situation, but the transmission, distribution, sale of vertical integration of the monopoly situation still exists,...
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Effective Capacity Allocation for Robustness of Interconnected Power Grids

Zhengqi Wu, Zhan Xu, Jingjing Wang, Sanghai Guan, Xuyang Hou, Yong Ren
In this paper, we study how to allocate the capacity of links in order to both restrain the propagation of cascading failures and to improve the robustness of the whole power grid system. Based on related works, we propose a graph-aided model which maps the real power grid into a graph. It can be viewed...
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Research on Loop Detection of Power Grid Equipment Based on Graph Database

Hongbin Qiu, Aihua Zhou, Kunlun Gao, Jiangpeng Dai, Bo Chai, Bo Zhang
This paper presents a method of power grid loop detection based on graph database. The topology concept is introduced to extract the network relationship from the power grid equipment. The devices and power lines in the power grid correspond to the vertices in the topological graph, and the connection...
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Resistance Performance of a Vortex Tube Separator by Numerical Calculations

Dawei Wang, Xiaojuan Luan
The vortex tube which is used to separate the dust of air flowing in the engine can reduce or eliminate the damage of the dust to the engine and guarantee its security. Total pressure loss performace is presented through Navier-Stokes equation and standard turbulence model. This paper shows the influence...
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A Direct Down-conversion System Using Sub-harmonic Mixer with Microstrip Lines

Yu-Chang Lin, Wen Ko, Ming-Wei Hsu, Man-Long Her
The purpose of this paper is to design a direct down-conversion system using sub-harmonic mixer with microstrip lines, it is also called a zero intermediate frequency system. By utilizing the direct conversion configuration, it can not only avoid to use an additional voltage controlled oscillator and...
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Design and Implementation of Phase Difference Detection Device for Marine Power Station Based on S7-1200 PLC

Jia Li, Zhiliang Wu
Based on the analysis of the principle of phase difference detection for marine power station's parallel operation set, a method for improving the accuracy of phase difference detection is presented. This method uses the interruption mode to reset and read the current count value of high speed counter...
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Design and Study of Real-time Online Assessing System for Marine Power Station Reliability

Zhiliang Wu, Yubin Yao, Dan Wang
Establish reliability model of marine power station under different working conditions. On this basis, the reliability model database of ship power station system is established. Through the real-time online detecting the different working conditions of the marine power station, the corresponding reliability...
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The Navigation Method of Formation Flying Satellites Based on Baseline Information and Pulsars

Kun Zhao, Muqing Li, L.P. Xu, Jijun Li, Yu Chen
The method of X-ray pulsar-based navigation can be applied to deep space exploration and earth-orbiting spacecraft navigation for its good performance in reliability and autonomy. But high-precision navigation can be hardly achieved when the input of navigation system is merely the signal of pulsars....
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Research on Electric Field Computational Simulation of Medium Voltage Generator Insulation Structure with Air-Filled Void Defects

Geng Li, Liang Chen, Benxiang Wu
Based on the insulation structure in stator slot of typical generators, this paper presents an analytical illustration to the fault expansion cause of turn-to-turn insulation failure through the fault example. The equivalent circuit is built up for analyzing the solid insulation layer with defects such...
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The Study of the Toxicity of the Gas Released on Lithium Ion Battery during Combustion

Jinghui Chen, Fei Gao, Xiangmei Li, Kai Yang, Songcen Wang, Rongjie Yang
Lithium ion battery and its safety are taken more consideration with fossil energy consuming and the reduction requirement of CO2 emission. The safety problem of lithium ion battery is mainly contributed by thermal runaway caused fire and explosion. When the lithium ion battery fire and explosion, gases...
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Key Technologies of Urban Computing in Big Data Era

Zhonglin He
In Big Data era, it is difficult to build effecive intelligient analysis and decision support system as urban computing information resources are incomplete and the horizontal integration and contribution of information is seriously inadequate. Intelligient analysis and decision support system largely...
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Research on Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Multip Sequence Alignment Based on Hybrid Parallel Computation

Yu Liu, Longsheng Li
For the computational efficiency issues of multiple sequence alignment (MSA) caused by large amount of calculation. Based on the Hybrid Parallel model for MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, research on genetic and simulated annealing algorithm for multiple sequence alignment, to maximize computing capabilities is proposed.Analyzes...
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MPC Based Driver's Intention Prediction Method for Vehicle Stability Control

Shunhang Zheng, Bangcheng Zhang, Shaosong Li, Luping Guo, Guodong Wang, Zheng Li, Xiaohui Lu
Aiming at improving vehicle handling and stability performance, a model predictive control based vehicle yaw stability controller is designed via active front steering system. In this paper, the reference yaw rate is varied in each prediction horizon, which can predict the driver's intention. And the...
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Analysis and Research on Learning Behavior Based on LMS

Shangyu Wu, Junming Ye, Zhifeng Wang, Daxiong Luo, Rong Zhao
With the rapid development of Internet technology, big data has become more and more frequently mentioned. How to use the latest technology to dig valuable information from big data has become a hot topic. In this paper, online learning analysis platform based on education big data integrated the acquisition...
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Research on Precision Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Traditional Chinese Medicine Basing on Cloud Computing

Zhaohui Fang, Ruimin Lu, Jindong Zhao, Chunfa Li
DM (diabetes mellitus) is a chronic disease caused by the body's inability to produce insulin, or by the ineffective use of the insulin produced, and it has become one of the most important non-infective diseases that threaten the public health all over the world. How to cure and manage diabetes scientifically...
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Space Teleoperation Visual Recognition System Using a Novel Pattern Recognition Technique

Mingming Wang
A Space Teleoperation Visual Recognition System is developed. It is used to recognize an object and measure the 3D pose. A highly efficient no iterative approach is used to calculator the external parameters in camera calibration. It divides all reference points into 3-point subsets in order to achieve...
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Image Preprocessing Technology of Screen Coding Based on Compression Perception

Yanpeng Sun, Juan Wang
In this paper, a new preprocessing method is proposed to solve the problem that the image of the print screen coding image is not ideal because the information bit is small, the symbol is not clear and the noise is serious. This paper focuses on the algorithm of image filtering based on compression sensing...
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The Research of Outdoor Fitness Facilities Design Based on Kano Model

Xiyin Gao, Chunrong Zhao, Yue Han
With the improvement of person's health consciousness, exercise time corresponding increase, more and more people are favour of outdoor fitness facilities, new demands to outdoor fitness facilities come up. Though the investigating and analyzing user's feelings to current outdoor fitness facilities and...
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Research on the Ageing Detection and Assessment Method of Silicone Rubber Materials Based on the Multi-Technology Fusion

Liangyuan Chen, Dajian Li, Jian Zhao
The ageing properties, detection technology and assessment method were researched in the paper. First, the influence on the silicone rubber materials of transmission and distribution equipment was analyzed. Second, based on the muti-technology fusion of macroscopic and microscopic detection method, the...
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Research on Irregular Field Area Measurements Metamorphosis Testing Method

Bin Hu, Wei Tang, Zhanwei Hui, Ruihao Ding
Aiming at the problem that it difficult to judge the correctness of the testing output during the area measurement testing, this paper purposes applying metamorphosis testing to terrain measurement software which shows its good effect. Taking the metamorphosis testing for irregular field area in terrain...
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Transfemoral Prostheses Control in a Frame of Intellectual-Synergetic Concept

Aleksandr Poliakov, Vladimir Pakhaliuk, Marina Kolesova, Petro Shtanko, Marina Ovchinnikova
In the control process of transfemoral prostheses in real time, the need to solve a number of non-trivial tasks there arises. The most difficult of them: recognizing the intentions of the disabled person to carry out any movement in the short term and choosing the optimal strategy for moving to the target,...
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An Improved Dual Vision System for Seam Guidance

Zhenbo Qin, Yingming Quan, Guanxi Li
High-speed fillet welding of container corrugated sheet requires high welding quality and welding speed, and visual monitoring technology has been introduced to achieve automatic welding. Aiming at the shortcomings of the photographing and the controlling on oblique stages of the welding seam, the existing...
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Problems and Suggestions of Rural Information Service Platform Construction in China

Lili Guan, Hongliang Zhao, Ping Xu, Liyong Xie, Wen Zhang
China's agricultural information service work cannot fully meet the needs of farmers, and need to explore more effective information services. This paper reviews the construction achievements and research achievements of China's agricultural information service platform by literature analysis, and obtains...
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A Similarity Link Prediction Method in Complex Network Based on Endpoint Clustering

Yang Yang, Yuchun Xu, Xin Yang
Link prediction aims to predict the probability of the existence of links between two endpoints in complex network. Many methods ignore the clustering of endpoints when calculate the similarity between two endpoints. To distinguish the contribution of endpoints clustering, we propose a similarity link...