Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2015

1. Editor’s Introduction

Chongfu Huang, Mu Zhang, Junxiang Zhang
Pages: 199 - 199
Research Article

2. Analysis of a Risky Two Unit System under Marked Process Incorporating Two Repairmen with Vacations

Nidhi Tiwari, S. B. Singh
Pages: 200 - 214
In this paper the system considered consists of two subsystems A and B. Subsystem A has only one unit whereas subsystem B consists of two homogeneous units B1 and B2. Here B2 is in hot standby with B1. In the present study we have incorporated two repairmen namely supervisor and novice to repair the...
Research Article

3. Sweden’s Capacity to Prepare and Respond to a Terrorist Attack on Rail-Bound Traffic – Promising Practices and Obstacles to Inter-Organizational Collaboration

Veronica Strandh
Pages: 215 - 125
This article takes an interest in evolving collaborative practices in crises caused by terrorism targeting rail-bound traffic. Sweden provides the empirical focus, by examining current preparedness processes, this article offers an important perspective on inter-organizational collaboration; that is,...
Case Study

4. Research on Urban Waterlogging Disaster Risk Assessment Based on ARCGIS and MIKE FLOOD – A Case Study on Shijiazhuang

Wei Zhang, Yingjun Hu, Jiazhuo Wang, Chunyang Zhang
Pages: 226 - 233
Urban flood risk assessment supported by accurate and precise modeling could make great contributions to urban flood management. In this paper, an urban drainage system model of Shijiazhuang city was built based on the MIKE21, MIKE URBAN and MIKE 11 modules in MIKE FLOOD platform in order to provide...
Research Article

5. Regional Risk Assessment of Earthquake-triggered Landslides

Yingying Tian, Chong Xu, Jian Chen
Pages: 234 - 245
Great earthquakes occurring in mountainous areas can trigger large-scale landslides, leading to serious geological disasters. Thus, in recent years, especially after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, much attention has been focused on the research about regional risk assessment of seismic landslides in China...
Research Article

6. Research on Construction of Major Drainage System for urban area of Shijiazhuang

Chunyang Zhang, Jiazhuo Wang, Yingjun Hu, Wei Zhang
Pages: 246 - 256
In recent years, many cities of China suffered from urban waterlogging, therefore, prevention of urban waterlogging became one of the main targets of urban drainage. Based on the comprehensive plan of drainage and waterlogging Prevention of Shijiazhuang, this study introduced the relationship between...
Research Article

7. The Variable Characteristics and Response to Climatic Factors of the Runoff in the Downstream Areas of the Yellow River under the Background of Global Change

Mei Hong, Dong Wang, Wenhua Zeng, Chenchen Ma, Liang Zhao
Pages: 257 - 263
In this paper, the runoff of Huayuankou and Lijin Hydrologic Stations of the downstream areas of the Yellow River from 1951 to 2012 were calculated and analyzed in order to explore the runoff variable characteristics and their response to climatic factors. The following conclusions can be drawn:(1)Annual...