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Citizen Behavior Model in Urban Farming Development

Dr. Abdullah, Nurlita Pertiwi, Faizal Amir, Sukrimin Sapareng
The study aims to investigate the characteristics of citizen behavior in the development of urban farming in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi Province. The sample selection is using probability sampling of 300 respondents aged 18-60 years from various levels of education, gender, and social status....

Socio-psychological Aspects of Informatization of Higher Education

Ekaterina Gnatik
The article reviews the use of information technology in higher education. Since the impact of information technologies on humans is ambivalent in its nature, there are both advantages and some undesirable aspects pertaining to its significant but not sufficiently studied effect on mental functions of...

Flow Hydrograph Analysis in Watershed of Krueng Seunagan Nagan Raya District

Muhammad Ikhsan, Inseun Yuri Salena, Ayu Aidar
Seunagan, Nagan Raya District is a lowland area that often-experiencing flooding that comes from the overflow of the Krueng Seunagan River. This condition affects the activity of peoples living in the river environment. Based on the problems occurred, this research is conducted to determine the characteristics...

Research on Competition Training Based on Blended Learning

Jie Liu, Xiaoli Long
Traditional courcing competition integration training can not change the situation of passive learning. Blended learning based on mobile learning is mainly based on students' self-study, which can realize students' personalized learning. Competition training based on blended learning is bound to change...
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Yoga Pranayama Increase Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) in Patient with Asthma

Made Mahaguna Putra, Sriyono Sriyono, Deni Yasmara
Patients with asthma will experience a decrease in pulmonary function due to airway obstruction. Yoga Pranayama is a practice of meditation, self-hypnosis with positive suggestions and breathing exercise for patients with asthma that can cause optimal ventilation. This study was to explain the effect...

Developing Teaching Material Complex Procedure Text Based on Literacy Learning in Senior High School

Monalisa Frince S., Abdurahman Adisaputera, Mutsyuhito Solin
Teaching material are all forms of material used by teachers in teaching. Teaching material need to be developed. Today, the mastery of information is important. Learning literacy can be used to make students learn to master information through reading, writing and critical thinking. This study aims...
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Analysis on the Training Content and Method of Special Jump Skill of Volleyball Players in Middle School

Lei Wang, Wenmei Dong
This article mainly uses the literature data method, the logical analysis method, the expert interview method and so on, combined with the author's research result, summarizes and discusses the training content and the method research of the domestic high school students volleyball athletes, Volleyball...

Innovation of Private Customized Tourism Development Mode under the Tourism E-Commerce Platform

San-chun Yu
With the improvement of people's living standards and the promotion of their economic income, traveling outside has already become one of the main activities in people's leisure and entertainment time. Facing the increasing demands of the tourism market, the traditional mass tourism has been unable to...
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Fleet Assignment Problem Study Based on Branch-and-bound Algorithm

Donghua Wu, Yongjun Fan, Hongshan Xia, Jinyuan Zhang
In this paper, a strategy based on Branch-and-bound algorithm for an optimization problem was proposed, a scheduling method solving airliner fleet assignment problem was analyzed. By building a model, the requirement of balanced application of airplanes was transformed to optimizing schemes. The graph’s...
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Characterization of Main-Chain Liquid Crystal Elastomers Using X-ray Diffraction Method

M. Supardi, Yusril Yusuf, M. Harsoyo
We characterized the four main chain liquid crystal elastomers (MCLCEs) samples using the x-ray diffraction method. The four samples had different concentration of crosslinkers, i.e 8%, 12%, 14% and 16%. There was a relationship between crosslinkers concentration and d-spacing parameter here, namely...

Re-selection of College English Teaching Contents under Economic Integration

Lei Liu
With intensive development of regional economic integration and China’s growing enthusiasm taking part in the international affairs, English has never served so much connecting China with the world, putting forward higher requirement on the country’s college English teaching. Aimed at the problems exited...
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Complexes Formation of Porphyrin Derivatives with Lead: Preliminary Computational Study of Porphyrin as Analytical Reagent

Rimadani Pratiwi, Slamet I. Surantaatmadja, Daryono H. Tjahjono
Interaction of three cationic porphyrins: meso-tetrakis (N-methylpyridinium-4-yl) porphyrin (H2TMPyP), meso-tetrakis (1,3-dimethylimidazolium-2-yl)porphyrin (H2TDMImP), and meso-tetrakis(1,2-dimethylpyrazolium-4-yl) porphyrin (H2TDMPzP) with lead have been performanced computationally using DFT method....

Integrated Prospecting Prediction of Multi-scale Structure Information at Gaosong Field in Gejiu, Yunnan Province

Chunzhong Ni, Hua Fan
Gejiu tin ore zone is one of the largest tin polymetallic ore zone and takes the most important roles in the southeast Yunnan province. Gaosong field is located in north east of Gejiu mining district Fault structure of Gaosong field in the Gejiu tin deposits plays an important role in controlling ore...
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An Accurate Diffraction Ultrasound Tomography Images Reconstruction Algorithm Based on LS_NUFFT

Jie Fang, Ping Yu, Zhiyuan Weng, Min Kong
According to the Fourier diffraction projection theory, the Fourier transform of projection data from multi-band frequency ultrasonic is distributed over complex plane in form of different radius arcs. The classical filtered back projection FBP algorithm isn't fit for distributing of the k space data,...
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The Formal Method of Metaphor Understanding within Dynamic Context

Min Zhu
The research of metaphor understanding is a significant field of cognitive science. Metaphor plays an important role in natural language discourse. There is a close relationship between logic and metaphor. Metaphor can be described by dynamic epistemic logic. This article, we attempt to dynamically describe...
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Study on the Dynamic Relationship between Carbon Emissions and Energy Consumption in China

Yifeng Wang
Environmental issues have become increasingly prominent in China. Studying on the relationship between carbon emissions and energy consumption can help us to realize the target of reducing carbon emissions in 2020. The article studies the dynamic relationship between carbon emissions and energy consumption....

Resilience as a mediator between extraversion and life satisfaction among Chinese college students

Jing Jie, Jie Du
Extraversion was proved to be one of the best predictor of life satisfaction. But this predictive effect could be affected by resilience. In order to examine the relation between the extraversion and life satisfaction, and test the mediate effect of resilience, we chose 110 undergraduate students from...
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Testing Methods Research and Design for NIPS Anti-evasion Attack

Xuan Li, Jian Gu, Qian Li
Based on the test for anti-evasion attack of NIPS, A simple and effective improved software test method is designed. In this improve method testing software are installing and running on physical and virtual machine, the network cards of the virtual maching are set in different operation modes, Software...
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Dynamic analysis of nonlocal-gradient elastic nano-beams resting on an elastic foundation

Jianshe Peng, Liu Yang, Fan Lin
Dynamic analysis of nonlocal-gradient elastic nano-beams resting on an elastic foundation is investigated in this paper. The nonlocal-gradient elastic beam model, which has two independent gradient coefficients, based on the classical nonlocal elasticity theory and strain gradient theory, can be interpreted...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Super-hydrophobic Coating Materials

Zhiping Yu, Meimei Wang, Xiaolong Qiu, Jijun Xiao
The hydrophobic properties of lotus have won support among the people. It can not only resistant to the condensation of water, but also has the function of self-cleaning and anti-pollution. Super-hydrophobic coating has a great practical value in real life.The super-hydrophobic coating materials were...
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Experimental Study on Crack Width of Reinforced HSC-on-SFRFLC Superposed Beams

Changyong Li, Zhaofei Chen, Xinxin Ding, Shunbo Zhao
To take full advantages of high-strength concrete (HSC) and steel fiber reinforced full-lightweight concrete (SFRFLC), a new type of composite beams was suggested, which was cast by HSC superposed on SFRFLC in certain relative depths. Based on the tests of 13 reinforced HSC (in strength grades of C60...
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Effect of Ball Milling on the Electrochemical Properties of La0.7(Mg0.25Ti0.05)(Ni0.85Co0.15)3.5 Hydrogen Storage Alloy

Shujun Qiu, Xingyu Ma, Errui Wang, Jianling Huang, Hailiang Chu, Yongjin Zou, Cuili Xiang, Fen Xu, Lixian Sun
The influence of ball milling on the structure and the electrochemical properties of La0.7(Mg0.25Ti0.05)(Ni0.85Co0.15)3.5 hydrogen storage alloy was investigated systematically. The XRD results show that the main phases of the alloy are a (LaMg)Ni3 phase with the PuNi3-type rhombohedral structure and...

Research on the perfection of China's land circulation market: problems and countermeasures—Taking Heilongjiang province as an example

Dezhang Wang, Huiyong Du
To speed up the rural land circulation is under the new situation, improve the competitiveness of agriculture and increasing farmers' income, the enhancement enterprise benefits and ensuring food safety requirements, such as reform of land circulation in China has both internal motivation and external...
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Exploration of the Application of High and New Technologies in Grain and Oil Processing

Haijuan Tian
The State Administration of Grain has released the Suggestions of Popularizing the Utilization of High-Tech in “Eleventh Five-Year” In Grain Industry and the Comments And Suggestions of Mid-Long Term (By 2020) Scientific and Technological Development Plan of China’s Grain and Oil, and has vigorously...
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A Reconfigurable Architecture via Grain Perception Operator

Fan Yang, Laixin Shen, Sheng Li, Run Wang
Application tasks are complex and diverse, which need HPC (High Performance Computing) to solve them. The computing efficiency is hugely different when they run in different architectures, because different application tasks have different computing features. The PMC (Processor-Memory- Communication)...
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Video Coding with View Scalability Based on Video Selection

Tao Yan, Xiaoxiong Zhou, Zeliang Liu
Multi-view video coding (MVC) demands high compression rates, temporal random access, spatial random access, as well as view scalability. Scalable multi-view video coding based on video selection is proposed. It then uses the position of the cameras and the relation of inter-views to divide all views...

Impact of China's Real Exchange Rate Volatility on Sino-US Commodity Trade

Jianning Chen, Lifeng Tu
Constructing the imperfect substitute trade models of commodity goods between USA and China, this paper uses FGLS and GMM estimation to show whether fluctuation of the real China's exchange rate has any implication on the Sino-US commodity trade flows. Using two alternative measures of "real" China's...

Development of Creative Tourism Zone 'Puncak 2' to Increase Economic Competitivenes of Bogor District

Besar Agung Martono, Titing Widyastuti
The purpose of this paper is to present a proposed development concept of "Creative Tourism Zone" 'Puncak 2' region in Bogor District. This paper also serves to develop the concept of a Creative Tourism Zone with stakeholders including the government, academia and entrepreneurs. The proposal is based...

The Sharing Economy A Comparison between China and Europe

Shanxiang Xiao, Ti Wu
This paper provides a comprehensive understanding of the distinct features of sharing economy companies in China and how they differ from those in Europe. The report fills an important gap in the literature, which is deficient in explaining how the cultural and political environment of different countries...
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Pedestrians Crowd Segmentation Based on Bayesian Formulation

Yun Liu, Guangpeng Ma
Crowd people segmentation algorithm in complex environments is proposed based on Bayesian formula. In this method solved the case of the occlusion of crowd pedestrian which are difficult to detect one pedestrian from each other. This algorithm uses the Bayesian formula to convert the problem that how...
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The sustainable development and application of indoor environmental protection materials

Xiaodong Zhang, Changrong Peng
Material mode of existence, inevitably determines its color, texture, feel, and other physical properties and chemical properties, a good designer should also be a fantastic material user. He can produce emotional communicate with material, will put the material in one of the most appropriate location....
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Noise Reduction of Seismic Signal via Empirical Mode Decomposition

Baotong Liu
This paper developed a denoising method termed f-x empirical-mode decomposition (EMD) predictive filtering. In this new method, we first applied EMD to each frequency slice in the f-x domain and obtained several intrinsic mode functions (IMFs). Then, an autoregressive model was applied to the sum of...
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Capacity of Multi-channel Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Lin Chen
Capacity is one of the basic problems for wireless networks which determine its performance. With the fast development of Multi-channel technology and VANET, the capacity of Multi-channel VANET has been crucial issue needing to a in-depth solution. In the paper, the capacity of Multi-channel VANET is...
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Moving Object Detection Based on Improved Codebook Model

Gao Ruidong
Background modeling is a key technology in video surveillance field. Conventional methods used to detect the moving object have drawbacks in the aspects of accuracy and robustness. In order to address these problems, we change the RGB columnar structure in traditional codebook model and establish codebook...

Student’s Metacognitive Activities in Solving Mathematics Problems

Mustamin Anggo, Mr. Suhar, Yoo Eka Yana Kansil
Metacognitive activities in mathematics problem solving are important in order to obtain the right solution. The implementation of metacognitive in solving problems indicates that the activities are supported by awareness and regulation of knowledge. For education students, the awareness and regulation...

Environmental Education as a Media for Character Building at School of Alam Raya Muaro Jambi

Aris Dwi Nugroho, Jamaluddin Jamaluddin, Diandara Oryza, Arfan Aziz, Abd Malik
Various social phenomenon that have occurred in recent years in Indonesia are getting worst. Solving problems through violence seems to be common. Crime, juvenile delinquency, corruption, pornography, and drug abuse displayed through various media, and there are still many other social phenomena that...

Problems of Attracting Investments for the Acquisition and Construction of Real Estate

E.A. Vidishcheva, V.A. Nikiforova, A.A. Kovchun
We have analyzed Russian and global experience of investing in housing. We reviewed the fundraising models existing in the Russian real-estate market: mortgage and equity construction. The paper analyzes some statistics relating to the state-of-the-art in housing construction in the Siberian Federal...

Indefinite “Coup” of Digital Education and Certainty of Reality

Elena Merzon, Oscar Raif-Riabov
The authors continue the global discussion on the new tasks of learning and education management. The main question of the discussion: “How to prepare the next generation for the uncertainty of what is happening in the digital world, the labor market and social systems of global change?” The exponential...

Improvement of Geography Teacher’s Skill in Making Learning Media Based on Remote Sensing Image

Tjaturahono Budi Sanjoto, Heri Tjahjono
This study aims to describe the improvement of knowledge and skills of geography teachers through training activities on processing and using remote sensing images as a source of learning geography to improve the quality of Geography learning. The target is the State and Private High School Teachers...

The Application of Contemporary Expressive Painting Language in Cartoon Creation

Qiuyuan Li
Contemporary painting context is bound to break through traditional meaning, and the introduction of new painting language is one of the ways to break through traditional way. This paper, starting from the artist’s creative and the artist’s most impulsive and essential way of expression, attempts to...

In-Service Teacher’s Response to The Professional Development Training and Workshop in Indonesia

Dwi Sulisworo, Dian Kusumaningtyas
Teacher professionalism is an essential factor in managing quality education as a critical factor in the civil society movement. The Indonesian government has been improving teacher professionalism through the teacher certification program. The implementation of teacher certification has been carried...

Estimation of social significance of copper mining enterprises using the method of least squares

O.V. Bazhenov, A.D. Oykher, A.V. Ilyina
The article discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of PLS-PM modeling the social significance of copper industry enterprises as an indicator reflecting the contribution of companies to the development of the territories of their production facilities and / or parent enterprises. The purpose...
Research Article

Neonatal Mortality in a Tertiary Care Private Set Up in Saudi Arabia

Sajjad Ur Rahman, Muhammad Hasan Abdulghani, Khalid Al Faleh, Jasim Anabrees, Mohammad Khalil, Konstantinos Mousafeiris, Mustafa Mohammad Mustafa, Maha Yassin Mansour, Adnan Mirza, Mohammad Mubarak, Mohamed Kamal
Pages: 16 - 19
To ascertain Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR), Early NMR (ENMR), Late NMR (LNMR), Corrected NMR (cNMR), and causes of neonatal mortality in a major tertiary care private maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) set up in Saudi Arabia. This was a retrospective analysis of hospital data. We ascertained...

Structural Analysis of Egyptian Economy: Trends in Service and Digitalization

Natalia Buletova, Ekaterina Stepanova, Mohamed Sergany
In 2019, Egypt celebrates the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal, which brought new impulses and challenges to the economy and political development of this state. Egypt and Russia have long-term history of successful economic cooperation. This paper presents results of structural analysis...

The Effect of Experimental Skills toward Senior High School Students’ Critical Thinking Abilities through Discovery Learning Model

Laili Komariyah, Mira Karimah
The experimental skill is an ability in which students are able to do the experiment, observe the processes, and write the result of their experiment. Critical thinking is skillful in thinking deeply about the problem or something, such as knowledge about methods, investigation and rational thinking,...

Local-content English Expression for Homestay Host

Alief Noor Farida, Rini Susanti Wulandari
Becoming homestay hosts for foreigners is not easy as they have to have English skill to communicate with the guests. They need to master, at least, the English expressions to serve the guests at their house. In addition, they also need to understand their local culture to be shown to the guests. To...

Strategies to Improve the Classroom Teaching Efficiency of College Students under the Network Environment — For Chinese University Education

Ruili Song, Bo Wang
The goal of this paper is to propose strategies to improve the classroom teaching efficiency of college students based on the current advantages of the Internet. The reform of teaching mode is the key to promote the classroom teaching efficient of college students in China. The practice and exploration...

Customer Satisfaction on Company Image and Its Impact on Loyalty of Banking Service Industry Customers in Bali

Ni Luh W. Sayang Telagawathi, Ni Made Dwi Ariani Mayasari, Ni Nyoman Yulianthini
As the development of the research made by Andres Kuusik,(2007), the primary purpose of this research was to examine the effect of the customer satisfaction, the company image, switching barrier, and the loyalty of the customers with the banking as an empirical hypothesis. This research found that the...

The Tradition of Visiting the Graveyard: A Theological Study on the Ways of Timorese Christians Honoring and Remembering the Dead

Ebenhaizer I. Nuban Timo
There is controversy among Christians about whether it is proper or not to visit the grave of a beloved one. First group regards that habit as idolatry while the second accepts it as a form of honoring and expressing love to those who were worthy with the exception of not talking to the dead. This article...

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Control-Checking Activity of Tax Authorities

A.V. Klimova, A. V. Svistunov
Nowadays the problem of an effective state taxation policy that could provide Russian economic security is particularly relevant. The main source of budget replenishment is tax revenues. The article represents the analysis of monitoring activity of the interdistrict tax office and identifies current...