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Influence of Heat Treatment on Hot-rolled Sheet Forming of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy

Huan-Huan Yu, Zhuang Li, Zu-Hua Bao, Shao-Pu Kang
Solution heat treatment and subsequent precipitation aging operations of Ti-6Al-4V alloy were conducted, and erichsen test was performed. Detailed microstructure was carefully observed by light optical microscopy (LOM). Influence of heat treatment on hot-rolled sheet forming of Ti-6Al-4V alloy was investigated....
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The Evolution of Microstructure of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy during Water Cooling

Jiu-Zhou Li, Huan-Huan Yu, Zhuang Li, Shuai Wang, Tao Yu, Zhao-Hua Li
In this paper, Ti-6Al-4V alloy was water cooled from three different temperatures after solution treating. The microstructure of the specimens after thermomechanical treatment testing was observed by light optical microscopy (LOM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), respectively. The hardness of...
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Research on Acicular Ferrite Nucleation Induced by Inclusions in Pipeline Steel Welding Heat Affected Zone

Jian-Ming Wang, Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu
In this paper, the acicular ferrite nucleation induced by inclusions in pipeline steel welding heat affected zone is researched, including the acicular ferrite nucleation induced by the in-situ reaction inclusions, the acicular ferrite nucleation induced by the formed inclusions after the micro-alloying...
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Research on Welding Heat Affected Zone of Pipeline Steel in High Heat Input Welding

Jian-Ming Wang, Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu
In this paper, the HAZ of pipeline steel in high heat input welding is researched, including the microstructure and properties of HAZ, the embrittlement of HAZ and the existing problems and solutions of HAZ. The results show that the welding normalized zone is the best part of the HAZ. The main embrittlement...
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Research of Micro-alloyed Microstructure and Composition in X80 Pipeline Steel for High Heat Input Welding

Jian-Ming Wang, Yan Liu, Kai Wang, Yang Liu
The characteristic of chemical composition of X80 pipeline steel, the microstructure and the existing problems under the condition of high heat input welding were introduced in this paper. The micro-alloyed process of Nb, Ti, V elements in X80 pipeline steel and the influence on the mechanical properties...
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Study on Luminescence Properties of Blue phosphorescent Microcavity Organic Light-emitting Devices

Chun-Yu Zhang, Ding-Dong Wang, Hua Rong
A blue phosphorescent cavity organic light-emitting Devices (MOLED) is obtained. The structure is Glass/DBR /ITO /MoO3(1nm)/TcTa(40 nm)/CBP: FIRPIC( 30nm, 6%)/TPBI(35nm)/LiF(1nm)/Al(80nm). For comparing, the OLED without cavity is also fabricated. The effect of microcavity structure on phosphorescent...
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Fluorescent Biocompatible Tactic PMMA-QDs Thin Films

Cashe Lester, Abdulsalam Abdulkadir, Lauren Washburn, Ashwinin Kucknoor, Su-Ying Wei
Poly(methyl methacrylate) thin films were prepared through solvent casting method followed by thermal treatment to completely remove the residual solvent. All three different tactic PMMAs were studied; the PMMA solution was made in chloroform at various concentrations, with 0.1wt% QDs added against the...
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The Design of Bullet Train Process Bogie and the Finite Element Analysis of Frame Strength

Jun Dai
The process bogie is a special equipment for bullet train maintenance. Frame is the main the main load-bearing frame in the process bogie, and its fatigue strength directly affects the safety performance of the entire process bogie. According to the actual maintenance needs, the project design a process...
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Failure Analysis of Stainless Steel Bolt

Chun-Yan Hu, Xin-Ling Liu, Chun-Hu Tao, Yu-Huai He
Two stainless steel bolts of the motor components assembly fractured after serving for eight hours. The fracture feature and cause of the bolt were analyzed by appearance observation, micro and macro observation on fracture surfaces, metallographic examination, hardness testing. The results show that...
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The Determination of Negative Voltage during Magnesium Alloy Plasma Process

Xi-Zhi Jiang, Yong-Fu Zhao
Plasma process was carried out on ZK60 Mg alloy to explore the effects of different negative voltage on the characteristics of coatings. Surface and cross-section morphologies, coating thickness and corrosion resistance of coatings were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy disperse...
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Tensile Test Performance of Fibre Reinforced SMATed Aluminium Laminates

Yun Wan, Zhen-Qing Wang, Li-Min Zhou, Meng-Zhou Chang
Fiber metal laminates (FMLs) are hybrid structures consisting of metal sheets and fiber reinforced plastic layers. Glass reinforced aluminum laminates (GLARE) reflects the combination of aluminum alloy layers and glass fiber reinforced layers. It is utilized in the aircraft upper fuselage and the leading...
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Effect of Modifiers on Injection Molding of Waste Polyethylene Drip Tape

Bin Guo, Shou-Jun Wu, De-Lan Zhu
In this work, effects of Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and Dicumyl peroxide (DCP) on injection molding of recycled polyethylene (PE) materials obtained from a waste disposable drip tape are studied. Under injected at 175-230°C and 35-40 MPa, the recycled PE materials with EVA showed good injection...
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Study on Impact Parameter of the Hole Generatrix through a Center Hole Conical Part Cold Extrusion

Chao Sun, Peng-Biao Han, Jun Li, Chao Li, Lei Ma
Based on the characteristic distortion and the influence factors of cone parts by cold extrusion, cold extrusion process of a center hole conical part is simulated by Abaqus software, then the shape of the hole generatrix after cold extrusion is obtained by this method. According to simulation, the relation...
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Simulation Research on Deep Drawing Process of Box-Shaped Parts of 2B06-O Aluminum Alloy

Hai-Zhao Ma
Based on the finite element analysis software Pamstamp, the box-shaped parts deep drawing process of 2B06-O aluminum alloy is simulated analysis. By comparing die corner radius and blank holder force of the box-shaped parts, a reasonable determination of the die corner radius and blank holder force are...
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Organic Compounds in Paper and Plastic Food Packaging

Li Xie, Jiang Yu, Lu Pei, Xing Zhou, Lu Ren
Additives, printing ink and other chemicals in packaging may influence safety of the food. Standard solutions of eight organic compounds were prepared. By gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technology, benzene, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, ethyl benzene, cyclohexanone, m/p-Xylene, o-Xylene...
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Design of Smart Home System Based on Service Encapsulation and Device Abstraction

Quan-Feng Yan, Yue-Bin Wang, Yan Xu, Li-Qiang Liu, Bo Fang
Through research and analysis about smart home, a smart home system based on service encapsulation and equipment abstract solutions have been proposed. It’s combining pervasive computing and mobile computing technique centered on home intelligent gateway, through the device abstract and service encapsulation...
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An Analysis of Microscopic Morphology and Organization of 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Neng-Jun Yang, Sen Chi
With self-developed pulse weld device, stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti is pulse welding repaired under three different conditions. Metallographic specimens are prepared respectively. Metallographic observation results show that the size of pores in the fusion zone and the pulse weld layer increases along...
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Cutting Force Investigation when Heavy Milling Welded Aluminum-Thin- Walled Hollow Structure

Ying-Fei Ge, Jun-Ming Hou, Chun-Guang Li, Wen-Liang Xiong
Commercial cutting tools of sintered high speed steel and carbide were used to heavy milling 6N01-T5 aluminum thin-walled hollow W-shape structures under four kinds of cooling conditions. The results showed that the cutting forces increased dramatically when cutting the weld seam or the intersectant...
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Nano-TiO2/Chitosan Coated Antibacterial Paper and Its Preservation Effect in Packaging Nanguo Pear

Zi-Bo Jiang, Jun-Yan Huang, Lin-Lin Yu, Xin Sun, Li-Hua Cui
After nanguo pear respectively were dealt with water to wash, base paper packaging and nano-TiO2/chitosan coated antibacterial paper packaging, and stored for some time, its sensory index and physiological index were measured and made comparative analysis. The determination results based on sensory index...
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Effect of Post-processing on Photoluminescence and Surface Composition of Porous Silicon

Xi-Feng Zhang, Han Zhao, Hong-Xia Dong, Yu Wang, Kun Fan
Porous silicon (PS) with 6.13 nm average pore diameter, 20.6 m thickness layer and 70.8% porosity prepared by galvanostatic electrochemical anodisation of p-type silicon wafer in aqueous hydrofluoric acid (HF)/ethanol electrolyte. The freshly prepared PS was processed by time effect, nitric acid treatment,...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Continuous Dynamic ECAE Forming Process of Al–Zr Resists Heat Alloy

Ming-Xue Yang, Fang-Fang Zhang, Tian-Guo Zhou, Zhe Zhang
The continuous ECAE forming process of Al–Zr resistant heat alloy was simulated by nite element method with DEFORM-3D.The rigid viscoplastic finite element model of continuous ECAE forming process was established. The feasibility of continuous ECAE forming process was verified. The effective stress and...
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The Shear Bearing Capacity Mechanism Analysis of Steel Pipe Steel Reinforced Concrete Composite Column

Bing Wang, Xiao Liu, Tian-Cheng Xu
In this paper, the ABAQUS finite element model is established. using the stress distribution of the components during the calculation analysis, we analyzed the working mechanism of steel pipe steel reinforced concrete composite column shear components, it is concluded that P - U curve of the shear component...
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Preparation, Linear Spectrum and Nonlinear Two-photon Absorption Properties of Fluorenone Derivative Containing 4-Methoxystyrene

Shu-Heng Chi, Liang Li, Yi-Qun Wu
The nonlinear optics is a new and important branch in the field of optical physics. Compared with the traditional optics, the nonlinear optics can produce many special phenomena such as frequency doubling, optical limiting, two-photon absorption and so on. Therefore, it has great potential for application...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Polysiloxane and Acrylate Elastomer Material

Lei Xu, Min Wang, Xi-Zhi Jiang, Yong-Fu Zhao
High silicon content silicone-acrylate block copolymerization emulsion by vinyltriethoxysilane acrylate(VTS), octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane(D4) and acrylic ester was synthesized in this paper. About 20wt% silicon gave the latex film characteristic of rubber by the study on the resilience and tensile curve...
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Performance Analysis of Interior Beam-column Joint of Buckling Restrained Brace Reinforced Concrete Frame

Jiang Zhu, Guo-Chang Li
A type of connection was proposed to connect buckling restrained braces in reinforced concrete frames. Performance under Monotonic load of the joint were analyzed by ABAQUS, the development of cracks and deformations is studied, and the ultimate state and the failure mode are determined. In addition,...
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Automotive Sheet Metal SAPH440 and Q235 Formability of Comparative Study

Ming-Liang Li, Da-Sen Bi, Jun-Ke Hao
SAPH440 and Q235 these two materials are automotive sheet metal,through the experiment on mechanical properties, microstructure and bulge forming ability have a comparative study between them. The experimental results showed that: SAPH440 mechanical performance is better than that of Q235,it has small,...
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Study on the Properties of Nano-Al2O3/Phenyl Silicone Rubber Composites

Yan Xu, Qun Gao, Chun-Fa Ouyang, Hong Guo, Xu Xiang
Nanoparticles filled silicone rubber is widely used in electric encapsulation for its excellent insulating properties, thermal and optical stability. This paper focuses on the effect of nano-Al2O3 on the properties of phenyl silicone rubber at low loading ( 1%). Nano-Al2O3 was modified by silane coupling...
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Effect of Sputtering Power on Nano-mechanical Properties of SiCO Film

Chun-Yang Liu, Ning-Bo Liao, Yao Yang, Jie-Lin Zhang
In this study, unbalanced magnetron sputtering approach was used to prepare SiC film by using high-purity Si target. SiCO films were synthesized by reactive radio-frequency sputtering from a SiC target with oxygen gas. Nano-indentation and scratch test were used to study the mechanical properties of...
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Kinetics of Carboxylated Bagasse Hemicellulose Adsorption to Cd2+

Li-Jun Wang, Meng-Ling Weng, Qiao-Ping Kong, Hong-Xiang Zhu, Shuang-Fei Wang
In this paper, Cd2+ was absorbed by the carboxylated bagasse hemicellulose, and the kinetics has been studied. The results show that absorption of the carboxylated bagasse hemicelluloses to ions Cd2+ can be well described by the pseudo second-order kinetics model. The theoretical value of the maximum...
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Simulation on a Composite Laminate Subjected to Ballistic Impact

Chun-Sheng Liang, Zong-Hong Xie, Xiang Li
A finite element model was developed to study the damage mechanisms of composite laminates under high velocity impact conditions. Modified Hashin failure criteria were used for the fiber breakage prediction. Cohesive elements were defined between two adjacent layers in the target laminate for the prediction...
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Influencing Factors Analysis in Simulation of Head-windscreen Laminated Glass Impacting

Na Yang, Li-Ren Jiangxiong, Xiao-He Tao, Jian-Feng Wang, Da-Fang Wang
In order to reduce head injury in the collision between pedestrian and vehicle, and explore a variety of influence factors of laminated glass on the impact injury. Several laminated glass impact damage effect factors are considered to establish a series of simulation models, crash simulation calculations...
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Multidirectional Forging Simulation Research on a Tee Joint Valve

Jin-Hua Hu, Shi-Peng Shi, Yun-Lai Ren, Zhong-Hai Yu
A numerical tee joint valve model was set up in this paper. The numerical forming simulation was implemented. The load of the upper punch was predicted. The final temperature field shows that varying temperatures are within the feasible forging temperature region. The results from the numerical simulation...
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Mechanical Activated Fly Ash and Mechanism

Li-Guang Xiao, Bo Jiang
When the replacement of cement and fly ash strength 28d 3d have the same amount of 10% of the rise. Experimental Comparison of mechanical properties of fly ash by different grinding time when grinding 15min replace an equal amount of 10% of cement, mortar best. And draw 15min when grinding through microscopic...
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Application of New Steel Strip Material in Lining Structure Reinforcement for Highway Tunnel Engineering

Lin-Sheng Xu, Zhi-Yuan Wang
The traditional reinforcement method of highway tunnel lining crack is difficulft to constuct and brings about structure damage. The reinforcement method of new steel strip with carbon fiber and crack perfusion not only constructs simply, but also brings less destruction to the lining structure and has...
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Influence of Crosswind on Aerodynamic Performance of Wind Turbine in Wind-drive Device

Si-Yu Wang, Hong-Bin Li, Ye-Kun Zhen, Xiao-Qian Xu, Tao-Hui Shi
To enhance the utilization rate of wind energy, introduce a new kind of Movable Wind-drive Device and research the influence of crosswind on aerodynamic performance of wind turbine in wind-drive device. Based on blade coordinate system and feline coordinate system, carry on a vector decomposition of...