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The implement of Internet of things in the College building energy saving design

Jie Chen, Aimei Du, Tiecheng Xu
This paper introduces the Internet of Things (IoT) technology into building energy-saving design as a novel idea, and considers how to make the new technology play a greater role in building energy saving in campus. The system architecture scheme was introduced to the essential and critical layer of...
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Empirical Study on Indicators Selection Model Based on significant Discrimination and R Clustering Analysis

Lingling Gong, Guotai Chi, Baofeng Shi, Wei Yao
Small enterprises play the important role in pushing China’s economic progress, but keeping on facing the difficulty in financing the loans. Establishing a reasonable credit evaluation indicators system is one of the keys to implement accurate credit evaluate to small enterprises. Regardless of the evaluation...
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A novel plant growth simulation algorithm and its application

Fang Liu, Yueguang Li
At present, much of the city is construct the new public traffic line, meet the needs of the development of city. Firstly, this paper describes the influence factors of conventional bus station location problem, and then gives the mathematical model of bus station location problem, and put forward to...
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Realization and application of 3D simulation system

Hongyuan Guo, Yueguang Li
Domestic and foreign technology, three dimensional simulation technology is a hot issue in recent years, its development change is rapidly. With the development of simulation technology, its application in the field of sports is more and more widely. This paper analyzes the application of simulation...
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Research on Application of Building Energy-saving Strategy in Building Design

Xuchen Zhang
Energy has become an important link in current sustainable development strategy. Construction of energy-saving building has become important development direction of urban construction in the future. Therefore discussion of building energy conservation has important significance on urban development...
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Research on wearable intelligent publicity system based on interactive technology

Zixin Huang, Weiping Luo, Zhao Ai
In this paper by means of interactive concept and interactive technology to propagandize as a focus and searching for intelligent publicity system designing and business model. To design a new interactive media technology based on the research, user friendly and satisfy customers to achieve high conversion...
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Types of Sedimentary Facies of Palace Area in Songliao Basin

Jiaqi Zou, Wenguang Wang, Chengzhi Liu
The palace is located in the Songliao Basin, southeast regional uplift Palace rift, Denglouku off during the deposition of Au transition period for the basin, with more than provenance, short distance transport, Tianpingbuqi characteristics, Quantou deposition during the period of depression basin, with...
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Southeast slope belt sequence stratigraphy and sedimentary facies of pear rift

Shuangting Guo, Hongqi Yuan
Application of sequence stratigraphy theory, utilization of core, log and seismic data, divided the southeast slope with pear rift sequence stratigraphy. The pear rift southeast slope zone is divided into five one sequence (Quantou, Denglouku, Yingcheng, Shahezi, Huoshiling), 10 two sequences (four springs,...
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An improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm and its application

Suonan Lengzhi, Yueguang Li
In order to enhance the performance of shuffled frog leaping algorithm in solving optimization problem, this paper added the mutation operator to original shuffled frog leaping algorithm, an improved shuffled frog-leaping algorithm of solving TSP was proposed. Simulation results show that the improved...
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Analysis and Comparison of Carbon Emissions of Different Asphalt Mixing Process

Yi Cao, Xiaoming Huang, Jing Ding
The thesis firstly defines the studying types of greenhouse gases. Then according to calculation method, we get the carbon emissions of common energies as calculation base. The thesis uses thermodynamic method to calculate the diesel consumption of HMA and WMA and gets the electricity cost according...
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The Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm in the Reverse Calculation of Mechanical Parameters of Sluice Foundation

Aixiang Shi, Jianxin Gao
The global optimization algorithm is the ideal approach to solve the typical complex nonlinear function optimization problem such as engineering inversion analysis. With the efficient ABAQUS kernel solver, the finite element inversion model is established based on quantum genetic algorithm, then use...
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Reactive power optimization of power system based on niching differential evolution algorithm

Xiao Fei Zhang, Xiang Fu Guo, Li Hua Yuan
Reactive power optimization is the non-linear integer problems, suitable reactive power compensation can reduce the transmission losses and guarantee the power system operate stability, safety and economy. The differential evolution algorithm is the intelligent evolutionary algorithm had fast and precision...
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Improvement and application research of Shuffled frog leaping Algorithm

Huadan Duoji, Yueguang Li
Shuffled frog leaping algorithm is a simulation of the frog group foraging behavior of modern heuristic intelligent algorithm. Based on the defect of this algorithm is easy to be premature, the optimization accuracy low, this paper proposes a shuffled frog leaping algorithm based on population diversity...
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Development of Tower Crane Simulation System with Flexible Wire Rope

Xin Wang, Yu-lan Lv, Di Wu
Based on virtual reality technology, a simulation system for training and checking tower crane operator is developed. In Virtools, an interactive 3D (three-dimensional) visual working environment is built, where an operator can simulate visual tower crane’s motion with real operating feeling. By Catenary...
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Research on Finger Vein Acquisition Based on Wavelength Choice

Desen Yin, Zengxi Ding
Finger vein biometric is a novel technology for personal identification, and acquisition of finger vein image is difficult in finger vein recognition. In this paper, scattering and absorption characteristics of skin, muscle, phalanx and vein of finger under near infrared light are analyzed, and the mathematical...
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Dynamic Behavior and Exact Expressions of Traveling Wave Solutions for a class of nonlinear partial differential equations

Ruo Feng Zhang
The partial differential equation generated by one of the Jaulent-Miodek hierarchy models is completely integrable. Applying bifurcation method, some new exact traveling wave solutions of it such as kink wave solutions and unbounded wave solutions are obtained, which corresponding to the solitary wave...
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Ultra-Short-Term wind speed prediction using RBF Neural Network

Gao-cheng Cao, Dao-huo Huang
As a renewable and clean energy source, wind power is being widely utilized all over the world. The uncertainty of wind speed makes certain trouble for the development of wind power generation. In order to relieve the disadvantageous impact of wind speed intermittence on connected power system, this...
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A Novel Method for Minimum Comprehensive Cost Network Coding in Wireless Network

Yaohui Wu, Pengfei Shao
Existing minimum cost network coding algorithms are basically optimized by a single indicator. This paper proposed a novel network coding method for minimum comprehensive cost, by the integration of multiple cost indicators. In the process of solving the problems by genetic method, the proposed algorithm...
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Technology of UWB Communication System Synchronization Capture

Yangyang Zhou, Xusheng Xie
UWB is a high data transfer rate , high-performance , low-cost , low-power short-range wireless communications technology data transmission but it is narrow in the use of non-sinusoidal pulse high-speed transmission of data , but also faced with many problems. Based on the characteristics of UWB communications...
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Comparative Research of Video Compression Algorithm for Mobile Device

Yang Du, Jia Zhao, ShaSha Fan, Qiang Wang, Fei Guo
The current video transmission based on mobile devices become more and more frequent, in order to meet the requirements of real-time and sharpness, and constraint satisfaction network speed, the video is to be compressed by right compression algorithm before transmission. This paper first introduces...
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Display technique of mobile video monitor on android

Yongxin Zhuang, Yang Li
As the popularization of smart mobile device and the convenience it bring, the video monitor platform has changed to mobile client application. This paper develops the video monitor application based on Android. Through the research of traditional display method about network video data, we put forward...
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Design and Implementation of an Intelligent System for Seafarers’ “Cargo stowage and securing” Assessment

Qingwu Wang, Weifeng Li, Jian Zhao
Cargo operation is of great importance as far as the Chief Officer’s duties are concerned. “Cargo stowage and securing” is therefore one of the most important assessment courses for seafarers. The traditional assessment is however based on the subjective judgment by the assessors, which makes unfair...
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Small shortwave whip antenna broadband research

Li Yin, Zhi-Gang Zhang, Jin-Peng Zhu
It is designed a pair of 5 m whip antenna for antenna arrays, the integrated use of a centralized method of loading and top loading, which is reducing the sensitivity of the antenna impedance versus frequency and using the moment method and genetic algorithm to load the network number so that the location...
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The Storage Protection of Block Device in Android

Zhao-Wei Wang, Quan-Xin Zhang, Lei Long, Zi-Jing Cheng, Yu-An Tan
Data protection technology based on operation redirection has not been implemented in Android operating system. To achieve the goal of operation redirection, the research of Android storage subsystem needs to be done. By modifying the block device driver and rebuilding the kernel, all block device I/O...
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A New Method of Multi-Scale Receptive Fields Learning

Shaorong Feng
Deep learning architecture has been applied in computer vision to learn features in an unsupervised manner. Thousands of features can be achieved in such manner. Furthermore, in some modified architectures, multi-scale features which contain middle layer features and output layer features, can connect...
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Improved K-means Algorithm Based on the Clustering Reliability Analysis

Hong Zhang, Hong Yu, Ying Li, Baofang Hu
Clustering analysis is the basic of data mining, and K-means algorithm is the simplest clustering algorithm. However, traditional K-means algorithm has many defects-instable K value determinations, non-universal applicable SSE etc. Consequently, we introduced an improved K-means algorithm basing on the...
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Semantic Query and Reasoning System based on Domain Ontology

Wan Li Song, Li Xian Ni
To solve the problems such as isolation of information, poor sharing and reusability, difficulty of finding resources and providing personalized information service, a solution method of ontology-based query and reasoning was introduced. According to the method a function module and working process of...
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Attention Region Latent SVM for Image Classification

Shengan Zhou, Peng Liang, Jiangwei Qin
This paper presents a new method for image classification based on image saliency region. The proposed attention region latent SVM (ARLSVM) is highly distinctive by training in a weakly-supervised manner which without requiring objects position or bounding boxes in training images. We use a latent SVM...
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Combining Forecast of Electricity Price with Adaptive Weights Selected by SOM Clustering

Yi Feng
This paper proposes an efficient method of combining modelling to forecast day-ahead electricity price. The basic idea of this method is to develop a robust technique to select the proper combining weights of individual models according to their historical performance on similar circumstances. Firstly...
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Numerical Algorithm of Two Mixed Finite Element Schemes for A Fourth-Order Diffusion Equation

Jinfeng Wang, Hong Li, Yang Liu
Two numerical algorithms based on H1-Galerkin mixed finite element (GMFE) methods are presented and analyzed for a fourth-order diffusion equation. By introducing three variables with two different ways, the two first-order system of four equations are formulated. The semi-discrete optimal error estimates...
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Optimal Channel Exploration for Cognitive Radio Networks

Linbo Zhai, Feng Yang
In this paper, the optimal channel exploration is proposed for cognitive radio networks. In the networks, primary users (PUs) utilize the channels with fixed slot structure. Cognitive users (CUs) should sense the channels within each slot. We study the relationship of the channel states between the nearby...
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Research on D2D Communication

Fangni Chen, Zhongpeng Wang
The significant development in mobile internet greatly enrich our daily life, meanwhile it challenges the capacity of the current cellular networks. The limited frequency resources are the main bottleneck of the development of cellular networks. Device-to-device(D2D) communication is a new technology...
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The Kinematics Analysis and Modeling about the Constraint Chain of a 3-TPT Parallel Machine Tool

Jianye Guo, Ning Wang, Xuejun Deng, Liang Zhao
This paper takes a kind of 3-TPT Parallel Machine Tool (PMT) as the objective of research. The positive and inverse kinematics mathematical model of constraint chain are established through the kinematics analysis to the constraint chain of this machine, the inverse kinematics model that has unique solution...
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Study on Estimating Methods of Evapotranspiration in Cold and Arid Region

Jiabin Wu, Shu Miao, Xiaofeng Du, Na Zhang
The estimate methods of evapotranspiration was studied in several methods including field measurement, instrument measurement and Penman - Monteith formula. There are slight differences between the results calculated by the 3 methods. As a traditional method, field measurement has high credibility. By...
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A Research on Ontology Modeling for Multi Source Heterogeneous Audit Data

Chunqiang Li, Weiyan Chai, Linan Chen
In order to solve the problem of semantic heterogeneity in data integration, this paper places emphasis on establishing a good data model in the stage of expressing data. Through the ontology modeling method on audit data integration, we using the method of top-down ontology integration, put forward...
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Dynamic Behavior of Traveling Wave Solutions for a class of nonlinear partial differential equations

Ruo Feng Zhang
Applying bifurcation method, some new exact traveling wave solutions of a class nonlinear partial differential equations generated by the Jaulent-Miodek hierarchy models are obtained, which corresponding to the kink wave, anti-kink wave solutions of its traveling wave system.
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Exact Traveling Wave Solutions and Simulation For A Class Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Yan ping Ran
In the different subsets of 4-parameters space , we obtain the exact traveling wave solutions of a class nonlinear partial differential equations which are closely related to the periodic wave solutions of (3+1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equations, generated by the Jaulent-Miodek hierarchy. These...
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Research and Analysis of Electromagnetic Noise of Outdoor SVG Power Unit

Xiaobo Jiang, Fengli Han, Tao Liu
Outdoor SVG (container-type) is especially suitable for limited space, such as old substations. The limited space of the entire device, and electromagnetic noise inside, especially that of the power chamber which is far higher than ordinary SVG. In the final analysis, the study on the law of change of...
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Research and Analysis On the Electromagnetic Interference Characteristic of SVG Power Module

Chengchang Liu, Ye Lu, Xin Yu, Xiaolin Deng, Jun Zhang, Guangming Yu
SVG is the third generation static var compensator that performs reactive power regulation by sending out capacitive or inductive current. Since numerous high power electronic components (GTO, IGBT) and PWM technology are used, the intensity and type of electromagnetic interference generated by frequent...
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Research On the Application of Static Var Compensator in Fushun Power Grid

Yujie Pei, Liang Cao, Qingyan Meng, Guang Tong, Yaoding Gu, Yubin Dong, Wenjing Mu
in recent two years, electrical load in Fushun District increases continuously, and the impact and harmonic pollution on the power grid rises continuously, voltage quality problem becomes aggravated. Through multi-disciplinary analysis and demonstration, Fushun Power Supply Company installed SVC/SVG...
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Research On the Application of Chain STATCOM Redundancy Technologies in Power Grid

Songshan Hui, Guangming Yu, Shuo Yang, Zhan Zhang, Jun Ma
Compared with traditional reactive compensation equipment, STATCOM features complicated structure and numerous components. And STATCOM utilizes multiple redundancy technologies to meet long-term stable operation requirements of power system for the equipments in the substation. This paper introduces...
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Research on the Selection of 35kV STATCOM Power Device

Jun Liu, Yang Zhao, Gang Zhao, Hao Sun, Yunfeng Li
With increased smart upgrading and reconstruction of power grid in China, typical representative of the third generation dynamic reactive power compensation technology, i.e. STATCOM(SVG), has been used widely in power transmission and distribution network all over China with good economic and social...
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Vertical distribution of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Youfu Wu, Huozhong He, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang
Based on investigation dada on Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, August and November 1981 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the vertical distribution of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents were increasing from April and reaching the peak in August, and were decreasing in November. The distribution...
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Vertical water body effect of benzene hexachloride

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Huozhong He, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu
Based on the analysis on the transfer process of benzene hexachloride (HCH), this paper proposed the theory of vertical water body effect, vertical water body cumulative effect, and vertical water body dilutive effect, including definition, main function, and concept model. Furthermore, this paper applied...
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Distribution and homogeneity of petroleum hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Xiaoli Zhao, Jiaolian Luo
Based on investigation dada on petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, June, Juny and October 1982 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the content, distribution and seasonal variations of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents in April, June, July and October in surface waters ranged from 0.03-0.07 mg.L-1,...
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Research on the vertical distribution of Cadmium in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Shengtao Chen, Baolei Li, Xiao Geng, Zijun Xu
Based on investigation dada on Cadmium (Cd) in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1982, this paper analyzed the vertical distribution and seasonal variation of Cd. Results showed that The contents of Cd ranged from 0.13-0.53 g.L-1, which were meeting Grade I (1.00 g.L-1) in National Sea Water Quality Standard...
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Input features of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Peiyan Sun, Lian Ju, Qingyun Yu, Jing Cao
Based on investigation dada on Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, August and November 1981 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the content, surces and input feature of PHC. Results showed that the content of PHC in study area ranged from 0.011-0.889 mg.L-1, and the highest value in April, August...
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Study on the design of semiconducting anti icing RTV coatings

Fang Zhenyu, Wu Peiyun
At present, the application of transmission line insulator anti pollution flashover coating is mainly the room temperature vulcanized (Room Temperature Vulcanized, RTV) silicone rubber coating. Insulator coated with RTV paint, not only enhanced the hydrophobicity on the surface of the insulator, pollution...