Proceedings of the International Conference for Phoenixes on Emerging Current Trends in Engineering and Management (PECTEAM 2018)

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[WITHDRAWN] A Single Band E-Shaped Patch Antenna with Defective Ground Structures for ISM Band Applications

C Aruna, A Keerthanai Priya, A Ameelia Roseline
A single band E-Shaped Patch antenna with Defective Ground Structures (DGS) was proposed. The overall dimension of the antenna is (32*31.5*1.64) mm. This antenna produces bandwidth ranges from (2.3 to 2.5) GHz, which supports ISM band application. This provides reflection coefficient about -32dB respectively....
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Design and Fabrication of a Leak Proof Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Mold for manufacturing Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminate using Product Design Approach

Mr Madhav Murthy, K Mallikharjuna Babu, P Martin Jebaraj
A polymer composite material is a two phase material made up of a matrix and reinforcement. The constituents must be considered appropriate proportions for the desired properties in the final laminate prepared. Compared to other manufacturing methods of making polymer matrix composites, Resin transfer...
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A Critical review on friction stir based processes

M Puviyarasan, L Karthikeyan, C Gnanavel, K Dhineshkumar
Friction stir based processes are solid state processes which significantly contribute to joining/processing of materials and surface property enhancement. It replaces conventional joining/processing techniques owing to their unique features such as reduced distortion, reduced porosity defect, reduced...
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Performance Comparison of Privacy Preserving Perturbation algorithms in Association Rule Mining

Ms Vigneswari, N Komal Kumar, G.V Bharath Kumar, M Vamsi Krishna
This paper depicts the performance comparison of Non-Synthetic and Synthetic privacy preserving data perturbation algorithms. The perturbation algorithms are applied on different kinds of medical dataset which are then deployed on to the ARM(Association Rule Mining) and the experimental results are evaluated...
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Classification Analysis for Musical Instrument Signal

A. Muthumari
The automatic musical instrument classification taking place in a recording of music has many applications, together with music search through classes, music recommender methods and transcribers. Automatic instrument classification and identification of musical streams has become a difficulty research...
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Accelerated Simulation of Cell Biological Systems Using Heterogeneous Parallel Processing Platforms- A Survey

K. Abhishek, N. Sreenivasa, S Balaji
Simulation is a handy toolkit of scientists and engineers of all disciplines. Modeling and simulation helps in overall reduction of cost, increases the quality of products and systems, and documents and archives lessons learnt. This paper reviews modeling and simulation of cell biological systems in...
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Secure on Demand Multicast Routing for Network Attacks in Wireless Mesh Network

S. Balaji, T Sasilatha
Multicast routing in wireless mesh networks can be accomplished based on link quality metrics to maximize throughput. Nodes must collaborate in order to compute the path metric and forward data. The assumption that all nodes are honest and behave correctly during metric computation, propagation, and...
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Improved Data Dissemination using Intelligent Stimulus Mechanisms in IoT Network

R. Radhika, Dr.K Kulothungan
Internet of Things (IoT) is virtually connecting object in the physical world to the internet, where a huge number of embedded devices relays on communication service offered by the internet protocols and these devices are termed as smart objects. Since the smart devices have low configuration it has...
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Resilience Secured Architecture by Deploying Overlay Network in Cyber Physical Systems

S Prayla Shyry, SL Jany Shabu, J Refonaa, CL Steffi Sterlin
Communication networks in Cyber Physical Systems exchange the data between different devices or participants within a system. In those networks, nodes are not only used for transmitting and receiving the data, but also for deciding the path of data flow. As the nodes must store the routing table and...
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Personalized Testimonial System Using Cardio Signals

SL Jany Shabu, S Prayla Shyry, J Refonaa, CL Steffi Sterlin
In general, the heart cardio sound is used to predispose the heart's physical conditions. The review says that the idiosyncrasy extracted from heart helps in finding out the disorder that has occurred, and this idiosyncrasy is attained using ECG (electro cardio gram). This signal can be used in a better...
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Healthcare recommender system based on Smart–health Routes

M Sandeep Kumar, J Prabhu
Recommender systems have proved more significant area of research and outstanding to the technology progress in mobile devices like smartphone and tables. Mobile technology is grown quickly due to social networking. The concept of a recommender system to provide item feedback to the user in which it...
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Detection of Mobile Replica Node Attacks in Mobile Computing Environment using GUIDE Technique

M Subathira Devi, G Sakthigopalan, S Santhoshkumar, D Karunkuzhali
Mobile computing is a term used to refer to a variety of devices that allow accessing data and information from anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The mobile networks are often deployed in complex environments in which to provide a secure transmission and also to detect the hackers. An adversary can capture...
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Managing Interclass Variation In Human Action Recognition

K Akila, S Chitrakala
Background: Human action recognition encompasses a scope for an automatic analysis of current events from video and has varied applications in multi-various fields. Recognizing and understanding of human actions from videos still remains a difficult downside as a result of the massive variations in human...
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Psoriasis Severity Assessment of 2-D Psoriasis Skin Images

S Raaghavi, M Ragini
Psoriasis, meaning "itchy condition", is a chronic skin disease that is characterized by scaly, reddened patches. It is a recurring disease with varying severity ranging from slight limited flakes to entire body. Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) is the most conventional method for measuring the...
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Secured Storage for Cloud Based Relational Database Management Systems

S Muthurajkumar, S Murugesan, A Kannan
The Cloud database system is a new trend which anticipated to reshape all developments in computer technology. The data outsourced may be confidential which results in encryption of the documents. The proposed system applies encryption techniques for storage with security. This system considers structured...
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An Evaluation of Classification Techniques for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Assessment

S. T Arokkiya Mary, L Jabasheela
In the past decades, Depression, Anxiety and Stress (DAS) became a serious health issue in the society over all parts of the world. It can be measured by Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) which consists of a set of questionnaires. Several techniques are proposed to validate the DASS level and...
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Survey on Homomorphic Encryption

Y Mohamed Sirajudeen, R Anitha
Over the last decade, Cloud computing is the most effective technology in the field of computing. The vast development in cloud has several reasons like, on-demand service, elasticity, flexibility of workspace, etc. It also reduces the capital investment for small scale companies by allowing the users...
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Effective Remote Communication for Cloud Backup

K Sai Krishna, D John Aravindhar, M.N. Sushmitha
Today we live in a world where tons of data is been generated, so in order to store all these data, we need many numbers of servers and networking which are more expensive in buying and maintaining them which creates more complexity. In order to resolve this problem we had implemented cloud computing...
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Survey on Tasks and Approaches of Sentiment Analysis

C Muralidharan, R Anitha
With the emergence of internet, people wholeheartedly involves insharing their experiences on the web ranging from the personal thoughts to the global issues. The world is now embellished by social media which paves way to share the user's experience of anything across the world. This enables the market...
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Massive Data Processing Using Mapreduce Aggregation To Make Digitized India

S Thilagavathi, S Vimala, K Valarmathi, R Priya, S Sathya
Digitized India is used to connect rural areas with high speed Internet. As a result, it is used to reduce crime, manual power, documentation and also increases the job opportunities. Nowadays people are facing many problems when they forget to carry the driving license and also to reduce the corruption,...
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Literature Survey: Analysis on Semantic Web Information Retrieval Methodologies

K Ezhilarasi, G. Maria Kalavathy
The Semantic web is the extension of an existing web that defines a standard by which, information is given in well-defined meaning and enables the machines to understand information. Many kinds of research are going in semantic web space. Researchers follow different approaches to retrieve data from...
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A Survey: Data Mining Techniques for Social Media Analysis

D Elangovan, V Subedha, R Sathishkumar, V D Ambeth kumar
Data mining is the extraction of present information from high volume of data sets, it's a modern technology. The main intention of the mining is to extract the information from a large no of data set and convert it into a reasonable structure for further use. The social media websites like Facebook,...
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Test Suite Sequencing Using Dependency Structure Matrix

M Sangeetha, S Malathi
Software Testing is a formal process of checking whether a system or a product complies with the consumers need and requirement. It is mainly done by a dedicated testing team using different tools and techniques and the main intention is to identify deviations in the software product and to ensure quality....
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Homomorphic Protocol for Medical Images using Data Packing

M Jayanthi, Dr Kannan Balasubramanian, A Muthumari
This research analyses the medical image encryption based on homomorphic encryption and the resultant image compression. First the Medical records are encrypted using somewhat homomorphic encryption. Next the encrypted results are compressed to reduce the storage size of the resultant image. The problem...
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Demystifying Black Box Models with Neural Networks for Accuracy and Interpretability of Supervised Learning

Jagadeesh Prabhakaran
Intensive data modelling on large datasets that were once limited to supercomputers and workstations can now be performed on desktop computers with scripting languages such as R and Python. Analytics, a field that is popular over this aspect of access to high computational capability enables people to...
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Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network For Precision Agriculture

M S Maharajan, Dr T Abirami, S Anitha
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is the latest technology which provides the best and cheaper solution for a broad range of applications from healthcare to agriculture to environmental and military operations. India is basically a country with sufficient natural resources and focussed on agriculture contributing...
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Integration of Multi Access Control System with Door, Device & Location Automation & Remote Network Control

J S Vimali
Android is the most popular mobile operating system currently developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel. It is open source, thus the Operating System itself can be ported to different categories of devices like Watches (Wearables), Cars (Auto), TV, Gaming Consoles etc. The current devices are packed...
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The Welfare of Women Safety Based on IoT

B Narmadha, M Ramkumar, M Srinivasan, T Priyanga, K Vengatesan
Now Recent trends are opening up to the era of Internet of Things (IoT), which is the communication between Internet and the devices. This is one of the emerging technologies, from the perspective of smart technologies, which is always been expected by the forthcoming generation. This System focuses...
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Cloud Secure Distributed Storage Deduplication Scheme for Encrypted Data

N Indira, S . Rukmani Devi
Deduplication portrays the end of copy or excess data and it expels the monotonous data previously putting away it. These strategies are generally utilized for information reinforcement, arrange minimization, and capacity overhead. Since a long time ago settled deduplication plans have limitations on...
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An Approach to Reduce Authentication Delay In Inter MSC Handover

K Regin Bose, V Sankaranarayanan, Belwin J Brearley
In Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication based wireless networks, authentication delay is an important factor during handover. In present system, mobile nodes are authenticated by its home Authentication Centre (AuC). In this paper a Mobile Information Centre (MIC) is introduced within a Mobile...
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On-Air Character Recognition System For Visually Impaired People

K Preethi, S Chithra
Character recognition is a process which allows computers to recognize written or printed characters such as numbers or letters and to change them into a form that the computer can use. The character recognition system used to develop cost effective assistive technologies to provide blind people with...
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Hybrid Segmentation and 3D Modeling of Pleural Effusion on CT

K P Ashvitha, M ShilpaAarthi, M R Thamizhkkanal, M Rajendiran, S Malathi
Pleural effusion is the excess fluid within the pleural space. Pleural effusion detection helps in the diagnosis of diseases. If the effluent is not within the safe zone then it creates many problems including the death of human. The pleural level can be detected manually which is time consuming. The...
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Agent Based Approaches For Intelligent Intercloud Resource Allocation

D Kamalakannan, K Gopinath, A Porselvi, S Raja
Though Associate in Nursing Intercloud is Associate in Nursing interconnected universal "billow of mists" that allows each cloud to spigot into assets of elective mists, communications among Intercloud partners ar convoluted because of Intercloud assets ar disseminated and controlled by totally unique...
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Security of Image for Internet of Things Device (Camera)

R Ajith Krishna, N Sharath Kumar, K Priyanka, J Josepha Menandas
Nowadays, Internet of things plays a vital role in all engineering fields and it is a chain of physical devices consolidated with electronic components, software, sensors, actuators and structural connectivity which empowered to the objects to relate and switch the data. The intention is to give security...
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Comparison between Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine for Monetary and Non-monetary Costing

M RajmalJoshi, CV Aravind, R Dhanasekaran, Charles Raymond, Mr Se Yong En
This paper compares the photovoltaic and wind turbine farm supply of village in the area of Ayer Keroh, park linked to the grid of Malaysia. The research is done on an energetic economic method according to temperature, wind speed, solar irradiation, installed system with estimated cost and energy consumption...
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Modeling of Solar PV System for DC-DC Converter with improved voltage stability Using Hybrid - Optimization Techniques

P Vivek, N B Muthuselvan, J Nanadhagopal
This research paper aims at developing a hybrid algorithm for maintaining constant voltage from solar power cell. This is achieved by applying nominal tracking ability of the solar panel. The solar panel cannot give maximum power to the load at all times due to the load mismatch happening due to the...
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An Empirical Bivariate Study: Understanding Organizational Culture Dimensions Impacting Employee's Performance in IT Industry, Tamilnadu

M Karthik, A Vasumathi
The purpose of this paper is to determine the level to which organizational culture is an expounding variable for the employee's performance that leads to overall organizational productivity. Alharbi Awadh (2013) found that the organization culture helps in internalizing joint relationship that leads...
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Dissimilar Steel Welding of Super Heater Coils for Power Boiler Applications

T S Senthil, J Murugesan, D Rajesh, N Balaji
This paper deals mainly with two types of new materials namely SA213T23, SA213T92 with specialemphasis on dissimilar combinations due to its advantages in production welding of super heater tubes mainly in tube to tube joints and tube to header joints. Welding was carried out under manual TIG process...
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Effect of Fiber Orientation on Effective Stacking Sequence of Glass/Carbon Hybrid Composite Laminates for Structural Applications

R Murugan, R Lakshmi Narasimhan, A Harish
Recent times woven fabric Glass/Carbon hybrid composite laminates find extensive applications in automobile, aircraft and machine tool structures. Many researchers have contributed towards achieving the best layering arrangement of the hybrid laminates with improved static and dynamic stability. In the...
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Self-Healing Properties of Steel Slag Bio Concrete

V Subathra Devi
The building with crack has all the power to spoil the strength and aesthetic view and it may also lead to collapse. Crack lets in the moisture and hence the permeability increases in concrete which results in corrosion of reinforcement. As a result the tensile strength and compressive strength of the...
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Evaluation of Water Quality Index of Pallecheruvu Surroundings

S Ramanarayan, A Manjunath, C Jenifa Latha, K.V.R Satya Sai, A S Kanagalakshmi
Water Quality Index is a concept for classification of water for different purposes and to find suitability for human consumption and industry. An effort has been made to know the ground water quality by usage of water quality index in and around Pallecheruvu lake of Bandlaguda area of South Hyderabad....
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Performance Evaluation of Contrast Enhancement Technique for PET-CT Images in HSI Color Space

J Angelin Jeba, S Nirmala Devi
Medical images are generally noisy due to the physical mechanisms of the acquisition process. Image enhancement is a technique which reduces noise, removesartifacts, and preserves details in the image. Its purpose is to amplify certain image features for analysis, diagnosis, and display. In this paper,...
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Interference Mitigation Using Co-operative Localization with Co-operative sensing and relays for Cognitive Radio Networks

G Samuelraj Chrysolite, K Gunaseelan
A change in the transmission parameters are never entertained when it comes to a network where the transmission power is always wanted to be kept a constant for consistent performance. However in a cognitive network scenario, interference mitigation can be improved by using cooperative relay which boosts...
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A Novel Approach for Lung Pattern Analysis using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Interface System

N Malligeswari, C Rajani, G Kavya
An important and crucial aspect of image processing is effective identification of lung cancer at an initial stage. One of the state of the art methods in lung cancer detection is machine learning, namely ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) and Fuzzy Logic. These researches mainly focus upon image quality...
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Integrated IOT based design and Android operated Multi-purpose Field Surveillance Robot for Military Use

M Ashokkumar, T Thirumurugan
This project describes about the design construction and fabrication of multi-purpose field surveillance robot that can be used for land mine detection, toxic gas sensing and temperature and humidity sensor monitoring in war fields without putting serious manual risks. The land mine detector can detect...
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Design Of Compact 180 Degree Hybrid Coupler Using T-shape Structure.

B Pavithra, S Maheswari
The Hybrid couplers are the bidirectional couplers which can give equal power split and 180° phase shift between the two output ports. At lower frequencies the size of the rat race coupler becomes larger. Hence, the size of hybrid coupler should be reduced in order to agree with application requirements....