Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Material Science, Energy and Environmental Engineering (MSEEE 2018)

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Review of Failure Mechanism and Modification Research of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Ying Liu, Peng Peng
In this paper, the failure mechanism and modification research of damage performance of recycled aggregate concrete were summarized systematically. The general failure rules of recycled aggregate concrete were summarized according to the failure mode and fracture characteristics of recycled aggregate...
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A Software Implementation of Mobile Phone Network Locking Scheme Based on Encryption Algorithm

Min Zhou
This paper introduces a mobile terminal network locking scheme based on encryption, and gives the development process of the related PC-side network locking software; this scheme is highly confidential and difficult to crack. The development of this scheme and software greatly enhances the network locking...
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WO3-ZnO Supported on Molecular Sieves as Efficient Material for the Decolorization of Methylene Blue by Adsorption and Photocatalysis

Z. Liu, G. L. Zheng, M. J. Lin
Over the past few decades, nano-sized semiconductor powders for use as photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants have attracted attention due to many advantages. In this research, a new composite material WO3-ZnO/molecular sieves (MS) was synthesized by precipitation method and hydrothermal method....
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Design and Operation Maintenance on DC Power System

Ning Li, Jincheng Yang, Li Wang, Dongdong Huang, Xiaoyan Zhao, Yidi Zhang
Based on specific products and actual projects, the DC system of the substation is designed, and the principles and functions of each component module of the DC system are described. The grounding line determines whether the lightning protection system can work safely and reliably. Taking lightning protection...
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Analysis of Energy Metering Equipment Performance under Typical Environmental Conditions

You Gong, Huiying Liu, Xin Yin, Xiaoyu Wang, Degong Kang, Yang Sun, Jiangxue Man, Xinggang Li, Yanhe Liang
Through the performance analysis of electric energy metering equipment under typical environmental conditions, data of working conditions of metering equipment under typical environmental conditions are collected to determine the operating characteristics and related performance changes. Through the...
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Effects of Different Drip Irrigation Quotas on Soil Water Distribution and Growth and Development of Pear-jujube

Shenglan Ye
In order to study the efficient water-saving drip irrigation system of pear-jujube in the loess hilly region of northern Shaanxi, the eight-year-old pear-jujube tree was used as the research object to study the soil water distribution and pear water content of different dates of drip irrigation (100,...
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Study on Polymer Flooding Profile Control and Antimony Technology

Junjie Hu, Ping Jiang, Guicai Zhang, Jijiang Ge, Haihua Pei
In view of the problems of polymer flooding in wells with high concentration and severe coalescence, a polymer flooding profile control and anti-sludging efficiency enhancement technique was proposed. By adjusting the formulation of the gel system, profile control systems with different gel strengths...
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Capillary Electrophoresis Method for Determining the Content of Rutin in Oriental arborvitae

Xiaori Sun, Jinghui Zheng, Ting Zhou, Haixing Liu
The experiment was carried out for the determination of rutin content in Oriental arborvitae by high performance capillary electrophoresis method. The borax solution as buffer solution was chosen, and its concentration was 20 mmol/L at a constant voltage of 20kV and injecting time of 10s. The detection...
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Experimental Study on Effects of Pulverizer Outlet Temperature on Boiler Combustion and Economy

Fuxing Cui, Xuhui Zhang, Haichao Wang
In order to obtain the effects on boiler operation when pulverize outlet temperature changes, testing on a 300MW power plant. The results illustrate that when pulverize outlet temperature rised form 70℃ to 94℃, temperature of gas center 0.4meter、0.5meter and 0.6meter apart from A2 burner all rised, temperature...
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Determination of Bergenin in Yuchuangling Capsules by High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis

Yunchen Zhang, Zhang Zhang, Xue Wang, Haixing Liu
This paper presents the determination of bergenin content of Yuchuangling capsules by high performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) method. Elastic quartz capillary electrophoresis separation control at the temperature of 20°C without coating capillary (75μm× 44/52 cm), the sample height was 7.5cm,...
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Influence of Temperature and Iron Phosphate on the Effect of Poplar Sawdust Filter on Biogas Slurry

Jiawei Zhang, Lianmei Wei, Fangjing Sun, Lijun Wang
The carbonized plant powder and the purified phosphating slag are used to filter the biogas slurry, and the filtered residue and filtrate are rationally used to solve the environmental pollution caused by the discharge of the biogas slurry and phosphating slag. The three plant powders (corn straw, wheat...
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Optimization of Horizontal Well Fracture Parameters in Dagang Low-Permeability Oilfield

Yang Liu, Fangfang Li, Changlin Shi
Horizontal well fracturing is often used in low-permeability reservoirs to increase the production of oil wells. Reasonable fracture parameters design can fully release oil flow in artificial fracture, therefore increase well productivity in horizontal wells. Take Dagang Liujianfang low permeability...
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Statistical Distribution of Streambed Vertical Hydraulic Conductivity along Main Stream of WeiHe River, China

Nan Zhang, Daoxi Wang, Feng Huang, Huijuan Yin, Pan Zhang, Xinwei Guo
Streambed vertical hydraulic conductivity (Kv) plays an important role in understanding the water exchange and contaminant transport system between river streams and groundwater flows. The tests were conducted at 464 test points of 10 test sites to measure the vertical hydraulic conductivity (Kv) for...
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Research on Global Energy Optimization Allocation Mechanism in the Background of Global Energy Internet

Ming Zeng, Tong Yan, Zhuhan Long, Liying Wang, Chenjun Sun
The Global Energy Internet aims to build a new global energy optimal configuration that focuses on clean energy and electricity. This paper studies the global energy configuration mechanism in the context of the Global Energy Internet. First, qualitatively analyze the Global Energy Internet's contribution...
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Current Status and Development Trend of Nanoscale Generator

Fuzhong Zheng
nano generator is a kind of generator based on nanometer magnitude, which can transform certain form of mechanical energy into electrical energy. In this paper, the current research status of nanoscale generator is reviewed, the classification and working principle of nanoscale generator are explained,...
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The Effect of BPA on Reed Root Exudates

Lin Wang, Li Wang, Chunxiao Sun
The metabonomics method was employed to detect and analyze the exudates of reed root under BPA stress. PCA(Principal component analysis)and OPLS-DA(Orthogonal partial least squares discriminant analysis) used to identify the main potential metabolites variation with and without BPA addition, 64 compounds...
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Experimental Study on Effects of Pulverizer Outlet Parameters on Boiler Combustion

Fuxing Cui, Xuhui Zhang, Haichao Wang
In order to obtain the effects on combustion in boiler when some parameters such as pulverized coal fineness, velocity of primary air mixed pluvesized coal particles change, testing on a 300MW power plant. The results illustrate that when fineness rised, temperature of gas center 0.4 meter apart from...
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Capillary Electrophoresis Method for Determining the Content of Rutin in Fructus Kochiae

Huiqin Wang, Wei Hu, Ting Zhou, Haixing Liu
The experiment was carried out for the determination of rutin content in Fructus Kochiae by high performance capillary electrophoresis method. The borax solution as buffer solution was chosen, and its concentration was 20 mmol/L at a constant voltage of 20kV and injecting time of 10s. The detection wavelength...
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The Effect of Temperature on Current-Voltage Characteristics and Dust Charging Characteristics in Low-low temperature ESP

Xuhui Zhang, Fuxing Cui, Jiaxin Wang, Ke Liu, Jinglong Liu, Haojie Liu, Guilong Xiong
The low-low temperature ESP (Electrostatic precipitator), reducing flue-gas operational temperature to improve dust removal performance, has been used gradually in engineering applications for the capture of fine particles in coal-fired power plant. The effects of temperature on discharge characteristics...
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Ultrasound Pretreatment of Apple Slice Prior to Vacuum Freeze Drying

Ziying Ren, Yaxiang Bai
To improve the vacuum freeze drying rate and to reduce the energy consumption of apple slice, apple slice were treated with different ultrasonic frequency, time and temperature. The vacuum freeze drying rate of treated apple slice was determined and, meanwhile, the rehydration ratio of samples with pre-treatment...
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Research of Customer Electricity Consumption Demand Prediction Based on Power Market Econometric Method

Shuo Yin, Meng Yang, Hongkun Bai, Jiangbo Wang, Hujun Li, Dawei Song
In recent years, influenced by the economic situation, regional industry reporting for expanding capacity growth trend volatility, it is not only a certain effects on the regional power consumption, but also affect the safety of power grid dispatch and operation.Based on the expansion of regional industry...
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Research on the Relationship between Interfacial Tension of ASP Compound System and Recovery Ratio

Shi Lei
The ASP flooding is a highly effective tertiary oil recovery method, through the synergistic action of alkali, surfactant and polymer three substances, the ultra-low interfacial tension is formed between the displacement system and the crude oil, meanwhile the polymer makes the system has a higher viscosity,...
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Study on Dynamic Analysis Technology of Oil Reservoir during Super High Water Cut Period

Jiying Liu
The dynamic analysis of oil reservoir development is an important means to help people understand oil reservoir, at the same time manage and rebuild oil reservoir, and scientifically and effectively develop oil reservoir. The most important link for dynamic analysis is the unit dynamic analysis. The...
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Three-element Compound Drive Target Delivery to Improve the Recovery Technology

Yu Zhang
A lot of researches have been carried out on the loss of three-element compound system at home and abroad, it is thought that permeability of three-element compound system in oil layer are mainly physical factors, chemical adsorption, mechanical trapping and chromatograph and so on in the research. Under...
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Understanding of Measuring Accuracy of Liquid Production

Chunying Song
The liquid production of oil wells is the main basis for the formulation of oil and water well measures and water injection scheme adjustment. The measurement work of oil wells is affected due to the influence of human factors and mechanical equipment, the phenomenon of data admission and actual inconsistency...
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A Smart Information Storage Equipment with High-Capacity and Energy Level-Indicating Functionality

Jinxiong Zhao, Hui Yuan, Lina Gao, Bo Gong, Zhiru Li, Fan Yang, Xiaoqin Zhu, Yong Zhi
The tendency that the neonatal smart storage devices are integrated with energy storage and electrochromism functions have captured enormous attentions, showing potential applications in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Here, we demonstrate a new approach to improve...
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Free Energy Calculation of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1

Xin Zhou
Protein arginine methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1) forms S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH) and arginine by transferring methyl of SAM(S-adenosyl-L-methionine) to the substrate arginine, and then various effects in vivo occur. Our research group designed and synthesized 28 PRMT1 inhibitors which take furan ring...
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Finite Differences model for Ultra-fast Cooling in Hot Strip Mill

Xueqiang Wang, Xudong Li, Guo Yuan
The ultra-fast cooling (UFC) system can accomplish high efficiency and uniform cooling. To accomplish the high control precision of temperature by UFC, the differentiated mesh model was developed in the finite differences model. Based on the one-dimensional unsteady-state heat transfer model, the model...
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Research on Power of Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System at Different Distances

Jianliang Li, TingChuan Xie, Jing Kang, Yalan Hao, Qiuyue Zhang, Yuefei Ma
Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (RWPT) is free from wired transmission. It has also realized long-distance power transmission, which has become one of the hotspots at home and abroad. Based on the existing research foundation, this paper focuses on the analysis of the inverter module, rectifier module...
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Analysis of vibration characteristics of inverter cabinet

Peng Jiang, Yong Wu, Qijun Pan, Fuli Ning, Guilin Chen
Based on the theory of finite element dynamics, the dynamic performance of the power regulator inverter is studied in this paper. The vibration simulation model of the inverter is established. According to the national standard for vibration environment, the vibration load is applied to the model, and...
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Application of Pneumatically Actuated Dams in Urban River Regulation

Xiangyang Jing, Lian Liu
In the river of modern urban, water retaining dams should not only meet the regular functional requirements of flood control, water supply and shipping, but also coordinate with the urban environment and becomes an important part in construction of ecological water environment. This paper took a new...
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Evaluation of the Soil Nutrients of Added Cultivated Land Based on Entropy Weight-Fuzzy Comprehensive Method: A Case Study in Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province

Chendi Shi, Juan Li, Tingting Cao
In this paper, through the sampling analysis, the entropy weight---fuzzy comprehensive evaluation was adopted to distribute the weight of added cultivated land fertility in Taiyuan District of Weibei, and the soil fertility in the region was further evaluated. At the same time, the main limiting factor...
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A Load-Balancing Power Scheduling System for Renewables-Based Virtual Power Plant

Chennjung Huang, Anfeng Liu, Kaiwen Hu, Juiting Hsiao, Liangchun Chen, Chihting Chen
In the recent literature, the architecture of virtual power plant was proposed to replace the current smart grid in the future. However, the energy sharing concept and the uncertainties of intermittent energy sources will cause the short-term energy management for the virtual power plant much more complicated...
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Vibrational spectroscopy and density functional theory study of 5-amino-2-mercaptobenzimidazole

Yufeng Chen
The geometrical structure of 5-amino-2-mercaptobenzimidazole (5A2MBI) was done and the corresponding structural parameters were calculated on the basis of the calculation by using B3LYP/6-311G (d, p) level, The FT-IR and Raman spectra of 5A2MBI were recorded in the solid phase, the results are compared...
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A Novel Metal-Free Visible-Light-Driven Photo catalytic Foam for Efficient Degradation of Methyl Orange

Junfeng Wu, Yan Gao, Yi Li
Here, graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) was integrated with polyurethane foam (PUF) as a novel metal-free visible-light-driven photocatalytic foam (g-C3N4/PUF) by a facile ultrasonic method. The fabricated samples were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy...
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Numerical and Experimental Study of Temperature Distribution in an Air-cooled Refrigerator Freezer

Jingwei Zeng, Qifeng Zhu, Dongdong Xue, Hongwei Zhang
A numerical model of flow and temperature field in an air-cooled refrigerator freezer was established by CFD method and was validated by experiments. The results show that the simulation temperature is slightly lower than the experimental results; the maximum relative error is 1.89%. The numerical results...
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Study on the Stability of Coffer Dams under the Action of Percolation Force

Wenbin Liu, Ruiqi Zhang
Based on a cofferdam project of Dalian, the global stability of cofferdam structure under the action of percolation force is calculated by simulation analysis methods. The study results show that the action of percolation force can effectively increase the stability for the out-sea side, but at the same...
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A Method of Primary Air Adjustment under Abnormal Conditions

Ke Liu, Fanjun Hou, Haichao Wang, Xuhui Zhang, Xudong Zhang
The paper provides a case of primary air velocity adjustment under abnormal conditions. In case primary air leveling cannot be completed under primary air shrinkage cavity failure, the method has achieved the uniformity of temperature field in the furnace to the greatest extent, which greatly relieves...
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The treatment of U-containing wastewater by electro-deposition

Fangying Gao, Xiaowen Zhang, Shaoyan Lv, Xiaoyan Wu, Mi Li
A new method for treating U-containing wastewater and recovering of uranium simultaneously by electro-deposition was proposed. The complexity of adsorbent preparation and difficulty in uranium recovery that existed in traditional adsorption method are solved by electro-deposition approach. The iron and...
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The DC Bias Model and Simulation Analysis of Three-phase Three-limps Transformer Based on EIC Principle

Wenfeng Li, Hongkun Bai, Fusheng Zhang, Fangmin Bao, Yubin Mao, Yongmin Liu, Feifei Bo, Yuanpeng Hua, Ding Han, Yaoyu Yang
In this paper, the model of transformer DC bias simulation is established based on EIC principle. This model considers the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss of the transformer core through the J-A model and the Bertotti theory. Based on this model, the effects of DC bias on the operating characteristics...
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Quantitative Analysis on Heat Storage Capacity in Steam and Metal of Ultra-Supercritical Once-Through Boiler

Tianyu Zhang, Lele Ma, Xi Zhao, Chengyong Liu, Zhenning Zhao
As an increasing number of power plants are engaged in grid peaking operations, the utility boiler working condition varies frequently and violently, which demands a more flexible and accurate control system. In present investigation, a model measuring heat storage capacity in steam and metal with operating...
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A New Proposal on Reductant Utilization in Flue Gas SCR De-NOx Process

Jie Li, Jian Li
A direct injection proposal of ammonia hydroxide employed in Flue Gas SCR De-NOx process was presented and a simulation was implemented by the advanced CFD software Star-CCM to verify the performance of this proposal. The initial equipment investment cost and opAs an increasing number of power plants...
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Research on energy structure changes in the future --taking four states on the U.S.-Mexico border as examples

Zhedong Hu
The change of energy structure depends on the change of production structure and consumption structure. This paper evaluates the changes of energy structure in the future by establishing the quadratic exponential smoothing model (QES) based on Prediction of time series (TSP). Firstly, according to extractable...
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Research on Power Demand Forecasting Methods

Zhigang Zhan
In recent years, with the rapid economic development of developing countries, the contradiction between economic development and resources and environment has become increasingly acute. It is of great practical significance to study the power market demand forecasting method for energy conservation and...
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Evaluation Method of Design Programs for Intelligent Downhole Tool

Lijun Lin, Jian Li, Yun Liu
Intelligent Downhole Tool dedicates the inevitable development and design direction of completion technique in the future. The property of non-uniqueness of the program will be strengthened during the mapping from function target domain to proposal domain. To select the optimal one and overcome the weakness...
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Influencing Factors on the Natural Frequency of Bending-Torsional Coupling Gear-Rotor

Yongqiang Che, Yue Han, Junshan Guo, Panfeng Shang, Haizhen Lv
Based on the finite element method, this paper establishes a differential equation of the coupled gear-rotor motion by applying MATLAB. The coupled bending and torsion vibration were considered in the equation. The eigenvalue and eigenvector were acquired through order reduction and solution of the homogeneous...
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Calculation and Analysis of Wind Power Consumption Capability of AC/DC Hybrid Grid

Jie Hao, Yongze Duan, Xinyuan Liu, Huiping Zheng
The installed capacity of wind power in the “Three North” region is increasing day by day. Annual heating season is affected by peak shaving, and large-scale wind abandonment will occur in the “Three North” area. With the operation of UHV DCs in various regional power grids in China, the operation mode...
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The Improvement of Circuit Power Factor

Xuan Wu
In the power system, the power factor of the grid is low due to the influence of load and transmission equipment. In the face of a large number of reactive loads in the power grid, compensating reactive power and suppressing harmonic current can effectively improve the power factor of the power grid,...
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Bioinformatics Analysis of the Carotenoid Isomerase Gene in Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

Bo Sun, Min Jiang, Fen Zhang, Haoru Tang
Carotenoid isomerase (CRTISO) is an important enzyme in carotenoid biosynthesis. Here, the Brassica oleracea var. capitata CRTISO (BocCRTISO) gene sequences were obtained from Brassica database (BRAD), and preformed for bioinformatics analysis. The BocCRTISO gene mapped to Scaffold000330, and contains...
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Analysis of Gas Utilization Efficiency Based on the Data of Blast Furnace Gas Center

Mingxin Li, Lin Shi, Yawei Liu, Youbin Wen
This paper focuses on the detection methods of infrared photography to acquire the central data of GroupNo.6 blast furnace throat gas flow form Baotou Steel Corp. According to the situation that the distribution of blast furnace gas flow center is difficult to reflect certain regularities and class information...
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Removal of Benzoic Acid by Catalytic Ozonation with CeO2 Loaded on N, S Co-Doped Activated Carbon Catalyst

Hangdao Qin, Hui Li, Yong Wang, Jing Chen
N, S co-doped activated carbon (ACNS) was obtained by modification with thiourea and cerium oxide supported on activated carbon (Ce/AC, and Ce/ACNS) were prepared and worked as catalyst for catalytic ozonation of benzoic acid. The catalysts were characterized by elemental analysis, N2 adsorption-desorption,...
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Effect of Longitudinal Reinforcement Ratio and Effective Depth on Shear Capacity of PVA Fiber High Strength RC Beams

Zhuowei Wang, Yufeng Liao, Weilun Wang
The study on the shear capacity of PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) fibre reinforced high-strength concrete beams without stirrups was carried out by 7 specimens, the influence of effective depth(d) and longitudinal reinforcement ratio(ρt) were investigated. The experimental results show that the shear capacity...
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Coupled Inductor Based Radio Energy Transmission Circuit

Xuan Wu
The wireless energy transmission based on coupled inductor is a new type of power transmission technology, which can overcome many shortcomings of traditional power transmission methods. This technology can provide strong support for the further development of modern society and bring great convenience...
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Bioinformatics Analysis of the Phytoene Dehydrogenase Gene in Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata)

Bo Sun, Min Jiang, Shengling Xue, Aihong Zheng, Fen Zhang, Haoru Tang
Phytoene dehydrogenase (PDS) is an important enzyme in carotenoid biosynthesis. Here, the Brassica oleracea var. capitata PDS (BocPDS) gene sequences were obtained from Brassica database (BRAD), and preformed for bioinformatics analysis. The BocPDS1 and BocPDS2 genes mapped to chromosomes 3 and 4, and...
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An Optic Determination Method of 2-Chlorophenol Based on Oxidation by Iron (III) Tetrasulfophthalocyanine Catalyze

Yilin Tong, Xuecai Han, Peng Wu, Qiong Li
An optic determination method based on the oxidation of 2-chlorophenol (2-CP) catalyzed by Iron (III) Tetrasulfophthalocyanine (Fe (III) PcTs) was developed for the determination of 2-CP. The optical oxygen sensing film containing fluorescence indicator Ru (bpy)3Cl2 was used to detect the consumption...
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Ecological Evaluation of Port Resources Based on BP Neural Network

Jianxia Wan, Shukui Zhang, Jing Li
In order to improve the comprehensive evaluation method on ecological of port resources, a new general index system is established on the basis of researched results. An integrated evaluation model of ecology is built on the base of theory of BP network. Based on the ecology status of port resource,...