Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials, Environment, Biotechnology and Computer

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Analysis and design of a micro electromagnetic vibration energy harvester

Xiongshi Wang, Binzhen Zhang, Junping Duan, Suping Xu
At present the commonly used energy harvesters have characteristics of low harvester efficiency and short life. This paper presents a micro-energy harvester, the microstructure and collection system are combined to improve the energy efficiency, and optimize the structural parameters to realize the prolongation...
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A Direct Method of Designing Filter Dividers With In Phase or Out of Phase Outputs

Xingjian Zhong, Kun Li, Zheng Chen, Dexin Qu, Yingsong ZhangSan
A direct method of designing filter dividers is presented in this paper. The method is based on the filter divider's coupling matrix derived from coupling matrix of the associated filter. Through properly placing the output resonators, in phase or out of phase outputs could be obtained. Examples are...
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An improved droop control strategy in islanded micro-grid

Ran Tao, Rong Ju
The traditional droop control has the advantages of low cost, easy to expand, easy to proportional load sharing and so on. But the micro-grid line impedance is resistive, which makes the output power coupling each other .The virtual impedance control strategy can help micro-grid converter to realize...
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Evaluation on post-earthquake reconstruction community landscape facilities with weighted TOPSIS method

Pengyan Jiang, Siqi Jiang, Lu Gan
Establish the evaluation and calculation model of post-earthquake reconstruction community landscape facility based on weighted TOPSIS method. Determine each weight of evaluation factor with analytic hierarchy process method. Applying the model on post-earthquake reconstructed Yijie district in Dujiangyan...
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Features Analysis of Partial Demagnetization Faults in the 6-phase PM Synchronous Generator with Rectifier Load System

Binghui Wang, Yuguang Sun
This paper focuses on partial demagnetization faults (PDMF) in the 6-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) with rectifier load system. In the study, a multi-loop combined with finite element method (FEM) mathematical model is presented. The multi-loop model utilizes transformation matrix...
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Effect of gradation and fineness on performance of rubber asphalt mixture at low temperature

Haining Zhang, Xuesong Mao, Wenlin Li, Junfang Gou
Bending test of rubber asphalt mixture was studied, This paper selected 5 groups with different aggregate gradation, to figure out rubber asphalt mix properties at low temperature. A comprehensive indicator was considered by comparing the test results, included flexural tensile strength, failure strain,...
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Improved phyllite packing of CBR value influence factor analysis

Fengjie Zhu, Xuesong Mao, Wenlin Li, Haining Zhang
This article selected the phyllite of the eastern Ankang section of the highway from Shiyan to Tianshui for raw materials,and made a series of experiments. The results showed that phyllite belongs to a kind of soft rock, low strength ,stability, and easy to collapse .This article is based on CBR test...
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A new maintenance way on semi-rigid base material

Wenlin Li, Xuesong Mao, Haining Zhang, Fengjie Zhu
In many regions, such as Tibet, Qinghai etc, because of its unique climate conditions, continual appear all kinds of road diseases, such as cracks, subsidence and damages. Mainly due to the traditional maintenance ways on semi-rigid base material in these regions are not very well. So based on the characteristics...
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The Positive Lyapunov Exponent Of The Matrix With The Exponential Rotation

Kai Tao
This paper studies the Lyapunov exponent defined by the matrix with the exponential rotation. The author applies the theory of subharmonic functions to prove that if the coupling number is big enough, then the Lyapunov exponent is positive.
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Study on architecture and microclimate effect of combined container roof garden

Dongtao Luan, Zhiguo Zhang
The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of combined container roof garden on the microclimate, the wall temperature and the indoor temperature of the building. This study has shown that the combined container roof garden can effectively improve the roof microclimate, reduce the highest...
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Analysis on Mode of Iron Tailings Comprehensive Utilization

Yufeng Li, Xiaoyu Wang, Jingling Bao
Through the analysis of current development and utilization of iron ore tailings resources in China, we can summarize the present development and utilization pattern of iron ore tailings resources. According to the theory of sustainable development, people can put forward three connotations of iron ore...
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Investigation of Texturization for Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers with NaOH and Na2B4O7 ú10H2O Solutions

Jinbao Chen, Ning Zhang, Shiqing Man, Pan He, Qiaoyun Ye
NaOH and Na2B4O7 -10H2O solutions of texturization were investigated and a series of comparative experiments were made by our group. The surface microstructures studied with a scanning electronic microscope (SEM). The different etching time and the different concentration of the solution have a larger...
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Removal Effect of Simulated Dairy Wastewater by SBR

Jinlong Zuo, Xinguo Yang, Daxiang Chen, Xiaoyue Wang, Xuewei Wang, Xuming Wang
With the development of the times, the demand for dairy becomes more and more heavily all over the world. Meanwhile, the dairy wastewater is doing more and more harm to the environment. Now the SBR(Sequencing Batch Reactor) process has been widely used in dairy wastewater treatment. The SBR process is...
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Study on NO2--N accumulationof soybean wastewater treatment by SBR process

Jinlong Zuo, Daxiang Chen, Xinguo Yang, Xiaoyue Wang, Xuewei Wang, Xuming Wang
The bean products wastewater treatment process has been studied by SBR. Theexperimentstudied effective of reaction timeunder low dissolved oxygen on SBR system. The experimental result indicated that under the condition of influent COD is 330~460mg/L, the reactor has a good degeneration ability of COD,...
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Study on Effect of Soy sauce wastewater by SBR process

Jinlong Zuo, Xiaoyue Wang, Xinguo Yang, Daxiang Chen, Xuming Wang
In this study, soy sauce wastewater was treated with SBR process. The effects of culture time, pH and aeration time on the removal of COD were investigated. The SBR process is a biological treatment method with simple structure and nimble operation. In this paper in order to study the removal effect...
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Transfer Barrier and Timed Transfer System Application Analysis

Liao Chen, Xifu Wang
Under the circumstance of social development, with the rapid growth in passenger travel demand, the demand of development of public transport networks for the urban travel is daily increasing. The service capability of public transport network can't satisfy that all the passengers are able to arrive...
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MREEP: Multihop Residual Energy based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for HWSN

Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad S. Nisar, Hongbo Jiang
Energy conversation of sensor nodes for maximization of network life is the most important design goal while developing an energy efficient routing protocol for wireless sensor networks. Heterogeneity takes the advantage of different types of sensor nodes and improves the network life and energy efficiency....
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TMEEP: Threshold-sensitive based Multihop Energy Efficient Protocol for HWSN

Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad S. Nisar, Hongbo Jiang
WSNs are expected to find wide applicability in various fields ranging from engineering industry to our home environment technology. Efficient utilization of energy of sensor nodes and short distance multihop communication are the major factors in order to reduce the energy consumption in a sensor network....
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ZEEP: Zonal based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for HWSN

Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad S. Nisar, Hongbo Jiang
In Wireless sensor network (WSN), sensor nodes are usually deployed in the remote dense environment with limited energy resources in order to monitor a region for a long time. It makes energy conservation as most challenging issue for design and deployment of wireless sensor networks. In the energy conversation...
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A Quantitative Analysis of Human Calling Behavior During Medical Emergency Calls

Xiangyu Li, Wenjun Wang, Ning Yuan
Human behavior is often affected by sudden emergency directly or indirectly. In this paper, we focus on two groups of people under different types of medical emergency calls. Based on the quantitative analysis of calling volume and call interval distribution before and after the emergency call, we find...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Human Dynamics Based on Mobile Phone Records

Haodong Lyu, Wenjun Wang, Pengfei Jiao, Xiangyu Li
Mobile phones are widely used by people in modern society, the records of which provide us with an essential proxy for the understanding of human behaviors. Previous empirical results have already shown that some temporal, even spatial, characteristics of many human activities follow power law instead...
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Circuit design of Track-And-Hold Amplifier in Ultra-High-speed Folding-Interpolating ADC

Yongcong Liu, Jianye Wang, Hao Ding
Among the designs of ultra-high-speed analog to digital converter, folding-interpolating structure has great advantages in control of chip area and power dissipation. But the frequency-doubled effect of folding-interpolating ADC will restrict dynamic performances of ADC, such as bandwidth and linearity,...
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The provincial power grid monthly purchasing risk management model based on Monte-Carlo stochastic simulation technology and wind power uncertainty

Junmei Wang, Lin Guo, Chao Ma, Chuncheng Gao, Dunnan Liu, Mo Yang
Considering the uncertainty of wind power generation in the context of the regional electricity market, the risk quantitative index and risk management model for the monthly electricity purchasing plan considering the uncertainty of wind power generation is proposed. First, based on the risk measure...
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The Comparison of Two Kinds of Extraction Methods of Circular Manual Mark in Visual Measurement

Ze-qing Liu, Shu-ming He, Yu-rong Zhang
To solve the problem of extracting and locating the manual circular marks from complex background in the image of range visual measurement, two kinds of extraction methods of circular manual mark were studied, one was the interactive extraction method based on region of interest and the other was the...
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A Certain Type of Wheeled Self-propelled Gun Independent Suspension Stress Analysis

Xinyun Liu, Jisheng Ma
For wheeled self-propelled gun dynamics simulation, the study did not consider of the flexibility of the suspension system currently. And wheeled self-propelled gun with complex road and huge fire load, suspension arm are more likely to happen elastic deformation and fatigue damage compared with civil...
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Research on hub location and routing distribution for Hub-and-Spoke logistics network

Yunhe Ma, Xifu Wang, Jijun Pang
With the development of the economic globalization, Hub-and-Spoke logistics network has become the effective network structure which could help to collaborate logistics resource, reduce logistics cost and improve operational efficiencies. Therefore, research on location and routing distribution for Hub-and-Spoke...
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The Chebyshev-Galerkin method of Nonlinear Burgers equation

Lizheng Cheng, Hongping Li
The nonlinear Burgers equation is a hot issue in the field of computational fluid dynamics, which has nonlinear convection term and diffusion term. In this paper, we give a numerical solution of the nonlinear Burgers equation by a combination of finite difference and Chebyshev-Galerkin method. Use the...
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The Hybrid City Bus Ride Simulation Analysis Based on ADAMS/Car

Kan Hu, Zuoqiang Dai, Tiezhu Zhang
Research on the hybrid electric city bus which is produced by a company, using virtual prototyping technology in the simulation software ADAMS/Car to establish the vehicle dynamics simulation model and road simulation model. And the vehicle model for the random road input ride performance simulation...
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Study on Modeling and Simulation Technology of Comprehensive Passenger Hub System

Yingying Su, Lisheng Qu, Mengling Huang
Giving priority to the development of urban public transport is not only an effective measure to alleviate urban traffic congestion, but an inevitable requirement for improving urban livingenvironment and promoting the sustainable development of cities. System simulation of scheduling time and inventory...
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Study on VSCF wind power generation system control based on DSP

Ya-ping TANG
According to the characteristics of double fed asynchronous generator rotor energy flow, research and design based on the DSP control with two-way flow of energy function of Dual PWM converter and discusses the grid side converter control method of Dual PWM converter in particular. The wind turbine simulation...
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The Systemic Study on Ceramic Molding Method Construction with Rhinoceros Software Platform

Shun Rao, Jing Liu
The accurate 3D molding function of Rhinoceros software is used and combined with the fast and realistic render effect of Keyshot, which is the fastest and the most effective three dimensional design software in the area of current ceramic moldingdesign. The paper is mainly explored the application of...
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Multi-criteria analysis via the VIKOR method for prioritizing groundwater remediation strategies

Lixia Ren, Hongwei Lu, Yu Kang, Honghai Zhao
The multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) methods VIKOR is applied to the selection of the most desirable remediation for a chlorinated hydrocarbons-contaminated aquifer located in Pudong district of Shanghai. Ranking index based on the particular measure of ''closeness'' to the ideal solution is...
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Research on Optimal Excitation and Measurement Mode of Electrical Resistance Tomography

Kun Li, Lei Xu, Yulin Zhang, Zhihao Pan, Yu An
Excitation and measurement mode of Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) system would determine the sensitivity, information quantity and noise immunity of the test field. In this paper, a 16-electrode ERT system is cited to conduct a research on 8 excitation modes and 2 measurement modes by numerical...
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Accelerometer assisted Electromagnetic Positioning System Design

Zhengping Li, Long Zhao
In the electromagnetic positioning system, it was found that with the increase of distance between the target carrier and the emission source, positioning accuracy decreased a lot. This paper proposed a method that used 3-axis accelerometer to assist the electromagnetic positioning system to measure...
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Application of Geographic Information System to control dengue outbreak in Tainan city, Taiwan 2015

Chaoyen Wu, Shengzhe Lin, Chueh-Hui Yeh
Dengue is the most important arthropod-borne disease of human in the world. It is circulating in tropical and sub-tropical countries in Asia, Africa and the Americans. Taiwan has been also the affected area, and hundreds of people are infected over the past years mostly due to the transmission from imported...
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An Algorithm of Image Edge Detection Based on Wavelet Transform

Yue Wu, Xiaohong Meng
Image edge structure is often the most important feature in image processing and pattern recognition, and edge detection is mainly used to measure, detect and locate the gray level change. Wavelet analysis is a kind of multi scale edge detection method which has excellent denoising ability and complete...
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Path optimizing for 3D printing

Feng Zeng
In the 3D printing process, the 3D CAD model is built in CAD system and sliced into a series of 2D slices. The 2D cross section data contains a lot of unnecessary idle running. If transform the original data into processing path code directly, the processing efficiency will be significantly reduced....
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Improved Iterative Prediction Reconstruction for Compressive Whiskbroom Imaging

Yingbiao Jia, Zhongliang Luo
Compressive Sampling is suitable for remote hyperspectral imaging, as it can simplify the architecture of the onboard sensors. The reconstruction process is an indispensable component of the hyperspectral imaging as it decodes the compressive measurements to render a three-dimensional spatio-spectral...
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Overview of Quantum Information Technology in Satellite Networks

Yuan Gao, Hong Ao, Quan Zhou, Weigui Zhou, Yi Li
Quantum theory of information science from germination and now has nearly 30 years of history, mainly includes three aspects: (1) quantum communication can be achieved theoretically unconditionally secure transmission of information; (2) quantum computing with ultra-fast computing power; (3) quantum...
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Overview of Big Data Based Space Situational Awareness

Weigui Zhou, Hong Ao, Quan Zhou, Yuan Gao, Yi Li
Space situational awareness is the development of space resources, to protect its space assets and space to master control over the implementation of key military space operations. US government and military decision-makers aware of the importance of capacity building for space situational awareness....
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The PLC Control of Six-Axis Manipulator Based on S7-200

Guodong Zhang, Ruimin Qi
In order to improve the automation of industrial production and production efficiency. This paper presented a system with the S7-200 as the core. The system adopted the method of sequence control. The S7-200 mainly controlled the step motor, dc motor, servo motor, Through the control could realize manipulator...
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Research and Application on the Reliability of PTN Electric Power Communication Network Security Isolation

Bin Luo, Wen-cui Li, Xin-jian Shu, Xiong Li, Yong-sheng Zhao, Gong-ming Li
Along with the development of intelligent electric grid,the access of communication service bring a new challenge to the distribution network communication system, so an integrated communication system is necessary to support channel segregation for carrying a variety of service. In this paper, the PTN...
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Research On The Reliability Of Henan Electric Power Communication Network Security And The Application Of PTN Technology

Xiong Li, Si-xiang Liang, Ji-zhao Lu, Bin Luo, Shi-wen Wang, Bo Liu
In order to ensure the safety of electric power monitoring system and communication network, PTN (Packet Transport Network, Packet transmission Network) technology is introduced to meet the new needs of electric power communication Network. In this paper, the current situation of Henan electric power...
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Optimization Of Hot Strip Finish Rolling Mill Schedule

Yu Zhu, Xianmin Cheng, Tao Wang
Rolling schedule plays a decisive role in rolling of strip steel, and has an important effect on capability of rolling mill. The optimize method of hot strip rolling mill is researched, and the capability of rolling mill is improved effectively, so the quality of the product is also improved.
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Effect Of Source Tea On The Normal Mice's Gastrointestinal Function

Ting Wang, Yan Li, Tan Wang, Zuhong Wang, Ming Bai, Mingsan Miao
Effect of observation Fusen herbal tea in normal mice methods.: given to mice for 17 days, daily 2 times respectively in drinking high dose Fusen herbal tea, small dose Fusen herbal tea, Wanglaoji large dose of herbal tea, small dose of Wanglaoji herbal tea, herbal tea replace normal mice drinking water;...
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3D Meso-Mechanical Analysis Of Elastic Properties Of Concrete Materials

Zhi Zhang, Peibao Xu
A 3D meso-mechanical model is introduced herein to estimate the elastic properties of concrete materials on the basis of the assumption that concrete can be considered as a three-phase material which contains cement mortar, aggregates and interfacial transition zone (ITZ). The influences of aggregate...
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Influence Of Frequency Offset On Sampling Value Differential Protection

Jiahui Fan, Duanzhong Wang, Hongji Du
The current sampling value differential protection gradually reflects its unique superiority among various differential protection. With the application of sampling value differential protection, the influence of frequency offset on it should be considered. In this paper, based on the analysis of the...
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The Structure of Cyclic Codes

Xuedong Dong
A code is a cyclic code if and only if is a -submodule of the ring . Perfect additive codes have been utilized in the subject of steganography. The algebraic structure of cyclic codes was determined in 2014. In this paper we determine the algebraic structure of cyclic codes ,where is an odd prime. Any...
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Wiener State Estimator for Non-regular Descriptor System

Yan Xu, Guosheng Zhang
Using the modern time-series analysis method in the time domain, based on the autoregressive moving average (ARMA) innovation model and white noise estimator, non-regular descriptor discrete-time stochastic linear systems are researched. Under assumption 1~3, an asymptotically stable reduced-order Wiener...
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Research on the Procurement Model of Multiple-Supplier based on Genetic Algorithm

Heng Zhang, Qiang Lin, Weijun Zhai, Kun Zhang
According to the procurement under multiple-supplier, this paper evaluates the supplier quantitatively. Considering the factors of procurement cost and price discount, this paper establishes a procurement model based on the theories of relationship management. This model can give the optimal scheme and...
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Study on Technology and Programming for Comprehensive Milling

Rong Zhang
Milling manufacturing is expounded by this paper, case analysis showed technology process and characteristic of integrated milling parts and written programmed instruction combining with the machining requirements, the usage of special or Simplified milling directives and macro in milling manufacturing...
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Experimental Study From Chinese-Japanese And Japanese-Chinese Bilingual Behavioral Data To Brain Computer Interface

Xiujun Li, Jingjing Yang, Dan Tong
While previous studies have compared performance between alphabetic and Chinese subjects, few data were about Japanese-speaking individuals. In this study, we used Japanese-Chinese bilingual and Chinese-Japanese bilingual subject to investigate different in processing semantic and phonological by visual...
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The Design For The Basic Rack Tooth Profile Of The Harmonic Gear Drive With Double-Circular-Arc

Ji-Gui Zheng, Wei Shi, Yong-Jian Ni, He Zhang, XU-Liang Liu
The normal section tooth profile of the hob basic rack is used creatively as the basic rack of the harmonic gear drive with double-circular-arc. Based on the clear selection methods of the basic rack tooth profile's main parameters, the optimization method and process of the basic rack tooth profile...
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Study Based on MMSE Channel Estimation for IEEE 802.15.3c PHY Realization Method

Linqing Qi, Rufei Xia
IEEE 802.15.3c standard is the first IEEE wireless standard for data rates over 1 Gb/s in 60 GHz band. The dissertation create a simulation system, which adopt the HSI PHY of IEEE 802.15.3c and OFDM modulation method, realize the full process from the transmitter to the receiver. By using three types...
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Research on the Aerodynamics Loads of Wind Turbine Blades

Zhiqiang Xu
A more precise strip theory is adopt for the fist time in calculating the aerodynamic loads ,considering the elevation of the wind wheel spindle, the shearing of wind and the tilt angle of the direction when blades brandish. Subsequently, the dynamic inflow model will be considered separately on the...
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Study on the Basic Characteristics of the Wind Turbine Dynamics

Zhiqiang Xu
This paper not only analyzes the research status of the wind turbine tower and its infrastructure, but also studies dynamic characteristics of the wind turbine by applying to the finite element analysis. In addition, the tower and the infrastructure are reasonably simplified by adopting the finite element...
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Research of Deformation Prediction Method on Large-sized Structure Component Based on Time Series Analysis

Ya-Jing Guo, Xiao-Rong Zhu, Er-Bao Lu, Xu-Liang Liu, Cheng-Han He
Large-sized flexible structure is widely used in industrial production areas, such as aircrafts, automobiles, ships and so on. There will be dynamic deformation in working process which will affect the normal use of structure carrier. In addition, current deformation measurement methods have certain...
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Analysis on Tooth Profile Comparison and Contact Characteristics of Beveloid Gear

Ji-Gui Zheng, Hong-Zhou Song, Xiao-Rong Zhu, Jing Chen, Ye Deng
It takes distinguishing the two beveloid tooth surface as starting point and compares the differences of tooth profile from some aspects, such as forming process, sectional profile and the shape of the contact line. According to the tilting processing principles of the rack cutter and slotting cutter,...
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Analysis of FS Stiffness Characteristics in Harmonic Gear Drive with CTC Tooth Profile

Ji-Gui Zheng, Xu-Liang Liu, He Zhang, Wei Shi, Tian-Zhu Zhao
Deforming process of FS (flexible spine) tooth is studied, its bending deformation and shear deformation are analyzed, and stiffness expression is concluded when FS tooth meshes into completely. FS cylinder torsional stiffness is analyzed with theoretical calculation and finite element analysis, the...
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The Theory of IE Assembly Line Balance and Optimization

Mao Yin, Wei Jiang
This article related to industrial engineering theory in enterprise production management, by way of example describes the basic idea of the method a company truck assembly line balance improvement. Combined with the practical problems in production line system analysis, and put forward the feasible...
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Design of Sprout Aeroponics Equipment

Yi Guo, Lanfen Chen, Jin Zong Suo Lang, Zhen Yang
Objective: to solve cultivation equipment problems for industrial cultivation of sprout, sprout aeroponics equipment that features vertical cultivation, aeroponics, ozone sterilization, water magnetization, automatic control technology and etc., is designed in this paper. Methods: SolidWorks 3D design...
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Research on the Integrated Framework of Modeling and Simulation on Equipment Deployment of the Chemical Reconnaissance System

Guohui Yan, Xuezheng Zhu, Jin Gu, Kunlin Nie, Wenjie Zhu
Aiming at the issues about equipment deployment of chemical reconnaissance in systemic level, the modeling thinking of chemical reconnaissance system is studied based on the ability theory, the simulation and calculation for the equipment application of the specific action-oriented chemical reconnaissance...
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Genome Sequence compression algorithm based on the Distributed source coding

Jing-Jing Shao
The genome sequence compression algorithm based on the distributed source coding technology purely is proposed in this paper. In order to enhance the compression efficiency, the genome sequence is mapped into two binary sources and then they are transmitted into two bilevel images. After initialization,...
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Research on the Teaching Skill Training under the Environment of Information Technology

An Wang, Rongfei Chu
Microteaching is an effective method of training teaching skills of normal university students. How to use microteaching to train teaching skill under the environment of information technology to improve the training quality is the urgent research subject at present. The paper analyzes the features of...
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The application of function P-sets in band information law hiding

Chengxian Fan, Faliang Chang
Using the structure, law and dynamic characteristic of function P-sets, the concepts of P-information law and band information law and their generation are given. Then the attribute theorem of P-information, the hiding and hiding theorem of P-information in band information law and the recovery theorem...
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The Research on Load Balancing of Middleware based on Cloud Computing

Wenlong Feng, Mengxin Huang, Yu Zhang
According to the characteristics of multi level and large amount of access of cloud computing services, a load balancing mechanism based on middleware is proposed. The mechanism analyses distributed structure of cloud computing services, and determines the topology and control method of load balancing....
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Study on the Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil of Tea Plantations in Karst Mountain Areas Based on GIS

Denghong Huang, Zhongfa Zhou, Yajuan Chen, Zhiling Huang
To understand the soil environment quality of tea producing region in Plateau Mountainous area, the evaluation model of heavy metals pollution in soil was built by adopting both the single pollution index method and Nemerow multi-factor index method combined with ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst and Model...
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Research of Data Processing Difference Component and Automatic Deployment Package

Xiaoyang Liu, Jianping Zhao, Junlei Bao, XiaoChun Liu, Liya Xu
It put forward the embed data process technology based on difference rule and Frames mould process environment construct technology, constructed command display data difference process component. It accomplished the process and display for disparity data form information for the experiment information...
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Research and Application of Software Multi-state Customization Management

Jianping Zhao, Xiaoyang Liu, Huihua Wu, Yong Zhou, XiaoChun Liu, Liya Xu
It put forward software multi-state customize preservation technology, which accomplished software multi-task mode quick switch and recovery, and actualized the goal of executing dissimilarity satellite model task alternatively for experiment information surveillance display software, by applied reflex...
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Principle and Realization of A* Algorithm

Lehui Huang, Xinxin Wang
In 3D games, pathfinding function is very common. The design can not only let the game player need not control the main body role through the keyboard and mouse blindly and arrive at the designated location more quickly to complete the task, but also can active AI roles and make the games fun to make...
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Research on the Construction of the Network Learning Platform Based on Computer Foundation Course

Ying Luo, Miaomiao Li
The paper mainly introduce the intelligent network teaching platform designed and implemented by university computer foundation course network learning platform oriented to language c # and based on NET structure, which is connected with ASP.NET technology and ADO.NET technology. This network learning...
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An Improved Fractional Differential Edge Detection Algorithm

Qingli Chen, Guo Huang, Tao Men, Hongyin Qin, Mingrong Wang
In order to extract detailed edge information, a multi-scale fractional differential edge detection algorithm is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the G-L factional differential is applied to enhance image with two different fraction differential orders (one is small and the other is big), then, the edges...
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The Application and Design of Big Data in Operation and Maintenance of Industry 4.0

Jiqing Cao, Shuhai Zhang
Industry 4.0 system generates vast amounts of data in the Operation and Maintenance process. To explore the value of these data is the key to achieve the goals and values of Industry 4.0. This paper discusses the various application scenarios of Big Data for the Operation and Maintenance process of Industry...
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Study of Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Method Based on Disturbance Observer for Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

He-wei Zhao, Yong Liang, Xiu-xia Yang, Xiao Liu
Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a kind of UAV, which is disturbed easily and has nonlinear and strong coupling characteristics. In the paper, the model of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is presented, then the adaptive sliding mode control laws is designed based on the model. And the disturbance...
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Design of a Low Phase Noise VCO Used for LTE Band40

Qingyun Ju, Xinwei Li, Liang Tang, Donghai Qiao
According to the frequency of LTE Band40 from 2300MHz to 2400MHz using for 4G mobile communication distributed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, a low phase noise, small size and low power consumption voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) which can be used in mobile phones supporting...
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Odd-elegant Labeling Algorithm of Generalized Ring Core Networks

Jianmin Xie, Bing Yao, Wenmei Hong
In the network design, the choice of the network topology plays a decisive role for the realization of the function of computer network efficiency. The labeling problem of the computer network topology directly affects the network design and communication costs, etc. Generalized ring network topology...
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Design and application of interface circuit of coal mine equipment intelligent management system TCP/IP module

Xingshan Li, Jian Lu
Coal mine blasting equipment library intelligent management to regulate store of blasting equipment through real-time monitoring of blasting equipment storage environment (temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration). Using fingerprint identification to open the door, by computer or mobile phone remote...
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On Random SA-mixed Network Models Generated From Sierpinski and Apollonian networks

Jing Su, Bing Yao, Ming Yao
We constructed the random SA-mixed models based on Sierpinski and 2-dimension Apollonian networks having scale-free properties, and we have shown our random SA-mixed models are scale-free. It is noticeable, adding unchanged motifs doesn't affect the scale-free behaviors of the origin networks. The random...
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Application of Wavelet Neural Network With Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Boiler Faults Diagnosis

Yun Du, Yadong Liu
In view of the main fault type in boiler steam water system, a variety of complex fault data are extracted. A wavelet neural network fault diagnosis based on particle swarm optimization algorithm is designed. The wavelet neural network constructed by three-layer wavelet neural network, is trained by...
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Design of Underwater High-definition Video and Digital Optical Fiber Transmission System

Kaicheng Li, Haibin Yu
Currently, due to the shortage of land resources, the resource development technology increasingly competitive among countries in the world. Our country is also committed to the development and utilization of marine resources in recent years. When working in the deep sea ,underwater exploration devices...
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Cost Modeling of Wavelength Conversion in Wavelength Routing Optical Networks

Xiaobo Wu, Zhaohui Wu, Hong Sun, Xuna Miao
With the increasing demand for network service and rapid development of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technologies, Wavelength Routing Optical Networks (WRON) is one of the best ways to realize an all-optical network. Focus on the Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) problem in WRON, a routing...
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A new dynamic surface reconstruction method for cardiac 3D mapping procedure

Yingsong Huang, Jian Wu, Riqing Chen
During cardiac 3D mapping procedure, the dynamic surface reconstruction of heart chambers helps to diagnose cardiac disease and improve the operation precision by keeping the catheter in place. The paper introduces a new fast dynamic surface reconstruction method considering the distribution characteristics...
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A Reliability Evaluation Method of Power Information Communication Network

Yu Song, Jianghong Shi
Along with the unceasing infiltration and fusion of power cyber space and physical space, a typical power cyber physical complex system is constructed, which brings new challenges to the reliability evaluation of power information communication network. For the reliability assessment of power information...
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The Design of Gas Monitoring System Based on the Prediction Model

GuangHua Yu, Shiying Wang
Considering the current situation of the coal mine accident in our country. An intelligent gas monitoring system which has some prediction function is put forward in this paper. In the system, the microcontroller monitoring substation and CAN bus communication system is designed; a prediction method...
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Application of calculus equation in solving thermal decomposition kinetics parameters of flame retardant flexible polyurethane foam

Caiyun Sun, Genyin Cheng, Ming Gao
Flexible polyurethane foam has been treated with borax, expanded graphite (EG), EG/borax as flame retardant, respectively. The thermal degradation of samples has been studied by thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermogravimetry (DTG) in air. From the resulting data, kinetic parameters for different...
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Thermal stability of cotton cellulose modified with dysprosium complexes

Genyin Cheng, Ming Gao
Complex of cell-THPC-thiourea-ADP with lanthanide metal ions Dy3+ has been prepared. The thermal stability and smoke suspension of the samples are determined by TG, DTA and cone calorimetry. Experimental data show that for the complexes of cell-THPC-thiourea-ADP with the metal ions, thermal decomposition...
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Application effect of biocide SW303 in seawater recirculating cooling system

Yahong Li, Zheng Zhou, Xiaofang Zhao
This paper is to present our research results of the efficacy of SW303 in term of inhibiting bacteria growth in concentrated seawater and under the process conditions of seawater recirculating cooling system through the rotating specimen test and the dynamic simulation experiments. For our research purpose,...
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A new high efficiency organic inhibitor applied to prevent coal spontaneous combustion

Genyin Cheng, Fei Chen, Yaqin Jiang, Ming Gao
A new high efficiency organic inhibitor (HEOI) was synthesized, which was applied to coal to inhibit the spontaneous combustion. Meanwhile, MgCl2 was used to compare the inhibition properties with HEOI, studied by cone calorimeter. It was found that the combustion parameters of coal samples, including...
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Study on the status of logistics management in minor enterprises

Liyan Zuo
With the rapid growth of the economy in China, minor enterprises have become an important part of the China's economy. However, as the world economy competition is becoming more and more intense, the pressure and challenges of the minor enterprises are increasing. Based on the analysis on the status...
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Research on the logistics management in the enterprise supply chain system

Liyan Zuo, Yong Wang
Recently, the competition of the modern enterprises is focus on the competition of the supply chain management and logistics management. Therefore, the supply chain management is becoming more and more important in the world economy, and it has changed the ways of the logistics management. In this paper,...
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Research on the innovation of logistics management in the electronic commerce

Liyan Zuo, Changliang Li
Recently, the electronic commerce (E-commerce) is an important economic trade way for the logistics management. The modern e-commerce technology has greatly affected on the traditional logistics. And the modern logistics will develop to the trend of informatization, networking and functionalization with...
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A Study on Measures to Prevent Water Eutrophication in Longhu Lake, Jinjiang

Liandeng Zeng
As the biggest natural freshwater lake in Jinjiang, Longhu Lake now serves the drinking water source for four towns in South Shanxi Province and Jinmen. The paper evaluates the state of nutrition of Longhu Lake on the basis of analyzing the status quo of Longhu Lake, and proposes seven measures to prevent...
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Development of the model of the Virtual Test Platform of the Chassis Hydraulic System of the Tacked Vehicle Based on AMESim

Xiaonan Zhao, Qinghui Xiong, Lidong Gu, Linsen Song
By analyzing the working principle of the chassis hydraulic system of a certain tracked vehicle, a simulation model of the virtual hydraulic test platform has been built. The model is not only used to simulate the pressure and the flow rate of the hydraulic system in the environment of the virtual test...
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Dynamic Performance of the Freight Vehicle with Orientation Resistance Controller

Hechao Zhou, Jimin Zhang, Shuyi Zhang, Haixuan Geng
The dynamic performance of the empty case is worse than the loaded case to the railway freight vehicle in general. The gap damping idea is referred to be used to improve the ride index of the three piece mid-cross bogie vehicle when the friction damper force is downed in this paper. It covers stable...
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A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Symmetric Distribution and Simulated Annealing

Xueyan Li
The performance of particle swarm optimization (PSO) is limited by its local minima, defects and poor precision. To solve this problem, we present a hybrid adaptive particle swarm optimizationª. Two approaches, symmetric distribution and simulated annealing algorithm, have been used to improve the PSO...
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Seasonal-vertical variations of Pb and their mechanisms in marine bay

Dongfang Yang, Yu Chen, Xiancheng Qu, Danfeng Yang, Yinjiang Zhang
This paper analyzed the content, distribution, seasonal and vertical variations of Pb in Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation data in surface and bottom waters in different seasons in 1982 and 1983. Results showed the seasonal variations of Pb contents in surface and bottom waters were consist in generally....
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The land-ocean transfer process of Pb

Dongfang Yang, Yinjiang Zhang, Xiancheng Qu, Danfeng Yang, Yu Chen
This paper analyzed the seasonal variations and land-ocean transfer process of Pb in Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation data in surface waters in different seasons during 1979-1983. Results showed that during 1979-1983, both stream flow and marine current were the major Pb sources in Jiaozhou Bay. However,...
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The pollution level of PHC in open waters of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Xiancheng Qu, Danfeng Yang, Yu Chen, Yinjiang Zhang
This paper analyzed the content, distribution, source and background level of PHC in Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation data in April, July and October 1986. Results showed that the PHC contents in surface waters ranged from 0.005-0.122 mg L-1, and were meeting Grade I/II (0.05 mg L-1) and Grade III...
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Knowledge View Based on Rough Set and Similarity

Mingjian Zhou, Qiang Liao, Juncai Tao
View maintenance is a hot topic in database. But unlike database view, the knowledge view of knowledge management system has its particularity. The knowledge view is a cache of knowledge item that can be access quickly. Based on rough set, this paper proposes an approach of constructing knowledge view....
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Field Strength Estimation for Wireless Mobile Communication Based on Ray Tracing Technique

Seggani Hizia, Qiang Gao
In the network planning and optimization of mobile communication, cellular signal strength estimate results not only determine the rationality of the planning results, but also affect the quality of the network optimization, so designing accurate signal strength estimation methods is the key problem...