Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials, Environment, Biotechnology and Computer

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Crystal structure and band gap studies of hydrogarnet calculated results by density functional theory

Lijun Pan, Wanchao Chao, Yan Kun
Herein, we investigate the hydrogarnet sample by X-ray diffraction and calculated the related garnets included grossular, katoite and hydrogrossular by density functional theory to investigate the effect of silicon composition. The results of X-ray diffraction suggests that the chemical formula should...
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Fast implementation of city optimal path

Xiaoyong Xu, Jiquan Zhou
This paper gives a detailed analysis of the existing city shortest path algorithm[1], aiming at the high time complexity and can not represent the real situation of the problem of the existing city shortest path selection algorithm, and bases on the idea of Dijkstra algorithm, puts forwarda fast algorithm...
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The Realization of Serial Communication Between Kingview 6.55 and MCU Based on Modbus-RTU Protocol

Haolin Peng, Yong Zheng, Guanda Lu, Long Luo
This paper introduces Modbus-RTU Communication Protocol. Then, based on the analysis of the principle of communication and combining with an instance, the paper gives out a specific method to realize the serial port communication between computer and MCU C8051F020 in Kingview 6.55.
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A Novel Knowledge Space Based on Optimization Hardness

Lu Ren, Jie Fang
This paper uses exhaustive disturbed particle swarm optimizer(EDPSO) as local search algorithm for memetic algorithm, and improves it by using a novel knowledge space mechanism. The innovative mechanismbased on two key points: 1. using effective high-frequency ratio (EHFR) as a novel indicator for problem...
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Precision Measurement of Displacement with Two Quasi-Orthogonal Signals for Linear Diffraction Grating Interferometric Sensors

Jianglin Bi, Shoubin Liu
Linear diffraction grating interferometer measures displacement via two orthogonal signals generated from the optical outputs of fringes. Due to noises and regulation errors, two signals are not perfect. This paper presents a precision measurement method of displacement for given two non-orthogonal signals....
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Research on Computer Graphics Processing Technology Innovation in the Big Data Era

Bing Wang
With the continuous development of computer technology and network technology, there has been massive data information, the world has moved from the era of data to the era of big data. The arrival of the era of big data to the computer information processing technology has brought a very big impact on...
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Application of Computer Guidance System on Physical Demonstration and Exploration

Bing Wang
With the continuous development and progress of computer technology, physical education has been greatly affected by computer Guidance systems in physics teaching can improve students 'interest in learning, improve students' attention. It begins with a simple analysis of the computer system operating...
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Study on the Key Technology of GIS/GPS Data Pretreatment for Traffic Condition Detection

Yanlong Chu
With vehicles with vehicle-mounted GPS device gradually increased, GPS floating car technology has become a new type of road traffic state detection method. GPS and GIS data preprocessing is to achieve the basic link GPS floating vehicle technology and can provide more reliable data source for road traffic...
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Study on Cutting Processing Characteristics and Precision of CNC Internal Power Honing Gear

Yang Gao, Jiang Han, Shaohu Ding, Lin Liu, Fugen Lv
CNC internal meshing power honing processing technology is b Figure 1ased on the traditional honing techniques developed on a high-quality hardened gear finishing method. It addition to the traditional advantages of internal honing outside, not only shorten the gear finishing process, improve production...
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Design of Classroom Intelligent Lighting System Based on SCM

Jiale Zheng
The light is the necessity of life for everybody. When the night comes, it is very inconvenient to turn on the light in the dark. And when the person leaves the house, he often forgets to turn off the lights which will cause huge waste of energy. In view of the lighting control method of classrooms,...
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Research on PV Array Voltage Characteristic Test System Design

Fei Feng, Fangshen Wu, Jianfu Chen, Weishan Wang
Solar photovoltaic power generation is an important part of the system, and the work efficiency and system capacity is closely related to improving the energy conversion efficiency of the solar cell can increase the utilization of solar energy. Because of the characteristics of solar cells have a number...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Information Security of Electric Power Enterprises in China

Haixun Feng, Yong Zang
Electric power enterprises have developed very rapid in recent years. The information construction of electric enterprises has also made great achievements. However, due to the constraints of time and experience, the information security of electric enterprises has some problems, which are the imperfections...
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Research on Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Xiaoyao Lu
Since data mining methods and technology, the most basic and most important method is statistical methods and statistical theory also spawned a number of new data mining methods, the study of data mining and statistical methods can be applied not only to practitioners use data mining to provide advice...
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Exploring Strategies on Intelligent Funds Management

Lili Dong
Apparently, management of portfolio is focused on developing optimal and superior investment plan for investor. Furthermore, managing the fund allocation of investor on different alternatives facilitates minimising the risk in comparison to fund investment within a single investment fund. Concerning...
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Study on the Personal Credit Risk Evaluation based on Improved Fuzzy AHP Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Yan Li
On the basis of personal credit rating methodology from home and abroad, combined with the current status of financial institutions, credit rating and specific operational measures, proposed using Modified Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of individual credit assessment. The method utilizes AHP and group...
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Study on the Design of Greenhouse Monitoring System based on Zigbee Wireless Communication Technology

Jie Huang
With intelligent greenhouse computer, network, electronic, automatic control, and other high-tech means to achieve automatic detection and control of plant growth small environment temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, ventilation and other environmental parameters, breaking the traditional agricultural...
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Reliability Research on Hydraulic System of Civil Aircraft

Jiangtao Chen, Rui Liu
The civil aviation transportation industry of our country is growing explosively. The hydraulic system of civil aircrafts is crucial to the whole civil aircraft. This paper focuses on the hydraulic system of civil aircraft, which includes the Relevant Parameters of Reliability, the prediction and the...
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Damping Computation of Nose Wheel Steering Shimmy of Aircraft

Jiangtao Chen, Rui Liu
Nose wheel steering control system is the kernel of the ground maneuvers, and has its own notable functions and features. After the introduction of Principle and State of nose wheel steering system, this paper computes the damping of aircraft's shimmy and gives the simulation analysis of damping functions...
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Research on Network Information Security Analysis and Prevention Strategies of Campus Network in Xinjiang Uygur Medical College

Alimujiang Paiziaihemaiti, Ablimit Arxiden
With the improving of information technology of Xinjiang Uygur Medical, there are more and more applications and network node, the structure has become increasingly large and the network systems has become increasingly complex. Generated in the course of business operations in a large number of data...
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Research on Applications of Wavelet Transform in Signal De-nosing

Haoming Li
The Wavelet transform is a new-style mathematic analysis tool, which is considered as a great breakthrough of tools andmethods recently.This paper introduces the theoretical basis of wavelet transform, clarifies methods of signal de-nosing based on wavelet transform and gives the characteristics of all...
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The Research on Design of Homeplug AV Low-Frequency EoC System

Peifeng Li
For the existing two-way cable network access technology business single, limited bandwidth, weak anti-interference ability and other characteristics, we proposed a Homeplug AV technology which is based on low-frequency EoC. By EoC comparative analysis, we found EoC technology network adaptability, strong...
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Research on Computer Network Security and Encryption Technology

Yanjun Wang
With the development of global information technology and popularization of Internet, computer network security issues become the focus of attention. Data transmission on the network should ensure its confidentiality, the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation. The only effective means of solving...
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The Application Analysis of GPS/GIS/DMS in Xinyang Transmission Line Management

Ming Yan, Juan Xu, Lei Zhang
This article introduced the applications summary and exploitation experience of Xinyang Power-supplied Company Line Work Area Transmission Line GPS, did an overview of the power GPS GIS and DMS's integration, and brought forward the new ideas of GPS and GIS's application in power field.
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Research on Semantic Priming Experiment of Interactive Character on the Online Banking Interface

Zhun Cao, Yongjian Li
Users cannot truly achieve "harmonious human-machine interaction" and improve the efficiency of interaction until they have correctly understood the semantics of the information on the interface. Taking the interactive characters on the login interface of ICBC's (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)...
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The Ecological Analysis of White Noise by Don DeLillo

Yuxin Zhao
In the post-industrial era, American society has undergone unprecedented development. With industrial civilization, human ability of conquering and transforming the nature is increasing while living environment is deteriorating; people's material life is more prosperous, and so is the consumer culture....
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Study on Key Technologies in Product Lifecycle Data Management System for Spindle Bearings of Numerically Controlled Machine Tool

Yong Cui, Jishun Li, Xin Sui, Wei Ma
In order to fulfil the lifecycle data management for the spindle bearings of CNC machine tool, this paper firstly presented a bearings-lifecycle-oriented data management model, in which the bearings' code re-factoring methods and a ontology-based entity relationship (E-R) model are discussed in detail....
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Soft Startup Technology of AC Asynchronous Motor

Yujie Cao
The current of three-phase asynchronous motor direct startup will reach 5-8 times of its rated current, causing the decrease of operation efficiency and its PFC, even great damage to the trailer system and the grid. Soft start technology can start as shockless and fluent as possible and then reach its...
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A Uniform Temperature Bathtub Model

Liying Liu
Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard and the development of social science and technology, a considerable number of households equipped with a bathtub apparatus. Bathtub can clean and relax the body simultaneously. It is also a good way to makebloodcirculationmore smoothly, promotetheelimination...
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A New Type Proton Exchange Membrane Preparation of Doping Phosphotungstic Acid in High Temperature and Low Humidity

Ruizhe Wang
The energy of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) as a pollution-free and efficient conversion device has broad application prospects in the new energy vehicles and other aspects. Improving PEMFC operating temperature is the main research directions. Proton exchange membrane, one of the key...
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Design of a New Carrying Device Based on the Stair Handrail

Chunlei Xu
This paper describes a power assisting device with the help of the stair handrail. The slope of the stair handrail not only changes the forced direction of the objects, but also changes the ways of putting strength. The adjustable clamp system can adapt to different types of stair handrails.The fixed...
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The Design of the Medical Intelligent Dustbin

Chunlei Xu
Nowadays, stationary dustbinis unable to meet the needs of movement disorder patients. This paper describes a kind of medical intelligent dustbin.After the patient in a hospital bed press the button, the dustbin can reach the specified location steadily and swiftly along the presupposed routine. The...
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Simulation on VFTO by Phase-Selection Technology in Low Voltage

Xiaoliang Ying
Disconnector(DS) operations in GIS may generate very fasttransient overvoltage (VFTO), which is characterized by its high peak value, short rise time, and high frequencies. However,most studies on VFTO are based on statistical data, which cannot show the impact of different phases to VFTO.In this paper,...
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Microgrid -The Core of Intelligent Distribution Network

Guangyang Zhou
This paper mainly introduces microgrid. It is the core of intelligent distribution network. In today's energy shortage situation, microgrid has been widely concerned around the world. It can effectively solve the problem of the impact when the distributed power grid connected to the power grid, which...
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Research on Computer Network Intrusion Detection System

Yong Xia, Min Lai
With the development of economy and technology, computer network plays in people's lives more and more important position, while security problems caused by the network more and more attention has been paid each year because of network security issues, such as hacking, virus infection economic losses...
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Analysis and Discussion on Computer Network Security Issues

Zhengliang Liu, Xinyu Zheng
With the rapid development of computer network technology in the application of computer networks, the importance of network security issues become increasingly prominent, computer network security is a growing concern of the community. Faced with the problem of computer network security risks exist,...
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Research on the Methods to Improve the Computer Network Reliability

Xinyu Zheng, Zhengliang Liu
With the advent of the information age, the era of computer network has penetrated people's daily lives, in people's daily life and work is playing an increasingly large role in the development of various social sectors in the field of computer applications are also inseparable. With the security and...
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Research on the New Power Quality Online Monitoring and Analysis System Design Based on the LABview

Mengmei Ren
Power Quality Improvement premise is to obtain accurate power quality real-time information. In order to achieve the targets more accurate real-time monitoring of power quality, paper LabVIEW graphical software platform for the development, design real-time power quality monitoring and analysis system,...
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Research on the Relationship between Pragmatic Logic and Computer Language Behavior

Xing Zhang
Pragmatic Logic is logic analysis tool and logic analysis system of Speech Act Theory. The research on pragmatic logic is focusing on logic features of statements and inference relations that consists of a group of special performative verbs-pragmatic performative verbs. This definition includes three...
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Study on Optimization of Power Communication Network Topology Based on Complex Network Theory

Bei-bei QU
With the increasingly complex structure of power communication network and diversified business needs, the demand of performance optimization in power communication network is more and more urgent. Based on complex network theory, this paper proposes a topology optimization algorithm of node betweenness...
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A Brief Analysis on the Steel Structure Construction of High-rise Building

Zhiwei Cai
Steel structure is widely used in modern high-rise building construction for its strong advantages. In order to improve the technical level of high-rise building steel structure construction, this paper mainly discusses its construction technical points.
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Research of Medicine Cabinet Optimization Design Based on Conditional Multi Level Filter

Ningning Chen
The main research of this paper to study the optimization design model of medicine cabinet under the condition of high adaptability and high emission efficiency. Mainly uses mathematical modeling in multi-level screening knowledge, to optimize the design of the medicine cabinet, taking medicine, medicine...
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Research on Electronic Controlled EGR System of Diesel Engine

Xinmei Chen
EGR system is electronically control system for exhaust gas recirculation. This article conducts a detailed research on the EGR control stagy by a systematical elaborate on development procedure, a profoundly discussion to the components and structural software design, an overall consideration to the...
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Study for the Application of Molecular Biology Technology in the Environmental Microbiology Researches

Yan Chen
In recent years the molecular biology technology had achieved some development in national related areas; the environmental microbiology research offered some support to the molecular biology technologies. Since the environmental microbiology researchers achieved better improvement in prevention and...
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Construction and Management of Internet of Things Training Room

Hong Du
Internet of Things(IOT) specialty belongs to an emerging specialty established by vocational and technical college. The article analyzes the significance of the construction of Internet of Things training room from the construction goals and the function orientations of Internet of Things training room...
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Tourism Informatization Research under the Mode of Internet of Things

Gangzhi Guo
In the era of Internet of things(hereafter referred to iot), tourism should take the government iot development planning as the guide to formulate its own strategic development plan. At the same time it should speed up the innovation and reform of tourism products and services to realize the informatization...
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Study and Application of Big Data Mining Based on Cloud Computing

Jinwei Luo, Chunfei Li, Fuping Huang
Considering the constant development of modern information technology, various kinds of data possessed by people have increased in a geometric and explosive way.Big data mining technology is a key technology for obtaining relevant information and has become a focus of study in information bound. As data...
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Software Development Model of Information System

Shiyun Sun
With the continuous development of information technology and science and technology, software development management model consists of four stages, host terminal, file server, C/S, and B/S. The first two software development models have been phased out of history, and the latter two models have been...
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On Integration of Computer Application Technology and Information Management

Guihua Xi
China is in the era of rapid development of information technology, and to promote the industry service and management, it is necessary to organically integrate computer application technology and information management together, thus highlighting the importance of computer technology, especially maximizing...
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On Current Situation and Trend of Tourist Hotel Operating Management in China

Peifeng Zhu
As tourist industry has developed rapidly in recent years, the proportion of tourist hotels in Chinese tourist industry increases gradually. The number of high-star tourist hotels increases stably. International major brands expand by a large margin in Chinese tourist industry, which generates certain...
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Research on Measures for Computer Application System Security Technology Strengthening

Guihua Xi
With the continuous development of science and technology, in particular of information technology, network information technology is applied in daily production and life more and more widely, and people attach more and more importance to the security of computer application. The operating mode and constructing...
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Influence of Electric Acupuncture on Bcl-xl and Caspase-3 Expression After Cerebral Ischemia of Rats

Kangbai Huang, Liang Zhang, Guoxin Zhong
Objective: to study the influence of electric acupuncture on factors about cerebral nerve cell apoptosis: B-cell lymphocytic lymphoma-xl gene (Bcl-xl) and aspartic acid proteolytic enzyme-3 including cysteine (Caspase-3) after cerebral ischemia of rats, and discuss the possible mechanism of treating...
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Study on the Database Security Technology in E-commerce Environment

Li Yang
Today, e-commerce gain the people's attention, become an indispensable part of life, but also made a contribution for the development of world's economic the security of e-commerce website is the foundation to ensure the smooth running of the website, the guarantee on the security of the database is...
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Study on the Thermal Analysis of Solid State Nuclear Track Technique

Jianxiang Zhang
Thermal analysis method can be used to determine the solid state nuclear track of some heavy particle retention in the sample, calculate the annealing process of unit mass of the release of the heat, and in this way to measure the specific number of samples per unit mass of solid state nuclear track....
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TV Acoustic Vibration System Based on Computer Aided Testing

Wanhua Wei, Shuangxi Gao, Xiaonan Yu, Xiaozhi Wang
According to the mathematical method of target optimization, the automatic control mathematical model of fault diagnosis and computer program algorithm has been set up, and computer TV sound abnormal noise fault automatic elimination system has been designed.The experiment and computer simulation are...
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The Verification Analysis of the Software Dynamic Evolution Topology Structure Model Based on Demand and Runtime Variability Parallel Driver under the Background of Large Data

Zhigang Liu, Tong Li, Xiaonan Yu, Xiaozhi Wang
Due to consider the deficiency of the dynamic software evolution in the current demand engineering stage, this paper goes through the change demand forecasting and the sensitivity analysis based on the relationship between software runtime variability and change process, to establish the double drive...
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Design and Realization of the computer system based on 3D Virtual Tourism

Liusuo Huang, Yan Song
VR is a integrated technology, involving computer graphics, human-computer interaction technology, sensor technology, artificial intelligence and other areas, it use computer generation vivid 3D view, listen to, smell and feeling, make the person as a participant through proper device, naturally in the...
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Research on the Optimal Design of Soccer Robot based on the Mechanical Analysis

Qiao-yan Qi
Based on the theory and research of building information model (BIM), this paper analyzes the advantages and necessity of building information model (BIM) in China's construction industry. At the same time, for the BIM application in the project cost management of the specific implementation methods,...
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Research on the value of search engine optimization based on Electronic Commerce

Yaping Wang
E-commerce sites using search engine optimization to improve web site in the search results in the index ranking, and thus get more sales opportunities. Among them, in the station optimization is the enterprise's own site architecture optimization, need to meet the search engine crawlers search habits;...
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A Campus Big-Data Platform Architecture for Data Mining and Business Intelligence in Education Institutes

Ningcheng Zhang
Although the commercial business area has witnessed successful applications of BI technologies, in the noncommercial education institute, BI is still in its early adoption phase, partly due to the budget constraint. In addition, the introduction of new Internet-of-Things technologies in campuses brings...
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Discussion on application status and development trend of electric power dispatching automation system

Rui Zhu
As China's economy has maintained a high growth rate for a long time, the demand for electricity is increasing year by year, so we should pay enough attention to the power dispatch work. Combination in recent years our country electric power dispatch the actual situation and the author for many years...
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Analysis of parallel computing technology in cloud computing

Jun Li
Cloud computing is a new leading information technology, combined with the IT technology and the Internet, super computing and storage capacity, and its goal is to as water supply, power supply, the financial system, "calculation" as a kind of public infrastructure and organization of large-scale information...
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Research on the design of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Chunliang Li, Jinling Wang, Guo liang Wu, Jiaying Wang, He Liu
On the domestic and foreign electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging technology and planning layout and other aspects of the status quo, and the need for electric vehicle charging analysis. Introduced the domestic and foreign electric vehicle charging facilities, the future prospects for the development...
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Application of Intrusion Detection Based on psychology in access control

Weinan Fu, Ziqiao Wang
With the vigorous development of the Internet, more and more people use the network, the computer network to provide convenience, bring benefits, but also make the human face a huge challenge of information security. In the form of the development of modern information technology, a safe network system...
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The design of the digital power supply for the airbag static deployment test

Li Ya Lv, Yong Jun Min
The author of this paper in the process of detonation possible problems: not accident when explosive accident, when not explosion point or not, the airbag static expansion needed power supply parameters, can be designed for air bag deployment time, adjustable current size parameters of embedded power...
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Research and Design of Car Active Reversing Safety Control System

Yang Sun, Liya Lv, ShuLin Zhu, Ting Dai, Fei Zhao, Jie Song
When the vehicle reversing of the visual blind spot or may have obstacles, prone to traffic accidents such as collision. This article uses the distance sensor and steering angle sensor for real-time monitoring of the vehicle when reversing, based on establishing vehicle reversing trajectory mathematical...
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Optimization of Arginine Fermentation Culture Medium on Recombinant Strain of Corynebacterium glutamicum

Hongming Tian
In the recombinant strain Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC14067-T18-argB, the key kinase (N-acetylglutamate kinase) was expressed with the PEC-T18mob2 plasmid. The ability of producing L-arginine was increased. Aimed at improving the production of L-arginine further, several factors include soya peptone,...
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The analysis and design of supply chain system based on CAF technology

Re Liu, Chunyan Zhang
This paper introduces the basic concepts of CAF technology and takes its system analysis, system design practice to participate in the development of Image Capture system, as example, demonstrated the CAF technical framework for the application of supply chain systems in a distributed system field of...
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Research on the Teaching Experiment Management System Based on JSP

Yang Liu
With the deepening reform of higher education, teaching experiments must adapt teaching reform situation, intensify the reform of teaching content and methods of reasonable use of modern information technology to build powerful, rational structure of the teaching experiment management system, it is an...
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Research on Customer Relationship Management System Based on Cloud Computing Platform

Yang Liu
Customer relationship management system can help companies manage the relationship between businesses and customers. With customer relationship management system, companies can interact with the unified management of sales, marketing and other departments and customers, to explore more business opportunities....
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Design and implementation based on ERP in the clothing sales management system

Fengqin Chen
Clothing industry has long been the important sector of the economy in our country, our country has become the largest garment producer and exporter, but from the clothing powers and the larger gap. Under the background of economic globalization, the apparel industry must strengthen the use of computer...
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Research on OFDM System Dynamic Allocation of Wireless Resources

Juan Wang
OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) system dynamic resource allocation can be utilized effectively limited system power and spectrum resources, improve system performance and those are widely studied. This article focuses on the resource allocation problem of a single-user, multi-user and...
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Inventory Control of return based on Fuzzy Theory of E-commerce environment

Guogang Li, Weiwei Li
With the expansion of affecting area of e-commerce ,the enhance of purchasing power and the characteristics of goods make our return defective merchandise more and more serious, which directly affects the validity of the operation of the online sales channel inventory control. In this paper, with out...
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Design and Implementation of FPGA-Based Digital Frequency Meter

Rui Huang
Development of EDA technology has changed the traditional electronic design methods. Widely used in large-scale FPGA and other programmable logic devices, electronic design and software programming becomes as easy and quick. Advances in electronic design technology, but also changed the traditional frequency...
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Study on the Motor Control System based on Microcontroller

Rui Huang
With the continuous improvement of China's economic strength, science and technology to provide a strong guarantee in the future development of our country. In today's science and technology growing, electrical systems gradually become highly integrated, meanwhile, relevant science and technology has...
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Research on Application of Sensors in Industrial Control Systems

Wei Hou
In the automation and control systems, sensor systems at the head, which is a direct effect on the measurement, and according to certain rules to be measured is converted into the same kind of money or other kinds of output, fast and accurate access to information and can withstand the harsh environment...
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Research on Development of Digital Switching Power Supply Based on FPGA

Xiaoping Lei
With the development of science and technology, the demand for high quality power supply electrical equipment increasing application of analog circuit Control Research and Application Development of power for many years already, but it still has many shortcomings. FPGA as a highly integrated, economical,...
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Research on the Timing Synchronization Technology of 4G Mobile Communication

Wenting Chen
Fourth generation mobile communication technology (4G) have more features than the third-generation standards, the fourth generation of mobile communications technology to provide wireless services in different fixed, wireless internet and cross-nowhere band network, broadband can be anywhere Internet...
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Research on the 4G Mobile Communication Systems Link Scheme Based on MIMO Systems

Wenting Chen
With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, 3G mobile communication technology boom has not yet subsided, we have ushered in a more secure, more efficient, faster 4G mobile communications technology. The rapid development of 4G mobile communication systems and channel coding schemes...
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Analysis and Research on the TD-LTE Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Modulation Technique

Wenting Chen
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology is a multi-carrier digital modulation technology, in recent years after high-speed digital signal processing chip (DSP) appears, so the advantages of OFDM technology is embodied. DSP technology combined with OFDM, the Fourier transform/inverse...
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The design of power supply system based on WSN

Xin Zhou
Energy consumption of the node is one of the most limit of the development of the Wireless Sensor Network(WSN). and it is inevitable, so it's important to design a efficient and recyclable of energy system that to promote the development of the WSN. to the nodes in the WSN, the use of solar energy self...
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Design of Portable ECG Device Based on STM32

Xiaohui Luo
In accordance with the big size and bulky volume and not easy to carry of ECG monito ring equipment limitations , a new portable ECG collecting equipment of real-time monitoring and low-cost was designed. Compared to the static ECG monitor , the new design has obvious advantages easy to cassy and fit...
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"Three Preventions" System Design Based On Single-Chip Microcomputer (SCM) Control

Jiaxiong Wen
With the rapid development of social economy, Science and technology level are increasingly improving, especially accelerated pace of life, People demand for fireproof, anti-theft and anti-gas equipment is greatly increased, and for theft, fire and other accident monitoring and alarm system requirements...
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Dress Designing Supply Chain Coordination Strategy and Application Research Based on Cloud Computing

Ran Duan, Xiaogang Liu
With the increasing importance of cooperation between garment enterprises and garment supply chain management become the preferred way of collaboration between enterprises management. Cloud computing management way to promote the garment supply chain to make today's market competition has gradually become...
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Digital Signal Transformation and Computer Image Processing and Analysis Based on Multi-sensor Image Fusion

Fang Li
Image Fusion Technology is widely applied in various fields with the continuous development of image sensor technology. This study puts forward an image fusion algorithm based on Pulse Coupled Neural Network (PCNN) and Non Subsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT). The algorithm does not make simultaneous...
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Research on error analysis and improvement of image measurement kinematic parameters

Jiafa Li
Image measurement as the main method in sport biomechanics kinematics research, the main principle is the photography technology in does not affect the athletes training and competition of a non-contact quantitative measurement. Then through the use of a variety of software on the image processing and...
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The Present Situation and Trend of Mobile Library Services

Xiaohong Li
The concept of mobile library has broken into our modern daily life, the service items of mobile library naturally become a research hotspot. This paper describes from the current situation development of mobile library to the challenges it faced, by the new requirements of mobile library services in...
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Analysis And Prediction Of Fundamental Amplitude Of The Running Transformer

Zhan Zhao
In this paper, a new model developed to estimate transformer vibration is presented. The model contains three parameters-current, voltage and temperature, which can be easily measured. Also, the vibration theory for transformers was analyzed, a six-channel vibration measurement system is set up and the...
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Scheme design of emergency communication network based on wireless ad hoc network

Jing Feng, Haiyan Zhao
for the traditional emergency communication system can not meet the status of emergency communications needs, this article analyzed the emergency communication network and related technical means, and put forward two kinds of wireless ad hoc emergency communication network scheme, in order to provide...
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Research on network technology of emergency communication based on Ad Hoc network

Xiao Zhang, Haiyan Zhao, Mingshun Xing
Traditional emergency communication system cannot meet the status of emergency communications needs. In accordance with the requirements of the establishment of a reliable, flexible and robust emergency communication network, this paper introduces in detail the emergency communication network, the design...
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Emergency communication network design and key technology research

Jin Meng, Hongyan Liu, Xiao Zhang, Xing Mingshun, Hui Li
According to the characteristics and requirements of emergency communication, this paper presents a scheme of emergency communication network deployment, and illustrates the organization mode of communication network in the network structure. In addition, the key technologies of emergency communication...
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Research and Implementation of Training Platform Based On Cloud Computer System

Mingyi Yu
The application of cloud computing technology in the network technology has changed the operation of computer training teaching pattern. Considering on the situation of computer training course,this paper put forward the operation cloud computing technology to improve the current computer training platform,and...
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Research on the Embedded Navigation Computer System Design and Engineering Realization

Mingyi Yu
Good or bad performance embedded navigation computer system directly affects the accuracy of the navigation system and real-time, in the moment has been more widely used. Papers based on practical engineering application requirements for implementation of embedded computer navigation system were analyzed...
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Research on building elastic cloud computing based on Windows Azure platform

GuangHui Wei
In this paper, in view of the big data era enterprise cloud computing applications, analysis the Windows Azure platform to build elastic cloud computing based on, including: Windows Azure platform, automatic telescopic application block and restriction rules, reaction rules and automatic retractable...
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Research on the Graphical Design of Print Ads Text

Lei Zhang
The text mainly matches with the graphics element to convey the theme of advertising and information and the graphic design of text itself is an important manifestation technique of the creative. This article illustrates the image of the text in graphic design, from three aspects of the text graphics...
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Design and Implementation of Student Leaders' Information System based on Web

Zhenyu Xu, Zhaogang Xie
The paper takes a questionnaire survey to study the design and implementation of the student leaders' information system in Tibet. Tibet is located in the southwest border country, it's environment, history and culture as well as the national policy and so on all has certain particularity, it is the...
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The Design and Application of Public Opinion Monitoring System

Hongfei Long
This paper discusses the formation of student public opinion from the foregoing background, and studies the sources, types and character of the Internet education public opinion, then discusses the strategies for accessing and filtering the sources link and content of the Internet education public opinion...
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Research of Javascript technology in the development of e-commerce application

Haiyan Li
The development of e-commerce is profoundly changing the pattern of the Internet, but also has great influence on the technology of making web sites. Javascript technology application in the e-commerce development greatly improve the interactive ability of websites, from the website of the UI design...
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Machine Translation Based on Translation Rules for Processing Natural Language

Li Zhou
This paper presents a hybrid approach, which integrates an example-pattern-based method and a rule-based method, to the design and implementation of an English-Chinese machine translation system. It focuses discussion on language model , knowledge base, design ideas and implementation strategies. Our...
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Research on the Packaging and Design of Agricultural Products Based on the Mobile Internet

Wei Chen, Peipei Mu
With the development of the mobile Internet, agricultural products sales on the network marketing has become a very important marketing tool. The research of packaging and design of the agricultural products sales on the mobile Internet is an important link in promoting sales and building brands. Through...
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LPL rat plasma high-fat diet, the impact of research HL, ApoC activity sports

Yongbin Zhao, Qiaozhen Yan
Objective To investigate the serum LPL swimming fat diet rats, HL, ApoC content and its effect on body weight, lipid metabolism regulation mechanism analysis of movement disorders, to provide a theoretical basis for the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and its complications. Methods 30 SD male...