Proceedings of the  III International Scientific Congress Society of Ambient Intelligence 2020 (ISC-SAI 2020)

Strategies and Tactics of Evaluative Discourse

Ganna Prihodko, Oleksandra Prykhodchenko, Marina Zaluzhna, Galina Moroshkina
Corresponding Author
Ganna Prihodko
Available Online 23 March 2020.
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strategy, tactics, evaluative discourse, communication, competence, interlocution
The investigation involves the analysis and description of communicative strategies and tactics within evaluative discourse. Evaluative discourse is understood as a complex communicative phenomenon that includes, in addition to linguistic, extralinguistic factors (knowledge about the world, sociocultural characteristics, opinions and intentions of people) necessary to create an evaluative influence. Evaluative strategies and tactics used in the discourse are considered to be signals of a particular topic. The essence of communicative competence is explained by the theory of human being’s cognitive and pragmatic activity. Communicative competence is an extralinguistic notion. It falls within the area of pragmatics. It refers to person’s ability to communicate the intended meaning in an actual interlocution. The piece of writing proposes the communicative approach to the research of evaluative strategies and tactics for reflection the peculiarities of communicative process. The types of evaluative discourse are given; its development forecast is presented. The results obtained validate the thought that evaluative strategies and tactics should be investigated comprehensively and deeply as phenomena which represent the facts of communication in different types of evaluative discourse.
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