Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Symposium on Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (ISAEECE 2017)

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Analysis on the Structure of Inbound Tourist Source Market in Anhui

Tong Yu
Based on the related data of inbound tourism in Anhui from 2006 to 2015, by aid of the Excel software, analyze the structure of inbound tourist source market in Anhui. The result shows that: the numerical value of geographic concentration index of inbound tourism in Anhui is high and the stability is...
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Research Progress of Dopamine Receptors and Motor Control

Xiaoxin Wang, Ke Li, Jiali Cheng, Yanhang Zhang, Lijuan Hou
Dopamine receptors (DAR) involved in the regulation of many important functions in the brain as the targets of neurotransmitter dopamine(DA), especially in the aspects of motor control, learning and memory, cognition and drug addiction. But there are still a lot of controversies in the regulation of...
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Advances in the Role of ADF / Cofilin in Central Nervous System

Ke Li, Xiaoxin Wang, Weidong Li, Jiali Cheng, Yanhang Zhang, Lijuan Hou
Extracellular signaling regulates cell motility, growth, differentiation, gene expression, polarization and death. Activation of Actin cytoskeleton is an important condition for the occurrence of these cellular responses and morphological changes.The ADF / Cofilin family of proteins is an important regulator...
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Unified Entropy in Self-organizing Feature Maps Neural Network

Chunyang Zhu
Pattern Recognition is a very urgent research area in intelligent information processing and computer intelligent perception, such as computer vision, content-based retrieval, image-processing, etc. In general, the research on pattern recognition is carried out partial separately as feature extraction,...
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A Study on Middle School Students' Physical Fitness Present Situation and Significant Difference in Urumqi

Wenmei Dong, Yusufu Abula, Hui Wang
This research chose three school in Urumqi, which respectively on behalf of exemplary senior middle school of Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, general middle school and rural middle school. The eighth grade students were selected as research object. Using the test method and ANOVA analysis method,...
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Quantitative Evaluation of the Ecosystem Services Value for the Source Region of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project (Middle Route)

Jian Tang, Huiqun Cao, Wenliang Zhai
Ecosystem services value for the source region of the middle Route Project of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project (SRMRP) was evaluated by using the market value, shade-price and opportunity-cost methods based on land use data in the year 2000. The results indicated that the total value of ecosystem...
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Free Vibration Analysis of Multi-Directional Functionally Graded Annular Plates Using the Weak Form Quadrature Element Method

Kuan You, Hongzhi Zhong
Free vibration analysis of multi-directional functionally graded annular plates is achieved in this paper. Uni-directional and bi-directional exponentially varying material properties through the thickness and along the radial direction of the plate are assumed. A four variable refined plate theory and...
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Study of Artificial Boundary Problems based on Numerical Manifold Method

Yang Li, Hong Zheng
The article uses and compares effects of two artificial boundary methods when they are applied to problems of stress waves in NMM methods. Starting from D'Alembert's solution, the article finds another way to exerting viscous boundary. By modeling in NMM method and exerting fixed boundary, viscous boundary...
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The Application of Numerical Manifold Method to the Turning Point Singularity Problem in Seepage

Qiang Feng, Weipeng Zhang
The numerical manifold method with special physical patch is used to deal with the seepage problem of turning point singularity caused by sheet pile. The method is applied to four engineering examples, and is superior to the finite element method, when the results are compared with the general finite...
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Application of Set Pair Analysis on QPE and Rain Gauge in Flood Forecasting

Zhiyuan Yin, Fang Yang, Tieyuan Shen
This paper, taking Bailianhe reservoir basin on Hubei province as an example, firstly used the method of set pair analysis to calibrate the radar estimates rainfall combined with basin rain gauge. We obtained the optimal Z-I relationship of Bailianhe reservoir. Then, it presented a method of weight calibration...
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Structural Stability Analysis of High Pile Wharf under Dynamic Load

Bin Li, Weiwei Xu
A heavy equipment wharf intends to ship11100 tons "upper part of self-elevating offshore platform ", the offshore platform located in the rear of the wharf base terminal yard, adjacent to the pile platform. The finite element software ABAQUS is used to analysis of the "upper part of structure" stress,...
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A Method for Measuring Moisture Content in Landfills Based on PGNAA Technique

Yongsheng Ling, Kewei Li, Haojia Zhang, Daqian Hei, Qing Shang, Can Cheng, Wenbao Jia
A new method based on PGNAA technique has been proposed for moisture content and elements concentration determination in landfills. Due to the complexity of MSW component, the compounds of polyethylene balls, glass balls and water were selected as the MSW alternatives for research. By changing the proportion...
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Evaluation of Expressway Asphalt Pavement Performance Based on the Fuzzy Theory

Hongli Zhao, Ruiran Li, Yang Cui, Guangyu Zhou
To more scientific evaluation of asphalt pavement performance, provide maintenance decision objective, accurate and comprehensive data, based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method evaluation, this paper constructs the high grade highway asphalt pavement performance evaluation model. This paper...
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A Field Experimental Study of Composite Foundation with CFG Pile + Vibro-replacement Stone Column Pile in Liquefaction Area

Ming Zhang, Xianfeng Zhang
Silt foundation in Kaifeng area was select as the research object, to verification the combination of foundation treatment for CFG pile + vibro-replacement stone column pile methods. The results showed that: engineering properties of the foundation soil between piles are improved after the CFG pile or...
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Experimental study on optimization of water reducer in pumping concrete

Qiansheng Yuan
The different water reducers have different suitability and different influence of performance with concrete mixture. Combined with the engineering practice, 3 kinds of naphthalene-based water reducer (NSR) and 4 kinds of polycarboxylate-based water reducer (PC) were selected as the objects. The saturation...
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Discussion on Expression Ways of Core Elements for Scientific Articles

Shuhui Wang, Yanping Niu, Caijuan Shang, Shengfeng Wang, Feifei Shang
Both introduction and conclusion are important links of a scientific article, and their related successful description is a crucial factor in quality of the article. This paper is intended to analyze and summarize the key principles needing to be noticed in writing of introduction and conclusion, and...
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Evolution of the particle shape of sands under ring shear

Jianqiao He, Houzhen Wei, Jianjun Wang, Huodong Chen
The particle shape is a key factor in the strength and compatibility of granular material. To investigate the evolution of the particle shape of two kind of sands. The quartz sand from Fujian and the calcareous sand from the South China Sea, were chosen for ring shear tests. The sieving method and laser...
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Experimental Study on Shear Strength Parameters of Soil in Borehole Wall under Slurry Supporting Construction

Yuntao Zhou, Shengwei Shi, Yong Zhang, Qiang Cai
Slurry supporting is an effective measure to avoid the borehole collapse in the process of boring construction. Based on the indoor slurry-supported models, this paper has analyzed change law of shear strength of borehole wall with time by using indoor direct shear test. The following conclusions has...
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Study on Stress Field of Concrete with Large Foundation Defects under Fast Casting Condition

Yunxian Zhu, Guohong Wei, Feng Yang, Rui Yang, Jingtao Zhang, Sheng Qiang
In the process of concrete dam foundation treatment, it is often encountered that the foundation defects are beyond the expected exploration. In order to ensure the quality of the project and the progress of the construction period, the stress field of the mass concrete in the foundation pit under the...
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Study on Temperature Control and Crack Prevention of Concrete with Strong Constrained Area in Super-Strong BaseRock

Feng Yang, Jiadong Song, Wanqin Wang, Jingtao Zhang, Sheng Qiang
The concrete dam of Chushandian reservoir is made of normal concrete, whose strong constraint area of mass concrete cast in the spring is based on granite rock with elastic modulus of 55GPa.The super-strong baserock makes the temperature control and crack prevention of concrete very difficult. Based...
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Research on Temperal-spatial Characteristics of Microseismic Activity in Hard Rock Tunnel at Baihetan Hydropower Station

Huaji Liu, Bingrui Chen, Yaxun Xiao
The underground cavern group of Baihetan hydropower station is characteristic with complex geological condition, large buried depth and high stress, the local failures of surrounding rock mass which often occurred frequently during the construction process. To study the mechanisms of failures result...
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Experimental Research of Aggregate Strength on the Compressive Strength of Recycled Concrete

Yuehua Liang, Jie Wang, Feng Wu
The current recycled concrete is mainly poured by directly taking construction waste after being crushed by classification, cleaned, and gradated as fine and coarse aggregate. The waste is not used according to the classifications of different strength, but is mixed and used uniformly. The impact of...
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Experimental Study on Influence of Fly Ash Content on Splitting Strength of High-titanium Blast Furnace Slag No-sand Concrete

Wei Chen, Fei Liao, Xiaoqian Xu, Song Zhong, Wei Wang
In order to study the effect of fly ash content on the splitting strength of high-titanium blast furnace slag no-sand concrete, in this experimental study, 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% of the cement content are replaced by fly ash. Water-cement ratio is 0.5, and the cement-aggregate ratio is 1:5.0....
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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Argillaceous Sandstone Mechanical Properties by the Discrete Element Method.

Chengxu Xiao, Shouchun Deng, Zhenghong Huang, Hong Zuo
In this paper, the triaxial compression test of the argillaceous sandstone is carried out by using the digital control electrohydraulic servo testing machine (RMT-150C). Based on the results of the macroscopic test, we use the three-dimensional particle flow code to simulate the macroscopic stress and...
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Damage Evolution Model of Fractured Rock Masses under Freeze-Thaw and Load Condition

Xinghong Wu, Yani Lu
Based on the freeze-thaw(F-T) and uniaxial compression test, the article focuses on the damage evolution model of rock masses under coupling action of F-T and load. In this study, a prediction model of rock under uniaxial compressive tests and F-T action was proposed in accordance with elastic-plastic...
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Work Performance of Railway Station Plan Terminal Over CTC System

Ziyuan Liu
Traffic Dispatching and Command System works as the train dispatching center to make the operational decision on almost every train. The new generation dispatching system called Centralized Train Control (CTC) System works as the train dispatching command system of the China's high-speed rail. The center...
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Study of High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Q235 Galvanized Sheet

Qi Wang, Juntao Wang, Xintang Wang
On summary of the existing research work on high temperature mechanical property and stress-strain relations of the commonly used metallic materials in engineering, study of the mechanical property of Q235 thin-walled galvanized sheet with depth of 2mm in elevated temperature was presented. A series...
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High-Temperature Constitutive Equations of Q235 Galvanized Sheet

Sunyang Zhou, Huihui Zou, Xintang Wang
Based on a series of steady tensile tests and transient tensile tests of Q235 thin-walled galvanized sheet with depth of 2mm in elevated temperature using high temperature furnace, the formulas of high temperature mechanical property indexes and high temperature constitutive equations of the material...
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The Effect of Hydraulic Hysteresis on the Shear Strength of Clayey Soils under Partially Saturated States

Haifeng Lu, Pan Chen
Hydraulic hysteresis is a common phenomenon in unsaturated soils. The soil-water retention curve from the drying process is different from the one from the wetting process due to the effect of hydraulic hysteresis. The soil strength is strongly affected by the soil-water characteristics. Hence, hydraulic...
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Influence of the Faults in Foundation on the Response of arch dam

Qiang Xu, Jianyun Chen, Jing Li, Xianzheng Yu, Xiangyu Cao
Safety evaluation of the dam subjected to the design earthquake is a crucial factor for the project. The dynamic behavior, the dynamic reaction of the gravity arch dam including of dam-foundation- storage capacity of water system, have been studied and analyzed for the 269m high Baihetan arch dam under...
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Risk Assessment for Regional Flood Disaster in Hubei Province based on GIS

Dejian Liang, Hong Du, Qian Gui, Tong Su, Zhiqiang Chen
Regional flood disaster risk assessment is an important part of regional flood disaster risk management. Taking the interaction among the disaster causing factors, the hazard inducing environment and the disaster bearing bodies into consideration, the risk assessment index system and model of flood disaster...
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Investigation of Some Properties of Working Suspensions based on a Fine-dispersed Binder

Bazhenova O. Yu.
This article considers the issues of the application of fine-dispersed mineral powders, which, in general, are used as active mineral additives or inert fillers for binders. It is known that the presence of such fine particles in the binder provides its denser packaging, increases the degree of constraint...
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Axial Compressive Behavior of T-Shaped Concrete Columns with Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete and High-Strength Stirrups

Linzhu Sun, Dongyan Wu, Junliang Zhao, Fang Yang, Bo Wan
Irregular-shaped columns, such as T-shaped, cross-shaped, L-shaped columns, can increase the efficiency of inner space of constructions. However, many previous studies on normal concrete irregular-shaped columns demonstrate their poor ductility, even with large amount of reinforcement. To overcome these...
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Computational Model of Greenhouse Gases Emissions in Iron and Steel Industry and Its Application

Ying Liu, Meng Duan, Yunjie Zhao
Under the guidance of international standards for carbon emissions, two greenhouse gases (GHGs) accounting models have been established for integrated iron and steel enterprises. One is the enterprise, and the other is the process as a whole boundary, so they are named the enterprise model and the process...
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Characteristic of C1-C5 Carbonyls Removal by Indoor Plants under the Laboratory Condition of Different Light Intensities

Chunjuan Xie, Jian Li, Liushui Yan, Jiaochan Zhong
Two indoor plants (Schefflera octophylla and Chamaedorea elegans) were selected for testing the removal characteristics of five carbonyl at the laboratory simulation environment of short-term exposure to different low light intensities.The results showed that under normal circumstances the C1-C5 aldehyde...
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Key Elements of Sulfide Modification in the Sulfur-based Free-cutting Steel

Xu Li, Zongze Huang, Jinmin An, Yanxin Wu, Jie Xu, Jianxun Fu
Sulfides are beneficial inclusion in free-cutting steel, and can cause chips to break easily as an internal source of stress concentration when cutting steel, and also lubricate the tool and workpiece, thus reducing tool wear and improving machinability. Sulfide morphology directly determines the performance...
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An Approximate Analytical Solution of Van Genuchten Model

Liang Mi, Wei Luo
It is analyzed the wetting front position and derived an approximate analytical solution of Richards' equation (RE) with van Genuchten model, which is usually used to determine the soil and water characteristic curve in porous medium. Based on Boltzmann transformation, a special variable is constructed...
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Ship Mooring Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm and BP Neural Network

Xiaoying Xu, Kuan Wang
According to a pipe laying vessel in the South China Sea, we can get different mooring layouts with anchor distance and angle as factors of the orthogonal test. Then the stress and motion displacement of anchor based on different layouts are calculated by using Moses software in different wave direction....
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Analysis of Coupled Gas Flow and Solid Deformation in Porous Media

Lei Su, Liang Mi, Xi Chen
The coupled problem between gas flow and solid deformation in porous media analysis has important influence in contaminant transport and gas outbursts during coal mining. In this paper, it is presented an analytical method to solve coupled nonlinear models of stress and gas seepage, which consider the...
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Research on New Methods of Multi-project Based on Entropy and Particle Swarm Optimization for Resource Leveling Problem

Wenmin Han, Binbin Zhu
The resource leveling optimization is an important content of project management, and the optimization of resource leveling are helpful to solve the contradiction between the requirements and supply, which is of significant importance to the project management. The existing research focus on the innovation...
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The Research of Alkaline Release Characteristics of Biological Adaptive Porous Concrete

Liguang Xiao, Dawei Jiang
In this article, the acid-base properties of porous concrete leaching solution were studied, The pH value of the porous concrete soaking solution was measured by the method of continuous soaking and repeated soaking, at the same time, the pH value of leaching solution and the ex-situ leaching method...
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Study on Incremental Launching of Lane L8 Steel Box Girder of Main Bridge in Xiamen Xianyue Flyover

Zhengwei Feng, Renbo Que
The Lane L8 of main-bridge of Xianyue Flyover across over Success Avenue is a reconstruction project with span of 39m+50m+39m. The circular-curved steel box girder has a uniform cross section with a multi-chamber single box. The characteristics of drag-type incremental launching and segment division...
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Application of Green Construction in the Fortune Center Project of CCCC

Xiaozhi Zhang
In the engineering construction of real estate projects, green construction is that under the premise of the basic requirements such as guarantee quality, safety, etc., saving resources and reducing the negative impact to the environment to the maximum limit through scientific management and technological...
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P2P Botnet Detection Method Based on Data Flow

Jiajia Wang, Yu Chen
P2P data transmission is the mainstream of network data transmission. P2P botnet malicious data is hidden in normal transmit data, not only difficult to detect but also could cause great harm. This paper presents a method of P2P botnet detection based on data flow, first of all, extract the P2P data...
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HTTP Botnet Detection Algorithm Based on Content Association Recommendation

Jiajia Wang, Yu Chen
HTTP botnet is widely distributed and causes great harm. The traditional detection method is not analyze the attack data stream until the attack stop. In order to further reduce the harm, according to the characteristics of http/https botnet, an online detection method based on HTTP protocol is proposed,...
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Research on the Influences of Resistivity for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Longbin Lin, Xiuying Lai
In the subway engineering, increasing the resistivity of main structural material can improve the corrosion resistance to the stray current and the durability of structure. It is greatly significance to increase the resistivity of concrete by optimizing its mix proportion and realizing the influence...
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The Study of Modern Evolution of Rural Settlement pattern in Pearl River Delta: A Case study of Nanshe Village

Ying Pan, Jinglu Ye
Under the influence of economic growth in contemporary and modern times, the rural settlement pattern in Pearl River Delta Region presents the features of rapid urbanization. This thesis illustrates a village as the case to make a diachronic study on rural pattern evolution and starts from a multi-disciplinary...
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The Concept and Consensus of Building Public Space

Ying Shi, Ying Chang
The booming city gradually tend to be model and commercialization, the privatization of the construction management results in the interests has been the main body of all the space. After summing up the successful experience of New York in POPS, through the practice and theory summary of China's privately...
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The Study of the Shuikou's Bridge in Huizhou Ancient Village

Ying Pan, Guoqing Li
The bridge is one of the main elements of Huizhou ancient village shuikou. It is practical, spiritual, public,even the gateway to the village. On the basis of extensive literature review and field investigation, the history, function, form and image of the shuikou corridor of Huizhou ancient village...
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Novel Traveling Hyperbolic Function Solution for Evolution Equation

Honglei Wang, Chunhuan Xiang
The discrete nonlinear evolution equation concerned is the nonlinear Ostrovsky equation, which is employed in engineering and physics to describe some nonlinear evolution phenomena such as the temperature transmission and investigated by expand function method. The novel traveling wave solutions are...
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Construction and Functional Analysis of beclin1 promoter luciferase reporter plasmid

Doudou Li, Na Huang, Xiaomei Li, Hao Zhou, Nan Wang
Autophagy is a conserved process in eukaryotic cells, which is induced by extracellular and intracellular signals, degrading biological macromolecules and damaged organelles through fusion with lysosomes. Beclin1, which is homologous to the yeast autophagy related gene Atg6, acts as a key gene for autophagy....
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Effect Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Opening Strengthened with Steel Sleeve

Yaohui Shen
Based on finite element modeling of normal beam, beam with opening and beam with opening strengthened with steel sleeve, the author compares the changes of crack of the three kinds of beams in the loading process and its bearing capacity and deflection and combines with theories to analyze the mechanism...
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A Spam Filtering Model of Immune Based on Multi-Agent

Yaping Jiang, Hao Guo, Peigen Guo
According to the traditional spam filtering method effectively identify unknown characteristics and variability of the ability is not strong,according to the basic principle of biological immune system and multi agent technology proposed based on immune multi-agent spam filtering model. The model can...
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Visual Customization Reporting System for Power Grid Dispatching based on Parsing Template

Zhouyang Hu, Xiaochen Lai, Jianjian Shen, He Jiang
Aiming at the problem that the power network dispatching management system has the problems such as poor report expansibility, diverse data sources and complex functions, a visual customization scheme for power generation dispatching report is proposed. Based on the parsing template, using data interface...
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Analysis of Time Domain Characteristic of Ultra-high Frequency Antenna Sensor Detecting Partial Discharge

Xuan Feng, Yushun Liu
The analysis of time domain signal is a significance method of pattern recognition and fault degree identification in partial discharge (PD) detection. Frequency domain parameters are usually used to judge the performance of ultra-high frequency (UHF) detecting antenna. However, this method is unable...
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The Research of Overdriving for Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators

Hongyang Guo, Shengping Du
Liquid crystal spatial light modulators are the core devices of the late-model beam deflection system, the slowly response speed is the key problem of the LCD engineering system. Based on the dynamic theory of liquid crystal, analyzing the relaxation properties and the factors influence the response...
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Static Voltage Stability Analysis of Beijing Power Grid under Minimum Output Mode

Shuyu Zhang, Qiang Guo, Qinyong Zhou
According to the national air pollution control plan, the output of generators in Beijing power grid will be decreased, which may lead to voltage stability becoming worse. In order to analyze the changes of static voltage stability under minimum output mode, the impedance modulus margin index and sensitivity...
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1-port SOL Calibration Method and the design of calibration kits of Double Waveguide

Sen Wang, Hao Li, Shuo Cui
The calibration of vector network analyzer can reduce errors in the test system, which will significantly improves the accuracy of measurement. A short-ended double waveguide in this paper is a 1-port network used for measurement of microwave materials. SOL calibration method is very important to 1-port...
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The Study on Measurement Error of Strip-line Resonator Method

Hao Li, Sen Wang, Shuo Cui
High-frequency PCB is widely used in the microwave devices, such as RF circuits and patch antennas. The performance of the PCB is mainly determined by the parameter of complex permittivity. There are many methods to measure the complex permittivity of the PCB. Among these methods, strip-line resonator...
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Context-Aware Object Region Proposals for Efficient Vehicle Detection from Traffic Surveillance Videos Using Deep Neural Networks

Jianhe Yuan, Wenming Cao, Fangfang Lv
Recently, many methods based on deep neural networks have been developed for object recognition, which dominate various performance competitions on public datasets such as ImageNet and Pascal VOC. Existing methods suffer from high computational complexity and/or insufficient recognition accuracy for...
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Design of Ultra Wide Band Omni Mono-Cone Antenna

Shuo Cui, Sen Wang, Hao Li
This paper puts forward and designs an ultra-wideband omnidirectional mono-cone antennas used for reverberation chamber to send and receive microwave. The ground plane uses the bending design, and the cone is designed to step in order to reduce the size and weight. It is easy to take along and install....
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Relationship between Complexity and Precision of Convolutional Neural Networks

Xiaolong Ke, Wenming Cao, Fangfang Lv
Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been successfully applied to the computer vision areas in recent years. However, these high performing CNNs generally involve intensive computation, which is unaffordable for many real-time applications. In this paper, we study the impact of four important network...
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Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Respectively Research on Multiprocessor Task Scheduling

Hui Tian
Multiprocessor system plays an important role in the computer, in order to improve the parallel computing performance of the system, its essence is to solve a multiprocessor system task scheduling algorithm of NP problem, and the TSP (traveling salesman problem) is a typical NP-complete problem. This...
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A Model for Spam Filtering Using Support Vector Machine and Artificial Immune System

Yaping Jiang, Hao Guo, Peigen Guo
Spam is a major problem of the Internet, because it can cause pollution and waste of resources in the network environment. Therefore,spam filtering is necessary. After spam filtering methods study, presents a support vector machine and artificial immune system combines filtration methods and filtration...
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Multi-index Economical Peak Load Regulation Model Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Xiaohong Hao, Jingyuan Yang
In recent years, new energy continued rapid growth in China. Installed capacity of wind power and solar power both surged the new highs. However, the problem of insufficient peak peaking capacity of power system of large-scale new energy grid becoming more and more serious due to the random and intermittent...
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A Static Voltage Stability Index base on the Network Admittance Matrix

Shuyu Zhang, Qiang Gui, Qinyong Zhou
A static voltage stability index base on the network admittance matrix is proposed in this paper, in order to measure static voltage stability at each bus. Compared with the existing analysis indexes, this index has the advantages of fast calculation, wide applicability and high accuracy. In this paper,...
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Modeling and Simulation of Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter with Dynamic Phasors

Yi Li, Xinhua Yang, Lizhen Wu, Shike Zhang
The rapid switching of the high-frequency three-phase voltage source inverter bring the system with the rapid dynamic process, which beyond the application of the traditional phasor model. Furthermore, a large number of power electronic devices make the electromagnetic transient (EMT) model of microgrid...
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Attacks and Defenses in Cryptography

Xiaoling Zhu, Zhengfeng Hou
Attacks and defenses have always been the focus of information security. If some new attacks appear, the corresponding defense methods will be proposed. In particular, cryptography, as a key security technology, has developed in such an offensive and defensive confrontation environment. For classical...
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Design for a Digital Image Processing Platform based on GUI

Dan Tian, Yue Zheng, Dong-dong Yao
A digital image processing experimental platform is designed based on MATLAB GUI. This platform has good interactivity and expansibility, which integrates multiple functional modules including low-level processing module, noise adding module, image denoising module, image segmentation module, and image...
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Optical emission Spectral analysis of pulse modulated plasma

Longhu Deng, Weifeng Liu, Yijia Lu
Microelectronics manufacturing standards are increasingly demanding, plasma etching process is facing 22nm or even smaller size of the node, which requires higher requirements on plasma processing technology. Pulse modulated plasma has been used since it has more advantages than traditional RF plasma....
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Research on Evaluation Method of Transient Overvoltage Hazard Based on S-Transform

Haifeng Ye, Xiang Tian, Hao Wu, Yabo Li, Zhen Wu, Guoming Ma
In field operation, the transformer with good insulation design and insulation condition may failure caused by transient over-voltage. The accumulation of transient overvoltage reduces the reliability of transformer internal insulation without signs. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the over-voltage...
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Voltage Distribution in Power Transformer Winding under Transient Impulse

Haifeng Ye, Ya Gao, Hao Wu, Yabo Li, Zhen Wu, Guoming Ma
Field experience verifies that even when good insulation coordination studies and well-accepted insulation design practices are applied, power transformers suffer dielectric failure as reported in the literature. The analysis of the failures and prevention of transformer require comprehensive knowledge...
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Soil Moisture Monitoring System based on Wireless Sensor Network

Lukai Lin, Weiying Gu, Xiangshun Li, Guangjin Shen
Aiming at the current demand of water-saving agriculture, improving the utilization rate of agricultural irrigation water and further promoting fine irrigation, a soil moisture monitoring system based on wireless sensor network (WSN) was designed., The system combines the advantages of ZigBee's low cost,...
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Model of Spare Parts Optimization Based on System Supply Availability

Linjie Duan, Bo Xu, Jinggang Cao, Xuewen Wang
Spare parts optimization which means finding the number of spare parts to achieve the target reliability value provided that the minimum cost and other system reliability conditions are satisfied is of crucial importance in industry. In the paper, the mathematic model for spare parts optimization is...
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Operational Application Analysis And Modeling Of Swarm EW UAV

Yang Zhang, Guangya Si, Yanzheng Wang
At present, the research on the operational application of Swarm EW UAV(S.E.U) is focused on the combat theory and qualitative analysis. First, this paper analyzes the operational advantages of S.E.U, then studies the operational process of S.E.U, gives the flow chart and analyzes the OODA loop. Finally,...
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Research on the Novel Teaching Model of Translation Workshop Based on Hadoop Platform

Na Zhai
The traditional translation teaching mode pays little attention to students' practical and cooperative abilities, not to mention the translating technology required by the occupation at present, which has become a big challenge for the cultivation of translation talents meeting the social needs. Under...
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Research on the Online Interactive Teaching Model of Internet+ Business Translation

Na Zhai
The online interactive teaching model of Internet+ business translation, based on the constructivist theory and interactive teaching theory, has the advantages including resource sharing, extended teaching and convenient learning etc..All teaching links are composed of interactions between teacher and...
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The Market Statistical Analysis of Hainan Inbound Tourism Source

Tong YU
This paper is based on the relevant data of Hainan entry tourism from 2006 to 2015, and analyses the development of Hainan inbound tourism and composition with the aid of Excel software as well as uses clustering analysis of SPSS23.0 software. The results show that Hainan entry tourism industry develops...
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Automatic Cashier System Based on Meal Plate Detection Using Deep Learning

Weibin Zheng, Shengliang Peng, Qilong Chen, Hao Ouyang, Shiheng Lin
Deep learning (DL) is an important branch of machine learning (ML) that has excellent performance in recognition and detection tasks. Currently, most self-service restaurants/canteens are utilizing traditional manual cashier approaches, which suffer from the problems of error calculation, low efficiency...
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Research on Well-Lighted Room Holographic Technology

Hongbo Ji, Li Zhang
Well-Lighted room holographic technology is to make people better understand the principle and characteristic of hologram ,master the holographic method of diffuse objects, and produce a diffuse three-dimensional hologram. To grasp the method of reflection holographic photography, learn to make the object...
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Optimization Analysis of Mobile Phone Shell Based on Moldflow

Baofu Sun, Mingjiang Hu, Haixiong Wang
For simple plastic injection parts of mobile phone shell, in order to reduce the warp of the injection molding and the number of test mold in design process, this paper takes a mobile phone shell for example as the analysis object, using SolidWorks software to address the Three-dimensional modeling of...
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An Approach to Evolving Internetware Application

Elenga Danieland Lionel Vitrand, Xin Zuo, Hualong Yu, Shang Zheng
Internetware is a new software paradigm evolved by the internet; it brings many challenges for the traditional software development techniques, especially for architecture engineering in the new paradigm. Self-adaptability is one of the most important capabilities and design goals of Internetware. Although...
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An Improved Switch Migration Approach to Controller Load Balancing in SDN

Tao Hu, Jianhui Zhang, Liye Wang, Dan Qiao
The distributed SDN network has improved the scalability and reliability of controller. However, such deployment architecture introduces a new challenge to the load balancing of controllers when uneven loads distribution among controllers because of the static configuration between switch and controller....
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Dynamic Balance Optimization Design of Spherical 4R Space Agency Based on UG

Kaihong Zhou, Liang Zhu
Through 3D modeling and simulation software UG and the MOTION contained in it , the preliminary 3D modeling of 3D human vestibular training swivel chair which is the first generation of products based on spherical 4R spatial mechanism was completed , meanwhile the exact masses of counterbalance was obtained...
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Effects of APP Software on Autonomic Physiological Responses under Different Stimulation Modes

Zhihai Hu, Xiu Wu
Objective: To explore the differences of the app software in different stimulation modes on the individual's independent physiological responses, and to analyze the differences of the responses of the subjects of different genders and grades in different stimulation modes. Methods: 51 college students...
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An improved mixture of Gaussians model based on color and depth data

Chao Wu, Hengzhu Liu, Zhengfa Liang
In the traditional background subtraction algorithms based on color, in the special critical situation, such as face the challenges of shadows, color camouflage, illumination changes, they can't achieve good results. But depth data can solve such problems effectively, because depth sensor operating normally...
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An Image Mosaic Algorithm for Spherical Panorama

Fan Tang, Botao Zhang, Hengzhu Liu
Visual reality is one of the hot topics in these years. Panoramic photography is one of the VR technique. Image mosaic algorithms is the main technology to stitch the little scale images to a large scale panoramic image. In this paper, an improved image mosaic method is presented. Because of using fish-eye...
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A Real-Time Interactive Previsualization Platform For Motion Control System In Virtual Film Making

Chunshui Wang, Jianjun Zhao, Yunhui Guo
Motion control system is an irreplaceable technology for bringing creative ideas into reality in visual effects production. It could implement complex camera movements as well as repeat the same movement several times, but there still exists limitations for its expensiveness and complexity to operate....
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Chinese Language Analyzing Using Entity Attribute Semantic Knowledge Base

Honglin Wu, Ruoyi Zhou, Ke Wang
A Chinese language analyzing method by using entity attribute semantic knowledge base is proposed in this paper. The knowledge base consists of four parts: the situation verb database, the entity database, the attribute database and the attribute value database. The terms in the above four database are...
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The Empirical Research of University-Enterprise Cooperation Education for Training Applied Talents - Taking a University in Shanghai as An Example

Yuanjun Sun
University-enterprise cooperation is an effective way for private colleges to train applied talents. University-enterprise cooperation is not only a kind of education behavior, also a kind of economic behavior. Private colleges get rapid progress in collaborative innovation. From the nurturing mode of...