Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Sports Sciences, Physical Education and Health (ICSSPEH 2020)

General chair

  • Prof. Yonghua Jing

    Henan University Minsheng College, China

Program chair

  • Prof. Jianghai Zhao

    Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, China

Organizing committee

  • Prof. Y. Zhang

    Huanghe Science And Technology University, P. R. China

Technical committee

  • Prof. A. Y. Pobol

    Southern Federal University, Russia

  • Dr. L. Sliapniova

    Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus

  • Prof. Hangping Wang

    Yunnan Normal University, China

  • Dr. Shuangqing Guo

    Hoseo University, Republic of Korea

  • Dr. Jianqun An

    Krirk University, Thailand

  • Dr. Xiaohui Yuan

    Sichuan Agricultural University, P. R. China


  • Yong Zhang