Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2020)

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Review and Prospect of National Image Research–The Cuisine Elements for Further Study

Jianyao Li, Ping Zong
National image is a broad research field attracts scholars from varies disciplines to study in different viewpoints and has tremendous research outcomes in past decades. This article aims to draw a picture in past research outcome in national image and particularly summarize research outcomes from scholars...
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Outdoor Space Analysis and Thinking in Old Urban Residential Area Under the Goal of Healthy Settlements

Qin Yu
The health problem has always been the most basic and important survival problem related to human society. More and more chronic diseases and unexpected public health incidents remind people whether the health of urban living environment needs attention. As a large and densely populated living place...
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Effects of Altruistic Behaviors of Rural Elderly on Mental Health

Zihan Guo
Based on data from the China Health and Pension Tracking Survey (CHARLS) 2013, we explored the impact of altruistic behaviors on rural residents’ mental health. In order to more effectively estimate the impact of altruistic behaviors on the mental health of the elderly, the instrumental variable method...
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On the Function of Narrative Skills in Documentary—Take “We were Born in China” as an Example

Qi Huanhui, Wei Youqiang
With the continuous development of society, the demand of documentary is also increasing. However, the mainstream public’s aesthetic level and the development of documentary’s artistic direction are still in a relatively unbalanced situation. Among them, the use and mastery of narrative skills play an...
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Research on the Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Precision Poverty Alleviation in Badong County

Yahong Gong, Weiliang Tu
Targeted poverty alleviation means accurate identification, assistance and management of the poor. Through the analysis of the current situation of poverty and precision poverty alleviation practice in the rural areas of Badong county, we can find out the difficult problems in the precise poverty alleviation...
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Research on the Influence of Founder Control on Enterprise Growth

Yi Qiu, Xin Zhao
As China’s economy booms, more and more start-ups are seeking to go public, but that has led to a battle for control between founding teams and outside investors. How to realize the reasonable allocation of control rights in corporate governance structure has become the focus of theoretical and practical...
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Study on the Influence of High Speed Railway Planning and Construction on Linyi City and Policy Adjustment

Zhongxiu Liu
High speed railway brings opportunities and challenges to the development of the city. Linyi plans to build a number of high-speed railways, of which Lunan high-speed railway has been opened to traffic by the end of November 2019. In the future, the Beijing to Shanghai Second Line will connect with Lunan...
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Principles and Countermeasures of Classroom Teaching in University from the Perspective of Intersubjectivity

Lihe Su
The traditional classroom teaching in university which takes the dichotomy of subject and object as the paradigm, has more and more disadvantages. In the new era, college students are active and independent, so it is necessary to study the classroom teaching in university with the idea of intersubjectivity....
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Research on the Method of Improving the Quality of Classroom Teaching in Private Colleges

Chen Ruihua
Classroom teaching quality is effected by various factors in private colleges, such as students are loss of learning consciousness, teachers are lack of necessary expertise and responsibility, or teachers can’t maintain discipline in classroom. This paper takes the classroom teaching of “Marketing”as...
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Exploration on the International Development of Event Major Based on the Construction of International Conference Site

Jiankang Zhang
Event major in universities of Zhejiang needs to target at the construction of Hangzhou international conference site, and achieves international development in teachers, teaching contents and methods, teaching media and technology, audiences, teaching effect and other overall elements. The concrete...
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Analysis on Medical Cost Control in Chongqing Public Hospitals from 2011 to 2015

Weiwei Liu, Shan He, Xin Zhao, Fang Tan
Based on the analysis of outpatients and inpatients of public hospitals at all levels in Chongqing from 2011 to 2015, this paper combined with a new round of public hospitals reform which beyond the increased rate of medical expenses and the larger proportion of drugs, accounted for a further policy...
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Research on Interaction Between Financial Structure and Industrial Structure Based on Data of Liaoning Province

Xiaonan Fan, Qiyue Li, Tianqi Wang
The relationship between finance and industry has been a hot issue for scholars at home and abroad in recent years. In the study of the relationship between the two, the general scholars believe that there is an interaction between them. However, there is a problem that the development of financial structure...