Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Engineering (ICSEEE 2016)

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A review of microbial fuel cells coupled with constructed wetland

Zhenling Li, Chaowen Qian, Yanli Ding, Shaoyuan Bai, Xiaojun Lv
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) coupled with constructed wetland (CW) is an innovative technology for wastewater treatment. Based on the current studies, the article reviewed the configuration and evaluation indicators of CW-MFC, and discussed the influence factors of MFC-CW performance, including pH, electron...
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Fate of nonylphenol compounds in the treatment of simulated denim wastewater

Zijian Zhou, Zhencheng Xu, Qingwei Guo, Kai Cui
Two denim wastewater treatment processes are investigated for their efficiencies to remove the surfactant, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEOs). It is found that the acrid environment of the simulated denim wastewater shows no influence on the removal of NPEOs. After treatment through hydrolysis anaerobic...
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The Pollution Of Bromate In Drinking Water And Its Detection Methods

Yamei Han, Minmin Jiang, Menglong Xing, Haixiang Li
Bromate (BrO3-) is an oxidized contaminant produced from bromide (Br-) during ozonation and advanced oxidation of drinking water. which is considered to be a potential 2B-level carcinogen, would couse serious harm to human health. This paper reviewed the formation process of bromate, the main influence...
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The Review of Sponge City

Menglong Xing, Yamei Han, Minmin Jiang, Haixiang Li
This paper summarizes the historical development of sponge cities at home and abroad and the status quo, and put forward some feasible suggestions to promote the sponge construction of city in our country.
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Characterization of Activated Carbon/SBA-15 with TEPA Modification

Zhifeng Lin
Activated carbon (AC), the KOH modified activated carbon (KAC) and SBA-15 before and after pore expansion (SBA-15k) were modified using tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA) as modifier to synthesize the adsorbents. The adsorbents were characterized by N2 adsorption-desorption and elemental analysis. The results...
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Application of BIM-based 5D construction technique to Chenglang Bridge

Huan Wang, Rongyue Zheng, Feng Xiong
In connection with Ningbo Chenglang Bridge project's characteristics of complicated structure and mode, large horizontal scale, narrow construction yard, short construction period, etc., BIM technology is applied to direct construction of the project. Revit series software is applied to establish parametric...
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Conditions on the Application of Sprayable waterproofing Membrane in Tunnels under Sulfate Attack Environments

Jianqin Ma
Spray-on membrane is a new waterproofing system in tunnels. The conditions of the application of this system under sulfate attack environments are analyzed in terms of the deformation and surface condition of the first layer of the shotcrete shell, water ingress and water pressure behind the waterproofing...
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Structure Checking Computations of Sound Barrier Design

Yan Li
With the development of road construction, traffic noise pollution becomes more and more serious. Sound barrier, an effective and comparatively inexpensive measure of controlling noise, will be developed to some degree. The sound barrier durability is a very complicated problem. It is influenced by structure...
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Preliminary Study on Analysis Technology of Normal Level Adjustment for Constructed Reservoir- Taking Hangzhou City Qingshan Reservoir as an Example

Quanfu Luo, Haijun Zheng, Shichen Zhang
To determine the normal water level is an essential part of new design process, only normal water level adjustment is the new things gradually in recent years. Reservoir is an important part for the development of social economy system, may affect the situation as a whole, and then normal water level...
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Numerical analysis of collision forces between Ford truck and high-speed railway bridge piers

Kunpeng Cui, Yupeng Wang, Chaoyi Xia, He Xia
For high-speed railways with elevated bridges, the probability of vehicle colliding with piers becomes high. A Ford truck and railway pier system is established to analyze the collision force characteristics by using finite element soft ANSYS LS_DYNA. Four different truck speeds, 60 km/h, 80 km/h, 100...
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Substrates for pollution control in constructed wetland systems

Chaowen Qian, Zhenling Li, Yanli Ding, Shaoyuan Bai, Shaobo Xi
Substrates play important role in constructed wetland for pollutant removal, selecting suitable substrates is one of the effective ways to improve the purification performance and to prolong its service life. This paper reviews the research of constructed wetland substrates in recent years, including...
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Influence of Dynamic Disturbance on Evolvement and Stability of Rock Mechanics System

Y. C. Shao, P. Shao
According to the self-organizing characteristic of rock mechanics system during evolution, synergetics was applied to investigate the evolution process by taking dynamic disturbance into account, and a generalized dynamical equation was established. Based on analysis of phase transition theory and damage...
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Physical quality changes of pre-cooked shrimps during frozen storage

Xiejun Sun, Qianqian Jin, Xiuxia Li
The physical quality (texture and color), moisture content, water holding capacity, low-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) transverse relaxation T2 data and the correlation among these indexes in pre-cooked (boiled for 5 min) Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis during frozen storage were investigated....
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Analysis of creep properties of soft soil subgrade using gravel piles based on Modified Burgers model

Fengrui Zhang, Annan Jiang, Xingcang Yao, Zhanping Song
The paper takes Donggang expressway as the engineering background, based on the Burgers model, considering the effects of temperature and water content on the creep properties of rock, the creep damage constitutive model of low temperature rock is established, which can reflect the instantaneous elastic...
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Evaluation of the comprehensive benefits of vegetation restoration of rare-earth tails in Xunwu County

Xianghui Lu, Anhua Tang, Jianmin Zhao
Rare earth elements (REE) are important mineral resource in China, especially in Jiangxi province, Inner Mongolia. There is abundance of tailings in the REE mining area, which is harmful for the ecosystem and environment. Eucalyptus is one kind of tree which has often been used in the in ecological restoration...
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Rock Slope Stability Analysis Software Based On Fuzzy Mathematics Theory

Mengfei Xu, Annan Jiang, Xun Tian, Xingcang Yao
A rock slope stability analysis software was developed through which data information of rock slope can be managed scientifically , rock slope angle can be designed reasonable. An evaluation mode of rock slope stability was set up on the basis of fuzzy mathematics theory , depend on which the stability...
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Research on the Organization mode of Urban Joint Distribution

R. Geng, Z.Y. Chen
This paper reference the development experience of the joint distribution at home and abroad, research on the organization mode of typical cities. It can be divided into the proprietary distribution mode of production and trade enterprises, the professional distribution mode of logistics enterprises,...
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Effect of conditioner Fe2O3 on N-containing gaseous products distribution during sewage sludge thermal decomposition

Zijun Tang, Ping Fang, Jianhang Huang, Peiyi Zhong
Thermal disposal of sewage sludge is likely to cause serious nitrogen related environmental problem, since it contains considerable amount of nitrogen. Considering that iron oxide (Fe2O3) is widely applied chemical condition for sewage sludge treatment, this study was focus on investigating the role...
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Area classification and regional disparities in China: A perspective from 2007-2010

Ming Li, Yuanyuan Sun, Feng Wang
This paper reviewed traditional methods for the spatial distribution of the Chinese regional economic policy's main instruments. It analyzed current situation and main characteristics of the Chinese regional economic development in the new social environments. The author also discussed in detail the...
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The Application of Hot Water Flow Method for Checking the Water Circuit Within the Winding of Turbo Generator

Ming Li, Andong Wang, Zhiwei Cao, Fuchun Sun, Shanhua Sun, Guangke Xu, Weiwei Zhang, Changling Wang
The hot water flow method, which has been gradually applied, is very useful for Checking the Water Circuit within the Winding of Turbo Generator. Simulation tests are first shown in this paper at the beginning and the factors concerned with the tests are studied such as flow and temperature difference....
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The Mechanical Performance Analysis of SPS Orthotropic Laminated Steel Bridge Panel

Lixin Xia, Pu Ke, Bin Xie, Doukao Jia, Muhammadtursun Abdureyim
To establish a space finite element model of SPS steel orthotropic sandwich structure bridge panel and ordinary steel orthotropic bridge, compare the extreme value distribution and size of two orthotropic bridge decks under different stress states and the stress of the structures, and analyze the stress...
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The Analysis of Earth Pressure on Retaining Wall based on ABAQUS

Jie Ai, Jinsong Gui, Ding Chen
In order to study the distribution of earth pressure on retaining wall , the universal software- ABAQUS is used in this passage to have established a finite element numerical calculation model for the structure of retaining wall. It calculates both the earth pressure on the structure of retaining wall...
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A Novel Prediction Approach for Runoff Based On Hybrid HMM-SVM Model

Feng Chen, Yongqing Su, Yin Wang
This research demonstrates an application of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) for watershed-runoff forecasts. HMM is used for shape-based clustering by calculating log-likelihood values of each data to identify data in the data set with similar data pattern.Then we put these...
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Research progress of fishpass in China

Hongxia Xiong
Fishpass, an effective way providing passage for fish swimming by connecting upstream and downstream flow, has been used as an important measure of fish protection on hydropower and navigation power junction project construction. However, due to the lack of awareness, funding, operation management and...
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Experimental Research on low temperature crack resistance of steel fiber asphalt concrete

Junjun Pei, Qilong Guo, Jianli Pang
How to improve the low temperature performance of asphalt mixture is crucial because low temperature cracking is one of the most common diseases of asphalt pavement. The steel fiber is a effective method in the ordinary asphalt mixture. The effect of steel fiber on the low temperature crack resistance...
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Literature Review on Engineering Project Risk Management

Songyan Zhang, Yuxiao Fang
Engineering project is the carrier of national fixed assets investment. With the increasing scale and complexity of the project, risk management has become an indispensable part of the project.This paper collected a large number of literature from Western countries and China to analyze engineering project...
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Study on Numerical Simulation of Blasting Based on SPH

Xueyan Liao, Yaogang Jiang
The Lagrange, Euler and ALE are often used in simulation of explosion but each has both advantages and disadvantages in simulation of propagation of explosion shock wave, deformation and velocity of medium. And all of them could not simulate the progress of crack propagation so this paper proposes a...
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Research on the Application of BIM in Sewage Treatment Project

Jiayuan Wang, Xiaohan Han, Miao Qun, Fengjiao Luan
As urban water pollution becomes increasingly serious, the sewage treatment process becomes much more complicated, highly complex sewage treatment projects challenge the traditional 2D design and construction management mode. Based on parameterization, visualization, simulation and collaboration, the...
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Direction and Construction in landscape regions with mountains and waters

Lina Zhang, Hong Wang, Jing Yu, Jing Zhang, Yong Zhang
Recently, rapid construction development in landscape regions with mountains and waters has greatly affected natural landscape characteristics in the regions. This article aims to provide targeted planning control and guidance for regional development using design concept of zoning and classification...
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Influence of Ventilation on Gas Emission in No pillar Mining

Weidong Lu, Bin Yin
The emergence of pillar-free pillar technology instead of coal pillar technology has raised new requirements for safe production of coal mine. Based on the analysis of gas source, the effects of total pressure change, air flow and main fan stop on gas emission were expounded respectively. At the same...
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Study on Gob-Side Entry Retaining of Field Application

Bin Yin, Weidong Lu, Yue Wang
In this paper, it introduced the general situation of the mining area and described the superiority in high gas mine. The article pointed out the concrete scheme of gob-side entry retaining and analyzed the benefit of economy and society, so we can see the advantage clearly. Because of the technology...
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Study on the application of the circulating well technology in the remediation of benzene pollution in groundwater

Zhihui Qu, Hongtao Wang, Zhongxin Fang, Sili Yuan, Zhiwei Sang, Wenmin Cai, Yao Huang, Yuhu Chang, Chao Wang, Yuhu Zhang
In this paper, a city organic pollution of groundwater remediation demonstration project was the main research content. The groundwater polluted by benzene was remediated by circulation wells in the polluted area in total construction of 4 wells cycle monitoring cycle and 9 monitoring wells. The application...
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Feasibility study of straw on the application in green buildings

Qunyi Huang, Du Lei
In order to solve the problem about air pollution caused by straw burning and improve comprehensive utilization of straw, the paper analyses feasibility study of straw on the application in green buildings based on the survey about the existing situation of straw in rural areas of Emeishan city, Sichuan...
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Experimental Studies of The Impermeability of Basalt Fiber High Performance Concrete

Wei Fan, Feng Chen
The Autoclam tester was used to measure the air permeability, hydroscopicity and water permeability of the high performance concrete mixed with basalt fiber. The effect of the content of fly ash and basalt fiber on the impermeability of high performance concrete was analyzed. The results showed that...
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Research on dynamic modeling and operation optimization technology of CCHP system in port

Ming Gu, Wei Du, Teng Tian
Three kinds of optimization evaluation method of distributed combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) system are analyzed, including thermodynamic performance evaluation method, environmental characteristics evaluation method and economic evaluation method. The objective function is determined as the...
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Study on Monitoring and Warning System of Karst Water Bursting Disaster in Karst Area

Chengliang Wang, Mingzhou Bai, Chengyong Yang
Rely on major projects such as the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, the paper studies the method and system of monitoring and warning of Karst water bursting disasters in high risk tunnel. Taking water pressure, water inflow and surrounding rock deformation as warning indicators, the paper studies...
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A Design of Water Conservancy Project for the region of Shuiqin Road in the New District of Lanzhou

Chao Zhang
A scientific and feasible design of water conservancy project for the region of Shuiqin Road in the new district of Lanzhou is proposed in this paper. Combining with the requirement of local agriculture and the characteristic of fluid mechanics, we designed the construction of this project. The design...
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Experimental Study on the Dynamics of A Bottom-hinged Oscillating Wave Surge Converter

Chuanchao Xu, Xiangnan Wang, Zhenyuan Wang
The bottom-hinged oscillating wave surge converter (OWSC) is a type of wave energy device that consists of a buoyant flap that is free to oscillate about a pivot. It completely penetrates the water column and is located within the near shore region. This paper presents an experimental study on the dynamics...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis on Displacement Response of Frame Structure and Shear Wall Structure Under the Action of Wind Load

Lujiang Yang, Gong Chen, Hongmei Yang
Response of earthquake action in the structure is related to site category, seismic fortification intensity, earthquake acceleration, seismic grouping, etc. Research on high-rise building structure seismic has been done a lot. However, high-rise building structure does not only sustain earthquake load,...
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Research on Calculation of Wind Resistance of 20-Storeys High-Rise Building Structure

Lujiang Yang, Gong Chen, Hongmei Yang
Frame structure consists of frame columns, frame beams, etc. The longitudinal stiffness of frame structure is obviously better than lateral stiffness of frame structure. Lateral stiffness and internal stress response of lateral frame should be mainly considered, when frame structure is calculated and...
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Traffic accident influence in freeway tunnel simulation analysis based on the VISSIM

Bing Zhang, Longsheng Zhang, Xiaoyong Zhou, Jianfeng Yu, Guangtao Liu
In order to study traffic accident influence in long freeway tunnel, a traffic simulation model is established by using VISSIM. It's taken the Jiulingshan Tunnel which is the first long tunnel in Jiangxi Province as the research object. Under different levels of traffic flow and different proportion...
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Schedule Management in Underground Municipal Pipe Network Construction Based on BIM Technology

Xiaohan Han, Jiayuan Wang, Miao Qun, Xiaotong Cui, Linlin Liu
According to the characteristics of the municipal pipe network, analyze the current status of the construction progress of the municipal pipe network and summarize the reasons for the low efficiency of the municipal. This paper puts forward the construction progress management method of the underground...
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Travel Time Estimation Model Based on Markov Queuing Model

Zhijian Wang, Zhengying Hou, Haoran Liu
To overcome the limitation of the existing models intersection queuing models in which vehicle arrivals are assumed to meet some specific traffic distribution, a new model which based on markov chain and traffic wave theory is proposed to estimate the travel time of vehicles. This model fits the signalized...
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Design and realization library management system based on

Jun Ji, Feifei Xing, Jun Du, Anda Xiang, Fuyu Wang
This paper designs the books management system's in the Windows environment. The system mainly adopts the visual design environment-Visual Basic and Microsoft Office Access as a development tool. According to the software system development process, the system can realize the current situation of the...
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The design of the fan mold based on Pro/E

Jun Ji, Feifei Xing, Jun Du, Hao Li, Hengju Chen
This paper mainly introduces the mold design using Pro/E the fan cover and fan blades. The main contents include: the basic knowledge of Pro/E, fan mold design of Pro/E function command. The whole process of mold design with Pro/E, introduces the method of mold.
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Research on Abnormal over-voltage of Substation

Yujuan Liu
This paper starts from the analysis of the frequent occurrence of insulation breakdown accident in a substation in Northwest China.Through the calculation and simulation of over voltage,a government scheme of over voltage control is proposed.
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Structure design of residential building units based on Auto-CAD

Lina Liu
This paper mainly introduces the methods and techniques of using Auto-CAD to draw the structure design of the house. The main contents include: the preparation of interior design and mapping knowledge, Auto-CAD basic knowledge; according to the different needs of the design of the structure.
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Research on Standardization of Funeral Process based on CRM Model

Yun Zhang, Yonggang An, Xiaoyan Ma, Lei Yu
Combined with CRM theory, considering that there is a lack of standardization in the evaluation of funeral service in all walks of life at present, establish a standard process of funeral and burial, and verify the relationship between the two.
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Effect ofChemical Treatment on the Phenolic Contentin Pineapple Leaf Fiber(PALF)

Ze Wang, Lihong Cui, Bing Tang, Fei Wang, Jihua Li
Chemical pretreated pineapple leaf fiber (PALF) can be most widely used in many industries.Since no information on the bioactive compounds in PALF is currentlyavailable, the aim of this study was to assess the effect of chemical treatment on the phenolic content of PALF extracts. The phenolic contentsand...
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Regional Characteristics and Modernization of Botanical Garden--- Design of Anshun Huangpu Ecological Botanical Garden

Yi Yang, Xiao Xu, Muran Yang
With the example of Anshun Huangpu Ecological Botanical Garden Planning, this paper discusses how the contemporary botanical garden creates the space with regional characteristics and conforms to the development of the times by introducing the concept and design method of this project planning.
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Experimental study on geomembrane expansion deformation under overlying water pressure and ring-restrained conditions

Ruchun Wei, Fang Xu, Hongfu Li, Wanglin Li, Zhanlei Liu, Bofan Zhang
The particular test apparatus was developed to measure the geomembrane expansion deformation under overlying water pressure and ring-restrained conditions. The geomembrane expansion deformation and failure experiment was performed and its rules were summarized. The conclusions are drawn as follows: (1)...
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The Liquid Ammonia Tanker Road Transport Safety Management Based on Fault-Tree-Analysis Method

Huidan Lin, Gengjun Gao
This article first analyzes the liquid ammonia road transport, and then uses the accident tree analysis method on liquid ammonia tanker road transportation accidents to uncover the causes of transportation accidents layer by layer. After adopting the method of minimum cut sets, the paper finds out the...
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The development of Mechanical property and Hydration Characteristics of concrete at negative temperature environment

Yunbi Zhang, Hui Li, Yu Xiong, Guangying Miao, Yubing Hu, Honggen Qin
The development of the concrete mechanical properties and the characterization of hydration degree of the high performance concrete under negative temperature curing condition in plateau environment were studied. The results indicate that the concrete casted at the temperature below -10 must be mixed...
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Influence of Water Level Change on Deformation and Stability of Retaining Walls with Different Back Materials

Shangyu Han, Xingxing Wei, Kun Yang, Lei Yun, Cong Cheng
The deformation and stability of retaining wall are greatly affected by the variation of backfill and the water level of the back wall. In this paper, the deformation and stability of retaining wall with different wall materials are analyzed by finite element simulation analysis. The results show that...
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Optimization design compressive strength of waste glass hybrid fiber ceramsite concrete

Binghua Xia, Yuancai Liu, Cheng Cheng
Experiment with intensity level for the LC30 ceramsite concrete as the research object, changing the content of cement, waste glass,HPP fiber, steel fiber by the orthogonal test to configure waste glass hybrid fiber ceramsite concrete samples, test them compressive strength in order to find the main...
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Analysis on biological stability influencing factors of living district water distribution system

Xinyu Zhang, Ying Fu, Jinliang Gao
The objective of this study was to evaluate the bistability of living district water distribution system and impact factors under different hydraulic operation conditions. In order to study bacterial regrowth potential in water distribution system, biodegradable dissolved organic carbon (BDOC) was taken...
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Design of the internal space of the commercial building

Wendi Tan, Li Zhu
This article researches on the design method of commercial building interior space, make research on atrium space, channel space and commercial exhibition space, combining the space design, aesthetic design, human feelings, and the commercial profit objective aspects. This article is different from previous...
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The research on vegetation layout of urban wetland park revetment-Take the Tangshan Nanhu wetland park as an example

Wendi Tan, Li Zhu
This article takes Tangshan Urban Wetland Park as an example, conducts the research to the Urban Wetland Park revetment vegetation layout mode, the study is carried out from two aspects, one is the plane layout of the vegetation, the other is a vertical layout of vegetation, this study summarizes the measures and...
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The research on vegetation configuration of urban wetland park revetment

Wendi Tan
Revetment is a amphibious zone with ecological sensitive, has obvious marginal effect, affected by the hydrophilic psychology, revetment becomes tour destination for tourists Human activity impacts on the revetment vegetation. This paper makes research on the vegetation configuration of urban wetland...
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Study on the DaQing Interchange Type-Selection

Shaoyu Deng, Danfeng Lou, Jianli Xin
This paper analyzes the relevant factors of the type-selection of DaQing highway interchange, and with the study of the importance of the interchange in the road network, the volume of traffic, and site condition, investment cost. This paper presents rhombic -shape and single-horn type schemes. Further,...
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Some Ideas About the Application of Internet of Things to Petroleum Engineering

Shiwen Chen, Liming Gu, Xin Zhang, Xishun Zhang, Hongfei Wang, Wei Tian, Han Qin
As the third Information revolution after following computer and internet, the internet of things has been widely used in various fields. Petroleum industry is always supported by highly concentrated information technology. So the internet of things should be applied to it to solve some issues arising...
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Study on Anti-seismic Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures

Yulan Wang, Ying Lei, Guanghui Zhang, Bo Li, Zhonggui Zhang
The frame structure of reinforced concrete is a kind of structural form with good seismic performance. But the strong earthquake damage show that the RC frame structure under the large earthquakes will also be seriously collapsed and destroyed. In the case of strong earthquake, the RC frame structure...
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Rigid-Vehicle-Loaded Bridge Modal Analysis Using Perturbation Method

Yangmei Cao, Zhi Sun
In this paper, modal analysis of rigid-vehicle-loaded girder bridge vibration based on perturbation method is presented. The governing differential equation for the girder bridge free vibration analysis is established by introducing a dimensionless parameter, the relative mass, which is the ratio between...
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Fatigue cracks and stress amplitude analysis of orthotropic steel deck in a suspension bridge

Zhuoyi Chen, Chuanxi Li, Lu Ke
Four kinds of fatigue cracks are found in a suspension bridge with orthotropic steel deck. Finite element analysis was conducted to investigate the reason of fatigue cracks originated from the cope hole in the transverse crossbeams. The stresses surround the cope holes in the crossbeam are calculated...
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Hexamethylenetetramine as a corrosion inhibitor in hydrochloric acid solution

Jia Liu, Daibin He, Mingjun Zhang, Juntao Dong, Chang Xu
The corrosion inhibition and absorption behavior of Hexamethylenetetramine(HMTA) for carbon steel in hydrochloric acid solution were studied by weight loss method. The results showed that as the temperature increases, the corrosion inhibition of HMTA effect after the first increased, reached the maximum...
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The dynamic experimental study of the application of Selective cationic plugging agents to the binary system flooding and polymer channeling well in Block J16

Yujun Gao
The binary system flooding test site in block J16 has serious polymer gather phenomenon, To solve this problem, applying the way of injecting cationic profile control and water shutoff agent from producing well which provide a polymer gather layer plugging so as to reduce polymer concentration in producing...
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Cotton-derived carbon fibers with high specific capacitance by ZnCl2 activation for supercapacitor application

Shuguang Wang, Jie Yu
Cotton, an inexpensive natural product, was used as a precursor for fabrication of high specific capacitance porous carbon fibers for spercapacitors. Porous carbon fibers with the hollow structure, high surface area of 1620 m2 g-1 and high content of C=O functional group are prepared by one-step carbonization...
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Preparation of Diamine-modified Ordered Mesoporous SBA-15 and Its Adsorption Property to Pb2+

Yanqiu Shao, Tingting Zhao, Wenting Fu, Yuanxuan Lu, Shuangyue Su, Sujuan Liu
With the method Hydrothermal-photosynthesis, respectively prepare mesoporous silica adsorbent with different content of diamine-modified, 5%2N-SBA-15 10%2N-SBA-15 15%2N-SBA-15 20%2N-SBA-15. All mesoporous materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction(XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FT-IR)...
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The topology optimization on the bed of CNC lathe

Zhaokun Li, Yongqing Fu, Lijuan Shi, Huamei Bian
In order to improve the stiffness and dynamic characteristics of the bed for CNC lathe, based on the solid isotropic material with penalization approach, the CNC lathe mathematical model of topology optimization is developed, in which minimization of the compliance is taken as objective function and...
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The Influence Law of Stress Level for Shear Displacement of Intact Loess

Kangfeng Yuan
At present, the research is not enough for the shear displacement and stress level in domestic.The paper aims how the law between the shear displacement and stress level by shear test for intact loess.The results showed that: with the increasing of stress level, the relationship curves of shear displacement...
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The Regular Research of Stress Level for Vertical Displacement of Loess

Kangfeng Yuan
At present, the research is not enough for the vertical displacement and stress level in domestic.The paper aims how the law between the vertical displacement and stress level by shear test for loess.The results showed that: under the high shear stress level,the effect of soaking sample of vertical deformation...
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Deyeuxia angustifolia's trancriptional response to elevated CO2 concentration in Sanjiang plain, Northeast China

Mingyi Xu, Hongjie Cao, Xin Sui, Yu Zhang, Liyuan Wang, Hainan Leng, Haixiu Zhong, Hongwei Ni
Deyeuxia angustifolia is the dominant species in the natural grassland of Sanjiang plain of Heilongjiang province of China. In this study, two sequencing libraries prepared from control (T1) and samples treaded by elevated CO2 (T2) were sequenced to investigate the changes of D. angustifolia transcriptome...
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Fahim Ullah, Mansoor Khan Khattak, Min Kang, Xiuqing Fu, Hengtai Niu, Hengzheng Li, Ninghui Li
The aim of the study was to develop Flat Plate Collector (FPC) from the locally available material in the market for the purpose of solar water heating. The efficiency of the collector was tested with the normal flow of water under ambient temperatures of 25oC for the consequently months of the year....
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The Case Analysis of the Permeability of Distributed Grid-connected Photovoltaic Generation

Peng Peng, Yuying Shao, Xiaoyan Zhu, Xiaodong Lou, Guoqin Yu, Yongzhong Chen, Jian Li, Wei Yu
Distributed generation could be used as a useful supplement to the power grid, which was also the basis of the development of global energy internet. However, a large amount of clean energy integrated into power grid would bring huge challenges to the traditional power grid. In this paper, the state...
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A Bibliometric Analysis on Distributed Generation

Peng Peng, Yuying Shao, Xiaoyan Zhu, Xiaodong Lou, Guoqin Yu, Wei Yu
Distributed Generation can reach multiple functional goals of higher energy efficiency, lower energy cost, higher safety, better environmental protection performance and so on, which is the best way to reflect energy-saving, emission reduction, safety and flexibility. In this paper the development of...
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The 6204 Bearing Dynamic Analysis Based on UG NX Technology

Zhao Song
This paper based on the 6204 rolling bearing as the research object, Application of UG NX software to carry on the analysis to the bearing. In the modeling module of the UG NX, drawing the bearings, shaft, gears and fit them together. When the move correctly, take the proper load on it and make the software...
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Research on water output optimization of photovoltaic pumping system

Lei Xie, Wei Deng
This paper focus on the assessment of the influence of insolation conditions & pump head on the system efficiency and water output of photovoltaic (PV) pumping system, and put forward a kind of PV pumping system with energy optimum utilization, which could optimize the efficiency and water output of...
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A Type of Microorganism That Can Fix Greenhouse Gas (CO2 and N2 )Simultaneously-Isolation and Validation Experiment of Facultative CO2 and N2-fixing Bacteria

Sheng Zhou, Xiaomin Wang
The N2-fixing microbial azotobacter and the CO2-fixing bacteria have been discovered and researched. However, few has been reported so far that can fix CO2, N2 simultaneously, while taking CO2, N2 as microbial carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively. This has been called Facultative CO2 and N2-fixing...
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Computer Numerical Control Machine Tool Scram Controls Principle Analysis and Fault Diagnosis

Lijuan Shi, Jinying Chen, Zhaokun Li, Huamei Bian
In the control of CNC machine tools, the emergency stop control is essential, and it plays an important role in the operation of the whole CNC machine tool. By analyzing the scram control principle of FANUC 0I-MC CNC system, this thesis is designed to put forward the diagnosis method of emergency stop...
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Research about the raindrops Characters of rainfalls

Weiwei Li, Li Li, Jing Huang, Xueqin Yang, Pengli Wen, Er Yang, Hongzhe Bao, Lingling Kang, Zhenzhou Shen, Li Chen, Xinai Jing
In this paper, we adopted natural rain experiment method to study the transformation of the change of raindrop speed and diameter with time and the results indicated that the rain intensity change strongly with time at the natural rainfall. At the natural rain,the raindrop speed mainly at 1-5m/s in different...
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Study on the raindrops Characters of 20140826 natural rainfalls

Guanju Wei
In this paper, we adopted natural rain experiment method to study the transformation of the change of raindrop speed and diameter with time and the results indicated that the rain intensity change strongly with time at the natural rainfall. At the natural rain,the raindrop speed mainly at 0.4-8.2m/s...
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Transformation of raindrops characters on natural rainfalls

Er Yang, Hongzhe Bao, Li Chen, Yongxin Ni, Jing Huang, Zhongguo Zuo, Xizhi Lv
In this paper, we adopted natural rain experiment method to study the transformation of the change of raindrop speed and diameter with time and the results indicated that the rain intensity change strongly with time at the natural rainfall. At the natural rain,the raindrop speed mainly at 0.8-5.8m/s...
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Construction of Multi-supply mechanism of environmental public service

Qi Cong, Yanqing Xu
Nowdays, one of the realistic topics is the diversification of environmental public service's subject. In the Governance theory, if an effective coordination mechanism is constructed in public service area, government, enterprise, the third party will together take part in the supply of public service....
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Impact of land reclamation in Aiwan Cove on marine water quality in Zhejiang Province, China

Xiaochen Huang, Jufei Qiu, Shaojun Qi, Hanling Xu, Haiping Zhang
A coupled hydrodynamic and water quality model based on MIKE 21 software was established to investigate the impact of land reclamation in Aiwan Cove, Zhejiang Province. The model was calibrated with the tidal level and current speed and direction measurements in the project area in 2013. The results...
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Exploring the grounding problem of OPGW in substation of Longmen framework

Wei Zhu, Canyi Duan, Fengfeng Zhang, Dinghao Lin
OPGW with functions of lighting proof and communication is widely used in the construction of power network. For optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) 1 , it is required to achieve the separation of wire and signal after the introduction of the substation structure; at the same time, the...
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Preparation of g-C3N4/Fe3O4/Cu2O composites and their enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance

Chunhua Cao, Chunhua Chen, Ling Xiao
g-C3N4/Fe3O4/Cu2O composites were prepared successfully by liquid phase reduction-precipitation method with melamine, anhydrous copper sulfate, ferric chloride as the main raw material. The morphology and structure of the composites were characterized by SEM, IR and XRD. Using reactive brilliant red...
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The Main Factors Affecting the Migration of Polyacrylamide in Soils

Chen Zheng, Fangyi Zhou, Guolin Jing
With the population and application of polyacrylamide(PAM) in China's tertiary oil, how to deal with residual PAM in soil has become the focus of attention. In this paper, the main factors affecting the migration of PAM in soil were reviewed, and the effects of various influencing factors on the migration...
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Study on Separation and Enrichment of Trace Cobalt( ) using Microcrystalline Phenolphthalein Adsorption System

Xinrong Wen, Yujun Zhong
A new method of using adsorption microcrystalline phenolphthalein adsorption to separate and enrich trace cobalt has been developed. The effects of different parameters, such as the dosages of 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol(PAN), phenolphthalein and various salts on the enrichment yield of Co2+ have been...
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Simulation of Lake Water Source Heat Pump System Based on TRNSYS

Chunzhen Qiao, Shaopeng Yang, Yuqing Zhao
The compression heat pump system using lake water as a heat source was designed and analyzed. With an example of such office building in Lianyungang City in China, by using trnsys combined with survey analysis, the energy consumption was simulated and analyzed. As a result, it seemed to illustrate that...
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Is International Trade an Influence Factor to the Pearl River Delta's Water EKC

Hui Zuo, Danxiang Ai, Yuling Lin
Usually, international trade is thought as an influential factor to environment, but its effects on interrelationship of environment and economic growth is ignored. In order to investigate how international trade changes this relationship, the paper presents a model of endogenous Environment Kuznets...
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Reactivity of Blueberry Leaf Polyphenols with Formaldehyde

Yingchang Li, Zhongyan Yang, Jiangrong Li
Formaldehyde exists in aquatic products, Lentinula edodes and other foods. For better application of blueberry leaf polyphenols as formaldehyde capture agent, the reaction conditions of blueberry leaf polyphenols with formaldehyde were studied under different polyphenols concentration, pH value, reaction...
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Prediction of PM10 Concentrations in the Ningdong Base

Fengjun Li, Xiaole Guo
Utilization of PM10 concentrations and meteorological data of Ningdong Base, the PM10 concentration is predicted based on LS-SVR, BP-ANN and traditional MLR models. The results show that the LS-SVR model can better describe the nonlinear dependence between PM10 concentration and meteorological factors,...
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The Physical Simulation Experiment on the Effect of Mining Height and Critical Layer on Overburden Rock Fracture

Shugang Li, Zhiliang Li, Haifei Li
By employing the physical simulation experiment and theoretical analysis, this paper aims to study the effect of mining height and the first sub critical layer on the evolution law of mining-induced fractures. The mining-induced fracture density, fissure characteristics, height of broken fractures, height...
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Significance Analysis of Vehicle Operation Modes for Pollutant Emission at a Signalized Intersection

Yuanyuan Fan, Janice Daniel
In this paper, we developed vehicle emissions models as a function of the five operation modes of vehicles at a signalized intersection. Using VISSIM simulation software, second-by-second running activities data of the vehicles were generated for a signalized intersection. The outputs from VISSIM include...
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Integration Techniques of Ecological Restoration and Mining in Open Pit Coal Mine

Ziling Song, Dongyang Zhao, Yuxiang Zhou, Junfu Fu, Yushi Ji
The ecological environment problems in open pit mining and the present situation of coal mining are analyzed. The traditional open pit mining aims at pursuing economic interests, which leads to serious ecological environment problems. Open pit mining will cause the comprehensive destruction of the solid...
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Simulation of thermal behavior of a lithium-ion battery

Fen Zhu, Heng Yan, Liangde Liu, Xiangyun Liu
A three-dimensional thermal model has been developed to examine the thermal behavior of a lithium-ion battery (LIB) during discharge. The effect of discharge rate and forced convection on the heat dissipation performance of models under different working conditions was analyzed. Simulation results show...
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Simulation Study on Indoor Ground Condensation Prevention by House Natural Ventilation Controlling for Rural Residential in Chongqing, China

Dong Wang, Mingfang Tang, Jinzhong Fang
In this paper, we study a new way to prevent indoor ground condensation by controlling natural ventilation between outdoor and indoor, it adjust to reduce the indoor dew point temperature lower than the ground surface temperature as much as possible, so to prevent condensation. Through make a typical...
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Research on problems and solutions of distributed generation metering system

Jiaming Zhang, Yingying Cheng, Shiliang Chang, Xiao Ji, Jie Du, Feng Zhou
Nowadays, along with the continuously promoting of economy and society development, the situation of energy becomes more and more grim. Distributed generation serves as a clean and renewable supply of electricity energy, has been an important supplement besides the normal thermal power generation for...
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Computational Study and Experimental Verification for Fluid Static Pressure in Centrifugal Pump Side Chamber

Sen Zhang, Deke Xi, Zhibin Liu, Zhidong Guo, Baofeng Chen
A flow model was proposed to compute the fluid pressure in pump side chamber. Based on which the flow can be regarded as a secondary and axisymmetric viscous laminar flow, which is the superposition of circumferential shear flow and radial differential pressure one. These were described using N-S equations....
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Study on Correlating Multiple Attribute Information for the Dynamic State of Inland River Ships

Yaotian Fan, Xianzhang Xu, Wang Wang, Chi Wang
Based on the multi-sources, multi-dimension and isomerism of the ship-borne sensors, a model was constructed to correlate the ships' dynamic state information. It aims at enhancing the ability of inland river seaman on noticing and discriminating the target ship while the reliability of the model is...