Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Innovation Track Accounting and Management Sciences (ICOSIAMS 2021)

Following The Seventh International Conference on Management Sciences (ICOMS) and The Seventh International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICAF), which was conducted by The International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2021 (ICOSI) on 25-26 October 2021, we have finished the document to publish under our track namely ICoSIAMS.

The theme of the ICoSIAMS is “Business Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” This theme encompasses research in financial management, Islamic Accounting, Digital Accounting, Corporate Governance, Audit, Taxation, Management Accounting, Human Resource Management, Operation Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, and other relevant business innovation topics.

The conferences are covered in ICoSIAMS include two main activities, a call for paper and academic discussion. These activities are expected could enhance the academic atmosphere by inviting all researchers and practitioners to share knowledge and experiences.

This year, we applied a double-blind peer-review process. The scientific committee reviewed not only the abstracts received but also the full papers. All articles then went through a review process, and after going through the review process, only 60 articles were selected and presented at the ICoSIAMS.

We highly appreciate the keynote speakers, presenters, reviewers, co-host, committee, and all parties contributing to this event. We also apologize for any shortcomings in this event and on this book of abstracts. Hopefully, the proceedings of The ICoSIAMS could deliver benefit to all of us and bring valuable knowledge to all of you.