Proceedings of the International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health (ICoPESH 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

I Gede Suwiwa, Setya Chendra Wibawa, Made Agus Dharmadi, I Made Agus Wijaya, Ketut Candra Adinata Kusuma, Gede Doddy Tisna
All of the articles in this proceedings volume would be have been presented at the 2nd International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health 2022 during 8 to 9 September 2022 in Singaraja, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved...
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Perspectives of Elite Indonesian Athletes About Their Family: Evidence from a Qualitative Study

Kurniati Rahayuni
Family support, especially from the parents, was important as a coping and motivation in paving an athletic career for Indonesian elite athletes. In this qualitative study, 37 elite Indonesian athletes involved in a national training program and nine sport practitioners who worked with them were interviewed....
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A Study of Evaluation Model of Coaching and Mapping Program of Sports Clubs of Indonesian Athletics Union (Pasi) Karangasem Bali

I. Putu Darmayasa, Suratmin, Wigutomo Gozali, I. Ketut Sudiana
One of the sports that could contribute to gaining many medals is athletics, because of its competitions. The basic problem faced by the KONI (Indonesian National Sports Committee) Karangasem was the decline of medals gained in the Provincial Sports Week (PORPROV) Bali 2019. PASI (Indonesian Athletics...
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Physical Condition Profile of NTB PON Athletes: Measurement of VO2max

Baiq Satrianingsih, Adang Suherman, Yudy Hendrayana, Surdiniaty Ugelta, Burhan Hambali
Physical condition is believed to be a person’s capacity to do physical work with graded abilities, therefore, analysis of physical condition is believed to be one of the important indicators to support athlete achievement. The main purpose of the study was to analyze the profile of the physical condition...
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Students’ Social Skills: Participating in Sports Activities

Budiman, Tite Juliantine, Adang Suherman, Beltasar Tarigan
The purpose of this study is to determine the difference in social skills between participating students in physical education and participating students in physical education and sports extracurriculars. This research method uses a quantitative approach with a Causal-Comparative design. The subjects...
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Effect of Foot Muscle Strengthening to Increase Dynamic Balance in Children with Flexible Flatfoot

Luh Ita Mahendrayani, I. Ketut Yoda
Balance or postural stability, defined as the ability to keep the center of gravity above the base of support. Dynamic balance is a movement system that functions to control and maintain body position involving the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and cognitive systems with changes from the center of gravity....
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Analysis of Physics Concepts in Games Traditional Tajog

I. Gede Mardana, I. Ketut Sudiana, I. Kadek Happy Kardiawan
The development of increasingly advanced technology has an impact on the erosion of local wisdom owned by Indonesia. Therefore, the thing that must be done is to preserve the local wisdom by integrating it into physics learning. The traditional game of tajog is one of local wisdom which in its use there...
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Correlation of Undiksha E-Learning Usage with Learning Interest in FOK Undiksha Students

I. Made Satyawan, I. Kadek Happy Kardiawan, I. Nyoman Wahyu Esa Wijaya
This study aims to determine the correlation of Undiksha’s use of E-learning with learning interest in FOK Undiksha students who take TP courses. Football Learning. This research is a correlation research. Data were collected through a questionnaire to 80 respondents. Furthermore, the data obtained were...
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Anthropometry of Private Junior High School Basketball Extracurricular Participants in Sukoharjo

Baskoro Nugroho Putro, Slamet Riyadi, Rony Syaifullah, Djoko Nugroho, Sri Santoso Sabarini, Waluyo Waluyo
Body shape has an important role in playing basketball. The position of players in basketball can be determined by their height. There is some information that can be inferred from height. Body mass index, the ratio of leg to body length, and the ratio of arm length to height. This is valuable information...
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Relationship Between Speed and Agility and Dribbling Skills in Football Games in Students of SMK Negeri 1 Modoinding

Fredrik Alfrets Makadada
According “to the researcher’s observations, the abilities, and skills of the football players of SMK Negeri 1 Modoinding have not yet perfectly mastered the basic techniques in the game of football. One of the basic techniques that has not been maximally mastered by players is the technique of dribbling....
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Senam GEMU FAMIRE Training Can Increase Maximum Oxygen Volume (Vo2Max) on College Students of Physiotherapy Study Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bali International University

I. Putu Astrawan, I. Putu Prisa Jaya, I. Made Dhita Prianthara
This study aims to determine the Senam GEMU FAMIRE training can increase VO2 Max. This type of research is experimental with the randomized pretest-posttest control group design. The research sample of Physiotherapy Study Program on college students amounted to 24 people divided into 2 groups. Group...
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Profile of Injury Prevent and Treatment in Indonesia Basketball Wheelchair National Team During the 11th ASEAN Para Games Preparation

Chandra Wira Tama, Rony Syaifullah, Baskoro Nugroho Putro, Sapta Kunta Purnama, Sri Santoso Sabarini, Islahuzzaman Nuryadin
Injury is an aspect that needs to be considered in developing wheelchair basketball achievements. Wheelchair basketball athletes require special handling due to the level of disability they have. This study aims to find out how to treat and prevent sports injuries for athletes with disabilities in Wheelchair...
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Students’ Perceptions of Online Physical Education in Indonesian Elementary School

Gusti Ngurah Arya Yudaparmita, I. Nyoman Kanca, Made Agus Dharmadi, I. Ketut Sudiana
The COVID-19 pandemic makes online learning a must. Similarly, learning Physical Education in elementary school. This study aims to determine the perception of elementary school students towards online Physical Education learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research is a Collective-Case Study...
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Development of Muscle Strength Training Media Through Fitness Training Videos in Porprov Karate Athletes in 2022

Kadek Yogi Parta Lesmana, I. Gusti Lanang Agung Parwata, I. Wayan Sukra Warpala
This study aims to develop muscle strength training media through fitness training videos so that athletes can perform good and correct movements to achieve maximum results. This research method uses research and development research with the following steps: identification of potential and problems,...
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Thematic Based Video Games in Physical Education

Ni Putu Dwi Sucita Dartini, I Made Satyawan, Luh Putu Spyanawati
Learning video is one of the learning media that uses audio-visual which contains concepts, principles, procedures, theories and examples to help students understand the content of learning materials. The use of video can help students understand the movement more easily because it can be stopped and...
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Angkle Injury Treatment Method Through Sport Massage Reviewing from Range of Motion (ROM)

Ridha Mustaqim, Oktoviana Nur Ajid, Dery Rimasa, Suci Aulia, Nurwahidin Hakim, Eko Bagus Fahrizqi
The problem that the researcher poses in this study is regarding the success of handling ankle injuries in terms of Range of motion (ROM) with the sport massage frirage method. Ankle injuries have four movements, namely flexion, extension, inversion and eversion. The purpose of this study was to determine...
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The Effect of the Application of the Teaching Command Method on the Basic Movement Ability of Underhand Passing in the Volleyball Game by Rosa de Lima Tondano Catholic High School Students

Djajati Mariana Lolowang
This study aims to examine the effect of the application of the commando teaching method on the basic movement ability of underhand passes in volleyball games. The method used in this research is the experimental method. The samples used in this study were high School Students from s Catholic Rosa de...
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The Effect of Double Leg Bound and Incline Bound Plyometrics Training Methods on Increasing Legs Power

I. Komang Sukarata Adnyana, I. IKetut Budaya Astra, I. Wayan Muliarta, Peby Gunarto, I. Gede Suwiwa
This study aims to determine The Effect of Double Leg Bound Plyometrics Training on Increasing Leg Power, The Effect of Incline Bound Training on Increasing Leg Power, and Differences in the Effects of Double Leg Bound and Incline Bound Plyometrics Training on Increasing Leg Power. The research subjects...
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The Effect of the Demonstration Method on the Ability to Dribble in Soccer Games at SMA Negeri 1 PASSI Students

Doortje F. Tamunu
The purpose of the study is to find out how much influence the demonstration teaching method has on the dribbling ability of the students of SMA N 1 Passi. The research method used by the researcher in this research is the experimental research method. The population in this study were all male students...
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Strategy and Effect of Sport Tourism Business

Ketut Sudiana, I Wayan Artanayasa, Ni Luh Putu Tuti Ariani
This study aimed at describing the essence of sport tourism and its benefits for public, strategy of business and entrepreneurship development to empower natural resources potential and tourism organization to achieve the goal through proper and efficient use of resources. Sport tourism could revitalize...
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Profile of the Training and Training Support Facilities for the Indonesia Wheelchair Basketball National Team

Muhammad Rizky Ramadhan, Baskoro Nugroho Putro, Sri Santoso Sabarini, Rony Syaifullah, Sapta Kunta Purnama, Islahuzzaman Nuryadin
This study aims to determine the training and training support facilities for the Indonesian National Wheelchair Basketball Team. The facilities required by the Indonesian National Wheelchair Basketball Team are different from ordinary basketball. This research uses observation and documentation methods....
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The Effect of Wrist Flexion Exercise on Backhand Drive Ability in Table Tennis Games in PKL FIK UNIMA Students

Bacilius Sukadana
The purpose of the salary is to determine the effect of wrist flexibility exercises on backhand drive skills in table tennis games for PKL FIK UNIMA students. The method used is the Experimental Method and the treatment in the form of wrist flexibility exercises is given for eight weeks. Estimated observations...
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The Development of Sepak Takraw in Bali Viewed from the Parent’s Involvement as a Socialization Agent

I Ketut Semarayasa, I Wayan Artanayasa
The research on sepak takraw has been widely practiced. However, very little attention is given to examining parental involvement in the development of Sepak takraw. This study aims to analyze the involvement of parents as a socialization agent in the development of sepak takraw in the village of Sulahan,...