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Meta-Analysis of SMEs Social Assistance Policies in Bengkulu During the Pandemic

Inggi Miya, Suswanta Suswanta
This study aims to see the effectiveness of the distribution of social assistance in Bengkulu. This is qualitative research, in which the researchers obtained information through the distribution of online questionnaires to the public, interviews, and information from the Ministry of Social Affairs’s...
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Mobile Applications on Hospital Services for Public Sector

Safuan Safuan, Akbar Samodratama
This study aims to determine the digital innovations developed by the hospital for ease of service to outpatients at the general hospital in the Majalengka area of Indonesia, by using the RSM Mobile application of the Majalengka Regional Hospital available on Android and iOS. The researchers use the...
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Designing Open-list Proportional Representation System in Indonesia’s Legislative Election during the Global Pandemic Era

Ridho Al-Hamdi, Sakir Sakir, Tanto Lailam, M. Edward Trias Pahlevi
This article evaluates the application of Open-list Proportional Representation (Open-list PR) system in Indonesia’s legislative election, and, in turn, proposes the modified design to be applied in further legislative elections, mainly in the global pandemic era. Methodologically, it is qualitative...
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Meta-Analysis: Smart City Technology of Special Capital Region of Jakarta Facing the Covid -19 Pandemic

Dinda Rosanti Salsa Bela, Suswanta Suswanta
This study aims to determine the smart city technology used by the DKI Jakarta provincial government to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic using the Twitter account @JSCLab. This research uses descriptive qualitative research. The analysis in this paper uses a literature study. The analysis in this research...
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The Government’s Strategy to Implement Good Governance During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Ningsih Wirandari, Suswanta Suswanta
The implementation of good governance by the government is carried out” in various stages, “and decisions” are chosen and “implemented by the government” itself for “the community” to reduce favorable to negative numbers in handling the covid-19 pandemic virus infection. To carry out maximum success...
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Implementation of Artificial Intelligence by the Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in Disaster Management

Cahyadi Kurniawan, Suswanta Suswanta
This research aims to see how the implementation of the NTB government’s Artificial Intelligence disaster management. The descriptive research method was used in this study as a qualitative approach to describe the ongoing phenomenon and understand the meaning of an ongoing event. The data collection...
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The Complexity of Managing Covid-19 Outbreak in Indonesia: Open Government Approach

Muhammad Eko Atmojo, Helen Dian Fridayani
Indonesia, like many other countries across the world, is now dealing with shocks and problems that are not simply overcome due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Under these circumstances, the government’s ability to cope with a pandemic was put to the test in front of the public. The COVID-19 epidemic has had...
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Artificial Intelligence in Realizing Smart City through City Operation Center

Irfandi Pratama, Suswanta Suswanta
The presence of technology in life provides the convenience of information for the community. The tendency to integrate data in life brings forth a smart city concept which is a big issue globally. In theory, a smart city develops and manages a city by leveraging information technology to more effectively...
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How Does the Community Coalition on Social Media Respond to Pandemic Covid-19 Handling Policy in Indonesia?

Dewi Sekar Kencono, Achmad Djunaedi, Yuyun Purbokusumo, Chayadi Oktomy Noto Susanto, Lubna Salsabila
This study aims to determine the public’s response through social media according to the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia through Twitter. Using Twitter accounts, community coalition accounts responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, particularly the @laporcovid accounts. The Covid-19 case in Indonesia...
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Artificial Intelligence on Queue Patients of Madiun City’s Regional Public

Ismudoko Ismudoko, Maidi Maidi, Susanti Susanti
The patients ‘ main objection was the application of public services in a queue of patients online and offline in the RSUD Madiun City, East Java, Indonesia. The number online is generally lower than on site, when services are merged hence all hospital patients are offline. Over 90% of outpatients are...
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Realization of Traditional Market Revitalization Program: Efforts to Strengthen Stakeholder Collaboration

Bambang Santoso Haryono, I Gede Eko Putra Sri Sentanu
The traditional market arrangement is necessary to be more buyers-oriented to reduce the impression that the traditional markets are places that are very poorly structured. Hence, revitalization of traditional markets is needed to improve as well as develop the regional economy. The main objective of...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Economy for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Facing Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia: A Case Study

Helen Dian Fridayani, Muhammad Iqbal, Li-Chung Chiang, Mardha Adhi Pratama, Muhammad Eko Atmojo
This article intends to examine the problems, potential, and challenges that Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises face in coping with Pandemic COVID-19 in Indonesia, particularly in the Kulon Progo Regency, through the Digital Economy. The digital economy is predicted to promote product and service competitiveness....
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Mapping of COVID-19 Information Dissemination by Indonesia Government and Stakeholders

(Social Media Analysis on Twitter)

Iyomi Hasti, Suswanta Suswanta
This study aims to figure out the mapping of COVID-19 information dissemination and communication by the government and other stakeholders in Indonesia during the Covid-19 outbreak on social media. This study uses social media data from four Twitter accounts, namely user @Jokowidodo,the president of...
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A Study on the Optimization Path of Artificial Intelligence Governance in the Public Policy Perspective

Zhen Zhen Liu, Shi Ling Peng
The development and application of artificial intelligence (“AI”) has not only brought fundamental changes in the economic, social and political fields, but also provided technological support for the reconstruction of public policies. The pace of development of artificial intelligence is bound to rise...
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Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Capsule Bus in Jambi City

Cici Sundari, Suswanta
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used widely in people’s lives, especially in transportation. One of the most often faced transportation problems in Indonesia is congestion, especially in big cities. People who do not have public transport find the service procedures to be complicated. Thus, innovation...
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Methods of “Integral Grid” Management in Major Public Health Events: Remodelling of Social Governance in Districts and Communities of Hong Kong

Yuxin JI, Ying DENG
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, the epidemic has spread in Hong Kong for one and a half years. The Hong Kong government’s management level of epidemic prevention and control is also constantly improving. The epidemic has been effectively contained recently. The government’s measures to...
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Governmental Management of Big Data to Allocate COVID-19 Vaccines (Post COVID-19) to Make Public Policy in Thailand

Maneechatchavan Maneesri
The study “Governmental Management of Big Data to Allocate COVID-19 vaccines (Post COVID-19) to Make Public Policy in Thailand” aims to reflect the important and interesting issue of allocation of vaccines post COVID-19 to Make Public Policy in Thailand. It presents the importance of Big Data, demanding...
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Understanding Fuzziness in Knowledge, Value, and Institutional Structure: A Case Study of Chinese Open Network Community

Yao Jin
A space in an organization is necessary to minimize the structural uncertainty of the virtual world and recognize its value. In this paper, a structural problem is viewed as an inconsistent and random probabilistic event occured in an institutional framework based on the society culture that is conditioned....
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Philanthropy Politics Model of the Governor of Dki Jakarta and West Java Region During the Covid-19 Era

(Analysis In Social Media Twitter)

Suswanta, Anang Setiawan, Herdin Arie Saputra
Political actors will always use disasters as a platform to raise their self-image for political investment and are now engaging in philanthropy to communicate using social media. This paper discusses the social media framing of the Twitter accounts of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, and...
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How Do Political Parties Handle Their Internal Problems? A Comparative Study between the Nationalist Party and Islamic Party in Indonesia

(Golkar and PKS)

Addin Khaerunnisa Juswil, Sanny Nofrima, Suswanta Suswanta, Herdin Arie Saputra
Recently, many parties have been trapped into an internal conflict, such as Golkar and PKS that have different ideological foundations. There are significant differences on their conflict resolution mechanisms, but the internal conflicts are still similar related to the existence of party elites, especially...
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Motivation and Path of Regular Governance of Major Public Health Events in the Post-Epidemic Era: A Multiple Streams Analysis

Yujia Liname
The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has not ended yet. Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the world is still not optimistic. It does not only affect the development of the global economy, but also causes instability in half of the world. The outbreak of COVID-19 in China, the...
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Transformation of Public Services through Digital Services in the Covid-19 Era: Efforts Towards Good Governance in Indonesia

M. Rafi, Suswanta Suswanta, Tito Handoko, Ghina Nabilah Effendi
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, public services have become more adaptive and interactive, where adequate digital technology is considered to support the improvement of public services during the pandemic. However, a significant obstacle is that there are still people who are not technologically...
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The General Election Commission’s Strategy in Increasing Election Participation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dika Pratama, Suswanta Suswanta
This study aims to determine the strategy of the Indonesian General Election Commission in conducting socialization to increase election participation during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia using the @KPU_ID Twitter account. This research uses descriptive qualitative research. This analysis uses a...
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The Extent of Social Media Coverage in Delivery of Public Service

(Case Study: Regional Government of Central Java)

Mohamad Sukarno, Atik Septi Winarsih, Hacykal Huda Wijaya, Prihantika Septi, Aulia Nur Kasiwi
The purpose of this study was to examine the Governor of Central Java Provincial Government’s public service operations via social media. This study focused on the intensity of Twitter accounts connected to public services and community opinion. This research used a qualitative methodology with a descriptive...
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The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Community of Common Destiny for Mankind

Liu Zeng-ming, Dong Xiao-hui
The global spread of the new coronavirus and the epidemic caused a major global public health crisis. The question of human existence is once again threatened and challenged. Starting from the relationship between viruses and humans, which not only involves the relationship between disease and medical...
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A Meta-Analysis of Big Data Security: Using Blockchain for One Data Governance, Case Study of Local Tax Big Data in Indonesia

Misran, Muhammad Syaifuddin, Achmad Nurmandi, Rizal Khadafi
The Presidential Decree on One Data Indonesia is intended to regulate data generated by central agencies and regional institutions to support development planning, implementation, evaluation, and control, including regional taxes. Blockchain has the potential to become the primary tech that governs the...
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Formulation of E-Participation Design in Realizing Agile Government Based on Technology and Information: A Case Study in Indonesia

Dyah Mutiarin, Nahdatul Wahdania C.S., Misran
In the current era of disruption, competitiveness plays an essential role in conducting sustainable development and maintaining the organization’s existence. Therefore, responsive governance (agile governance) is necessary to make the organization’s performance more rapid, precise, accurate, productive,...
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Analysis of The Governor’s Communication Model on Twitter

Rendi Eko Budi Setiawan, Suswanta
This study aimed to find out the communication model and pattern of the governors of Central Java and East Java through Twitter. The primary data in this study were digital big data, namely Twitter. This study employed a descriptive qualitative approach and e Nvivo 12 Plus research software to carry...
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How Can Artificial Intelligence Reshape Health Governance in Post Pandemic Era?

Maratun Saadah, Sayuti, Dedek Kusnadi, Agustiyara
We live in a time when our institution seems to lack the capacity to deal with uncertainty and change; for example, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested Indonesian institutions for the past year. It is clear that the Indonesian government is not prepared, one pointing the finger at others for responsibilities....
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How Can Indonesia Government Handle the Natural Disaster during COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis of Twitter Account

Dimas Subekti, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Aqil Teguh Fathani, Lubna Salsabila
This study aims to determine how the National Board for Disaster Management and the National Search and Rescue Agency handle natural disasters during the COVID-19 pandemic through social media Twitter. This study uses NVIVO 12 plus for analyzing data using chart, cluster, and word frequency analysis....
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Twitter in the 2020 Sleman Regent and Deputy Regent Election Campaign During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Trapsi Haryadi, Suswanta
Elections during the Covid-19 pandemic are new in the history of modern politics. There are several adjustments in the implementation of elections, and one of them is the campaign stage. The campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic has severely restricted in-person meetings and prioritized the use of social...
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Measuring Public Perceptions of Transportation Services in Indonesia’s City through Social Media

Ridho Al-Hamdi, Shih-Nung Chen, Aulia Nur Kasiwi, Achmad Nurmandi, Yong-Kok Tan, Halimah Abdul Manaf
This paper examines public perceptions of transportation services in Indonesia’s big city through social media such as news channels, social networking sites, Facebook, and Twitter. The objectives are twofold: first, extract the pros and cons of public perceptions through mainly social media; second,...
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How Jakarta uses the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Urban Planning?

Danang Kurniawan, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Aqil Teguh Fathani
This research aims to look at the role of Information and Communications Technology in urban spatial planning policy formulation based on community participation. Through its “Jakarta Satu Map, One Data, One Policy” program, Jakarta creates an integrated digital collaborative in realizing information...
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Sleman Regency Government Innovation in Empowering MSMEs during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Muhammad Khozin, Nur Faidati, Gerry Katon Mahendra
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on various sectors. The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have felt a tremendous impact. Limited capital and the lack of market access have further aggravated MSMEs throughout the country. Sleman Regency of Yogyakarta Special Region is not...
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Impact of COVID-19 and City Resilience Policies on Urban Transportation Study in Jakarta, Indonesia

Achmad Nurmandi, Danang Kurniawan, Zuly Qodir, Mohammad Jafar Loilatu, Salahudin
This paper aims to analyze the urban governance and heath protocol during COVID-19, which has since changed drastically. Therefore, the government needs to choose the right policies to overcome the resilience of cities to respond to COVID-19. This study looks at how Jakarta, as the city with the highest...
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Street Level Bureaucracy for Online Learning During Covid-19

Sundari1 Nuraini, Kasman, Haiyanti Hamid
The problem in this research is the existence of obstacles such as inadequate facilities and infrastructure and the absence of an internet network for students who live in the village. Low economic conditions and the use of learning platforms that hinder the learning process resulted in the lack of student...
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Public Assessment of the Performance of the Indonesian and Taiwanese Governments in Handling Covid19

Suswanta, Anang Setiawan, Muhammad Iqbal
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a newly discovered disease in 2019 which has a transmittable trait. People who are infected with this virus will experience respiratory disease from mild to moderate category and be able to recover without special treatment. Government policies for handling Covid19 in Indonesia...
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Effectiveness of the Performance of the Women Empowerment and Child Protection Agency in the Implementation of the Three Ends Program in Makassar City

Miftahul Jannah Jalil, Suswanta
The number of violence against women and children as well as sexual harassment against women in Indonesia can still be said to be high. To overcome this problem, the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (MoWECP) conducted a campaign through the cruise program called Three Ends. This campaign...
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The Role of Triple Helix in E-Government in South Sulawesi

Hardianti, Pratiwi Ramlan, Sundari
This study aims to analyze the role of the Triple Helix in website-based E-government in South Sulawesi Province. Moreover, to find out how far the village government is using the village website. The focus of this research is the role of the triple helix in realizing E-government. Data collection techniques...
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Big Data for Evidence-Based Public Policy: Public Participation in Public Policy Regarding the Prohibition of Eid Al-Fitr Homecoming in April-May 2021

Ramaini, Suswanta
Based on the number of cases of coronavirus infection in a world that is still increasing every day. In Indonesia itself, records related to coronavirus infections have also increased, both in the number of cases, recoveries, and deaths due to Covid-19. However, the government has not given up on this....
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The Factors Influencing the Community to Use E-Service in Pekanbaru City, Indonesia

Evi Zubaidah, Achmad Nurmandi, Ulung Pribadi, Mega Hidayati, Ema Fitri Lubis
The purpose of this research is to examine the factors influencing the use of e-government services by measuring individual acceptance in Pekanbaru City, Indonesia. This is a quantitative research with the SmartPLS program used to analyze the data and test the hypothesis. The data were obtained from...
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NGOs and Community: A Case Study of Roles of NGOs in Malaysia

Zalinah Ahmad, Rozita Arshad
The development of the country is not only focusing on the role of government alone. The private sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also play an important role in ensuring that the public benefits from sustainable development. The NGOs play a major role at the grassroots level since they...
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The Urgency of Crisis Management for Social Distancing Implementation in the Yogyakarta Sultanate

Ghina Nabilah Effendi, Suswanta, Iftahul Digarizki, M. Rafi
The emergency for national health demands that governments in various regions respond and immediately provide solutions due to the increasing spread of the outbreak from time to time. To anticipate the spread of the Coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak, the DI Yogyakarta government implements various policies...
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Carrying Capacity of Government City Policies in Si Warga Patehan

Vingki Indah Rahmawati, Isnaini Maullidin
This study aims to find out how the role of Yogyakarta City Governments to support the SI Warga Patehan as a Tool of Public Services in Patehan Village. The study used qualitative-descriptive methods by collecting accurate data. The results show that the Yogyakarta Government’s role in supporting SI...
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Effective Governance for Healthcare Administration in Pakistan Public Hospitals

Ahmad Martadha B Mohamed, Dawood Nawaz
Covid-19 pandemic is a significant risk that compels hospital administrators to manage in an agile manner. Good governance requires hospitals to react in an active and effective oversight to manage the crisis in a new normal governance environment. This study, therefore, aims to examine the influence...
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Mapping the Public-Private Partnership in Digitalization of PT. Pertamina Gas Station in Indonesia

Shintya Sandra Kusuma, Sri Suryoko, Ari Pradhanawati
This study aims for mapping the digitalization of PT. Pertamina gas station’s public-private partnership in Indonesia. The digitalization of gas stations initiated by PT. Pertamina plays a material role in developing a partnership between the government and private sector. How does PT. Pertamina adopt...
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An Analysis on Critical Determination Factors of E-Participation for Digital Society: The Case of Malaysian Local Government

Halimah Abdul Manaf, Mohamad Nur Salam Man, Dyah Mutiarin, Ridho Al-Hamdi
Society and technology nowadays is relatively not a dichotomy. In parallel, every single government also will utilise technology as a medium to bridge the two-way relations between the government and the people. To properly understand the current society’s needs, the context of this study will be focussing...
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A Comparative Government Architecture’s System Network in National Data Center (Case Study in Indonesia And Qatar)

Aulia Nur Kasiwi, Dyah Mutiarin, Agustiyara, Muhammad Fatih Azka
This study aims to provide a policy design for the government system in the form of rules, methods, and a strategy for the development of information systems as an integrated whole from the bottom up. Since the regional information systems must be merged into a single line window, any type of data or...
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The Effectiveness of Village Fund Utilization in The Covid-19 Pandemic Era

(Study: Batu Lambang Village, Pasar Manna, South Bengkulu)

Nolla Prastica, Suswanta Suswanta
The COVID-19 situation in Indonesia had upended the public’s livelihoods, thus changing the dynamics in any governmental actions. After all, it is the Government whose responsibility is to take care of all of their people’s livelihood. Thus, through the bureaucracy scheme based on regional distribution...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Regional Revenue (PAD) of The Tourism Sector of Bantul Regency in 2020

Hayati Hayati, Juhari Sasmito Aji
This study aims to analyze the impact of the pandemic of Covid-19 on the Regional Revenue (PAD) of the tourism sector of the Bantul Regency. Note that the largest support to PAD of the Bantul Regency is from the tourism sector because the location of the Bantul Regency is very strategic. However, at...
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Policy Implementation in Bekasi Municipal Government in Handling Violence Against Children in 2020

(A Case Study of the Bekasi City Office of Women Empowerment and Child Protection)

Nabilah Suhaimah, Ane Permatasari
Cases of violence against children in Bekasi City are considered to be quite high, in 2020 there were 196 cases. Thus, the Bekasi Municipal Government took firm measures in dealing with cases of child violence through Bekasi City Regulation Number 12 of 2012 concerning Protection of Women and Children...
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Analysis of the Ability of The Village Government Apparatus in Managing Village Fund Allocation (Add) in Tugumulyo Village Lempuing Subdistrict Ogan Komering Ilir Regency

Ariandes Ilhamsyah, Erni Zuhriyati
Through LAW No. 6/2014 concerning the village, the village now is not just an extension of the government’s policy on it but has autonomy itself. The village has the authority to regulate and manage the interests of its citizens in all aspects including the service (public good), settings (public regulation),...
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The Influence of Political Memes in Social Media on the Level of Political Participation of Beginner Voters in The Presidential Election Year 2019 in Karimun District

Raja Muhammad Munzir Nur Salikin, Tunjung Sulaksono
The purpose of this research was conducted to determine the effect of Political Memes on Social Media on The Level of Political Participation of Beginners in The 2019 Presidential Election in the Karimun Regency. The research method in this research used the quantitative method. The population in this...
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The Role of Traffic in Reducing Wildlife Trafficking in Southeast Asia 2019-2020

Cheshe Havara Moonray, Sugito Sugito, Mutia Hariati Hussin
Southeast Asia is an area with a rapid rate of wildlife trade and extinction, therefore making the wildlife in this area sharply decline. Animals species in Southeast Asia are identified as threatened. TRAFFIC as a non-governmental organization engaged in the environmental issues, protects natural biodiversity...
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The Reform of Japan’s Migrant Workers Policy in 2019

Anisa Ratna Madani, Ratih Herningtyas
This study considers the problems in the Japanese employment sector and how Japan is used to overcome these problems by realizing its national interests which are used as a foreign policy. Employment is an object that needs to be given attention and training is done by Japan. Of course, this is very...
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The Complex Interdependency Between Taiwan and Indonesia Through the Implementation of New Southbound Policy

Dama Rifki Adhipramana, Ali Maksum
Taiwan’s limitations in diplomatic relations, access to intergovernmental results, and international law are the consequences as a quasi-state. New Southbound Policy is implemented to counter the intervention and shrinking international space due to the influence of the People’s Republic of China. Under...
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Unilever Unilever Surabaya Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Policy in Maintaining Environmental Sustainability in Surabaya in 2014-2020

Rizki Chandra, Sidik Jatmika
This study aims to explain the role of PT Unilever Indonesia is located in Rungkut, Surabaya. Furthermore, related to the problem behind this research is the population density in Surabaya which has implications for the amount of waste, on the other hand, PT Unilever Indonesia also produces waste. To...
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The Challenges of The Japanese Government to Implement Society 5.0

Arlene Alishya Audrey, Arie Kusuma Paksi
The discussion about the environment, technology, and government policies largely correspond with Society 5.0. In fact, this is an era where digitalization is extremely prominent. As a result, everything related to production can be more efficient. This article attempts to comprehend how the Japanese...
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Turkey Involvement in Libyan Civil War Under the Government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan 2019-2020

Vivi Ida Fajarini, Muhammad Zahrul Anam
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, the internal conflict in Libya has escalated as the country’s rival powers reject the UN’s call for a ‘global ceasefire’. Troops loyal to Khalifa Haftar are stepping up attacks on the country’s cities. To counter the attacks of Khalifa Haftar who led the...
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Influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesian and China Trade Relations

Nugroho Ari Pamungkas, Mutia Hariati Hussin
Trade relations are a relationship that must be owned by every country in the world. Because no country can meet its own domestic needs, Indonesia and China are inseparable. Indonesia and China have partnered for more than 70 years. The COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on trade relations between...
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Inconsistency of Covid-19 Information Among Tourism Stakeholders in Indonesia

Yenni Sri Utami, Pawito Pawito, Prahastiwi Utari, Drajat Tri Kartono
This article discusses the analysis of the production of the COVID-19 message by tourism stakeholders to restore the economy of the tourism sector. Even until almost a year of pandemic, a way to restore the tourism sector is nowhere to be found. The hotel business and other businesses supporting tourism...
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The Effect of Online Learning System Policy on Children’s Mindset During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nindia Ramadani, Bachtiar Dwi Kurniawan
This study aims to analyze the effect of implementing online school policies on children’s mindsets during the pandemic. This study focused on SD Negeri Godean 1 and SD Muhammadiyah Sangonan 1. The results of this study were as follows: 1) The results obtained from the implementation of online learning...
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Do Collective Operating Construction Land (COCL) Transactions Inhibit Land Fiscal Revenue? Evidence from Deqing County, China

Man Jiao, Hengzhou Xu
China’s local governments monopoly land market, and the land revenues account for a large proportion of the local government fiscal revenues. In 2015, collectively-owned operating construction land (COCL) entering the market was piloted across China, which is an institutional reform that provides rural...
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Research on Data Governance of Public Health Emergencies Based on Blockchain Technology—Prevent and Control with COVID-19As an Example

Geng Ruiyi
The management of major public health emergencies has gradually become the focus of academic circles. In the context of big data, data, as an important element resource, plays an important role in the prevention and control of public health emergencies. To solve the problems of data islands, data security,...
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Reducing the Risk of State Civil Apparatus Indiscipline Violations During Pandemic Using the SiPERLU Application in Lumajang

Putri Robiatul Adawiyah, Mela Ayu Shafira Devi
This study focused on the urgency of the SiPERLU application in reducing the risk of State Civil Apparatus violations and human resource management crises during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lumajang. The data noted that by the end of 2020 had recorded 1,333 access violations and abuse of State Civil Apparatus...
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Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Banyuwangi Regency Government Using an Agile Governance Approach

Akbar Maulana, Itok Wicaksono, Danar Ilham K
This study aims to determine the steps taken by the Banyuwangi Regency Government in collaborating by maximizing the functions of regional apparatus organizations for budget efficiency, improving services, and empowering the state civil apparatus through innovation. Artificial intelligence by using the...
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The Urgency of Public Communication Protocols Related to Crisis Management in Prevention Control and Management of Pandemic

Edhi Siswanto, Juariyah, Putri Robiatul Adawiyah, Baktiawan Nusanto
This study investigated the urgency of government communication protocols in dealing with pandemics. Communication is the most important part of dealing with the threat of a pandemic. Public trust needs to be built and maintained, thus, there is no panic in the community and the handling can run smoothly....
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How Jakarta Public Transport Uses Social Media Platforms and as an Air Pollution Control Project?

Rico Kurniawan, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Lubna Salsabila, Aqil Teguh Fathani
This study investigated how Jakarta’s public transportation uses social media (Twitter) during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as how public transportation can help Jakarta reduce air pollution. MRT Jakarta, KAI Commuter, and Jakarta Transportation are the three official Twitter accounts for Jakarta’s...
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Smart City in the Special Region of Yogyakarta: Development of Transportation Through a Sustainable Approach

Etika Khairina, Suswanta Suswanta, Mochammad Iqbal Fadhlurrohman
Sustainable transportation is a concept of sustainable urban development without harming future life. To realize Yogyakarta as a Smart City. Sustainable Transportation is a dimension/sector of Smart City which is also an agreed global concept. This study aims to determine how the implementation of Sustainable...
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Overseeing Cyber-Neighborhoods: How Far the Indonesian National Police Effort in Handling Cybercrime?

Al Fauzi Rahmat, Dyah Mutiarin, Ulung Pribadi, Dian Eka Rahmawati
This article explores how far Indonesian National Police (Polri) efforts in handling cybercrime—choosing Indonesia as a case study because it is vulnerable to cybercrime. As a method for collecting data are cybercrime report documents, an official website “” and the official social media...
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The Legal Effort of E-Commerce Fraud’s Victim According to The Indonesian Consumer Protection Law

Khalisah Hayatuddin, Febrina Hertika Rani
The study aim to identify explain the legal efforts that can be taken by the victim of E-Commerce fraud. This research is descriptive normative legal research, which use secondary data (literature) in the form of primary and secondary legal materials. The approach taken is the Legislative Approach and...
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Poverty and Media: The Use of SEPAKAT 3.0 Application for Poverty Eradication Policy Planning in Indonesia

Rutiana Dwi Wahyunengseh, Sri Hastjarjo
SEPAKAT 3.0 is a web-based application bridging government’s data usage and policy planning system, developed by Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) to accelerate evidence-based poverty reduction programs and to support smart government. The research question is: how SEPAKAT...
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Exploring Regulatory Policies on E-Hailing Services in Malaysia

Halimah Abdul Manaf, Ahmad Martadha Mohamed, Zuriana Zahrin
The growth of online transportation network industry known as e-hailing services since 2014 has bring significant impact to socio economy of society. Upon the arrival of transportation network industry in Malaysia, issues of existing government policies on protecting e hailing srvices still debateable....