Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Studies in Mathematics (ICoESM 2021)

On behalf of the Committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the First International Conference on Educational Studies in Mathematics (1st ICoESM) through Zoom on 10th August 2021 organized by Postgraduate Program UNM. Makassar, Indonesia.

We are honored and delighted to have our keynote speakers and invited speakers who have been willing to spend their time to share their knowledge, perspectives, and best practices to all the participants of the 1st ICoESM 2021. We have six keynote speakers: 1) Prof. Dr. H. Husain Syam, M.T.P. IPU, ASEAN, Eng. (Rector of UNM); 2) Prof. Wen-Haw Chen (Tunghai University, Taiwan); 3) Dr Cosette Crisan (UCL Institute of Education, England); 4) Prof. Dr. Zaleha Ismail (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia); 5) Prof. Bill Atweh (Retired Adjunct Professor, Curtin University; Professor Ateneo de Manila University); and 6) Prof. Hamzah Upu, M.Ed. (Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia). Our four invited speakers: Dr. Elah Nurlaelah, M. Si. (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia); Dr. Asdar, S.Pd., M.Pd. (Universitas Negeri Makassar); Prof. Dr. Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono, M.Pd (Universitas Negeri Surabaya); Ja’faruddin, S.Pd., M.Pd. (Ph.D Candidate at Tunghai University).

The theme of this conference is “The Advancement of Mathematics Education during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The pandemic and its disruption have been challenging mathematics educators across the world and forcing them to shift into a new norm in teaching and learning. Concerning an effort to improve the quality of mathematics education during and after the pandemic, The First International Conference on Educational Studies in Mathematics (1st ICoESM) aims to share research findings of mathematics educators and researchers on the current trends, issues, and innovations in mathematics education and research. Moreover, this conference is expected to enable mathematics educators keep in touch worldwide.

In this conference, there will be parallel sessions where researchers can share their latest findings. Furthermore, I would like to thank all presenters and participants who have joined this conference. I am certain that every presenter has presented the high-quality research. I sincerely hope that through the presentation and discussion, all of us can contribute to mathematics education in our own countries. As mathematics education is an international problem, hopefully this conference provides exemplary inspire of the difficulties the whole world is facing.

Many members of the organizing team worked very hard to turn our initial visions for this conference into reality. We wish to thank all the committee members. My final thanks would go to the scientific and technical editorial team of this proceeding’s edition.

Thank you for being here with us. Enjoy the conference!

Yours Sincerely,
Chairman of the 1st ICoESM 2021