Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Multimedia Technology(ICMT-13)

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Double digital watermarking algorithm based on SVD - DFT technologies

Shao-hua Zheng, Cai Yun Xu, Xiao-gen Pei
In view of the current most based on Fourier transform domain method, its resist geometric attacks performance is very good, the embedded information is also big, but there are shearing attack ability is bad problems, and put forward a kind of based on singular value decomposition and discrete Fourier...
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Study on new gray transformation of infrared image based on visual property

Dai Shaosheng, Li Xingfu, Du Zhihui, Zhang Bin, Huang Xinlin
Since the infrared image has disadvantages such as narrow gray distribution, low contrast and blurred vision effects, a new method of gray transformation of infrared image based on human visual property is proposed. The method aims to transform the gray distribution of infrared object to the sensitive...
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Topology structures of the families of gray images

Wu N.
Let L be a subspace of Euclidean Space E1. USC(X,L) denote all regions below of upper semi-continuous maps from X to L and C(X,L) denote all regions below of continuous maps from X to L. For an infinite compact metric space X, USC(X,I) with Vietoris topology is homeomorphic to Hilbert cube Q and C(X,I)...
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Efficient and effective JPEG compressed domain image retrieval

Schaefer Gerald
Content-based image retrieval(CBIR) has been an active research area for more than two decades. However, while almost all images are stored in compressed form, the vast majority of CBIR algorithms operate in the (uncompressed) pixel do-main. This not only leads to a computational overhead for feature...
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Performance Evaluation of Geometric Feature Descriptors with Application to Classification of Small-Size Lung Nodules in Low Dose CT

Amal A. Farag
Object modeling is a multifaceted and active area of research in image analysis, manufacturing, and computational geometry. In image analysis, the focus of this paper, objects may be described in terms of their shape and appearance. Geometric features that are invariant to scale, rotation and translation...
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An Efficient Moving Target Tracking Strategy Based on OpenCV and CAMShift Theory

Li Dongyu
Image movement involved background movement and target movement. The complexities of movement increased the difficulty of target tracking. This study was implemented in the Window platform and the Microsoft visual C compiler environment, and used camera as a video capture device. The system of moving...
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The Simulation of the Chirp-Z Transform Based on MATLAB GUI

Huang Yongping, Li Caixia, Tian Xiuli
The Chirp-Z transform (CZT) algorithm is a digital signal processing algorithm, it is applicable to the general case calculating limited width of the Z-transform along the spiral curve. The CZT is more flexible than the Fast Fourier transform (FFT) in calculating the frequency spectrum, so it is used...
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Hydrocarbon-induced clay and carbonate minerals interpretation in Songliao Basin using ASTER data

Zhang Guifang, Shao Zhenqiang, Huang Yuanhua
Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) data were used to interpret hydrocarbon-induced clay and carbonate minerals in northwestern Songliao Basin, northeast China. Principal component analysis (PCA), band ratioing, and density slicing were adopted to distinguish the goal...
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The Detection of Container Body Base on Multiple Features

Ziyi Chen, Yinxi Zheng, Junhao Wang, Lisheng Wang
Since the 20th century, the global container transportation is developing very quickly. Unfortunately, although many container terminals have adopted modern management, the character recognition of containers still need the operation of manual read and manual record, which will not only cause the operation...
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Oriented bicyclic graphs whose skew spectral radius does not exceed 2

Ji Jia-Hui, Xu Guang-Hui
Let S(Gs ) be the skew-adjacency matrix of the oriented graph Gs of order n and l1;l2; ¢ ¢ ¢ ;ln be all eigenvalues of S(Gs ). The skew-spectral radius rs(Gs ) of Gs is defined as maxfjl1j; jl2j; ¢ ¢ ¢ ; jlnjg. In this paper, we investigate oriented bicyclic graphs whose skew-spectral radius does not...
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An Adapted Multi-way Tree with Holder-chain for Large Scale P2P VoD System

Liu Pingshan, Huang Guimin, Zhou Ya, Zhang Huibing, Liu Siyun
Peer-to-Peer Video-on-demand (P2P VoD) systems have attracted great interest in research community. Many hybrid methods have been proposed to provide high-quality video-on-demand services to support VCR-like operations, which can scale to large population of users. In this paper, we propose a hybrid...
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A Novel Hole filling method based on Projection onto Convex Set in DIBR

Wang Weiquan, Yang Yingyun, Liang Qian
Depth image based rending (DIBR) is a common technology for synthesis virtual viewpoint in 3DTV. The main problem is how to effectively reduce and fill the holes in the virtual viewpoint. In this paper, a novel hole filling method based on projection onto convex set is proposed to solve this problem....
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The application of ontology model in knowledge retrieval and recommendation

Zhang Liang, Zhang Yuanfeng
The traditional way of keywords-based information retrieval mainly uses string matching to obtain search results. This kind of means ignores the semantic relations between keywords and retrieval results so it is difficult to express the real searching requirement of the users. For the above problem,...
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Design for a Residential Gateway Based on IOT Technology

Guan Shiqiong, Wang Rangding
According to the current application of the IOT technology and the development of the remote meter reading, This paper advances a solution scheme of the residential gateway, which is applied to the meter reading area. Maily analyzes the hardware and software design, and the way to realize the communication...
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An Improved Scout Wireless Localization Algorithm

Shen Bing
The Scout localization algorithm based on probabilistic model employs on-site reference tags to calibrate real-time transmission parameters to provide high localization accuracy. However, this method requires high hardware consumption, due to the deployment of reference tags. Aim to tackle this issue,...
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Codebook Design Method Based on Genetic Algorithm for Chinese Continuous Digital Speech Recognition

Wei Yanna, Zhao Liyan
Vector quantization is one of model training and pattern matching technologies with good performance which is applied to speech recognition at present. The traditional Linde-Buzo-Gray (LBG) algorithm is easy to get the local optimal result in the process of codebook design. According to capability of...
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K - means multi-threshold image segmentation based on firefly algorithm

Yang Jie, Yang Yang, Yu Weiyu, Feng Jiuchao
This paper presents multi-threshold image segmentation approach based on K-means and firefly algorithm. This approach first use the firefly algorithm based on the characteristics of the groups search for optimization to obtain threshold as K-means initial clustering center. It could effectively overcome...
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An Improved Method of Crowd Counting Based on Regression

Jiang Mei, Zhao Yanyun
An improved method of crowd counting based on regression is proposed to support intelligent management over crowd in video surveillance systems. According to the fact that human body has an articulate structure and complicated contours of shape, we propose a new low-level feature, the number of corner...
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A novel set of synthesis units with stable spectral boundaries for HMM-based Mandarin speech synthesis system

Jiao Yishan, Xie Xiang, Tu Ming, Na Xingyu, Wang Jing
Co-articulation is a common phenomenon in human speech, which guarantees the speech sound coherent and natural. Synthesized speech, however, often sounds artificial. This is somewhat because of its inability to imitate co-articulation well. This paper defines a novel set of synthesis units to preserve...
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A Method to Solve Cold-Start Problem in Recommendation System based on Social Network Sub-community and Ontology Decision Model

Chen Meng, Yang Cheng, Chen Jiechao, Yi Peng
The paper presents a method to solve Cold-start problem in collaborative filtering recommendation system. Social sub-community is divided following analyzing exiting users’ history data and mining relationship between each other. Then ontology decision model is built in the basis of sub-community and...
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A Comparative Study on Statistical Classification Methods in Relation Extraction

Zhang Xiaofeng, Gao Zhiqiang, Gui Yaocheng
This paper is a comparative study of statistical classification approaches in relation extraction and classification. The focus is on multiclass classification, not on sequence labeling. Five methods are evaluated, including naive Bayes (NB), decision tree (DT), k-nearest neighbor (kNN), support vector...
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Multi-view Video Coding Based on fast inter mode selection

Wang Sen, Yang Yingyun, Wang Huabing
Multiview video coding mode selection is divided into inter mode selection and intra mode selection, This paper by calculating the adaptive threshold and the complexity of inter-frame motion, proposed a fast inter mode selection algorithm based on the motion complexity and texture information. This algorithm...
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An Image Edge Detection Method Based on Mathematical Morphology

Xiaoping Ji, Haibin Zhang, Dazhi Zhang, Boying Wu
We present two kinds of improved morphological edge detectors according to: the characteristics of the classical morphological operators and the disadvantages of the single structural elements selected. The structure of the first improved operator considers multi-structural elements and omni-directional...
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A 2.4 GHz 1V Low Power LNA in Subthreshold Region

Liu Hangji, Li Zhiqun, Zhang Meng
Thispaper presents the analysis and design of a 1V lowpower differential low noise amplifier (LNA) in 0.18 µm RF CMOS technology for 2.4 GHz WSN applications.The circuit benefits from subthreshold region and gm-boosting techniques. These techniques provide a high gain andreducenoise figure (NF) and power...
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A Suspect Vehicle Tracking System Based on Video

Chen Yadi, Wang Tuo
Video surveillance systems are widely used in security field. The large amounts of video data make it time-consuming for criminal investigation. Traditional researches conducted on visual analysis are extremely challenging, due to the complexity of scenes, such as large variation in viewing angle and...
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A new public key cryptograhpy system based on hyperbolic curve over finite field

Liu Xiaoqin, Zheng Qi, Yang Jianhua, Wang Lu, Zhang Tong, Li Tao, Wang Rui
In this paper, we propose a new technology that improves Diffie-Hellman’s safeness and keeps its good property.The technology is called “Hyperbolic Curve Cryptography System” (HCCS) which is designed on hyperbolic curve over finite filed. HCCS has a solid Abel group structure whose order is diverse over...
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A Video Zero-watermark Algorithm Based on the Contourlet Transform

Chen Xuesong, Bu Guanglong, Li Haotian, Bi Hongbo
A video zero-watermark algorithm is proposed based on Contourlet transform, which has been hailed as the "real" tool to capture the geometric structure of the two-dimensional signal. The algorithm uses Contourlet transform to deal with each frame image of the original video, and select the low frequency...
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MIMO-OFDM System Estimation via Three-Dimensional Channel Decomposition

Gong Guoqiang, Liu Junqing
This paper presents the analytic multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) system model over correlated block fading channel using tensor. In order to reduce the estimated channel parameters, an algorithm of single value decomposition (SVD) is adopted to decompose...
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A Vehicle Counting Algorithm Using Foreground Detection in Traffic Videos

Zhang Linbo, Wang Feng, Hu Ming, Shi Lei, Liang Long
Vehicle counting in traffic videos plays an essential role in traffic surveillance system. It can provide some important traffic information such as congestion level and statistical analysis of traffic flow. In this paper, a novel vehicle counting strategy, which is based on foreground detection algorithm...
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Convergence of Offline Gradient Method with Inner-penalty for Multi-output Feedforward Neural Networks

Zhou Fengqi, Liu Ergen, Xiao Yu
In this paper, we study an offline gradient method with inner-penalty for training multi-output feedforward neural networks. The monotonicity of the error function and weight boundedness for the offline gradient with inner-penalty are presented, both weak and strong convergence results are proved, which...
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A Prediction-Based Transcoding System for Video Conference in Cloud Computing

Chen Yongquan
We design a transcoding system that can provide dynamic transcoding services for various types of video conferencing clients. It can be deployed to many kinds of cloud computing platform and the scheduler can change the setting of any transcoding task to achieve adaptive transcoding requirement form...
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Interactive Computer Music with Graphical Control by Using Android Phone for Audiovisual Installation Art Applications

Liu Tsung-Ching, Lin I-Hon
Interactive music using Max/Msp has been extensively used. The Java environment allows for interface of Max/ Msp to other software and firmware applications much easier. In this paper we will demonstrate the integration of Android phones, Arduino micro-controller, Max/Msp and Processing under Java environment...
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The Research of Print-scan Resistant Watermarking Based on two-dimension code

Lei Zhang, Liang Lu, Peng Lu
This paper applied two-dimension code in image watermarking, according to the high recognition performance and robustness of two-dimension code, the digital watermarking information was converted into the two-dimensional code and embedded in original image, after attacking watermark-image, the attacked...
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A Brief Modeling Study on Business and Operation Support System for Cable TV Networks Service Provider Based on ETOM

Ma Lei, Hu YangSheng, Jia QiNan, Zhang Jun, He JianFeng
The establishment of a united operation platform with multi-operation management, which basically includes DTV, data traffic, VOD, CMTS, VAS and some multimedia applications, is urgent demanded by Chinese cable TV networks service providers during the conversion of Television digitization which is treated...
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An Improved Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm Based on Dark Channel Prior and Histogram Specification

Zhu Qingsong, Yang Shuai, Xie Yaoqin
We introduce an improved single image haze removal algorithm, which combines dark channel prior (DCP) and histogram specification. First, the dark channel prior knowledge proposed by Kaiming He is analyzed and a conclusionis drawn that the haze removal image based on dark channel prior will have a ten-dency...
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An efficient iteratively reweighted L1-minimization for image reconstruction from compressed sensing

Xie Zhengguang, Li Hongjun, Li Yunhua
We proposed a simple and efficient iteratively reweighted algorithm to improve the recovery performance for image reconstruction from compressive sensing(CS). The numerical experiential results demonstrate that the new proposed method outperforms in image quality and computation complexity, compared...
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Action Research Applied in Structural Teaching Materials for Multimedia Programming Course

Wu Chun-Tsai, Chung Szu-Ming
Teaching strategy, materials and objects have great influences on student attainment. For digital content design students, the multimedia programming is a complicated and difficult subject to learn. This study is an action research which goes through the process of reflection, action, and evaluation...
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Analysis of Digital Rights Management for the Consumer Behaviors and the Implications for the Digital Content Industry

Li Xiong, Peng Chen
With the rapid development of ICT technologies, the digital content copyright infringement has become more and more convenient and common. As a result, DRM (digital rights management) are introduced in order to protect all kinds of digital content from being pirated. This paper researches the controversial...
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Lyric Oriented Rhythmic Framework Generating for Automatic Chinese Song Composition

Wu Hao, Xie Lu, Wu Xihong
This paper proposes a lyric oriented rhythm framework generating (LORFG) method for automatic Chinese song composition. For a given lyric, this method constructs a rhythmic framework, in which each linguistic prosodic unit (such as sentence, prosodic phrase, prosodic word, and Chinese characters) in...
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Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Changes in Different Body Figures during Submaximal Exercise

Yi Rujia, Zhang Jianan, Ye Xiaolu, Xie Yong, Zou Fengyuan
In order to analyze blood pressure and heart rate changes during submaximal exercise in different body figures, 36 female college students underwent treadmill exercise with heart rate being monitored and blood pressure measured before, immediately after and 10 minutes after exercise. Correlation analysis...
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A Method of Universal Steganalysis Using Independence with Image Format

Zhang Qiuyu, Shang Qichang, Dong Ruihong, Yan Yan, Zuo Hangzhou
A new universal steganalysis method based on statistical characteristic of multi-domain features extraction is proposed in this paper, mainly aimed at detecting hidden information in images with multiple common formats. Features are firstly extracted in contourlet domain and extended to spatial domain...
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Reference-Driven Compressed Sensing MR Image Reconstruction with Partially Known Support and Group Sparsity Constraints

Dong Yize, Du Huiqian, Zhao Di, Han Yu, Mei Wenbo
Applying compressed sensing (CS) to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) makes it possible to reconstruct a MR image from undersampled data. Traditional CS based MR image reconstruction schemes only use the signals’ sparsity in an appropriate transform domain to reduce sampling rate. This paper proposes...
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Research on the realization of 3D urban traffic simulation system

Cao ZhongHua, Tang QuanHua, Liu YuangChun
This paper makes an intensive study of the realizations and related key technologies in the 3D urban traffic simulation system. First, the system can quickly edit the scenes of the 3D urban, including buildings, roads, etc. It describes the roads using the graph structure, then, the constrained Delaunay...
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The Design of SIMD Controllers for a Polymorphous Multimedia Processor

Pu Lin, Li Tao, Yi Xueyuan, Han Jungang
The design and implementation of a SIMD controller for a polymorphous array processor is presented in the paper. The polymorphous array processor is intended for graphics and multimedia applications. To meet the needs for efficient data level parallel computation, we use the state machine approach to...
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Algorithm of Blind Pixels Detection for IRFPA Based on Integration Time Adjustment

Dai Shaosheng, Liu Yongqiang, Du Zhihui, Xu Fei
In order to effectively detect blind pixels for Infrared Focal Plane Array (IRFPA), this paper provides a new algorithm of blind pixels detection. The algorithm realizes blind pixels detection by distinguishing responsivity between effective pixels and ineffective pixels in different integration time...
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Hu Shenghong
The content based adaptive video transmission (CBAVT) plays a key role in the user oriented multimedia communication, which aims at mapping the importance criterion of user perceived contents to adaptive transmission at different network Quality of Service (QoS). Based on the compositions of information...
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Study on Quantitative Retrieval of Soil Organic Matter Based on Bare Soil Spectrum

Wang Jinliang, Qin Qiming, Dong Heng, Chen Chao, Meng Qingye
As we know, soil organic matter (SOM) is very important to the plant, especially for the crop. How to quickly access the information of SOM has become a major problem faced by many researchers. Now hyperspectral remote sensing technology became more and more useful in the retrieval of SOM. In this paper,...
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Effect of HMM Parameter on Robustness of Chinese Isolated Words Recognition

De Liu, Mingjiang Wang, Zejun Wu
The characteristics of speech signals are stable in short-term but unstable in long-term, so speech sequence modeling method based on Markov Chain can more effectively represent the feature of speech signals. According to some basic modeling unit, this method can also constructs sentence model of continuous...
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ulti-image Super Resolution Reconstruction with Pepper and Salt Noise

Qin Fengqing, Cao Lilan, Zhu Lihong, Yang Wanan
To improve the resolution and reduce the noise in image, a framework of Multi-image super resolution reconstruction with Pepper and Salt noise is proposed. In the low resolution imaging model, the processes of movement, blur, down-sampling and Pepper and Salt noise are considered. Firstly, for the multiple...
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The Research of Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor

Zhang Jiuhua
Stability in wireless ad hoc sensor networks cycle is one of the main evaluation parameters of the system. Network load is balanced and energy is in stable and sustainable is the important guarantee for the stability of the network. Traditional clustering algorithm for ad hoc network can effectively...
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Construction of Irregular LDPC Codes by Row Partition

Tao Xiongfei, Zhang Yan, Liu Pan, Hu Zuoqi
In this paper, we propose an approach to construct a class of irregular low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes based on row partition. We divide the rows of LDPC check matrix into subsets and derive an approach to arrange ’1’ in each column to prevent low weight code words. When decoded by iterative algorithm,...
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Background Subtraction Based Human Region Exaction Method

Cao Jing, Zhang Dong, Xu Dong, Wang Fang
This paper uses median method to build background, uses background subtraction method to detect the human region. Then, shadow elimination, morphological analysis, connected component analysis are used to solve the problem of noise point and cavities.
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Recognition Method for Handwritten Digits Based on Improved Chain Code Histogram Feature

You Qian, Wang Xichang, Zhang Huaying, Sun Zhen, Liu Jiang
The chain code histogram feature is a simple and effective feature extraction technology. This paper proposes improvements based on Chain Code Histogram (CCH) and its first differential characteristics. According to the first Differential Chain Code Histogram (DCCH), the turning points in the direction...
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Low-angle Estimation Based on Multi-frequency Maximum Likelihood

Cao Yunhe, Chen Ting, Wang Shenghua
Amony various low-angle estimation methods, MUSIC method and Maximum Likelihood(ML) Method are representative, but the classical MUSIC method can not directly process coherent signal and need spatial smoothing techinique to decorrelate the coherence of the direct and reflected echo, which would reduce...
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An Audio Blind Watermarking Algorithm by Modifying the DWT Low-frequency Coefficients

Chen Xuesong, Li Haotian, Bu Guanglong, Bi Hongbo
An audio watermarking algorithm by modifying the low-frequency coefficients of DWT is discussed in this paper. Audio signal is divided into many sections, whose quantity is equal to the size of the watermark. The maximal value and the second maximal value of DWT low frequency coefficient can be found...
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Video Error Resilience Scheme using Reversible Data Hiding Technique for Intra-Frame in H.264/AVC

Li Ranran, Wang Rangding
For the purpose of improving the quality of wireless video transmission, this paper proposed an error resilience scheme based on reversible data hiding to reconstruct lost blocks. The motion vector of each macroblock (MB) in Intra-Frame is extracted first. Then as the important data of each MB, it is...
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Directional Bicubic Interpolation — A New Method of Image Super-Resolution

Jing Liu, Zongliang Gan, Xiuchang Zhu
Bicubic interpolation is a standard method in image interpolation field because of its low complexity and relatively good results. But as it only interpolates in horizontal and vertical directions, edges easily suffer from artifacts such as blocking, blurring and ringing. This paper proposed a new method...
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Object Detection in Image with Complex Background

Li Dong, Li Yali, He Fei, Wang Shengjin
Object detection is the key technology in computer vision, with broad application prospects. Object detection has great research value and practical significance as a hot spot of video surveillance in recent years. This paper proposes an algorithm for ship detection in image with complex harbor background....
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3D Ballet Motion Tracking from Shape Context by Using Differential Regression

Tong Minglei, Han Hong, Chen Shudong
An improved method, differential regression, is proposed. It is a more powerful discriminative approach for human pose estimation. The proposed methods investigate 3D body pose reconstruction by learning a simply regression between state vector differences and observation vector. A simulation model is...
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Design of 500MHz Wideband RF Front-end

Liu Zhengqing, Li Zhiqun
This paper presents a design of 500MHz wideband RF front-end for P-band radar based on 0.18 mm RF process. The front-end works at the center frequency of 500MHz with 200MHz bandwidth, which transforms single-end signal to differential signal, amplifies it and mixes it with local oscillator signal, outputting...
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A Method of Caption Detection in News Video

Huang He, Shi Ping
News video is one of the most important media for people to get information. However, it is an urgent problem to find the useful information from a huge amount of news video efficiently and correctly. The caption in news video highly summarizes the related news story and can be used for effective retrieval....
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Segmentation in Soccer Video Based on Fusion Algorithm

Zhang Qiao, Shi Ping
According to the practical application of soccer video, the characteristics of the data structure and the shot conversion methods of soccer videos are described. A method of shot segmentation in soccer video based on fusion algorithm is proposed. In this method, the 2 histogram match based on gray histogram,...
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A Facial Expression Recognition Method for Baby Video Surveillance

Lu Wenping, Li Min, Hao Wenfei, Liu Yu
Facial expression recognition (FER) has been widely used in video surveillance and other fields. In this paper, we built a face image database containing four dif-ferent kinds of infant expressions. Based on the analysis of the features of infants’ eyes and mouths, this paper proposed a method of infant...
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Gesture browsing method for geological data

Chen Huang, Jianhua Li, Hanchao Yu, Junfa Hanchao, Jianghai Shen
In big screen environment,careful observationof geological data is significant forgeological workers. However,traditional mouse is not suitable for free operation in big screen environment.Influenced by illumination, background and some other things, gesture recognition based on ordinary camera isneither...
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Research of new 3D resistivity prospecting system electrical measuring device

Xu Haning, Xiao Hui, Li Zhenggen, Zeng Zhengjun, Deng Juzhi
In the exploration area, traditional high-density electrical prospecting was designed for 2D resistivity acquisition, the accuracy and sampling rate was low. A new type 3D resistivity acquisition system was designed in this thesis. Apparent resistivity data can be acquired by the new substation System...
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Using Edge SIFT Points for Simple Shape Object Matching

Fang Han, Yuan Yule, Shen Ling, Zhao Yong
SIFT the well-known image recognition algorithm performs reliable matching between different views of an object even it is rotated, in different scales, or has different brightness than of the original image. But in our button match works, the SIFT points detected in simple object may be few, and the...
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NMF based speech and music separation in monaural speech recordings with sparseness and temporal continuity constraints

Tu Ming, Xie Xiang, Jiao Yishan
This paper proposes a semi-supervised approach of speech and music separation in monaural speech recordings based on non-negative matrix factorization (NMF). Considering the scenario that the genre of background music is known, music basis vectors are randomly picked from the magnitude of short time...
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Key Technical Analysis on Steganography and Steganalysis

Ge Huayong, Liu Hongqiang, Jin Zhaoyang
In this paper, we present F5 steganographic algorithm and its steganographic system, then we embed 35.5kb information (a txt document) into a 99.7kb JPEG image by using F5 steganographic system. The experimental result shows that when we choose k=3 which is based on utilization rate of the data(R), then...
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Experimental Research on The Effectiveness of Animated Instruction

Zhao Liying, Huang Tao
In this experiment(N=69), we investigated the learning effect of static graphic vs. animation, as well as the effect of user-control dynamic presentation.The results show that system-control animation has the highest cognitive load and the worst learning effect. The learning outcome of static picture...
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Immersive Virtual Tour using Multi-projection with Remote Cluster Rendering

Lin Zhijie, Zhao Lei, Yuan Qingshu, Lu Dongming, Li Yuqi
This paper introduces a new virtual tour method which integrates multi-projection techniques, remote cluster rendering and pattern tracking. We use geometric calibration and edge blending to create a seamless and consistent display and utilize remote render cluster to render high-resolution scene in...
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Integrating Multiagent Systems into Virtual Worlds

McClure Grant, Virwaney Sandeep, Lin Fuhua
Incorporating autonomy and intelligence into virtual worlds to build an engaging virtual environment for applications such as serious games is becoming more desirable. There are challenges in integrating these systems including concerns with synchronization, communication, monitoring, efficiency, and...
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Research and implementation on a real-time microphone array sound source localization system

Peng Kui, Wu Xiaopei, Luo Yaqin, Gong Xiaoxiao
To carry out a real-time sound source localization system with a small amount of microphones, a specific implementation method is presented in this paper. This method comprises two steps: time delay estimation and position calculation. Firstly, the modified cross power spectrum phase algorithm (M-CPSP)...
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2D to 3D Conversion in 3DTV Using Depth Map Generation and Virtual View Synthesis

Jung Cheolkon, Zhu Xiaohua, Wang Lei, Sun Tian, Han Mingchen, Hou Biao, Jiao Licheng
2D to 3D conversion is an important task in 3DTV due to the lack of 3D contents. In this paper, we propose a novel framework of the 2D to 3D video conversion. The proposed framework consists of two main stages: depth map generation and virtual view synthesis. In the depth map generation, motion and relative-height...
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An Example Based Non-local Mean Regularization For Image Super-resolution

Li Chuanhai, Hu Ruimin, Xia Yang
Image super-resolution (SR) is a very useful technique for visual surveillance, high-definition TV and medical image processing. In the traditional method, the inferred high-resolution image patch is represented as a linear combination of dictionaries obtained by training images, and least square estimation...
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An Improved Algorithm based on Palm Print Recognition

Zhang Tong, Zhang Xinghui, Li Tao, Liu Xiaoqin
This paper aims at the deficiency of classical PCA algorithm on only extracting linear palm print features, sufficiently uses the double matching thought of recognition technology to propose a new algorithm which relatively efficient in extracting the classified identification information. The new proposed...
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Improved Multidimensional Representation Using Shearlets

Gong Dewei, Chen Jianhai, Chai Jinliang, Di Jizheng
Despite effective tools in signal and image processing, traditional wavelets methods lose the ability to process multi-dimensional data. In this paper, we describe a new class of multidimensional representation systems, called shearlets. Similar with wavelets, this new representation can be associated...
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Video Text Extraction Based on Stroke Width and Color

Huang Xiaodong, Wang Qin, Liu Kehua, Zhu Lishang
Video text can be used to infer important semantics information of video. Video text extraction is a crucial step to recognize video text. Most of previous works can not extract the text well when the text regions have complex background or text character stroke width is unknown. Therefore, we propose...
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Phase contrast imaging (PCI) investigation for mouse kidney

Yifeng Peng, Ze hua Zhao, Tiqiao Xiao, Peiping Zhu, Wei He
Objective To evaluate the privilege of X-ray phase contrast imaging on the microstructure of mouse kidneys, and explore the imaging differences on kidney images obtained by DEI and in-line outline X-ray imaging (IOXI) with synchrotron radiation (SR) facility. Materials and Methods The SD mouse kidneys...
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The Improvement of PolSAR Speckle Reduction Based on MMSE

Wenguang Wang, Xiaoxia Lin, Kaiqi Liu
Speckle reduction plays an important role in the understanding of SAR images. An improved method is proposed in this paper aiming at solving the complex problem of speckle reduction based on the pre-classification. In this method the Wishart classification is replaced by a simple one, which is based...
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Principal Component Analysis of Pinna’s Structural Details on HRTF

Qi Na, Feng Xuefei
Principal component analysis (PCA) was used to reduce dimension and simplify the analysis of HRTF amplitude spectra of dummy head installed with different artificial pinna model. In addition to no-pinna case, 4 kinds of structural model of pinna were discussed. Directional mean of the corresponding frequency...
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Effective Identification of the MIMO-OFDM Space-Time-Frequency Channel

Gong Guoqiang, Liu Junqing
An effective base expansion model (BEM) decomposition method for multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) channels is proposed. Channel parameter model is proposed to fit the time-varying space-frequency channel, which can be adopted to estimate the MIMO-OFDM channel state information. The result of channel...
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Design of Class-D Power Amplifier for WSN Applications

Fan Jun, Li Zhiqun
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is a wireless network composed of a large quantity of stationary or mobile wireless sensors nodes. This paper presents a power amplifier (PA) design for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in the frequency band of 2.4GHz~2.4835 GHzbased on 0.18 m RF CMOS process. The structure...
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The application research of blind adaptive filter

Lin Li, Shanji Chen
This paper described the principle and basic structure of blind deconvolution filter, it used blind adaptive algorithm, and adjusted coefficient automatically with the changed signal, in order to track the change of signal and realize the filtering finally. at last the performance of designed filter...
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A New Fast Algorithm for Image Denoising

Zheng Shixiu, Pan Zhenkuan, Jiang Chunxiao, Wang Guodong
In this paper, the classic TV-L1 model is extended to a hybrid TV-L1 model based on first order and second order derivatives to remove image noises, preserve geometry, contrast and overcome staircase effects. To improve efficien-cy, a fast algorithm based on dual method which is called the Split-Dual...
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A Modified Automatic Image Stitching Model for Textile and Garment Research Area

Zhang Qi, Zhang YiHong, Xu Jing
This paper presents some techniques for constructing panoramic image stitching from sequences of images captured by cameras from different angle in garment and textile research area. The image stitching representation associates a transformation matrix with each input image. In this paper, an improved...
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The Recognition and Localization of Insulators Based on SIFT and RANSAC ;

Zhao Zhenbing, Liu Ning, Yuan Yapeng
The recognition and localization of insulators is a crucial process of insulators’ failure detection, especially under the complex background. With unknown insulators in test image, a method of the recognition and localization of insulators based on SIFT and RANSAC is proposed as following: SIFT (Scale...
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Study on Soldering Technology for Laser Rod by Finite Element Method

Ming-ming Hao, Guo-guang Lu, Zhi-feng Lei, Yun Huang, Yunfei En
With the increase demand of high power, high efficient and good beam quality solid-state lasers, thermal management become more important for the lasers. Thermal resistance between laser crystal and heat sink can be effectively reduced by soldering technology, but the technology might induce huge heat...
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A Packet-layer Quality Assessment System for VoIP

Jiang Liangliang, Yang Fuzheng
A packet-layer quality assessment system is proposed to monitor the quality of VoIP service in this paper. The proposed system is composed of three modules, where the quality assessment module evaluates the voice quality in terms of the information extracted by the packet header analysis module and silence...
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Design of 7-bit 16-MSample/s Low Supply Low Power Digital-to-Analog Converter

Lin Laizhuan, Li Zhiqun
In this paper, a 7-bit 16-MSample/s current-steering CMOS digital-to-analog (D/A) converter is presented. Current steering architecture consists of binary-weighted cells, the post-layout simulation results show that the SFDR and ENOB are more than 52.50 dB and 6.97 bit with a 1.984MHz input. The integral...
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Classifications Modification Based FCM with Spatial Information for Image Segmentation

Li Zhao, Zhou Xiaoming
Image segmentation is the foundation of computer vision and pattern recognition but is still a challenging problem. FCM has been used in image segmentation many years but its problem that is sensitive to noise still cannot be solved effectively. This paper proposes an improved algorithm that incorporates...
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EziCity: A Rapid Landscape Design Framework of Virtual 3D City

Lan Jianliang, Ding Youdong
A framework of virtual 3D city aiming at rapid, interactive and intuitive landscape prototype design is presented in this paper. The conception or assembling phase of a virtual city is usually a laborious process, because the layout and manipulation of 3D scene objects often does not yield the expected...
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Image Encryption Using Keystreams Dependent on Plain-images

Ye Ruisong, Fu Rong, Zeng Shaojun, Lai Chuting, Ma Junming
A novel chaos-based image encryption scheme is proposed in this paper. The encryption scheme consists of one permutation process and one diffusion process, in which the key streams are both one-time keys in the sense that they are dependent on plain-images. Several merits of the proposed image encryption...
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Design of Low Power Low Phase Noise 5-GHz Frequency Synthesizer for WSN Applications

Feng Yushen, Li Zhiqun
WSN; frequency synthesizer; ACC; low power; low phase noise; phase switching; fast AFC.
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A Dynamic Transmission Method for Scalable Video with Unequal Error Protection

Zheng Xi, Xue Yonglin
In this paper, we propose a dynamic transmission method for scalable video with unequal error protection (UEP). Forward error correction (FEC) is used in the UEP scheme. FEC codes, such as Reed-Solomon (RS) codes, are allocated to different layers of scalable video according to their importance. The...
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An Interactive Control System for 3D Display Using Hidden Markov Model

Xu Liujing, Cao Xun, Deng Xiangdong, Wang Yuanqing, Jin Jing
This paper describes a system fulfilling interactive 3D-TV control. The system captures the position of the users’ right hand, and then records and feature-extracts the trajectory of the gestures. After that, the movement of the users’ input gestures can be recognized for interactive 3D-TV operations...
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Speech Enhancement in Presence of Colored Noise Using An Improved Least Square Estimation

Xia Youshen, Wang Pengyu
Speech enhancement in presence of colored noise has been of signi¯cant topics. This pa-per presents a novel parameter estimation-based method for speech enhancement under colored noise environments. Parameters of speech signal modeled as autoregressive process are estimated by using an improved least...
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Image encryption via projection-pursuit based blind source

Shiguang Luo, Changri Luo, Zhaoquan Cai
A novel image cryptosystem by using projection pursuit based blind source separation is proposed in this work, where the plaintexts need to be neither independent nor sub-independent. In the proposed cryptosystem, for encryption, the plaintexts are mixed linearly with each other first, and then mixed...
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Research on Image Fusion for Visual and PMMW Images Using NSCT and Region Detection

Tang Shi, Xiong Jintao, Yang Jianyu, Peng Xinliang
In this paper, a novel image fusion algorithm based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and image segmentation is proposed, for the application of Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW) concealed objects detection. PMMW and visual images are fused to get a better presentation of original images, maintaining...
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Evaluation of visual comfort for stereoscopic video based on region segmentation

Wang Shigang, Wang Xiaoyu, Lv Yuanzhi
In order to accurately reflect the human eye’s visual comfort in the process of viewing stereoscopic video, a method based on region segmentation is proposed to assess the visual comfort of stereoscopic video. First, adaptively segment and extract the interested area of the human eye from the sequence...
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Attractive Events Detection in Soccer Videos Based on Identification of Shots

Tian Fang, Shi Ping
The necessity of efficient identification and classification of shots in a soccer game ascends with the increasing popularity and quantity of soccer videos. This paper proposes an effective and real-time identifying system for attractive events, namely shooting shots in soccer video clips. Instead of...