Proceedings of the International Conference on Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (ICIMS 2022)

Conference name: International Conference on Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (ICIMS 2022)
Date: 14-15 January 2022
Location: Surakarta, Indonesia (Online)

The International Conference on Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (ICIMS) 2021 is organized by the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. This Conference was hosted online from our University on 14-15 January 2022 due to pandemic issues. Muhammadiyah as an enlightenment movement directs its da'wah mission in all fields including in the realm of Islamic thought and practical movement that is grounded in society. In this industrial revolution 4.0 era, Muhammadiyah is expected to continue to carry out strategic movements based on Islamic intellectual framework and synergize with other institutions in various aspects, economy, politics, social, culture, religion, and science as long as in accordance with Islamic intellectual worldview.

The ICIMS 2021 conference is an international conference that discusses Quranic and Islamic studies, and also in realm of education, economics and humanity. Those topics are crucial themes and are commonly discussed in many seminar forums. This ICIMS currently carries the theme: Contribution of Muhammadiyah Movement to Science and Global Humanity. The purpose of the ICIMS 2021 conference is to identify the role and contribution of Muhammadiyah as an Islamic movement in the field of science and global humanity, to explore Islamic and Muhammadiyah scientific discourse and research to be disseminated through international standard publications, to cultivate a research culture in the field of Islamic scholarship and Muhammadiyah.

The conference also facilitates the lecturers, academicians, teachers, students, to express and share their ideas through writing and presenting articles of the conference about how to be part of a problem solver. On behalf of the faculty of Islamic Religious Studies, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, we thanks are due to committee members of ICIMS for the cooperation that have been given at this conference. In addition, we also would like to express our gratitude all vice deans, head of study programs, the keynote speakers, the chair conference, who made this conference successful. Last but not least, we wish that this conference can a source of beneficial platform to express thought and experience through academic writings.

Mohammad Zakki Azani
Editor in Chief