Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation in Research (ICIIR 2018) – Section: Economics and Management Science

Entrepreneurship Sorghum towards Industry 4.0

Endang Noerhartati, Pratiwi Dwi Karyati, Soepriyono Soepriyono, Bambang Yunarko
Corresponding Author
Endang Noerhartati
Available Online July 2019.
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sorghum; sorghum products; sorghum entrepreneurship; industry 4.0
The purpose of this research is to develop entrepreneurship based on sorghum by exploring all potential sorghum as raw materials for entrepreneurship towards industry 4.0 that must have creative and innovative ideas in developing entrepreneurship. Observations cover various aspects of the superiority of each aspect of sorghum and advanced statistical analysis. The results showed that raw materials from sorghum which could be used were grain, stems, roots and leaves. The product that can be derived from the raw material such as rice, flour, soft brand, and brand. The field tests showed that the machines and equipment for processing common rice that were easily accessible to farmers could be engineered to process sorghum seeds into sorghum rice. Thus, the processing of sorghum seeds can be done easier and closer to farmers. The machine and hybrid equipment automation are ready to be done by engineering the screen part and blower units. Other results of entrepreneurial products are food products (various cakes, bakery, and cookies), functional drinks, and various fermentation products), health products, and non-food items (cosmetics, batik, and various souvenirs).
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