Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Business Law and Local Wisdom in Tourism (ICBLT 2022)

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I Nyoman Putu Budiartha, Ade Saptomo, Peter Verhezen, Siti Hafsyah Idris, Cesaltina Angela Soares, Eddy Lisdiyono, Faisal Santiago, Eddy Pratomo, Ahmad Sudiro, Anthon Freddy Susanto
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An Approach of the Big Data Analysis on Customer Satisfaction in Bali’s Luxury Hotels and Resorts Through Wellness Attributes

Angellie Williady, Hyun-Jeong Ban
Tourism is one of the key pillars supporting Bali’s economy and due to the COVID-19, it was facing a major drop. However, starting on April 1st 2022, Bali is opening for inbound travelers with a more relaxed COVID-19-related regulation as a part of border opening in the Southeast Asian country after...
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Analysis of the Imposition of Final Income Tax (Final Income Tax) and Duty for the Acquisition of Land and/or Building Rights (BPHTB Tax) in the Transition of Property Rights to Land in Gianyar Regency

Putu Eka Wima Setyadi, Gusti Bagus Suryawan, A. A. Istri Agung
Taxes related to the transfer of land rights are Final Income Tax (PPh Final) and Customs on Acquisition of Land and Building Rights (BPHTB tax), Exchange, and others as agreed between the parties. While the BPHTB tax is a tax that arises and must be paid due to the acquisition of land and building rights...
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Application of Balinese Customary Law Sanctions in Criminal Acts of Blasphemy Against Sacred Places

Kade Richa Mulyawati, I. G. A. A. Gita Pritayanti Dinar, Anak Agung Sagung Laksmi Dewi
The increasing development of Bali’s tourism has finally made it possible for temples to also serve as a tourist attraction area. However, this in turn allows cases of blasphemy against sacred places to occur. If it is viewed from the perspective of criminal law, in fact the crime of harassment or blasphemy...
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Application of General Principles of Good Governance in Tourism Policy: Case Study of Borobudur Temple Tariff Increase

This paper explains that applying the general principles of good governance must be done both before and after making a policy. Normative law is used in this paper. A literature review is used to obtain data. As a result, in order to be called a nation, there must be a government, a territory, and a...
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Arrangements for Reporting Suspicious Financial Transactions by Notaries to the Financial Transaction Analysis Reporting Center

Dewa Made Antara, I. Nyoman Budiartha, Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
Notaries are independent public servants who can do their jobs without supervision. The powers granted to a notary by Law No. 2 of 2014 on Amendments to Law No. 30 of 2004 Regarding the Position of Notary are in addition to those granted to a notary by existing laws. As part of their standard procedures,...
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Arrangements for Submission of Building Usage Rights in Land Transfer

Ni Gusti Ketut Sri Atiti
This article examines the use of Building Use Rights in land conversion. The purpose of this study is to identify and examine the rule about the presence of a maximum threshold in the application of construction rights for land conversion, as well as the legal ramifications of this arrangement. This...
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Authority of Regional Supervisory Council and Protocol Receiving Notaries in the Delivery of Protocols Who Has Died in Badung Regency

I Putu Angga Raditya Prihandana, I Nyoman Sujana, A. A Istri Agung
The jurisdiction of the Regional Supervisory Council (MPD) and the Notary Recipient of the Protocol in submitting the Protocol of a deceased Notary is examined in this article. Following the death of a notary in Badung Regency, it was discovered that the notary protocol had not been filed for more than...
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Balanced Justice in Islamic Inheritance to Realize Unity and Sustainability of Collective Life

Zainuddin Zainuddin, Salle Salle, Andi Risma
This paper aims to explore the values of justice in the Islamic inheritance system in realizing the sustainability of life. The method used in this research is normative juridical with descriptive analysis. The study results show that justice is one of the essences of Islamic teachings. Justice in the...
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Bali’s Sustainable Tourism Practices: Efforts and Challenges

Muhammad Arif Hidayah, Muhammad Farhan
For decades, Bali has been the hot spot for international tourism attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the surge of international travel, Bali continues to be the one of the most sought after destinations chosen by international visitors. Tourism...
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Building Social Justice Character Through X-Reality Technology: A Systematic Literature Review

Mohammad Alvi Pratama, Anthon Freddy Susanto, Hesti Septianita, Rosa Tedjabuwana
The use of XR Technology (Augmented & Virtual Reality) has begun to develop in various sectors, but the education sector has not been fully implemented. Moreover, in the field of social-humanities the application is still minimal. Meanwhile, the Immersive feature offered by XR Technology is very...
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Cartel Enforcement as a Form of Unfair Competition in Indonesia, the United States, and Japan: A Comparative Analysis

Pri Pambudi Teguh, Ismail Rumadan
Using normative juridical approaches to study legal norms and principles, this paper explores the type of regulation and procedure of law enforcement against business players who practice cartel under competition law in Indonesia, the United States, and Japan. Statutory approach, comparative law approach,...
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Co-existence of Bali Customary Law and State Law in Case of Divorce

I Ketut Sukadana, I Wayan Werasmana Sancaya
The purpose of this research is to find the concept of a combination of the application of customary law and state law in the event of divorce in order to obtain a clear legal status in society. Meanwhile, based on observations, many people think that the divorce has been completed at the customary village...
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Collective Agreements as Solutions to Industrial Relations Disputes in the Tourism Industrial Sector

Chamdani Chamdani, Asri Wijayanti, Budi Endarto, Sekaring Ayumedya Kusnadi, Nobella Nobella
Tourism can experience labor-management conflicts between employers and employees. A collective agreement is one method of resolving industrial relations conflicts. The provisions of a collective agreement may contradict the contents of a work agreement, a collective labor agreement, corporate policies,...
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Constructing Local Wisdom-Based Characters of Social Justice as Fundamental Part in Shaping Law School Graduates

Hesti Septianita, Anthon F. Susanto, Rosa Tedjabuwana, Mohammad Alvi Pratama
It is important to build the characters of social justice inherently among the students to sensitize them about the injustice suffered by the communities as one of the processes of legal education in preparation to produce good and strong law graduates. Therefore, the problem of this research is on what...
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Coordination Pattern of Implementation of the Tourism Sector Business Licensing Authority in Indonesia

Cipta Indralestari Rachman, Arum Afriani Dewi, Muhammad Zeta Rifqi
The regulation of tourism in Indonesia, which was previously governed by Law No. 10 of 2009, has now been revised by Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation. The Job Creation Law governs company licensing in the tourist administration depending on the amount of activity risk defined by the Central Government....
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Cultural Objects and Traditions of Negeri Soya of Ambon as a Tourist Attraction

Bernadeta Resti Nurhayati
Ambon is one of the beautiful cities in Moluccas (Maluku) archipelago. Beside old forts and Portuguese and Dutch colonial heritage churches, the city has negeris and villages. A negeri is a unitary community of customary law. One of the negeris is named Soya (hereinafter referred to as Negeri Soya. It...
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Customer Satisfaction Analysis for Medical Service Quality from Foreign Females’ Perspective in Korea During COVID-19

Seieun Kim, Yiwen Shen
The aim of this paper is to measure the relationship among medical service quality, customer satisfaction, and revisit intention for foreign female hospital visitors in Korea during COVID-19. This study employed an extended SERVQUAL model including COVID-19 regulations such as keeping social distance...
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Developing Tourism in Indonesia Through Functional Asymmetrical Decentralization

Andy Omara, Gunawan Tauda
Existing literatures explain two different models on how a country is governed i.e. centralized and decentralized models. [1] Centralization means central government is the sole authority in governing the country. [5] Local governments within centralized model do not have significant power to determine...
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Development of Eco-tourism with Cultural Insights and Local Wisdom for Community Empowerment

Made Sukereni
The objective of this study is to examine (1) ecotourism activities that promote community empowerment and (2) cultural values and indigenous knowledge that can support ecotourism growth. The technique employed is a form of normative legal research. (1) Ecotourism activities encourage community empowerment...
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Does the Covid-19 Protocol Might be Consider Law: Why the Indonesia Government Doubtful to Enforce the Law

Caecilia Waha, Theodorus Lumunon, Luh Putu Sudini
Protocol is central in preventing COVID transmission19. Some discussions try to show the source and basis of published protocols. In Indonesia protocol is seen as a code of conduct rather than a law of conduct that must be obeyed. Although the source or making of the protocol is carried out by authorized...
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Efficiency for E-Commerce Business Actors

Asmah Asmah, Andi Istiana Inayah
E-commerce is a business transaction that is conducted electronically in order to facilitate both marketing and purchasing transactions at any time and place, as well as transactions with anyone involved in online transactions. This adaptability is what attracts customers, whereas this method satisfies...
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Efforts to Revitalize Indonesia’s Tourism Industry During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Setyo Utomo, A. S. Yenny, Klara Dawi, Siswadi Siswadi, Aleksander Sebayang
The fall of the tourist business in Indonesia is one of the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. Foreign and domestic tourist visits declined precipitously as hotel occupancy fell and the number of jobless increased as a result of job losses in the tourism industry. In light of these circumstances,...
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Electronic Initial Public Offering (e-IPO) Business Dispute Resolution in Indonesia

I Gede Prema Nugraha Suastama, I Gusti Agung Ayu Gita Pritayanti Dinar, Kadek Richa Mulyawati
The dynamics of economic, commercial, and technological progress have the potential to produce disagreements among those engaged. Disputes arise as a result of variances in each party’s interests, and one party feels that his or her interests are distinct to those of the other side. One of the most common...
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Empowerment of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) on Access to Capital Related to Ecotourism Development

(Case Study in Penglipuran Village, Bangli Regency)

Dewa Gede Wibhi Girinatha
The goal of this research is to examine the empowerment of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in terms of access to financing for ecotourism growth in light of Tourism Law Number 10 of 2009. The research method employed is normative legal research with a statutory approach. The primary, secondary,...
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Empowerment of the Bangelan Village Community in the Development of Tourism Village in Malang Regency

Ririen Ambarsari, Anindya Bidasari, Darajatun Indra Kusuma Wijaya, Fahmi Arif Zakaria
As one of the villages in Wonosari District, Malang Regency, Bangelan Village has an area of 167.20 Ha, with a population of 4,461 people, where Bangelan Village has a lot of potential including Natural Resources Potential, Human Resources potential, institutional potential, facilities and infrastructure...
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Enhancing Protection for Balinese Traditional Cultural Expression: A Government and Academician Cooperation Approaches

Desak Putu Dewi Kasih, Ni Ketut Supasti Dharmawan, Anak Agung Istri Ari Atu Dewi, I Gusti Ngurah Parikesit Widiatedja, Anak Agung Gede Duwira Hadi Santosa, Putu Aras Samsithawrati
In order to strengthen the protection of Balinese traditional cultural expressions based on inventory at the National Data Center for Communal Intellectual Property, this study aims to investigate the arrangements of communal intellectual property protection in international flora and in Indonesia as...
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Fostering Prisoners of Restorative Corruption Crimes

Gialdah Tapiansari Batubara, Rd Dewi Asri Yustia, Tia Ludiana
The accountability of corruption crimes in Indonesia mostly leads to prison sanctions. Placing perpetrators of corruption crimes in prisons is not the best way out in solving corruption. The guidance of corruption convicts in prisons carried out by the state is essentially an embodiment of justice that...
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Framework for Settlement of Industrial Relations Disputes in the Field of Cultural Tourism Based on Local Wisdom in Sumbawa

Asri Wijayanti, Lelisari, Indah Kusuma Dewi, Chamdani, Samsul Arifin
Cultural tourism is one way to explore national identity. The development of cultural tourism will be hampered if there is a dispute in industrial relations between the actors producing goods or services (employers, workers, and the government). Industrial relations disputes within the cultural tourism...
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Government and Community Effort for Minimizing Corruption in Indonesia

Liza Deshaini, Waty Suwarty Haryono
Efforts by the government and society to minimize corruption in Indonesia are increasing public knowledge about the law, cleaning the legal apparatus from corruption, collusion and nepotism, enforcing the law without selective discrimination, improving the welfare of state employees, intensifying anti-corruption...
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Harmonization of Copyrights and Brands in Improving Community Competitiveness Through Creative Economy in Indonesia

Haidir Rachman, Ummu Salamah
In an effort to boost the community's competitiveness through Indonesia's creative economy, this research is concerned with the harmonization of copyrights and brands. Research was conducted using a normative legal approach using secondary data, which was then subjected to descriptive analysis....
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Harmonization of Uncitral Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration as a Legal Protection Towards Tourism Industry

Herliana Herliana
Despite being one of the biggest industries in the world, the tourist industry uses arbitration and other kinds of ADR less frequently than other industries (ADR). In disputes involving parties from other jurisdictions, the travel and tourist sector is frequently engaged. Travel agents, airline, hotels,...
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Hermeneutics of Virtual Legal Education in 360° Reality

Rosa Tedjabuwana, Anthon F. Susanto, Hesti Septianita, M. Alvi Pratama
The use of virtual reality in education and the professional field in the past two years. The so-called 360-degree virtual technology enables us to simulate space and conditions that are either rare or unexplorable in the real physical world. This research aims to know the limitations in current-day...
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How Sustainable is Tourism in Bali? Study of the Contribution of the Tourism Sector in the Sarbagita Region-Bali

P. A. S. M. Putri, A. A. S. M. Srihandari, I. G. A. A. Wulandari, I. K. Darma, A. A. S. Purnami, I. K. Putra
Bali is a tourist island with a lengthy history in the tourism industry. Bali’s tourist boom, which has been ongoing since the early 1900s, has enticed capitalists to invest in the island’s tourism sector. The increasing rise of the tourist sector raises concerns about the tourism sector’s contribution...
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Implementation of Drinking Water Supply System in Guaranteeing People’s Right to Drinking Water in Denpasar City

Ida Ayu Putu Widiati
Drinking water is indispensable for the community to fulfill a healthy, clean, and productive life. The government has implemented a Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) to guarantee people's rights to drinking water, access to drinking water services, and the fulfillment of basic daily drinking...
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Implementation of Land Acquisition of Customary Property Rights for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy

Ida Ayu Tannia Dhamayanti Manuaba, I Dewa Ayu Sinta Ary Ramaswari, I Wayan Kartika Jaya Utama
The most challenging issue for the government to comprehend and address is happiness, and Tri Concept Hita Karana, which is addressed to those impacted by freedom and the government, offers a solution. In the idea of acquiring land with the community, socio-religious activities take on value. By employing...
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Implementation of Outsourcing (Transfer) Job Under Labor Law Number 13 Year 2003

Siswanto Siswanto
Due to business sector rivalry, companies must focus on a series of processes or operations to create goods and services tied to their primary skills. Various market-competitive quality items and services will be produced with a focus on the company’s key skills. In an increasingly competitive business...
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Improving the Welfare of the Balinese People Through the Protection of Communal Intellectual Property

Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights to enjoy economically the results of an intellectual creativity. In general, ownership of intellectual property rights can be grouped into 2 (two) parts, namely: personal/individual intellectual property ownership and communal/group intellectual property...
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International Trademark Registration Through Madrid Protocol as a Solution for Trademark Protection from Indonesia

Gede Aditya Pratama, Elfirda Ade Putri, Aimee Malca Luwinanda
Nowadays, globalisation has resulted in goods, services, labour, and capital flowing freely between countries in the world. Indonesia itself is not an exception for this global phenomenon. The free flow of trade from and out of Indonesia makes products from Indonesia are vulnerable to being imitated...
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Interrelation of Ethics, Law, and Justice

M. Natsir Asnawi
The research’s aim is to describe the interrelation of ethics, law, and justice as an inseparable unit, both in terms of norm formation, enforcement, and legal reform. A standing point of the research is that the law and its enforcement cannot be separated from the ethical creed that underlies all aspects...
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Investment Policy Based on Indigenous Community Groups in Bali

Darmayanti Putri, Moh Faiz, Kartika Jaya, Made Wiryani
This study aims to examines the effectiveness of Local Regulation of Badung Regency Number 3 of 2022 concerning the Implementation of Investment, which is based on local wisdom with the aim of the welfare of the community. In fact, many people who invest through online trading in unofficial institutions...
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Juridical Analysis of Euthanasia (Right to Death) Based on Article 344 of Indonesian Criminal Code and Law Number 39/1999 Concerning Human Rights

Agustina Syahroel
Euthanasia, also known as the "right to die," is the practice of taking away a person's or an animal's life in a method that is deemed painless or causes little to no pain. Typically, fatal injection is used. The act of euthanasia itself is brought about by the patient's intolerable...
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Land Control as an Investment Object By Foreigners Through Mixed Marriage in Bali

I Nyoman Sujana
This article analyzes on “Land Control as an Investment Object by Foreigners Through Mixed Marriages in Bali”. The legal aspects of foreigners controlling land in Bali for the benefit of tourism firms under the cover of mixed marriages are the main topic of this study. With a statutory, conceptual, sociological,...
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Law Enforcement Against Perpetrators of Physical Destruction of Tourist Attractions in Bali

I Dewa Agung Gede Mahardhika Martha, Ni Made Sukaryati Karma
Indonesia is a country rich in culture and tourism. Tourism is a dynamic activity that involves many humans and brings various fields of business to life. The importance of the role of tourism in economic development in various countries is beyond doubt, and tourism is one of the development sectors...
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Law in the Cosmology of Local Communities (Osing Community)

Mella Ismelina Farma Rahayu, Anthon F. Susanto, Liya Sukma Muliya
Cosmology is a philosophy about the universe, and cosmology is a construction of thinking about the local people's minds about the universe associated with themselves. This study aims to understand the law in the cosmology of the Osing community and the harmony that is always sought to be achieved...
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Legal Aspects of Condotel Ownership for Property Investment in Indonesia

Elsi Kartika Sari
The rapid development of housing is in line with the development of tourism areas, as well as efforts to increase the usability and functionality of land as building procurement to improve the quality of life for densely populated areas with limited land. Development in Indonesia is directed at high-rise...
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Legal Assurance on Consumers of Refill Drinking Water in the City of Denpasar

Ayu Metta Sandra, Ayu Prasetya Dewi, Ni Made Puspasutari Ujianti
Drinking water is a basic need for humans because most of the human body consists of water. Along with the development of people's needs for drinking water which is getting higher and the development of free markets and competition in the business world, currently many refill drinking water depots...
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Legal Certainty for Village Credit Institutions and Indigenous Village Communities on the Management of Village Credit Institutions

I Nyoman Sukandia, Anak Agung Istri Agung
Village Credit Institution (referred to as LPD) is one component that plays an important role in efforts to empower Indigenous Village so that the welfare, prosperity, and happiness of all members of the community can be achieved in Indigenous Village. LPD in its development is strongly supported by...
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Legal Certainty of the Position of the Executor of the Will in the Deed of Will

Karti Komalasari, I Nyoman Putu Budiartha, Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
A will (testament) is a deed that includes a person's declaration of what he intends to happen after his death and the process by which it can be changed. The people named as heirs are listed in the testator's will, which may also include information about the inheritance split among the heirs....
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Legal Consequences of Limited Partnership (CV) that Have Not Been Registered in the Business Entity Administration System (SABU) for Third Parties

Anak Agung Ayu Ngurah Sri Rahayu Gordan, Kadek Januarsa Adi Sudharma
The new procedure of establishment of CV after the issuance of PP no. 24 the year 2018 and also Permenkumham no. 17 of 2018 has an impact on a CV that has been established before 2018, in Permenkumham CV that has been established before the passing of the regulation must register its CV into a system...
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Legal Economic Analysis Related to the State Concept of the Welfare Law

Lisma Lumentut
The purpose of this essay is to identify how economic analysis of law and its link to the notion of welfare state legislation as embraced by the Indonesian State. This is a normative juridical research that is based on primary, secondary, and tertiary sources that are studied qualitatively by presenting...
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Legal Politics on the Dynamics of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Regulation in National Legislation

Made Arya Duta Gunaksara, Nyoman Gede Antaguna
Soon after the Covid crisis passed, with horrible circumstances for several months, every country began reorganizing its economy to recover and rise in global competition. In Indonesia, there is an interesting phenomenon about the entity of the actual economic sector, which continues conducting trade...
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Legal Products of the Province of Bali in Strengthening the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers

I Wayan Rideng
The government has not been able to fully absorb and provide employment for citizens of working age. Every job market is opened, whether it is in government or private institutions, the demand for it or applicants is always booming. Competitive and limited job opportunities, not a few job seekers turn...
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Legal Protection for Bank Customers Holding Credit Cards Who are Charged with Surcharges by Merchant in Payment Transactions

I Nyoman Putu Budiartha, A. A. Sagung Laksmi Dewi, Nyoman Gede Antaguna
Advances in payment systems in credit card transactions have advantages, such as being more efficient, easier, faster and safer. Nevertheless, in its implementation merchants take advantage of this payment system by charging surcharges to the customers and in that condition the customers are powerless....
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Legal Protection for Debtors for the Execution of Fiduciary Guarantee Objects

(Case Study at PT. Summit Oto Finance Denpasar Branch)

I Putu Baladeva Vidyasagara, I Nyoman Putu Budiartha, Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
The inclination of today’s society to purchase items in installments multiple times makes consumer finance institutions the best option for sales and purchase agreements made in installments or regularly. How the execution of the object of fiduciary guarantees is carried out by the consumer finance company...
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Legal Protection for Tourists in Post-covid-19 Tourism Development in Indonesia

Divi Kusumaningrum, Ariella Gitta Sari, Geger Suhartono
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on many aspects of Indonesia and even the world. The sector that has the most impact is the tourism sector, which is not only felt in Indonesia but also internationally. However, tourism itself cannot be separated from legal aspects, the legal basis of tourism...
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Legal Protection for Villa Owners from Manipulation of the Villa Brokers

Ni Putu Egie Lyllien Cisquita, A. A. Sagung Laksmi Dewi
A real estate broker is a term that can be used for one who assists villa owners to find tenants. Before offering a villa room, brokers first make an agreement, both verbally and in writing, regarding the rental fee for the villa with the villa owner. However, in practice, there are brokers who single-handedly...
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Legal Protection for Virtual Land Trading Investment Transactions in the Metaverse

Rizki Fitri Amalia
The existence of the Metaverse is warming the world as a second life, and one can carry out activities in the virtual world, one of which is buying and selling transactions. Metaverse itself is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality...
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Legal Protection of Borrower’s Personal Data in Online Loan Application Services

I Komang Bintang Kurnianta, I Made Indra Sastrawan, I. B. Gede Agustya Mahaputra
Globalization and technology are rapidly evolving. Making things simpler is the availability of online loans, which are a result of technical advancements. Many provide more accessible and flexible borrowing terms and conditions than traditional financial institutions such as banks. However, breaches...
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Legal Protection of Foreign Workers in Indonesia Post the Issuance of Presidential Regulation Number 20 of 2018 Concerning the Use of Foreign Workers

Ida Bagus Gumilang Galih Sakti
Companies in Indonesia are increasingly interested in hiring international personnel. Labor inspection is essential to be able to take preemptive actions and adapt any developments that occur in the face of alterations in values and the way of life of industry and trade operators. As a result, changes...
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Legal Protection of Ngurah Rai Mangrove Conservation Area on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project in Sanur Village

Ni Luh Ari Andini Adnyana, I Made Minggu Widyantara, I Nyoman Gede Sugiartha, I Gusti Agung Ayu Candra Ningrat
Ngurah Rai Mangrove Conservation Area is located in Badung Regency and Denpasar City, covering an area of 1,373.5 Ha. It has essential functions, one of which is to prevent abrasion that is likely to threaten Bali. On February 23, 2021, one of PLN’s subsidiaries, PT PLN Gas & Geothermal (PLNGG),...
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Legal Protection of Right Holder of Building Usage Rights that Have Ended the Extension Period in Accordance with the Provisions of Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 18 Year 2021

I Made Suwimba Arimbawa, I Nyoman Sujana, I Made Pria Dharsana
The regulations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia Number 18 of 2021 have expired the legal protection of land use rights, according to this paper. The analysis in this article focuses on the legal protection of land rights of buildings whose certificates of right to use have expired because...
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Legal Protection of Tourism Conscious Groups in the Development of Tourism Villages in Indonesia

Restu Adi Putra, Gentur Cahyo Setiono, David Gunawan
The world of tourism today continues to experience significant growth. One of its forms can be seen from the increasing number and development of tourism in the area which is packaged in the form of a tourism village. Tourism villages are efforts to develop local community-based tourism development that...
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Legal Protection of Tourist Insurance on Watersport of Tanjung Benoa Bali

Desak Gde Dwi Arini, I Nyoman Subamia
Watersport Tanjung Benoa Bali is a travel sports activist and lover of watersport activities. Watersport is a type of water sports game or nautical activity ranging from extreme games to watersport activities suitable for families—legally protecting tourist insurance on watersports of Tanjung Benoa Bali....
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Legal Reconstruction in Government Policies in the Post-covid-19 Tourism Sector that Supports Economic Recovery in Indonesia

Irham Rahman, Fitri Windradi, Yudi Tatang Sujana
Changes in the pattern of people’s lives are faster than changes in law, considering the function of law as community renewal that can provide benefits. Since the Covid-19 virus entered Indonesia 2 years ago, the pattern of people’s lives changed, and the government provided policies through rule of...
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Legalization of Pecalang to Embody Drug-Free Bali Tourism

I Wayan Sukawinaya
Domination of pecalang’s existence is quite noticeably in Balinese society life. Despite their role in maintaining the village’s security and orderliness, pecalang has also been a role model symbol of obedience in traditional society to live on applied rules. Pecalang could contribute by distancing drugs...
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Liability Against Physical Damages of Tourism Attractions According to the Bali Perda Number 5 Year 2020

I Dewa Agung Gede Mahardhika Martha, Ni Made Sukaryati Karma
Indonesia is a country rich in culture and tourism. Tourism is a dynamic activity that involves many people and revives various fields of business. The importance of the role of tourism in economic development in various countries is no longer in doubt and tourism is one of the development sectors currently...
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Liquidator Liabilities in Doing Management and Settlement of the Company’s Assets

Sri Wahyu Liesyowati, Darwati Darwati
The government passed Investment Law Number 25 of 2007. Investors are required to follow all applicable rules and regulations. Employers must submit to the government before carrying out their operations, according to Article 6 of Law Number 7 of 1981 Concerning Mandatory Reporting of Employment in Companies....
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Local Legal Products Formation on Tourist Contribution to Natural and Cultural Protection

I Wayan Rideng
During the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism conditions were very bad which resulted in the joints of the Balinese economy experiencing a sharp decline in contraction, concrete efforts were needed in handling it. The government has passed and is enforcing Law Number 32 of 2009 concerning Environmental Protection...
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Local Wisdom in Business Practices in Indonesia

Husni Thamrin, Kadarudin Kadarudin
The purpose of doing business through optimal management of economic resources for owners of economic resources and the community must be carried out by taking into account the interests and benefits of owners of economic resources or owners of production factors. Along with this, the idea of ​​local...
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Management Rights on Land (HPL) as Local Government Assets in the Development of Tourism Area

Irene Eka Sihombing
One of the supporting factors for the implementation of the development of tourism areas is the availability of land. The Basic Land Law as the main provision in the land sector provides various types of land rights to be owned. In addition to the rights to the land, there is a Management Rights on the...
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Meaning Good Faith in Sporadic Land Registration in Bali

I Made Suwitra, I Made Gianyar
This study aims to analyze the nature of good ethics in the sporadic registration of land rights as mandated by Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 1997 and the legal consequences of certificates issued through conversions based on the SPPT-PBB letter. The method used is in...
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Melukat Ritual for Commercialization and Protection Toward Cultural Tourism in Bali

Anak Agung Ayu Ngurah Sri Rahayu Gorda, Kadek Januarsa Adi Sudharma, Ketut Elly Sutrisni
Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia that is very well known throughout the world. Intense spirituality, preserved cultural traditions, and high tolerance between religious communities make Bali unique and famous worldwide. High tourist interest in visiting Bali, encouraging the Balinese people to...
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Notary: Mediator in Mediation of Land Dispute of the Parties in the Deed

Ni Luh Gede Purnamawati
Notaries must be fair and impartial when offering services to the community, avoiding status and class discrimination. In practice, there are also notaries who serve as mediators for deed dispute mediation. The notary is morally obligated to resolve problems relating to the document they drew up. It...
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Pandemic Mitigation Based on Local Wisdom: The De Javu of the Ritual of Rejecting the Doom “Dongkrek”

Dhea Savitri Erwayani, Armansyah
Over the past two years, the Covid-19 epidemic has had a significant impact. Covid-19 has been the target of numerous attempts to restrict its spread. The residents of Mejayan Village have a distinctive practice for averting pandemics, known as “Dongkrek,” which takes the shape of a rite to refuse doom....
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Patterns for Settlement of Traditional Disputes and Provision of Values for Sure and Justice According to Catur Dresta in Bali Traditional Law

Diah Gayatri Sudibya, Ayu Septi Nohana, Egie Lyllien Cisquita
This study aims to identify the impact of customary disputes in the order of indigenous peoples and to resolve disputes that occur according to Catur Dresta in Balinese customary law. The impact of the Customary Dispute in the Order of the Indigenous Peoples is to become a disharmonious relationship...
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Policy to Limit the Transfer of Functions Agricultural Land

I Nyoman Sutama, I. G. B. Suryawan
The function of land in magical religiosity began to shift due to the development of tourism development, population development, settlement development which had implications for the conversion of agricultural land. Whereas the agricultural sector plays an important role in the national economy and...
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Politics of Criminal Law of Justice Collaborator in Environmental Crimes

I Nyoman Gede Sugiartha, A. A. Sagung Laksmi Dewi, I Made Minggu Widyantara, Ketut Adi Wirawan
Environmental crime is one of the fields that often causes debate in the practice of applying the law. It is undeniable that the environment is a field that is very vulnerable to practices against criminal law; even acts against the law are not only done alone but together. So the practice of law enforcement...
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Position of Receivables in Fiduciary Guarantee Related to the Linkage Program Between Commercial Banks and People's Credit Banks

Ni Made Sintia Tarisa, Johannes Ibrahim Kosasih, Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
The linkage program is a solution to overcoming the liquidity of rural banks in banking practice, with the submission of third-party receivables as collateral. The pattern used is executing, where Commercial Banks can directly execute third-party receivables. Legally the rights of Commercial Banks as...
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Problems of the Obligation to Keep Information Confidential in Making a Notarial Deed with the Principle of Recognizing Notary Service Users

Ni Komang Arini Styawati, I Nyoman Sumardika, Ni Made Puspasutari Ujianti
Even though part of the material is not the notary's signature appears in the deed. Required to preserve everything relevant to the deed they produced and what was communicated to them as a notary confidential. The Notary is not permitted to share what their client has informed them as a notary...
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Protection of Drug Raw Materials Through Price Standardization as a Business Rule in Supporting Competitive Local Drug Production

Gandhi Pharmacista, Virly Vidiasti Sabijanto
One of the contents of the Economic Policy Package Volume VI concerns the importation of drugs and raw materials. Because the price of drugs is very high because the raw materials come from abroad. Almost 95% of medicinal raw materials are still imported, which makes the price of drugs expensive. It...
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Protection of UMKM in Sustainable Creative Economy Development in Indonesia

Anak Agung Gede Oka Wisnumurti
This study aims to explore the protection related to UMKM in the development of a sustainable creative economy in Indonesia with a descriptive normative legal research method. This is because researchers examine primary legal materials and secondary legal materials, which consist of legal materials (laws,...
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Ratio Legis of Heirs Who Change Religion According to Bali Traditional Health Law

Diah Gayatri Sudibya
The legis ratio of heirs who change religions according to Balinese customary inheritance law based on the author's opinion can be carried out by heirs to heirs who change religions, namely 1) can you give the Soul Fund (Grant) from the heir to the heirs as evidence that there is still a relationship...
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Regulation Model for Intellectual Property Financing Scheme (IPFS) Optimizing MSME Capital for the Tourism Sector Comparative Study: Singapore and Malaysia

Putri Purbasari Raharningtyas Marditia, Tivana Arbiani Candini
Capital is an essential thing in a business, especially MSMEs in the tourism sector, and one way to get capital is through loans. Companies can prove capital loans with collateral to ensure that there will be assets used as repayment, so indirectly collateral is vital in determining business continuity....
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Regulation of Legal Protection Against Tourists and Implementation of Criminal Sanctions Against the Act of Against the Law According to Law Number 10 of 2009 on Tourism

I Ketut Sugiartha
This study aims to determine the legal protection for tourists according to Law No. 10 of 2009 concerning the implementation of criminal sanctions against tourism. Against the law against part or all of the physical tourist attraction according to Law Number 10 of 2009 concerning Tourism. The type of...
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Restorative Justice as a Law Renewal in Indonesia: A Concept or Theory?

Ketut Adi Wirawan
Restorative justice is a hot issue, especially at the level of practitioners and academics in Indonesia at the present day. It starts from its application in several laws and regulations to being discussed in the Draft Criminal Code. Therefore, it deserves to be analyzed because its application will...
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Restorative Treatment Against Corruption Inmates

Gialdah Tapiansari Batubara, Rd Dewi Asri Yustia, Tia Ludiana
The eradicating corruption crimes in Indonesia still adheres to retributive justice in sentencing the corruption crime offenders. However, the retributive justice approach is not in line with the primary purpose of eradicating corruption crimes. The retributive justice approach has also been unable to...
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Return of Assets of the Criminal Action of Corruption and Some Problems in the Implementation

Muhammad Fadli Nasution
The destruction of a country’s economic foundation can be caused by corruption. This happens because acts of corruption have taken large amounts of state money, which has an impact on the difficulty of the state in improving development for the community’s welfare. Therefore, every perpetrator of corruption...
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Reviewing the Legality of the Use of Religious Names and Symbols for Trademarks

Cokorde Istri Dian Laksmi Dewi, I Wayan Santoso, I Made Sudira
Entrepreneurs use religious names and symbols to trademark their businesses so that they are easy to remember and have commercial value. A trademark is a symbol used by a wholesaler, becoming a recognizable name or symbol to identify a product or service distributed to the marketplace. Trademarks make...
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Strengthening National Implementation to Protect Cultural Heritage in times of Armed Conflict: Study on Tourism Destination in Jakarta Capital Special Region, Indonesia

Arlina Permanasari
Based on Law Number 11 of 2010 concerning Cultural Heritage, the term cultural heritage refers to the objects, buildings, structures, sites and areas of cultural heritage. All elements of cultural heritage are found in the Jakarta Capital Special Region, which is also the capital city, government city,...
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Synchronization of Issuance of Taxpayer Subject Numbers to Individual Company Establishment Criteria of Micro and Small Businesses

Putu Sindhu Harta Bratha Mukti, Johannes Ibrahim Kosasih, Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
Establishment of Individual Companies Criteria for Micro and Small Businesses are introduced in Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation and implementing regulations, namely Government Regulation Number 7 of 2021 concerning Ease, Protection, and Empowerment of Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium...
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The Authority of the Village Government to Collect Village Tourism Objects

I Gusti Bagus Suryawan, I Nyoman Gede Antaguna
Village Regulations are a further elaboration of higher legislation taking into account the socio-cultural conditions of the local village community. The problem raised in this article is how is the normalization of the authority of the village government to collect fees for village tourism objects?...
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The Concept of Sustainable Quality Tourism in the Development of Tourism in Bali

Luh Putu Suryani, Indah Permatasari, Putu Eka Pitriyantini
Tourism industry is the highly developed industry in Bali, so it requires a development concept to manage the tourism industry in an appropriate manner. The concept of developing sustainable tourism is indeed very important to establish, but quality tourism is also an important aspect to be realized...
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The Constitutionality of Customary Courts Dispute Resolution in Indigenous Communities from Tana Toraja Regency

Muhammad Zulkifli Muhdar, La Ode Husen, Zainuddin
This paper aims to determine and analyze the constitutionality of customary courts in resolving disputes in indigenous peoples. To find out and analyze the mechanism of dispute resolution in indigenous peoples through customary courts in Tanatoraja Regency. This research uses a research method combining...
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The Crime of Treason at Polda Regional Papua on Criminological Perspective

Yotham Th Timbonga, Gracesy Prisela Christy, Irawaty Datulembang
The Indonesian nation is an independent and sovereign nation an age that is quite old for independence, noble ideals struggle for independence as written and implied in The opening of the 1945 Constitution, which has a free national life, by creating a state government that protects the whole nation...
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The Destination Attributes of Travelers’ Satisfaction and Experience at Uluwatu Tourism Area Based on Online Reviews

Narariya Dita Handani, Jue Wang, Hak-Seon Kim
Tourism has been identified as a priority area for Indonesia's economic growth. Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and even the globe, was placed eighth as a tourism destination among hundreds of thousands of islands. Furthermore, tourism in Bali is unique owing to the...
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The Effectiveness of Active Tax Billing with Reminder and Letter of Force in the Optimization of Tax Revenue at the Pratama Tax Service Office, South Makassar

Liberthin Palullungan
Initially, the people of Indonesia gave it as a gift or tribute to the monarch or other supreme authority figure. However, this homage serves exclusively the interests of the people. As a result, the assets that the people have liberated will also be used for the good of the people, such as to preserve...
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The Effectiveness of Customary Law to Prevent Sex Commodities in Tourism Industry in Bali

I Ketut Widia
There have been a great number of research on tourism in Bali. However, research on preventing sex commodities in the tourism industry in the area has only been conducted this time. The novelty of this research lies in the use of customary law to prevent sex commodity-based tourism in Bali. It is recognized...
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The Effectiveness of Motor Vehicle Tax Contribution on Regional Original Income

Yeheschiel B. Marewa, Lisma Lumentut, Marchelino Gandi
Every motorized vehicle owner who uses his car on public highways is required to pay the motor vehicle tax. This study seeks to ascertain the extent to which the collection of motor vehicle taxes will contribute to local income in South Sulawesi province between 2017 and 2020 as well as the challenges...
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The Existence of Collective Management Organization for Copyrights Protection: Do Its Roles Applicable for Dance Copyright Work?

Ni Ketut Supasti Dharmawan, I Made Sarjana, I Gede Agus Kurniawan, Putu Aras Samsithawrati
This study aims to explain the Collective Management Organization's function in copyright protection, particularly with regard to the collection of royalties from an Indonesian legal standpoint, and to investigate its function with regard to dance works that are used for commercial purposes in digital...