Proceedings of the International Conference on Applications of Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics (ICAMIDA 2022)

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Peer-Review Statement

Sharvari Tamane, Suddhasheel Ghosh, Sonal Deshmukh
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Applications of Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics 2022, during December 22–24, 2022 in MGM University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the...
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Chronic Kidney Disease Detection

Jaya Jeswani, Mohammed Multazim Ansari, Rushikesh Durgade, Alisha Fatima Ansari
The impact of technological advancement, particularly machine learning, on health can be seen in the efficient analysis of different chronic diseases that allows for more precise diagnosis and effective treatment. People aged 60 and above are most affected by kidney disease, a serious chronic condition...
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Successful Data Mining: With Dimension Reduction

Sariya Begum Syed Meraj, B. S. Shetty
The technique of collecting important knowledge characteristics from a dataset in order to further transform it into usable information is known as data mining. With the combined use of statistics and machine learning, data mining has grown in popularity for a variety of applications, including better...
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Review on Predictive Analysis of Placement of Students Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Vinod S. Agrawal, Sarika Shelke Kadam
Machine learning is an emerging trend which has proven to learn automatically from past data. Machine learning can be performed using various ways like supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning. Machine learning where system computer system learning from the data set available. Machine learning...
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Automation in Healthcare Systems

Tushar Patil, Nilesh Nirmal
Due to sudden natural/man-made incidents, there are more and more health problems in the world. Another concrete example is COVID19 where hospitals are operating beyond capacity. Even doctors are not available on time. The other category includes people who are suffering from long time or urgent decease...
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Analysis of Support Tools for Plagiarism Detection

Vrushali Bhuyar, S. N. Deshmukh
Plagiarism in academic research is on the rise. It is common practice to post stuff that was taken directly from the internet without giving the author credit. The researcher used a variety of tactics, including copy-paste, idea plagiarism, paraphrasing, artistic plagiarism, code plagiarism, forgotten...
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Knowledge Discovery for Design Pattern Selection

Poonam Ponde, Manisha Bharambe, Kavita Khobragade, Manisha Suryawanshi
Design patterns are useful Software Engineering tools that enable the reuse of expert solutions to recurring problems. There are a large number of patterns, spread in multiple catalogs and in heterogeneous formats. Selecting and applying the right design pattern requires an in-depth understanding of...
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Price Prediction for Pharmaceutical Stocks During Covid-19 Pandemic

Karan V. Padariya, Harsh T. Parikh, Ankit K. Sharma
Dramatic price changes in pharmaceutical equities reflect unexpected scientific information gained throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process, such as clinical trial results, recalls and withdrawals, and the approval of new treatments. During the Covid19 shutdown, major pharmaceutical firms were studying...
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Progress in Machine Learning Techniques for Stock Market Movement Forecast

S. S. S. Shameem, Sonal Sachin Deshmukh
Data-driven accurate stock market models can lead to timely, better decision making by the investors for a more profitable transaction. Such models can increase the chances of selecting more profitable stocks and reduce risk by avoiding risky investment. Last few decades of advances in soft-computing...
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Analysis of Crop Diseases Using IoT and Machine Learning Approaches

Apeksha R. Gawande, Swati S. Sherekar
For agricultural and farming practices to be more productive and cost-effective, it is imperative that the implementation of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning be strongly considered in order to improve methods and procedures. In keeping with the evolution of agriculture,...
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CAAS (Chatbot as a Service): Sector-Wise Survey

Satish V. Bhalshankar, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh
The worldwide chatbot and voice Bot market share were worth USD 526 million in 2021 even more than that. A chatbot system application uses conversational counterfeit insights (AI) innovation to re-enact a discussion (or chat) with a client using informing apps, websites, mobile apps, or the phone. Chatbots...
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A Review on BERT and Its Implementation in Various NLP Tasks

Vrishali Chakkarwar, Sharvari Tamane, Ankita Thombre
We present a detailed study of BERT, which stands for ‘Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers’. Natural Language Processing can be considered as an important field when concerned with development of intelligent systems. Various tasks require understanding the correct meaning of the sentence...
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Production of Energy from Waste Material - A Review

Prajakta Deshmukh, Tejas Jagdale
Waste managing is a main worldwide problem that governments face each day. The excess of waste has been causing harmful impacts on our surroundings. Waste reduction need to be taken to the next stage. Electricity and waste management are big challenges that humans have faced. The intention of this paper...
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Recent Advances in Ternary Blends of Nanocomposite and Their Impact on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties: A Review

Utkarsh A. Patil, Pravin R. Kubade
The numerous studies were performed on the polymer blends and their nano-composite, the sub-inclusion of nano-particles in the binary polymer blend modifies thermal and mechanical properties of the system. At the other hand, very few literatures are available in view of the ternary blends of polymers...
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Comparing the Analytical Algorithms for Unsupervised e-News Summarization Using Machine Learning Tactics

Apurva D. Dhawale, Sonali B. Kulkarni, Vaishali M. Kumbhakarna
The Text mining domain is acquiring importance and is used everywhere as the electronic documents are flooding the internet now a days. One of the significant e-content used by the students giving competitive exams is Marathi e-news articles which can be summarized in an extractive way without changing...
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Automatic Number Plate Recognition Using Machine Learning

A. M. Pujar, Poornima B. Kulkarni
Automatic number plate recognition makes use of Image processing and Machine learning technology to detect vehicle numbers irrespective of climatic conditions. As the number of vehicles is increasing day by day, it’s necessary to consider safety measures. It is used in various fields like traffic control,...
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Development of Smart Online Grocery Shopping App

Savali Patil, Anjali Joshi, Aachal Shinde, Abhishek Rathod, Madhuri Kawarhe
This Smart Grocery Shopping App is a web based Application which will have more additional features for providing the easy and smooth shopping experience to customers. The software’s and hardware’s that we have used to develop this system are easily available and easy to work with. The aim is to add...
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Understanding the Role of Rhino as a Parametric Tool in Designing Architectural Built-Forms

Nikita Mohol, Avanti Bambawale
In recent years, the term ‘parametric architecture’ has widened the horizons of architects and designers by creating some remarkable structures with complex geometries and optimum functionality. Parametric Architecture is a prototype that uses algorithmic design processes and parameters to create multiple...
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Cyber Attack Detection Using Bellman Optimality Equation in Reinforcement Learning

Monali Shetty, Sharvari Tamane
Cyber-attacks have been always a part of any application that is run on internet. It is a quintessential need to protect vulnerable data from being attacked by malicious people. Along with that it is also necessary to prevent any mishap that has been planned by hackers to destroy or tamper a company’s...
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Fake Data and AI: Debunking Fake News to Educate and Enhance Media Literacy – A Study

Kavita Soni, Rekha Shelke
Everyone in this modern and technology-prone era relies on various online news sources for quick access of information. In addition, with the rise in popularity of social networking sites, within a short span of time, rumors circulate quickly among millions of users. Fake news is a threat to democratic...
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Applying Gini Importance and RFE Methods for Feature Selection in Shallow Learning Models for Implementing Effective Intrusion Detection System

Nilesh G. Pardeshi, Dipak V. Patil
Cyber security is becoming important concern in the recent world. Number of internet users are increasing day by day and they are accessing huge amount of data on their device from different websites. Attackers are trying to get access to normal user’s systems by introducing different types of attacks....
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Sentiment Analysis on Covid-19 Vaccination Using Machine Learning Techniques

Ashish A. Bhalerao, Bharat R. Naiknaware, Ramesh R. Manza, Shobha K. Bawiskar
In this research work, we have performed Machine Learning and Lexicon Based Techniques to identify and analyze user’s expression or opinion on covid-19 vaccination from social media platform that is Twitter and acquainted the bulk tweets from 01 June 2021 to August 2021 using various twitter hashtags....
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A Review on Sign Language Recognition Using CNN

Meena Ugale, Odrin Rodrigues Anushka Shinde, Kaustubh Desle, Shivam Yadav
In sign language, hand gestures are used as one type of non-verbal communication. Individuals with hearing or speech problems typically use it to communicate with others or among themselves. Many makers around the world have created numerous sign language systems. The software that shows a system prototype...
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Drought Monitoring & Changes in the Vegetation Cover of Aurangabad Region, Maharashtra Over Last Two Decades: A Comparative Study of Remote Sensing Indices VCI and SVI Using Time Series MODIS Data Product MOD13Q6

Rashmi Nitwane, Vaishali Bhagile, Ratnadeep Deshmukh
Aurangabad district is part of Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India. The region suffers with frequent drought occurrences resulting in substantial crop yield losses. The times series analysis of the satellite imagery is helpful in monitoring the short term and long-term changes and understand the...
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The Role of Machine Learning in Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

Monika D. Kate, Vijay Kale
Thyroid cancer occurs in the thyroid gland cells. This is butterfly shaped gland which is situated at lower part of neck. Thyroid cancer might not cause any symptoms initially. But as the cancer grows, it causes pain and swelling in neck. To detect and classify abnormalities of the thyroid gland Ultrasound...
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Study of Machining Characteristics of Non-conventional Methods

Rakesh R. Kolhapure, Duradundi S. Badkar
Smart alloy, which is typically called a shape memory alloy (SMA), have wide application in industry such as in aircraft, spacecraft, automotive, robotics, in civil structures, piping, medical field, engines, due to its shape memory effect, biocompatibility, strong resistance against corrosion, anti-fatigue...
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Heat Transfer Features of Pulsating Turbulent Flow in a Pipe: Experimental Optimization

Siddhanath V. Nishandar, Ashok T. Pise, Digvijay A. Mhamane
The heat transmission improvement methods are widely utilized to raise the level of performance of the latent heat storage systems, the heat pipe is a broadly used technique utilized to improve the transmission of heat enhancement technique. Current paper comprises use of the heat pipe to vary the heat...
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A Novel Framework for Grading of Heart Attack

T. M. Rajesh, M. N. RenukaDevi, S. G. Shaila, CauveryRaju
In recent years, cardiovascular diseases have become common. Serious health problems arise in the human body as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, the use of alcohol and tobacco, obesity, stress, and dietary changes. This has complicated surgeons’ ability to diagnose heart failure at the right time....
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Development of Polyamide Based Blend and Their Nanocomposites – A Review

Suyog B. Rayjadhav, Pravin R. Kubade
Polymer blend nanocomposites have been recognized as a promising path to developing a different material with high-capacity that comprises benefits of hybrid polymers with advantages of composites made of polymers. The use of nanofillers to enhance certain properties (e.g., mechanical, chemical, thermal,...
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Anomaly Detection of Attempt Through Genetic Algorithm and ANN

Suhas Chavan, N. Jagadisha, Parikshit Mahalle, Vinod Kimbahune
Vehicular ad-hoc network, commonly known as VANET, is an enabling technology for supplying security and useful information in modern transport systems but subject to a multitude of attacks, ranging from auditing passively to hostile interfering. When suspicious actions are discovered, intrusion detection...
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A Comparative Analysis and Study of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Sachin Shelke, Ajitkumar Pundge
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET), a subclass of Multifunctional Ad Hoc Networks, offer a recognised technique of addressing the Clever Vehicle Framework (ITS). Understanding VANET guiding conventions is essential for smart ITS. The advantages, disadvantages, and applicability of several governing conventions...
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A Review on Equipment Health Monitoring Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pankaj V. Baviskar, Chitresh Nayak
Numerous scientific domains have been impacted by current developments in ML, AI and the industrial IOT. It has generated a sea of opportunities for embedding sensors that can be tracked and utilized to gather data practically anywhere. Every area of business, particularly smart manufacturing technology...
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A Review: Artificial Intelligence in Restaurant Business

Sanskruti H. Gondaliya, Ankit K. Sharma
Food is an essential part of our lives. India is a diverse country with each region having its own special cuisine. Eating out was not much of Indian style, but the present senior is different. The restaurant industry in India has been emerging at a rapid pace in recent years and is expected to continue...
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Multi Objective Ameliorated Repetitive Resource Allocation Algorithm for Cloud Resource Scheduling and Allocation

Dipa D. Dharmadhikari, Sharvari Chandrashekhar Tamane
Mapping huge jobs onto cloud resources is a part of workflow scheduling, which increases scheduling effectiveness. Numerous researchers have been working hard to enhance the efficiency of scheduling in cloud computing as a result of this piqued interest. Scientific workflows, on the other hand, are huge...
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Crop Health Analysis with the Help of Soil Parameters by Using ASDFieldspec4 Spectroradiometer

Sulochana Shejul, Pravin Dhole, Vijay Dhangar, Bharti Gawali
Crop health information represented through hyperspectral data is of great importance for precision agriculture. Because of the similarity in the spectral signatures of crops, discrimination of crop health using non-imaging spectral signatures is still a very challenging task for researchers. In this...
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Abstractive Summarizer for YouTube Videos

Sulochana Devi, Rahul Nadar, Tejas Nichat, Alfredprem Lucas
The paper goal is to design a user interface where the user can get the summary of the requested YouTube video using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. Enormous number of videos are uploaded to YouTube daily. It has become difficult to find the relevant content that we are looking...
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Benchmarking of Various Multicore Processors with Different Operating Systems

R. Kannadasan, A. S. Anakath, N. Prabakaran, A. Krishnamoorthy, S. Ambika
Benchmarking is the process of running programs and different heavy operations to measure the relative performance of various systems. With this project, we aim to design a tool and compare different systems with multicore processors and different operating systems. We will use various python libraries...
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Early Detection of Breast Cancer Based on HER-2 DNA Genomic Sequence

S. G. Shaila, Vijayalaxmi Inamdar, Ganapati Bhat, K. Hithyshi, Arya Suresh
Breast cancer has become the most frequently occurring cancer that has put the lives of women at risk globally. Breast cancer is mostly caused by environmental causes such as genetic mutations, lifestyle etc. Cancerous cells may have alterations in the DNA sequence. HER2 (Human Epidermal Growth Factor...
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Review on Automated Skin Cancer Detection Using Image Processing Methods

Raju S. Maher, Shobha K. Bhawiskar
The skin is the most crucial component of the human body because it protects the muscles, bones, and entire body. One of the most common illnesses affecting people nowadays is skin cancer. These days, a great number of people are affected by skin cancer. Skin cancer develops as a result of genetic flaws...
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Diagnosis of Melanoma Using Thermography: A Review

Nazneen Akhter, Ramesh Manza, Sana Shaikh, Bharti Gawali, Pravin Yannawar, Shazia Shaikh
Cases of skin cancer have become very common in many parts of the world due to modernization in all aspects of life along with many other contributing factors. So it becomes important to study and evolve better and more efficient techniques for the early detection of cancer for faster and higher chances...
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Field Oriented Control Technique for PMSM

Prakash. L. Chavan, Devendra Gowda, Sanjeev K. Nayak
Vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor drive based on power transform for PMSM model is discussed in this work. Controlling the torque and speed vectors can be used to get precision motor drive efficiency results. The method that has been proposed is based on the class of decomposers the...
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Meteorological Drought Index Computation of Jalna Tehsil (Maharashtra) Using Standardized Precipitation Index

Satish V. Kanthale, Vaishali. D. Bhagile
The most complicated but least recognised of all natural disasters is drought. It is comprehensively characterized as “sever water deficiency”. This study stresses upon the use of R Studio software for analysis of precipitation data by using SPI in the field of Meteorological Drought assessment. In this...
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Workplace Incident and Injuries Prevention Using Machine Learning

Arti Deshpande, Arya Kumar
Today in the area of field operations, there is no systematic way to assess and identify if any of the active or pipeline assignments are prone to mishaps, illness, and injuries. Actionable insights are missing from the leading indicators like concern reports, near-misses, or work-stop events reported...
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Solar Power Generation Prediction

Vinod B. Kumbhar, Mahesh S. Chavan, Saurabh R. Prasad, Sachin M. Karmuse
Predicting sun irradiance has been a crucial subject in the production of renewable energy. Prediction enhances solar system development and operation and provides several financial benefits to power companies. Statistical techniques like artificial neural networks (ANN), support vector machines (SVM),...
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An Analysis of Recent Developments in Healthcare Technology from the Standpoints of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Remote Health Monitoring

Saniya Raheen Patel, Ajitkumar Pundge, Syed Zebanaaz, Nazneen Akther
During the last ten years, the healthcare market has been propelled by technological advancements in disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. This would not have been possible without the rapid development of AI-driven technology and also the digitization of healthcare operations in response to...
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MARGEN: Marathi Question Answering Generative Conversation Model

Satish V. Bhalshankar, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh
The conversational system aka chatbot market capture was worth USD 526 million in 2021 around the world. The innovations created such as Machine learning, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Big data analytics have given a modern speed-quickening fuel to Artificial Intelligence. Well,...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hrm (Human Resources Management): A Sentiment Analysis Approach

Punamkumar Hinge, Harshal Salunkhe, Mohit Boralkar
As a time-saver and matchmaker, artificial intelligence can play a growing role in hiring and selecting. Automation can be used intelligently to increase workplace humanity. It enables you to take exclusively human abilities forward while putting technology in the background. Most people who work in...
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Hybrid Functional Link Neural Networks for Soybean Price Forecast

S. Dhanalakshmi, S. Rajakumar, A. S. Anakath, R. Kannadasan, S. Ambika
Drastic change in crop prices is observed due to climatic changes, natural calamities and lack of quantity of a specific commodity. Crop price prediction plays key role in effective farm management. Farmers are not able to predict these crop prices and facing massive loss. These aspects pressure us to...
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Hyperspectral Image Classification: A Review

Sarfaraz Pathan, Sanjay Y. Azade, Deepali V. Sawane, Shabeena Naaz Khan
Hyperspectral imaging technique used to capture image of an objects in multidimensional form it uses technology of imaging and spectroscopic combined to capture multidimensional images. With Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) we can study, inspect external and internal characteristic of any Object. As each...
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Speech Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning Approach

S. G. Shaila, A. Sindhu, L. Monish, D. Shivamma, B. Vaishali
Nowadays, emotion recognition and classification plays a vital role in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Emotions are being recognized through behaviors of body such as facial expression, voice tone, and body movement. The present research considers Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) as one...
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Framework for Data Ethics Tenets in Healthcare with Use Case

Kavita Khobragade, Poonam Ponde, Manisha Bharambe
Innovation in latest technologies have provided means to gather data using various ways. Almost all the domains generate, store, and analyze the data for the improvement of the services they provide. The healthcare industry too generates a significant data which is used for improving public healthcare....
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Software Tools for Microbiome Data Analysis

Ruhina Afroz Patel, Shazia Shadab Mazhar, Sanjay N. Harke
Rapid improvements in microbiome research have been driven by advances in high-throughput sequencing (HTS), and enormous microbiome databases are now being developed. However, the variety of software tools and the intricacy of analytic pipelines make entry into this field challenging. Here, we provide...
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Rainfall Forecast Based Predictive Analytics Model Using Machine Learning

L. Monish, S. G. Shaila, A. Vadivel, D. Shivamma, S. G. Sumana
Rainfall irrigates over half of India’s land. The average annual rainfall in India is 300-600 mm. India is endowed by the southwestern monsoon. But it is unreliable as rainfall will fickle along the year. This makes prediction very challenging and important. Rainfall prediction can be achieved by using...
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Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment and Selection

Abhijeet Thakur, Punamkumar Hinge, Vikas Adhegaonkar
The purpose of this paper is to examine the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment & selection. Multiple case studies of AI tools used for recruitment and selection have been used. Organizations can increase recruiting and selection efficiency and have access to a wider candidate pool...
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Blockchain Technology Based Supply Chain Management System

Jayashree S. Mohite, Vijay Kale
One of the most important inventions and innovative developments playing an important role in the business world today is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can be defined as a peer-to-peer distributed ledger database that is verifiable by parties and cannot be permanently updated. The hereditary...
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A Review of Six Sigma Approach to Enhance Performance in Manufacturing Industries

Ravindra L. Karwande, Santosh P. Bhosle, Prashant M. Ambad
From the last few decades, Six Sigma has played a vital role in global corporate as a top agenda in order to optimize cost and improve productivity, to generate maximum business benefit and competitive advantage by continually reducing defects in the organization. The paper summarizes a brief introduction...
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Online Education and Increasing Cyber Security Concerns During Covid-19 Pandemic

Shazia Shaikh, Nafisa Khan, Ayesha Sultana, Nazneen Akhter
COVID-19 pandemic has hard hit not only global economy but also the education sector. The sudden shift to online education not only threw technological challenges but posed some serious privacy and security concerns as well. When online classes became the new normal for not only universities and high...
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Sentiment Analysis Using Computer-Assisted Text Analysis Tools

Saroj S. Date, Kiran V. Sonkamble, Sachin N. Deshmukh
Recently the use of computerized text analysis tools to assess an individual’s linguistic, emotional and psychological characteristics has exploded in the field of empirical psychology. As a result, information about what people convey through their words can be swiftly and reliably extracted and analyzed....
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Cyber Security Using Machine Learning Techniques

Manisha A. Manjramkar, Kalpana C. Jondhale
Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that contributes to the development of systems that can learn from previous data, spot patterns, and make logical judgments with little human interaction. Cybersecurity methodologies provide modern security solutions for detecting and...
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Expiry Classification and Improved Efficient Delivery Mechanism of Packaged Food Product Using XGBoost Algorithm and Haversine Formula

Abhishek Desai, Kundan Dhore, Sandesh Kanagal, Ritesh Naik, Swapnil Gharat
Supply chain management and typical small scale independent retailer’s poor infrastructure, poor management approach, makes Supply chain management at state-of-the-art levels is challenging in the present situation. There are mainly unorganized retailers dominating the Indian retail market. Retailers...
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A Review of Petri Net Tools and Recommendations

Vinod B. Kumbhar, Mahesh S. Chavan
Petri net a scientific modelling language that is used to visually represent a system. It’s a commanding language that may be utilized to express concurrent system processes. Users may graphically inspect the entire system and alter it with a Petri net software tool. System’s performance may also be...
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Foodflare: An Indoor Navigation System

M. Varalatchoumy, Santosh Divakaran, R. Abhishek Ram
GPS-based navigation has been the go to approach for outdoor navigation systems/applications whereas is deemed ineffective and unreliable in indoor environments. An ideal indoor navigation system requires extensive hardware installations and high setup costs. In this paper, we present FoodFlare a cost...
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Prediction of Student Performance Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Review

Nitin Ramrao Yadav, Sonal Sachin Deshmukh
Data science and machine learning, over the years have proven very well-organized and significant in many sectors including education. Machine learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence in which a computing system can able to learn from data and make conclusions. The recent development in education...
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Formative Assessment Based Students’ Recruitment Estimation: Neural Network Approach

Varsha P. Desai, Rajanish K. Kamat, Priyanka P. Shinde, Kavita S. Oza
Even though there is a strong focus on achieving the objectives of the education system, it is undoubtedly dependent on the knowledge, skills, and, most notably, the methodology of how teachers use qualitative and quantitative assessment techniques to assist learners. Teachers use formative assessment...
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Recent Study of Lung Disease Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques

Urvashi B. Deshmukh, Apurva S. Solanke, Prapti D. Deshmukh
Lung diseases are some of the most common medical conditions in the world. The early detection of this disease is extremely important, since lung diseases can spread from person to person. The field of Radiology plays a vital role in the detection of these diseases. Multimodal imaging techniques can...
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Unearthing the Lonar Crater Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Validating Through Non-destructive Approach

Ranjana Gore, Abhilasha Mishra, Ratnadeep Deshmukh, Dipa Dharmadhikari
Remote Sensing is a prominent technology, applied at all fields of earth science. It is useful in the identification and mapping of minerals, vegetation, different materials and backgrounds by capturing the electromagnetic energy reflected from them. The analysis of remote places or structures is possible...
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A Review on Machine Learning Techniques for Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0

Megha Sisode, Manoj Devare
Predictive maintenance is the process of continuously monitoring a system to prevent it from breaking down. Along with the traditional equipment maintenance which uses a periodic schedule instead of reacting to equipment failures, predictive maintenance predicts failure of an equipment. Adopting a suitable...
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Information Retrieval Using Effective Bigram Topic Modeling

Vrishali A. Chakkarwar, Sharvari C. Tamane
Many fields, such as film reviews, recommendation systems, and language processing, have effectively adopted and utilized topic modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA). Many texts analysis tasks, however, rely heavily on sentence construction and words to capture the meaning of text. However,...
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A Sustainable Traffic Management System for Smart Cities

Arpit Kumar Bhatt, Deepanshu Goyal, Susham Biswas
Rapid vehicle growth has generated a variety of problems for traffic management administrations in terms of traffic congestion, pothole, air pollution, accidents, and rut formation. This is due to the expanding size of cities and rising population mobility. This aim of this research to develop a sustainable...
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Extractive Manuscript Summarization of Motivational Blogs in Natural Language Processing

Deepali Vaijinath Sawane, Sanjay Y. Azade, Shabeena Naaz Khan, Sarfaraz Pathan
The growing use of search engines business surveys, market updates, news reports, patients medical records etc., the use of automatic manuscript summarization is becoming more and more popular. In this process, the original data is compressed without changing its meaning. It is a growing field of Natural...
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Glaucoma Detection Through Optical Coherence Tomograph Images

Gangadevi C. Bedke, Mukti E. Jadhav, Swapnil Dongaonkar, Avinash Kadam, Bali Thorat
The Glaucoma is an eye disease; it is irreversible cause of blindness in worldwide, so need for early detection of glaucoma. For detection of glaucoma, in this research study we used Optical Coherence tomograph images for early diagnosis. For this work we collected 625 OCT dataset with normal and glaucomatous...
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Analysis of Human Resources Attrition: A Thematic and Sentiment Analysis Approach

Punamkumar Hinge, Abhijeet Thakur, Harshal Salunkhe
In this paper, factors are analyzed for employee attrition to find the main reasons why employees choose to resign and suggested how Artificial Intelligence can be developed to understand and predict future attrition reasons by using thematic and sentiment analysis. The prime objective of study is why...
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Enhancing Deep Learning Approach for Tamil English Mixed Text Classification

Neeraj Bhargava, Anantika Johari
Text Classification with sentiments understanding is an essential task for data processing and predicting user behavior. In case of Multilingual data, the process requires to convert the entire data to machine understandable language or to pre-process the text prior to classification keeping the semantics...
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Mamdani Fuzzy Based Prediction of Rainfall Fuzzy Rainfall Index

Ayyakkannu Selvaraj, Anakath Arasan, Sharvari Tamane, Rajendiran Kannadasan, Subbarayan Saravanan, Mayur K. Jadhav, Ansari Mohammed Mohsin
This study attempts to investigate the link between rainfall and climatic large-scale synoptic patterns. Here, we employed the fuzzy inference system (FIS) to forecast rainfall. Six linguistic variables were considered as an input for the proposed system, split into two FIS. Average Mean Temperature...
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Investigating and Study of Various Composite Materials and Their Counterparts to Replace the Conventional Materials

Girish C Mekalke, S R Basavaraddi
Composite materials are widely used in no. of industries due to their high performance, light weight and having good strength which is sometimes better than conventional materials. Many research papers are published on different types of composites brackets in the past few years. Referring to those papers...
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Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Yogiraj Zala, Krishn Limbachiya, Ankit Sharma, Pooja Shah
Gujarati character recognition has always been a field of study in need of improved techniques to reach a satisfactory degree of accuracy. This study developed a technique for predicting handwritten Gujarati numerals using various feature extraction and classification techniques. Deep learning models,...
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Social Media Mining Using Machine Learning Techniques as a Survey

Ashish A. Bhalerao, Bharat R. Naiknaware, Ramesh R. Manza, Vandana Bagal, Shobha K. Bawiskar
In today’s world an online existence and social media users utilize various social media platforms to express or comments their observations and opinions. The role of social media platforms are predicting Government Initiatives, Election results, product Analysis, business analysis, movie popularity,...
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Critical Analysis on Review of Spirometry Research Work for Early Detection of Lung Diseases

Sujata Ambhore, Vandana Bagal, Ramesh Manza
This paper presents the study of various spirometers and their techniques, which has been done before. Spirometry is nothing but a test that can be performed on those who have respiratory diseases. Handheld spirometers provide results for forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) and forced vital...
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Comparative Analysis of Automatic Speech Recognition Techniques

Suvarnsing G. Bhable, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh, Charansing N. Kayte
It’s most crucial method of transferring data is interaction. Speech is the most common way of data exchange. According to with linguistic survey, there are 179 languages and 544 dialects spoken in India. Current India has 18 scheduled dialects and several unscheduled languages. The primary goal of this...
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Speakers Identification Using Diarization Techniques

Vinod K. Pande, Vijay K. Kale
Research work analyses speaker voice identification and voice separation development methodologies and show an overview of the findings. Several speech recognition methods, such as Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCC), Vector Quantization (VQ), Hidden Markov Model (HMM), Long Short-Term Memory...
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Review of Machine Learning Model Applications in Precision Agriculture

Patil Sagar Baburao, R. B. Kulkarni, Pramod A. Kharade, Suchita S. Patil
Over the past two decades, modern agriculture has made significant advancements. The methods used in farming have changed from conventional ways to digital technologies as a result of significant technology improvement. Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are being applied in this...
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Segmentation Using Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering Based Atom Search Optimization of Magnetic Resonance Images for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Nirupama P. Ansingkar, Rita B. Patil, Rajmohan A. Pardeshi, Prapti D. Deshmukh
Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurodegenerative condition affecting middle-aged to older peo-ple characterized by marked loss of memory, cerebral damage and helplessness. Early and correct detection can help doctors to plan the medication for the sufferer. As we know this disease is progressive and degenerative,...
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Fruit Detection and Identification from Realtime Video Sequences: A Review

Shriram D. Raut, Jyoti V. Mashalkar
Object detection in real-time video sequence is still a big challenge as the images are captured with different modalities such as occlusion, clustering, scale, size, color, illumination changes due to complex environment, low quality camera, trees shake and noise. To overcome these challenges, researchers...
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SVM Classifier for Offline Handwritten and Printed Mathematical Expression Recognition

Manisha Bharambe, Kavita Kobragade, Poonam Ponde
The recognition of Mathematical Expressions (ME) constitutes a challenging problem in character recognition research. A very few studies of offline Mathematical expressions have been so far reported in the literature. This paper focuses on offline handwritten and printed mathematical logical expressions...
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Different Crop Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network

Ashutosh Pawar, Mihir Singh, Swapnil Jadhav, Vidya Kumbhar, T. P. Singh, Sahil K. Shah
Crop diseases are a considerable danger to the crop’s health, affecting the yield. Timely detection is challenging due to a lack of infrastructure in many regions of the world. Since they result in the death of plants, the loss of their product, and the global food problem, plant diseases must be investigated....
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Review of the Study of Automated Skin Cancer Detection Using Digital Image Processing

Apurva Solanke, Urvashi Deshmukh, Prapti Deshmukh
The unbalanced and inadequate distribution of medical services, for example, has grown more and more obvious in today’s climate, where medical care challenges have intensified. In this instance, the use of Machine Learning has been a natural progression in the development of modern medical care. As a...
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Leaf Disease Detection Using Deep Learning

Jaya Jeswani, Ansari Saud Ahmed, Khan Zaid, Russel Fernandes
Leaf disease detection uses a technology that can identify the disease of a leaf or plant and, in response, provide the best solution to overcome the disease in order to provide us with an appropriate remedy that can be utilized as a defensive mechanism against the disease identified. Agriculture being...
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RM: An Android Mobile Application for the Course Research Methodology – A New Way of Learning the Course

Sunita M. Dol, P. M. Jawandhiya
Mobile applications are used for improving and engaging the students as well as teacher in teaching-learning process. The effectiveness as well as the impact of the mobile application can be seen in various fields such as medical education, health care system, engineering education, etc. Keeping this...