Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

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Study of Polyacrylic Acid Dispersing Pb-Sn-CNTs Composite Plating Solution

Zhengxi Hu, Xiaohua Jie
Polyacrylic acid (PA) was used as dispersant to disperse carbon nanotubes(CNTs) composite plating solution. Dispersion effect was characterized by measuring the absorbance value of the suspension. The relationship between the volume percentage of PA and the suspension of absorbance value was remarked;...
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Research on transmittance / reflectance test system of optical lens based on differential measurement

Lixia Shi, Lixin Yang, Ming Liu
We designed an optical lens transmittance/ reflectance test system, which can measure both the transmittance and the reflectance of the sample under different incident angles at the same time, based on differential measurement. This paper elaborates the system composition and working principle, and demonstrates...
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Research on Typical Working Conditions of Calcining Zone Temperature

Fen Wang, Xiaohong Wang, Hongliang Yu
Cement rotary kiln calcining process is a complex nonlinear dynamic systems, but most of the time appears in the system of continuous dynamic characteristics and fluctuates around working conditions. So in this article, we established the recognizer of working conditions that fits the cement calcining...
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Methods to Measure the Rotational Inertia of Rocket Projectiles of Ultra Large Diameter

Yu Yang, Bing Wang
There are lots of methods used to measure the rotational inertia; however, very limited measures can be adopted to measure in a high precision manner the rotational inertia of rocket projectiles of ultra large diameter. Based on this situation, the paper has put forward a method called Torsion Method...
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Design of the Electromagnetic - Piezoelectric Composite Vibration Energy Harvesting System

Yingjun Sang, Man Li, Shangguang Wu, Yang Cao, Fei Huang, Yuanyuan Fan, Yunrong Hao
In recent years, with the rapid development of micro electromechanical systems, low-power sensor networks and integrated circuit technology, the power supply problems are becoming the barrier of environment protection in practical and industrial. Vibration is a widely used energy in the environment,...
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Intelligent Control of Metal Filling by Welding Robots

Wei Fu, Jiajia Ni, Chengxian Zhou, Yan Chen
robot model of three-arm and five-degree freedom plus large scope of traversing welding was established, and decoupling of models of “large scope of traversing”, “triangle movement of two arms” and “spherical movement of one arm” was realized. The model of “triangle movement of two arms ”is able to use...
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Research on Small-scale Variable Capacity Evaporative Cooling Plate System for Chips with High Heating Flux

Tao Wang, Fang Wang, Hongqun Chen, Junyan Ou, Dawei Yu, Jiawen Zhang
This paper aims to research and analyze the heat dispersion of small variable capacity refrigeration system which is used for cooling the chips with high heating flux. The cooling system was built for researching what influence refrigerant charge will bring to the performance of the system, such as suction-exhaust...
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Research on the cold start of collaborative filtering

Zhonghua Lu
The recommendation system is the information service tool that can satisfy the user's personalized demand. It can effectively solve the problem of information overload. Collaborative filtering recommendation technology is widely used, but the technology is difficult to recommend new users and new projects,...
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Review and Prospect of Wind Tunnel Model Attitude Determination: Past, Now and Future

Litao Fan
Analyzed was the effect of wind tunnel model determination accuracy on test data quality. The development was reviewed of wind tunnel model determination methods, principles and applications were compared and analyzed for the accelerometer, gyro, and optical measurement system whose drawbacks and advantages...
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Technical Analysis on Double Reheat for Ultra-Supercritical Units

Hai-Ming Niu, Wei Zhang
Combined with the current requirements and development situation of ultra-supercritical units, analyze the impact of secondary reheat technology to ultra-supercritical units to improve efficiency and environmental benefits. Steam temperature control is a key to double reheat system, in addition to improving...
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Research on equipments and production line of hot stamping

Liang Wang, Bin Zhu, Yisheng Zhang
Hot stamping is a reliable way for the production of high performance auto parts with light weight. Hot stamping process requires pre-blanking steel sheet to be transported and processed at elevated temperature, and the performance of hot stamping products is closely related to temperature. This paper...
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A liquid level, temperature and flow control system based on Profibus-DP fieldbus

Xiaojun Ding, Yi Yang, Shuyang Wang, Yuanze Ma
This paper introduced the improvement of the original control system of process control laboratory. The development of the liquid level, temperature and flow time-sharing control experiment platform adopting Profibus-DP fieldbus technology of Siemens. The newly designed control system using S7-300PLC...
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A Novel Method for Similarity Analysis of Protein Sequences

Longlong Liu, Tingting Zhao, Maojuan Liu
A new method for similarity analysis of protein sequences is presented in this paper. On the basis of positions, proportion difference and various physicochemical properties of 20 kinds of amino acid in different protein sequences, representative information was extracted from protein sequence and converted...
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Study on Laser Surface Microtexture Processing and Friction of 45 Steel

Suqin Jiang, Bin Yan, Bokui Li, Mengqiu Li, Xu Pei, Nianlian Li, Yuwei Dong
To study the effects of different surface microtextures on the friction and wear properties, the microtextures were processed on the 45 steel surfaces by pulsed laser. It showed that the textured surfaces with pits and grooves had an effect on the storage of lubricating oil and abrasive particles, which...
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Deformation prediction of foundation pit with PCA-SVM

Nan Lin, Menghong Nan, Weidong Li
Using the principal component (PCA) strong ability of extracting effective features of foundation pit horizontal displacement monitoring data (monitoring, monitoring temperature, relative humidity, excavation depth) characteristics analysis .extracting the effective principal component, constructing...