Proceedings of the International e-Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering and Communication Systems (ICACECS 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

C. Kiran Mai, D. N. Vasundhara, P. V. Siva Kumar, K. Srujan Raju, Raghava Rao Mukkamala, S. Nagini, A. Brahmananda Reddy, G. S. Ramesh, V. Baby, P. Venkateswara Rao
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering and Communication Systems (ICACECS 2023) during 22nd & 23rd September 2023 in Vallurupalli Nageswara Rao Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology (VNRVJIET),...
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Unsupervised Context Distillation from Weakly Supervised Data to Augment Video Question Answering

Paul Gaynor
Anomaly detection by tracking if the context of a video stream has changed could be useful, but supervised training to classify video context can be cumbersome and error prone. Instead, we apply a cascade of clustering techniques that operate on a weakly supervised video data lake to extract a context...
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Public Perception of Myocarditis and Pericarditis Risk after Covid-19 Vaccination

Anmolpreet Kaur, Kamaljit Kaur, Kiranbir Kaur
Due to widespread development of COVID, there are health concerns across the world. The vaccinations are created as a result. Myocarditis and pericarditis are a couple of the adverse effects connected to COVID-19 immunizations, particularly the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. As a result, it is...
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Fuzzy C-Means Approach Optimized using Raindrop Algorithm for Image Segmentation

Bindu Puthentharayil Vikraman, Jabeena Afthab
Medical image segmentation is critical in advancing healthcare systems, notably disease finding and medication scheduling. Because of its simplicity and efficacy, fuzzy c-means-based clustering emerged as an efficient algorithm for lesion extraction. The downsides of FCM include its sensitivity to beginning...
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Bilingual Dialect Classification using NLP

Fazeeia Mohammed, Patrick Hosein, Aqeel Mohammed
This study focuses on identifying preferential techniques for multi-classification of natural language when dealing with multiple dialects. This research investigates dialects in Trinidad and Tobago and addresses the challenges associated with analyzing and classifying such linguistically diverse data....
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Shape Based Classification and Segmentation Of 3D Point Clouds using Deep Learning

D. Jyothsna, G. Ramesh Chandra
The recognition of 3D objects that are represented as point cloud has become a very vital topic for research in the field of Computer Science. The processing of 3D point clouds has procured a lot of attention from researchers in the modern era. However, as point clouds have a complex representation,...
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A Novel Optimized Variant of Machine Learning Algorithm for Accurate Energy Demand Prediction for Tetouan City, Morocco

Natalie RoSe, Otis Osbourne, Neil Williams, Syed Sajjad Hussain Rizvi
Machine learning (ML) algorithms are an essential component of intelligent energy management systems. In the year 2021, a benchmark dataset of the power consumption of Tetouan city was published to train an ML algorithm for accurate energy demand prediction. However, parametric and empirical investigations...
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Improving the Efficiency of Object Grasp Detection on Embedded Platforms Using the AOGNet Neural Network Architecture

Clive A. A. Simpson, Paul Gaynor
Robot grasp detection, commonly performed using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), has proven to be a memory and power-intensive task that is required in resource-constrained environments. This paper proposes the use of And-Or-Grammar Networks (AOGNets) to reduce the constraints on embedded platforms. The...
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Happiness Index Prediction of Students Using Machine Learning

N. Venkata Sailaja, Kallam Lalithendar Reddy, Gottipati Aditya, Boppana Shashank, Vattikuti Hareen Sai
The National Education Policy emphasizes the importance of providing joyful, holistic, and engaging education in schools. According to research, it is possible to teach children how to develop positive emotions, wellbeing, and engagement in their school experience. The goal is to promote happiness among...
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Enhancing AI Model for Fault Detection in Rail Through the Evaluation of AE Parameters with Proper Weighting Approach: A Comprehensive Study

Rajdeep Majumder, Apurba Pal, Tamal Kundu, Aloke Kumar Datta
The reliable detection of faults in rail systems plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient transportation. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, particularly neural networks, have shown promising results in fault detection applications. However, the selection of input parameters...
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A Comparative Study on Authentication Vulnerabilities and Security Issues in Wearable Devices

V. Vamsi Krishna, Y. Rupa, G. Koushik, T. Varun, B. V. Kiranmayee, Karnam Akhil
Wearable gadgets are technological devices with limited computational power that can be worn by users, providing them with information and seamless access to their master devices. It allows gadgets to connect and exchange data, enabling various tasks to be completed online. Wearables have revolutionized...
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An Empirical Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Telugu News Classification

S. V. S. Dhanush, Tsaliki Satya Ganesh Kumar, Dharavathu Rohith, Penaka Vishnu Reddy, K. P. Soman, S. Sachin Kumar
Amidst escalating data growth, effective classification in diverse domains, including the news industry, is imperative. However, relying solely on human intervention for classification is unfeasible. Addressing the complexities of the Telugu language and leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP),...
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Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease using Machine Learning Techniques

G. Suresh Reddy, Raja Vamsi Bandireddy, Likhitha Koppula, Pravallika Sree Vani Nidadavolu, Navya Pagadala
Utilizing machine learning calculations, this study plans to foresee ongoing kidney illness. A condition wherein the kidneys cannot dispose of poisons from the body is known as persistent kidney sickness. It is conceivably the deadliest disorder, and a wrong finding can achieve mortality. Chronic kidney...
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Enhancing MCI Detection with a Hybrid Machine Learning Approach

B. A. Sujathakumari, Sudharshan Patil Kulkarni, A. Chinmaya, H. J. Suhas, K. G. Jayanth, R. Gowtham
Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a prodromal stage of dementia, is often native with very high risk of evolving into Alzheimer’s disease. Early detection and accurate classification of MCI can significantly aid in timely intervention and personalized treatment planning. In the study conducted, we put...
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Revolutionizing Digital Ownership: Examining the Perks of a Polkadot- Based NFT Marketplace

R. Kranthi Kumar, Rithika Singh, P. Neeharika, M. Shashi Vardhan Reddy, M. Sujith Reddy
This research paper investigates the transformational potential of Polkadot-based NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplaces in transforming digital ownership. NFTs have evolved as distinct digital assets on blockchain networks, reflecting ownership of different materials such as art, music, and collectibles....
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Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Cervical Cancer Prediction

Ireddi Rakshitha, Thokala Vasisri, Mayaluri Anusha, M. Sucharitha
Cervical cancer constitutes a significant public health concern and early diagnosis plays an important role in the patient’s recovery. In this study, we investigated the utilization of various algorithms in machine learning to predict cancer with best accuracy. The objective of the paper is to identify...
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Deep Learning - Based Forecasting of Task Failures in Cloud Data Centers

P. Bharath Kumar Chowdary, Ameti Sadhana, Chintamaneni Mahalakshmi, Kamala Priya Vege, Kalakata Yagna Reddy, Srija Tulasi
A cloud data center empowers organizations to improve their performance, scalability and security by providing tools to store data and the infrastructure required to run applications. Its main objective is to provide high service reliability and service availability. But the lack of proper hardware and...
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A Frame Work Designing for Deep Fake Motion Detection using Deep Learning in Video Surveillance Systems

Srikanth Bethu, M. Ratna Sirisha, C. Kothai Andal, R. Gayathri, H. Chandramouli, R. Aruna
This exploration centers around constant perception of items in a given setting, which prompts a rundown of the ways of behaving or connections of the things. Because of the absence of time for robotized checking and examination, an administrator should watch a lot of video information in time with complete...
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A Design of Highly-Secured Map Chaotic Encryption Scheme for VANET Communication

S. Christalin Nelson, Ram Karan Singh, G. L. Prakash
In the realm of wireless communication, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) confront security vulnerabilities, necessitating the adoption of an encryption method that ensures efficient and secure communication. VANETs typically rely on the group key agreement model for security, but this approach proves...
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Quantum Cryptography Analysis for Secure Data Communication in Multi-Core Environment

Govindu Surla, R. Lakshmi
Compared to traditional computing methods, quantum computing’s performance is a direct result of its foundation in quantum theory. It’s a real benefit to academia and will cut computing times in half, from years to hours or minutes. Thus, quantum computers represent a significant risk to encryption because...
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An Automatic Rice Grain Classification for Agricultural Products Marketing

Manjula Sri Rayudu, Lakshmi Kala Pampana, Shalini Myneni, Sruthi Kalavari, Raghupathy Reddy Madapa
Use of Technology in agriculture and marketing of agricultural products is essential in sustainable and quality production. Some of the usage areas of these technologies are quality control and classification of grains. To optimize the rice production and processing industry, ensuring best product quality...
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Smart IoT-Enabled pH Strip Reader for Simple and Accurate Analysis of Cervical Mucous pH

Nitya Rajan, S. Muhila, Pranay Parikh, Anish Raj Arisetty
The pH analysis of cervical mucous plays a significant role in providing valuable health insights for women. Accurate measurement of this pH metric is crucial for effective tracking and monitoring of reproductive health. However, current methodologies often present challenges in terms of confusion in...
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Developing a Credible and Trustworthy E-Commerce Application using Blockchain and Machine Learning

V. Baby, G. Avinash Reddy, K. Yogendra Sai, K. Sree Harshitha, N. Padmini Chowdary
Electronic Commerce or E-commerce is the buying or selling of goods online, over the internet. Nowadays, people are spending most of their daily life online. A business of any scale, be it a start-up or a well-grown company, can benefit from E-commerce. It helps them reach a broader consumer base and...
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Multistage Encryption of Mammogram Images Using Fractional Fourier Transform and 3D Chaotic Map

Banhi Das, Arijit Saha, Somali Sikder
Transmission of biomedical images over long distance is very important for various applications like telemedicine and distant consultation with health experts. Many of these images carry confidential information and need to be highly secured before transmission. For the purpose of secured transmission,...
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Visual Profiling and Automated Classification of Malware Samples using Deep Learning

P. Subhash, Y. Sri Varsha, K. Saketh Reddy, B. Akshaya, S. Kalyani
Information security is facing a significant issue due to the proliferation of malware programs. Malware analysis refers to the process of interpreting malicious software to determine its functionality and intent and assist in detection. Conventional methods, which rely on both static and dynamic analyses...
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A new approach for efficient clustering using fuzzy prototypes with varying neighborhoods

K. Mrudula, T. Hitendra Sarma
It is highly desirable to perform the clustering for large datasets more efficiently by finding the approximate clustering results in a reduced time. PFCM, PKFCM-F, and PKFCM-K are recent attempts to improve the efficiency of the traditional FCM, KFCM-F, and KFCM-K algorithms using fuzzy prototypes....
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Enhancing Knee Osteoarthritis severity level classification using diffusion augmented images

Paleti Nikhil Chowdary, Gorantla V. N. S. L. Vishnu Vardhan, Menta Sai Akshay, Menta Sai Aashish, Vadlapudi Sai Aravind, Garapati Venkata Krishna Rayalu, P. Aswathy
This research paper explores the classification of knee osteoarthritis (OA) severity levels using advanced computer vision models and augmentation techniques. The study investigates the effectiveness of data preprocessing, including Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE), and data augmentation...
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Ensemble Machine Learning to Predict and Feature Engineering to Identify Factors for Academic-Success

Syed Affan Daimi, Asma Iqbal
This paper presents academic-success, a machine learning predictor system designed to forecast student dropout rates or academic success and offer tailored interventions and support. The work encompasses the design of a predictive model and the provision of resources to integrate the model into existing...
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Parallelization of Content aware Image Resizing

R. M. Prakash Ramanathan, R. Manimegalai, D. Sivaganesan, S. K. Noor Mahammad
Image resizing is a common technique used in image editing and processing to reduce or increase the image’s dimensions. The naive approaches, such as cropping or scaling, may result in image distortion or data loss. A more sophisticated method is content-aware image resizing, which employs algorithms...
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A Deep CNN-Based Approach Felicia Proposed for Identifying Medicinal and Edible Plants in the Western Ghats Region

Anagha Bharadwaj, Srinidhi Kulkarni, R. Bharath Kumar
Ayurvedic plants, which contain active compounds are used to treat various health conditions. On the other hand, edible plants contain essential nutrients that are required for our body’s proper functioning and can aid in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Numerous...
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Experience-based learning for multi-parameter regression control of snake-like robots

R. Dhanush Varma, Abhishek
Snake-like robots, with their complex and multi-jointed structure, hold great potential for navigating complex environments. However, real-time manipulation of their movements can be challenging. As such, achieving autonomous mobility for these robots is a major area of research. This paper introduces...
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Optimizing Technical Parameters and Stock Price Prediction using: Linear Regressive MapReduce and Quasi-Newton Deep Learning

Kalva Sudhakar, Satuluri Naganjaneyulu
The Stock value forecast is a significant issue to determine the future direction of the financial Markets. Many research works are carried out and design many techniques to predict stock price of Individual stocks. But, the forecast precision of the regular methods was lower when taking the enormous...
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Tri Bird Technique for Effective Face Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Jitendra Chandrakant Musale, Anuj Kumar Singh, Swati Shirke, Rahul Rathod
The massive amount of data produced from Video content, has speedily grown up with surveillance data. Human beings can easily handle this data by greatly outperforming the capacity of technical and non-technical resources. In the current era of computer vision great characteristics like precision, effectiveness...
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Assessing the Performance of ZigBee RF Protocol using Path loss models for IoT Application

Bhanu Pratap Reddy Bhavanam, Prashanth Ragam
The picture of the IOT which forms interconnection between several gadgets through the internet. ZigBee is one of the emerging Internet of Things standards. Wireless communication occurs between XBee devices, which function as radio frequency (RF) devices. Both devices must be connected to the same network...
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Image Caption Generator

B. Deepika, S. Pushpanjali Reddy, S. Gouthami Satya, K. Rushil Kumar
Image captioning, also defined as describing the image, has consistently sparked the curiosity of expert system researchers and accurate description of an image has been a significant task. Image caption generator involves describing the characteristics, attributes of the image. It has a plenty of applications...
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Detection of Epileptic Seizures from Logistic Model Trees

V. Nageshwar, P. Venkateswara Rao, C. Sarika, K. Manusha, Y. Deepthi
Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals from patients can be analyzed to identify the neurological condition known as epileptic seizures. Because to the large dimensionality of the data and the existence of noise and artifacts, detecting epileptic seizures from EEG signals is a complicated process. In this...